Sara Palin, Mossad Operative

Aw lookie an Israeli flag spotted in Gov. Palin’s office.
Can ya spot it? Look harder. Heh.

Hike of the Week Urban Hike with Sarah Palin

The moonbats are havin a field day.

Callin her a member of Mossad! Ha.

Sorry, no linky to their hatemongering anti-American, anti semitic websites from me.

Of course they prefer the poster of Cuban murderer, Fidel Castro’s personal executioner, Marxist Che Guevara which hangs in one of Hussein Obama’s campaign offices.

Ya want some real comedy?
Listen to Hussein Obama’s “supporter” when asked about the Cuban flag she has prominently displayed at a Hussein Barack Obama campaign office:

Even just a few seconds is worth it. Trust me. Heh.

Keep it comin Leftards.
Your true colors are showin again.

And they sure as heck don’t include blue, white or red.

Love it.

Goooooooooo Sara!

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33 Responses to “Sara Palin, Mossad Operative”

  1. EDGE says:

    How d’ya think the Dems are going to go after Palin’s 17 year old daughter Angel? She’s 5 months pregnant!

    In a way I hope they do go after her…they’d be digging their own graves with this one! ;)

  2. Always On Watch says:

    That woman in the video must be one of the most stupid individuals I’ve ever seen interviewed: “I don’t have time to talk about the Cuban flag….I don’t watch the news….I don’t listen to the Internet….”


  3. KarL M says:

    Love the video Angel…so does she have time or not have time…and if her next interview is in a half hour, why can’t she answer the question…can’t her “posse” wait for her…
    and…thanks ,for yet another reason to go…go…Republican, anyone who can see the benefit of Mossad, can/should run my country!!!!!

  4. obob says:

    remember when the story of that moonbat broke. What scared me was the cult like adoration she had for him.

  5. nanc says:


    i’m starting an “I LOVE SARAH” movement for any who’d love to join!

    i spotted the flag right off – i have a button of the flag on one of my carryalls!

  6. Z says: see a FLAG of ISRAEL? oy. ??

    That woman is absolutely unbelievable……”it’s a DISTRACTION”? Oh, REALLY? Ya, WE found it distracting to have a CUBAN FLAG in a campaign office…geesh.

    Sarah ROCKS……I’d like to hear what SHE has to say about the Cuban Flag …and maybe she’d tell me where the Israeli flag is, too!?? LOL!

  7. MK says:

    It’s like change Angel, it’s wonderful, this emotion, change Angel, change in your pocket? i dunno, but it’s like so warm and fuzzy and changing all the time.


    Seriously though, these morons would probably vote for Che if he was running.

  8. Aurora says:

    Wow. All that and passionately pro-Israel too! She’s practically perfect. Talk about putting a spring in everybody’s step. No wonder the Left is practically foaming at the mouth over her. Nice one, Angel.

  9. Layla says:

    The left is really out there reaching. I get the impression they are so jealous of McCain actually opting for change – something their nothing candidate only spoke about but at the end of the day chose a Clinton operatve, a safe move – Biden.

    Well while the left whines and cries and talks, talks, talks, it is the McCain people and McCain himself that are now walking the walk of change in choosing Palin and the LEFT-Tards just hate it!

    Good post hun! :)

  10. Jungle Mom says:

    OH! The terrible wailing and gnashing of teeth as they try to find something, anything , to bring her down to their level!

  11. Faultline USA says:

    Love it! This old lefty routine is beginning to look like a bad comedy routine.

  12. Robert says:

    Love it,
    “I don’t watch the news, I’m on the news” Translation
    “I don’t know crap like the rest of my libturd friends, but Obama is the messiah and I’ll follow him off a cliff because that would be change”

  13. Brooke says:

    Awesome! I’ll take the Israeli flag in Palin’s office over that Che flag in Obama’s campaign office ANYDAY!

  14. Gayle says:

    I spotted the Israeli flag right off too, Angel. Good for Sarah!

    Wow! That video is proof that veggies can talk! LOL! She doesn’t watch the internet or the news. I don’t believe she needed to tell us that as it’s rather obvious. The woman probably hasn’t read anything other than the directions on how to uncap the lids on her meds in her entire adult life!

  15. Katie says:

    I want one of those t-shirts. It would scare the moonbats and muslims in my neighborhood to no ends.

  16. Joe Gringo says:

    There’s something very wrong with supporting a man who had his hands in the execution of over 1000 people and a man who supports killing live babies who made it through abortions.

    Che and Obama, hey but they’re charismatic.

  17. Otto - American Interests says:

    The left is in a spin over Palin, tailspin hopefully…. Didn’t need to look hard to spot the flag, Palin’s the right stuff!

  18. Mustang says:

    Symbols are important.

    So are words.

    So are actions.

    McCain served his country under the most dire circumstances. Palin is a traditional American whose son is boots on the ground. Obama is a Marxist, pro-Islam, sham Christian, anti-semite who has never served any ideal larger than his own ego, and Biden is an idiot.

    This is not rocket science … Che Obama/Mahmud Bidn, or John McCain/Sarah Palin.

  19. Defiant_Infidel says:

    Gettin’ juicy, ain’t it, Angel? I am sooooo looking forward to Palin responses to these lawn level, trumped accusations. This is one lady who I am sure will have clear, succinct responses for the lefty mud. And soon, we will get to watch her wipe the floor with #3 most liberal Senator Biden. And I thought months ago this was going to be a boring election! Yahoo!

  20. Seane-Anna says:

    Mossad operative? COOL!!!!

  21. Red_State_Blue says:


    Candidates who are willing to say “enough is enough” on these matters – and
    related ones such as affirmative action – are likely to find that they have
    tapped into an undercurrent of discontent that can sweep them along towards
    victory in Novem…

  22. Uncle Joe says:

    Great post, Angel. An eye opening contrast between Palin and Che Guevara style marxists.

  23. Claudia says:

    What shocks me of the statement made by the woman in the video is that she says she is “Cuban-American, yes, I was born in Cuba”. So, she escaped Cuba, and still has a Cuban flag with a photo of the Ché in her room!!

    I really believe that is a more important sign of her (lack of) intelligence than not watching the news…

  24. Don L says:

    I dislike having to say the obvious Angel, but it’s quite clear that behind all the accusations and attacks from Hell, “liberals just fear a strong woman!”

    The MSM media crowd reminds me of that scene in “Jaws” where all the idiots are jumping into boats with shotguns out to get that shark as a trophy.

    Stay calm – just remember two things
    1) The shark keeps coming back, and,
    2)Clarence Thomas, their other shark, is now Chief Supreme Court Justice

  25. benning says:

    The Lefties will never stop proving what ugly, little, murderous trolls they are. The American electorate will recognize them and vote against them. I only hope that McCain/Palin have enormous coat-tails. Wouldn’t a Republican sweep of the White House, Senate, and House be more fun than a barrel of journalists?

    Ahh, the howling and moaning! Ahhhh!

  26. DD2 says:

    I’m sold on Sarah, you don’t have to convince me!
    You know, is truly amazing, how some people that are Pro-life is suddenly judging her for being a person who has the courage of her own convictions.

  27. Debbie says:

    She’s a keeper Angel.

  28. amboy says:

    I liked Palin from the start, but tonight’s speech was great.

  29. Straight Shooter says:

    Luuuuuuvvvved her!

  30. Wingless says:

    “I don’t have time to talk about the Cuban flag….I don’t watch the news….I don’t listen to the Internet….”

    Now, Now… don’t misquote… She clearly said Inner-Net…

    What a fitting spokesperson for Obama… I can say the C word…If I try real hard I can even use it in a sentence…”Obama will bring change to this changing nation and then we will all be happily changed, changing-dly fulfilled in our changiness”

    That woman is a bloody parody (of herself!!!)
    I’d love to capture her and keep her in an aquarium…

  31. Wingless says:

    A Cuban refugee that keeps a giant picture of the architect of her nations demise…as she campaigns on behalf of an American Presidential hopeful… PRICELESS!

    What type of test did this lady have to FAIL in order to secure such a job? What a prize!

  32. MUST SEE: Barack Obama - the 46 Year Old Political Virgin | Wingless says:

    [...] TRACK POSTED TO:  womanhonorthyself [...]

  33. Oliver Thomson says:

    Dear All:

    Since Gov. Sarah Palin was chosen for John McCain’s running mate, we have heard criticism of her, as a mother, “who should be home taking care of her children”… Here is how I feel about this statement:

    Have you read the book of Judges? It is very interesting, and I think it applies to us in these very days.

    Here is the story (paraphrased):

    God called Deborah out to be a judge in those days of trouble in Israel . This was not the norm. This was the exception, because this was the need of the day. It is interesting to note the capacity in which God used Deborah to bring His people back to Him, and to victory.

    According to Deborah, the streets weren’t safe for people to go out, without being mugged, murdered or assaulted (sound familiar?).

    So Deborah called God’s combat General, Barac, and she said “Didn’t God give us victory? Why aren’t you standing up and conquering the enemy”?

    Barac said “You are right; I’ll do it if you will go with us”. Deborah did go with him, but she didn’t actually go into battle. She sat on a hill, and Barac knew that as long as Deborah was there on that hill, God’s presence and power would also be there. Interestingly, when Deborah sang her song of praise for victory, she didn’t boast and say “we had a victory when I arose as a champion”, or “we had victory when I arose as a leader, or when I arose as a judge”. In Chapter 5, verse 7, she praised God for the victory saying “When I, Deborah, arose as a mother”…Deborah was humbled at the power of God that took the heart of faith, of a mother, and changed a nation of captives to a nation of victors!

    Therefore, in view of so many American men who have been emasculated by liberal American women, and who are afraid to stand up to these hate-filled women… (these are the same women who advocate for other women killing their own unborn children, for sexual promiscuity, and much more that is against God), how do we know that God isn’t using Sarah Palin, a mother of five, to bring this nation back to God? It would not be an unprecedented act for God to have used the heart of a mother to change the heart of a nation which had rejected Him! In the evil of a nation which has turned it’s back on God, and specifically the things I just mentioned, I believe that it will take a woman (who has the heart of a mother) to bring us back to God!

    I believe that this is exactly what God is doing, and that through this mother, and through His mercy, He is giving America another chance (not that we are deserving of another chance)!

    (Amen Sister! Share this with everyone…and may God bless America!)