Governor Sarah Palin is “White TrasH”?

Today’s Doozies:

Lines that ought to be jokes – but are dead serious.

Angel’s first prize goes to:
Heather Mallick

Here’s her little gem:

“I assume John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential partner in a fit of pique because the Republican money men refused to let him have the stuffed male shirt he really wanted.

She added nothing to the ticket that the Republicans didn’t already have sewn up, the white trash vote, the demographic that sullies America’s name inside and outside its borders yet has such a curious appeal for the right.”

Liberal Haters disguising as Journalists

Yup, Heather got it all: All spit and no substance.

Here are some more snippets from this foul-mouthed Liberal hater, who clearly relies on name-calling and derogatory remarks. How rich.

“I mean, I know men have their secret meetings at which they pledge to do manly things, like being irresponsible with their se-men and postponing household repairs with glue and used matches. Guys will be guys, obviously.”

She then proceeds to accuse Gov. Palin of being:

-White trash
-Sexually inadequate
-a Hillbilly
-a P-orn Actress
-but…She isn’t even female really
-chosen to attract the “Hick vote”

This filth is published and masquerades as an “article” on a publically funded news site mind you. The CBC.

This is by far one of the most blatantly bigoted, strikingly ignorant, elitest piece of incoherent drivel published . The CBC and “Heather” Mallick should be held accoutable for this piece of hateful garbage.

Why isn’t she fired for this sickening vitriol and mean spirited bile. Becuase she didn’t insult blacks, Muzlims or gays perhaps?

This article has everything a Liberal stands for.
It is viciously anti-male. It is offensive to women. It is anti-American and predictably misrepresents and denigrates right wing “Conservatives.”

Typical liberal writing… overflowing with discrimination and personal attack.

John Doyle, the cleverest critic in Canada, comes right out and calls Palin an Alaska hillbilly. Damn his eyes, I wish I’d had the wit to come up with it first. It’s safer than “white trash” but I’ll pluck safety out of the nettle danger.

Let us review class:
I’s okay to call Gov, Palin “white trash” and hurl misogynistic insults upon her……….. but if someone even mentions Hussein Obama’s middle name, let alone call him a “nigger”, the entire newspaper would be shut down.

“Heather” then goes on to say:

“I find racism so appalling that I have difficulty identifying it…”


Welcome to the Land of Liberal elitist bigotry: Where every insult, slur and all the vile and venom you can muster is welcome…………provided it isn’t directed at blacks. gays, or the latest terrorists: IzlamoNazi Muzlims.

Want to hurl insults at Women, Jews, Americans? Knock yourself out.
No one will be rioting like barbarian savages or turning cars over if you do.

It’s Open season, haven’t you heard?

Just don’t hurt the caribou k.

Gov. Sarah Palin has achieved more in her life than this psuedo-intellectual journalist from Toronto ever will.
Her “writing” is neither informative, nor entertaining, it is just plain mean spirited.

It doesn’t even deserve to be in a a trash tabloid.
Yet we get used to reading this type of refuse week after week.

Rubbish that replaces reasoned argument with personal insult and denigration.

How praytell does this serve the cause of Canadian political debate?

Sorry to disappoint ya Heather hun, Very soon Gov. Sarah Palin will be calling the “shots”…and not a moment too soon.

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54 Responses to “Governor Sarah Palin is “White TrasH”?”

  1. Nikki says:

    unbelievable. The appeal to the downtrodden isn’t working so now its time to dumb down the peeps even more. It appears to me that Obama is the only one that can drag the serfs from serfdom…such Ivy League elitist principles coming from the party of the people. nice job! :) N

  2. cube says:

    The caliber of invective I’m reading about Palin is directly proportional to the fear that she inspires in the libs. I smell the flopsweat, don’t you?

  3. In_spired says:

    I actually heard, with my own ears, Glen Beck refer to Palin as ‘white trash’. He was being interviewed at the RNC by Wolf Blitzer. I just caught part of it…I guess he was quoting “Heather”. But I couldn’t believe what I heard! I kept thinking…”surely I’m dreaming!!”

    But Beck went ahead and referred to himself as white trash saying that we need leaders who will lift us up beyond that….or, maybe I misunderstood. I was in a state of shock.

    Did anyone else hear this or do I have nightmare illusions? I would love to see the whole interview!

  4. Brooke says:

    You’ve brought something up that has been nettling me for days, Angel. Why is it OK to sling pejorative racial slurs at the WHITE CHICK but use the word “fag” or “nigger” just ONCE and all the crap hits the fan?!?

    It is a truly infuriating double standard.

  5. Moriah says:

    They were so sure they were going to walk right into office without a fight. Germany, Greek columns, haloed photographs and melodic incantations of “Change”. Were talking confident . The Obama campaign thought McCain was history and any one he picked as VP was last years pants. In walks Sarah Palin and knotted stomachs and sleepless nights commenced. They look at the polls and they are ready to throw themselves under the bus. If only they can do SOMETHING, anything to get the emperors clothes back on..

  6. Cartman says:

    My My Calling other people you don’t really know abot White Trash …How Judgemental and how very racist of you !
    SO my take is that According to your book of ideals , That would make the Obama black trash then ?

    you know all of this Trash you are Talking about has been rather confusing to normal folks like myself , So I asked my garbage man the other day about the real differences in trash , You know White , Black , Stinky , and Putrid and if the trash actually came from different races and cultures of people making them like their trash.

    He looked at me like I was nuts , and Said ” All people of every walk of life are different , but their trash is always the same .”

    My guess is he was talking about YOU !

    And At least now I know that my garbage man is much smarter than you are ….

    Next time he comes for my trash regardless of what kind that i offer him , I’ll just invite him in for a beer and ask him ” Remember what I asked you the Last week about trash ? Well Fuggidaboudit !”


  7. WeatherOutpost12 says:

    [...] saw the smear-Rags {ex: Governor Sarah Palin is “White TrasH”?} @ the ST&SHP last night….no wonder 10,000 readers camcelled their [...]

  8. Harry Bergeron says:

    It’ time to spread awareness that the term “white trash” is in fact a racal slur, since it contains a negative reference to a racial characteristic.

    Time to use this simple fact against the Leftards of the MSM.

  9. Kevin says:

    At least they’ve given up on calling Republicans ‘racist’.

    Or have they? Well, we can hope.

  10. Mustang says:

    If Obama loses this election, just wait … you haven’t seen claims about racism yet. Race riot anyone? Anyone?

  11. Z says:

    Wait! Aren’t they the OPEN MINDED NONSEXIST NONBIGOTED party?

    Did they FORGET? THIS woman is VILE! The Left is so afraid of Palin I’ve never seen anything like it!

    imagine if any Republican said anything close to what this ‘journalist’ has said? HELL TO PAY!!

    Mustang: There are black talk show hosts saying they’d sanction rioting if Obama loses…Farrakhan’s CALLING for it. yup. It just can’t be the issues because they can’t fight’ll be all about race.

  12. Gayle says:

    Hi Angel!

    What Heather doesn’t understand is that when she calls Sarah Palin white trash, she calls all of us women who like her white trash as well. This is only going to make us even more fond of Sarah and less fond of arrogant nutjobs like Heather. I have a few invectives I could call her, but I won’t, because they aren’t fit to print!

  13. no.apology says:

    It’s actually quite refreshing to see the Looney Left floundering and flailing about, trying to torpedo McCain’s campaign. The Left has made it abundantly clear: The First Amendment applies only to the prescient Left, and all the down-trodden they have so benevolently chosen to lift up. So Conservatives must constantly be reminded that they are the drum, the Left are the drumsticks.

    It is futile to remind them that they are in fact the ultimate racists. They can’t hear you. They can only hear the sound of the drum. It is futile to ask them to put down the drumstick – it’s all they have.

  14. MariesTwoCents says:

    I am sick to death of these Sarah Palin attack’s.

    The Looney Left Have really Lost it this time.

  15. in2thefray says:

    Some good stuff here for sure. II am pretty much to the point that the Left is so blind with whatever that they can’t see they are actually helping McCain/Palin by continuing their craziness.

  16. Moriah says:

    The Democrats can say anything they want about McPalin. The truth is they ARE America. And they love America. John McCain knows more than most of us will ever know (except Randi Rhodes) about service and sacrifice. I love the line, ‘I was blessed with misfortune” THAT sends chills up my spine.

    Sarah Palin is a traditional Feminist as Feminism was at its inception when women wanted the opportunity and freedom to do things traditionally in the masculine realm and didn’t want to viewed simply as sex objects. SP has a functioning marriage, an intact family, hunts, fishes, exercises and takes care of business – and she’s feminine! Now feminists not only resemble the worst masculine stereotype, they have bigger cajones and more orgasms than the average man. Who needs a man when you can be one? ;-)

    There are many reasons to be thrilled to have McPalin together on the ticket – they’re authentic. But bottom line why Americans like McPalin is because of what they ARE NOT– secret Marxists steeped in Black Liberation theology who at their very core despise America.

  17. The Lass says:

    Another great post, Angel! I am disgusted and repulsed by this racist, hateful drivel, but… not surprised. When Sarah stepped into the spotlight, my first thought (after the gleeful fist-pumping, of course) was that the nastiest, most vindictive and venomous attacks would come from the women of the left. They simply cannot abide the idea of a woman who is a successful wife, mother, hunter, and politician (and beautiful, too). Sarah Palin is a walking, talking example of classical feminism. That, of course, threatens everything the liberal feminists of today stand for (or would that be against?).

  18. Perri Nelson says:

    Sarah ROCKS!

  19. Katie says:

    Obama wasn’t expecting McCain to vent a woman on the ticket, and one that isn’t a Hillary. So he doesn’t know how to attack her. If they keep doing this, the PUMAs will teach him a lesson in sexism by electing McCain in November.

  20. Joe Gringo says:

    Well…….Sarah gives us white trash folk a good image. :-)

    I’m a white boy, conservative, drive a cool truck, married once, the Mrs. doesn’t work (well part time accounting sometimes) have 3 kids, prefer beer over wine, tequila over wine as well, own a rifle, my blood is Swedish/Norwegian, will that discount me from still being white trash?? :-)

  21. Joe Gringo says:

    Oh yah, I’m from that hick state Arizona

  22. Dragon Lady's Den says:

    Has Heather Mallick of CBC News Even Bothered to L…

    My friend Angel at Woman Honor Thyself gets credit for this post because that’s where I first heard about the following….

  23. Robert says:

    I worked with white trash, I knew white trash and Sarah Palin is NO white trash… She is a class act that is nutting Obama and his supporters… Funny how the liberal mind thinks isn’t it?
    The VP candidate on the Republican ticket is garnering so much attention? IS Biden jealous?

    Sarah is going to be in DC with McCain in November. Bet on it.

  24. AngieaAngel says:

    Hi Angel,

    Love this post. I just did a piece on her too about the Media trashing her.
    What a bunch of phonies they are! The National organization of Whiners, The Andrea Mitchells and all the rest can take it to where the sun don’t shine as far as I am concerned. Did I say that? How rude of me.

    Seriously, they are the ones acting like trash..don’t care their color..they are acting like trash…talking trash…if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck..well it must be the trash talking left making like a duck! quack quack! I can hear them now!

    Hugs to ya!

  25. EDGE says:

    They (media) can’t leave her alone! They are obsessed with Palin! If they would just shut up, Obama would be fine, but they just can’t do it!


  26. Aurora says:…I’m speechless. Is this woman for real? The hatred is getting thick enough to cut with a knife. For those of us who are praying people, we need to say a prayer for her every day. I’ve just made the decision to do so. Sarah Palin and an Australian Christian politician I know who is at the rough end of constant attacks from liberals as well. We are in a massive battle between good and evil and evil is beginning to show its true colors…puke green.


    [...] Angel at Woman Honor Thyself is outraged by SOME OUTRAGEOUS JOURNO-PUKE ON SARAH.   (I thought the journalist involved was making some kind of a demented joke at [...]

  28. Dinah Lord says:

    Hey, some of my best friends are white trash!!
    And my neck is suspiciously red…
    I’m proud to be an Okie from Muskogee…
    And you city slickers up there in Canada can kiss my….grits!

    Angel, once again, you rip it up. You made my day.

    (And I am so going to lift that trailer trash jpeg and put on my blog! Thanks, honey!)

  29. The Hermit says:

    Never in all my life have I hit a woman, no matter how richly they deserved it. But I’d make an exception for that one. I wonder what she would have to say if someone said Obama had sewed up the N***** vote.

  30. full metal cynic says:

    I’m amazed what they’re trying to do to this woman. They have the conviction that if you say something over and over again it will finally become a “fact” in the public consciousness. But ultimately, I don’t think they’ll get away with it. Sarah Palin has too much good-natured class about her.

  31. darcee says:

    Of course they are afraid of a woman who can weld power and still be a woman. The old-school feminist gave up every lovely thing about being female in order to be more competitive in the market-place only to now see it was a fool’s bargain, they aren’t competitive and are now barren and shriveled. They hate her and any conservative woman who won’t fall into the same trap they did.

  32. Mustang says:

    M E A N W H I L E

    A House Democrat compares Obama to Jesus, and Palin to Pontius Pilate

    Boy is this turning out to be one STUPID election, or what?

  33. nanc says:

    white trash? doesn’t that imply the palin’s aren’t “black” enough?

    what a load of crappe!

    i heard that earlier today, mustang – what a ruse – did you see the guy’s hair? bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha!

  34. amboy says:

    Make no mistake about it, the term ‘white trash’ is racist. The presumption is that white people who don’t achieve financial status are lowering themselves to the level of minorities.

  35. Z says:

    Did you hear some congresswoman or female senator (?) said the Reps have nominated someone whose best aspect is she didn’t have an abortion? NICE, huh?

    sorry I haven’t been around…will write to you.
    Actually considered closing the blog yesterday. xx

  36. Always On Watch says:

    The more the left screeches about Sarah Palin, the greater the chances for the Republican Party to see victory in November.

    And that victory may include more than the White House, too.

  37. MK says:

    It would appear the left have already found a replacement for their Bush hatred and BDS. It’s funny how they keep claiming they’re not full of hate, but at every opportunity that’s usually what’s coming out of their mouths.

    “Why isn’t she fired for this sickening vitriol and mean spirited bile. Becuase she didn’t insult blacks, Muzlims or gays perhaps?”

    Because the rest of the sneering elitists that are on the left in America agree wholeheartedly with her. They have nothing but contempt for their fellow citizens, disdain and contempt.

    Let em’ rant and rave i say, like AOW said it’ll only serve to convince the rest of America what these sneering leftists really think of their country and its citizens.

  38. Debbie says:

    Great, Great Post Angel. These people are so stupid. They have no idea what they are talking about. They are insulting the down home, solid, American citizens in the country.

  39. Jenn says:

    You think the Gov. Palin bashing is bad?

    I have Moonbat’s on my site bashing 9/11. 9/11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Right Truth says:

    Wait for it … Hillary in, Biden out, maybe…

    While I was out taking my Beagle to the vet because she has a kidney infection, and while I was getting the air-conditioning fixed on my Durango (for the third time this year), Barack Obama’s number two gaff machine was in full force: Joe Biden Asks …

  41. benning says:

    So that would mena that Heather Mallick is the Canadian Bill Moyers: lacking in a decent opinion, and more than willing to have the taxpayer pay to hear it.

    She sounds an ugly person, Angel. Prolly a Socialist.


  42. Don L says:

    The reality is that most of the same people believe that babies and bibles are also white trash!

  43. Defiant_Infidel says:

    It’s a beautiful thing really… She’s tough enough and then some, to take it. And with their laughable charges and ridiculous reaches for something…anything to throw at her, they are actually doing our work to disassemble OBamBam’s campaign for us. Their hypocrisy is showing big time. I am grateful to them for it!


  44. Panhandle Poet says:

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure….

  45. Rosemary says:

    Thanks for the linky, hun. Speaking of white trash, did you hear what Biden said about himself being the vp nominee? LOL. Oh my, when are we going to get to the issues? *sigh*

  46. Kerijay says:

    Of all the rotten comments about Palin shows the jealousy. Obama must be your lover in your dreams.

  47. JMK says:

    Heather Malick is inidcative of the MSM’s meltdown.

    What’s funny about all this is that “Liberal Media bias” had been relegated to the back-burner….UNTIL Sarah Palin was nominated!

  48. Judi says:

    It’s hilarious to see these self-righteous fruitcakes totally losing it and showing themselves for the biggots they really are! If white trash means that you are against killing a baby before it’s born, supporting your daughter who is going to be an unwed mother and not hiding her away in the basement or forcing her to get an abortion, supporting 2nd amendment rights, appreciating our military, and actually having a stance on the issues then give me white trash ANY DAY over the phony humility that oozes out of the Obamas ! Reverend Wright, is that you???????????

  49. Karen Fryer says:

    her teenage daughte is pregnant, she is parading the baby daddy around as a “fiancee” they have tattoos for rings, she IS white trash. Moose. Lipstick. Yawn. Fetus Fetishers who only care for the unborn and don’t give a flying whatever what happens once these children are born. Luckily I don’t have children or grandchildren if the this crazy lady gets a shot at the presidency. I morn for the future of America. Glad i won’t live long enough to have to learn Chinese.

  50. Laurie says:

    You know the old pun it takes one to know one and you write about what you know. Heather sure must know herself well.

  51. Gammakozy says:

    Thanks Heather Mallick for giving us a glimpse into your heart and mind. Now go and admit yourself to a psychiatric ward. And to think that my taxes are being spent by the CBC on such a loathsome deranged creature.

  52. Donna says:

    Ah, Heather I’ze so glad you are not one of usens because I is one….white trash that is. I asked many of my fellow white trashers if they know that is what they are! Did you flunk Miss Manners? You can call yourself anything you want but I call you rude! My second grade granddaughter has more class that you will ever have!

  53. Claudiu says:

    She is only exercising her right to freedom of speech, which has become unknown in a country obsessed with political correctness. Her critics would like to impose their censorship on CBC and any writer that happens to have a different opinion. They belong to a totalitarian system in disguise that tries to suppress any thought that criticizes America or anything American.

  54. tara says:

    What I find to be so funny is that I grew up in (and am proud of) a very small town. And yes, there were a lot of “white trash” folks who fit that stereotype very well. And while I do not hate those people, and in many cases, I love some of them dearly, they clearly do not belong in a political office, just as Sarah Palin does not belong in a political office. I am not attacking her as a person, but her beliefs represent such a small percentage of America today. I love small towns. I love fishing. I have nothing against hunting. I grew up Christian and am not a radically left person. In fact, am quite neutral. But I have seen, being from Minnesota, what happens when you vote in someone who is that severely, shall we say, “country” and “simple”. OR fits the white trash stereotype (Jesse Ventura). We need someone who has looked past the outer reaches of their little life.
    We need someone who represents the whole and heart of our great country. We need someone who is more open minded than to not know any better than to think because someone’s middle name is Hussein or that they are friends with a “radical”, that they are terrorists?!? One of the best and most patriotic Americans I know has a last name of “Hussein”. America does not need a country bumpkin who is going to fuel that ridiculous fear and hate. Believe me, fellow Americans. This woman will, probably untintentionally, HURT our great country!!
    Please. Don’t support these scary views.
    Please vote Obama-Biden. Or Nader. Or anyone. Even McCain if he had a different running mate. For God sakes.