Sept 11: Seven Years Ago……..

The seventh anniversary of the ghastly, gruesome IzlamoNazi terrorist attacks on our beloved country.

For those who haven’t heard it….My Sept 11 Story

I was asked by the Mayor’s office to attend the Memorial ceremony as always, but this year, with a terribly heavy heart, had to decline the privilege.

I struggle to recall what my beautiful city and what the World Trade Center looked like during happier days.

It was part of the New York skyline for 30 years, a sight I took in without a second thought.

How many of you had the chance to feel the elation from the view from the “Top of the World” observatory and the legendary “Windows on the World”?

How many of you dined, shopped or worked in the concourse?

Knowing me like y’all do……You know I shopped there.

I looked up at those Towers to orient myself as did thousands of others.
And now they are gone.

My sore and aching memories of working at Ground Zero for months and months – are awakened.

I will take part in Memorials today………but for now………

May I present the pre-9/11 skyline.
Some views from the Top of the World Observatory, and perhaps a glimpse or two inside the magnificent World Trade Center.

Listen sweet friends..and never forget.
Press Play:

[audio:Ray Charles - God Bless America.mp3]






Before: Carefree New Yorkers:




My sweet friends.
We have journeyed through a dark valley, but the Good Lord’s light has led us to a place of hope.
Our unending grief has turned into fierce determination.

Lord, Help us all to remember what it means to be an American,
a people endowed with countless blessings.

May we always cherish the freedoms we enjoy and be inspired to stand,
with courage, one Nation – united.
who above all…………..Will never forget.

39 Responses to “Sept 11: Seven Years Ago……..”

  1. Nikki says:

    Great post…and we will never forget, though I fear some have. Thank you for posting on this important anniversary. :) N

  2. The Lass says:

    Thank you, Angel, for the reminder. May we never, never forget.

  3. elvis the original terminator says:


  4. Jungle Mom says:

    I, too, remember. I was in the jungle in Venezuela. I posted about it.

  5. nanc says:

    amen, angel. never forget.

  6. In_spired says:

    I’ve been thinking of you this morning as I’ve watched coverage of 9/11 on the TV. I kept looking for an “Angel” but didn’t see any that I thought would “fit the bill”.

    This is a great tribute to your great city. Blessings…

  7. VBGuru613 says:

    Thank you Angel for yet again another emotional remembrance of the fin pieces of es h eye tee a holes who changed attempted to destroy our cities and making us stronger than ever.

    May we all be healed and protected for this evil that still remains in this world.

  8. benning's Writing Pad says:

    Seven Years Ago…

    Seven years ago. 19 Muslim murderers. 4 hijacked airplanes. 2,996 murdered innocent people. Seven years ago, today. The arithmetic of Islamist ignorance, envy, and hatred….

  9. Mustang says:

    It is heartbreaking to recall what happened on that “day of infamy,” and many question of our Lord, “Why?” Rather … considering the number of people miraculously saved that day, they should give thanks to God; He was working overtime that morning …

  10. Ace says:

    7 years later- Do you think that our grief/ disgust/ anger has waned and won’t be increased until we get to a monumental number like the 10 year anniversary? It just seems to be that it’s became a little ho hum with the same type of ceremony as in past years. MORE IMPORTANTLY, our anger against the terrorists and loyalty against them seems to be very much on the decline.
    Thanks for keeping it fresh and meaningful.

  11. Defiant_Infidel says:

    My anger and clear memories of what the savage murderers did to us will NEVER leave me. While more and more of our population whines that this has to be viewed as “just history”, the terrorists continue to plot their next assault. Some of us will just never pay attention until it is too late.

    Thanks for all you do to keep it fresh in our minds, Angel… God bless.

  12. Joe Gringo says:

    Who’d have thought at the time that we have been relatively safe in our homeland for 7 years!

    There is a heaven and there is a hell, those SOB’s who hijacked the planes and their followers suffering in hell.

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  14. KarL M says:

    Stop a moment…
    look around…
    close your eyes….
    whisper a prayer…
    and thank GOD, for evrything you have…
    freedom, liberty and the U.S of A…

  15. MariesTwoCents says:

    I will NEVER Forget.

    God Bless America!

  16. nichelle says:

    Thank You for posting. I WILL NEVER FORGET!!!!!! GOD BLESS the U.S of A and our brave men and women who serve.

  17. Katie says:

    Had dinner at Windows on the World and can’t get it out of my mind. Still think those were 2 ugly buildings, but would give anything to see them still standing.

  18. heidianne jackson says:

    great job angel – per usual. thank you for the reminder i didn’t need but needed all at the same time.

  19. Layla says:

    Amen dear friend. I wish all Americans remembered as we did – but so many have forgotten and that is our real tragedy today.

    I will never forget. God bless the victims and their surviving families.

  20. Angie says:

    I think of you there in your city and grieve for you and those that have lost so much. Be assured you are being thought of and prayed for.

    Thank you for this post. We must never forget!

  21. Jason says:

    I’ve stood on those towers, Angel. I’ve looked over the beautiful New York skyline with the wind blowing through my hair and the towers swaying below my feet. It’s a solemn day for me. I will sooner forget my name than forget what happened on 9/11.

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  23. Seane-Anna says:

    What a wonderful tribute, Angel! I didn’t realize that the WTC was so pretty inside. Seeing it makes the loss that much more painful. May God bless us and keep us, and comfort us who mourn.

  24. Angel says:



  25. Schatzee says:

    Wonderfully done – I had never seen the inside of the buildings and did not know how tremendous and beautiful they were. Thanx for the great pix.

  26. MK says:

    Thanks for those pictures Angel, never seen it from the inside. All carefree people around this globe should remember, there is always evil [be it Islamists, nazis or communists] lurking around, eternal vigilance is the burden we all have to carry to keep it at bay. We over here will not forget and we will remain by your side. God bless America.

  27. Debbie says:

    Angel, those lights that depict the lost towers is one of the most beautiful things I think I have ever seen. I remember the first time they were turned on, I could not take my eyes off them. I had a screen saver on my former computer of that image and I never got tired of seeing it. I wish they would leave them on every night.

  28. Khaki Elephant says:

    Thank you. A beautiful, powerful post.

  29. PT gal says:

    NEVER forget,
    STOP and take a moment to appreciate what you have
    ALWAYS remember and be a
    COMFORT to those in need for you have been blessed to be here today and HONOR those who have passed.
    Thank you for this post and God bless America

  30. USpace says:

    Great tribute, amazing. I went up to Windows on the World at least once, we sat at one of those round tables right by the window. Thank you for this. Btw, I featured your URL in a couple pages in my book, including page 51. :) People must never forget, and we must never refuse to recognize evil.

    we will NOT forget
    you 9/11 victims
    will get justice
    painful truth -
    9/11 should be our
    wakeup call
    get Bin Laden -
    we just need big SWAT team
    and search warrant

    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    there is no good or evil

    every thing’s relative
    don’t judge a terrorist

    All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.

    We will NEVER forget!


  31. Perri Nelson says:

    I don’t think anyone can forget that understands what happened. I didn’t lose anyone I knew on that day, but I still get tears in my eyes every time I see the bodies falling where people threw themselves to the ground rather than die in the flames.

    New York’s finest proved that they deserve the name that day. We should all honor them every day, but especially on this day.

    Great tribute Angel. Stand tall.

  32. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful tribute and great photos, Angel! Thank you. We will never ever forget!

  33. Joe says:

    Woman, you truely have honored yourself with this remarkable post. I hear some people say we should not be reminded every year of this tragic day, and they are right, we should be reminded of it every day! We must not let go of our memories or our hatred of those who were responsible, for if we do, we are doomed to a repeat performance. Thank you for doing your part to keep the memories, no matter how painful they may be, alive.


  34. GM Roper says:

    Angel, you have brought a tear to my eye with your beautiful pictures and remembrance of what was. The islamofascists could knock down buildings, kill people, destroy lives, but they cannot, and will not destroy what America symbolizes. Thanks again for a beautiful pictoral.

  35. Gayle says:

    I managed to get through all the coverage on 9/11 yesterday without crying, Angel. It’s the first time I have managed to get through that day without crying. So here it is 9/12 and I come over here and you’re wonderful post reduced me to tears!

    I’m glad. I thought maybe my heart had hardened. It hasn’t. God bless you.

  36. cube says:

    A very nice tribute. I will never forget and the ache I feel when I see photos of the Twin Towers will never end. Neither will the rage I feel towards the islamofacist barbarians responsible for this evil act.

  37. JMK says:

    A GREAT tribute Angel.

    As I said to someone else, “There was so much heroism that day…and not merely by first responders, but by people in those buildings who simply stopped to help others, of people who went back up to make sure others got down…

    “So there was THAT….and that’s inspiring from a human perspective….

    “BUT there’s also the FACT that we were attacked….that those deaths were a “war crime” that those people were MURDERED in the first salvo in the ongoing war between the forces of Liberty and the forces of Islamic radicalism…so there’s also THAT.

    It’s a hard day to deal with all around.”

  38. Always On Watch says:

    I was never inside the WTC, though I saw the Twin Towers when I visited NYC all those years ago when one of my friends needed moral support while she was going through a nasty divorce. I still recall how tall those buildings were! For one who lives in a town without true skycrapers, I looked up like a gawking kid.

    Thank you for posting photos of the interior.

  39. Maggie Thornton says:

    Angel, I was fortunate to dine at Windows on the World several times. I used their wine course for some seminars. Still have the books. Oddly, it was first on my mind when the reality of what actually was going on in that building hit me. Next was the beautiful lobby that so many walked through but did not walk out of.