Moderate Muslims? Rrright.

As Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama battle over who has the best approach to national security, a new CNN poll finds Americans’ concerns about terrorism have hit an all-time low for the post-September 11 era.

Poll: Terrorism fears are fading

Concerns for terrorism at a all time low?
What part of “Kill the Infidels” don’t they understand?

Oh wait..”They” say that most Muzlims are “moderate”.
But………..Why bother distinguishing between radical and allegedly ‘moderate’ or good and bad Muzlims when they themselves don’t.

If you dare mutter anything unflattering about a single Muzlim anywhere in the free world, you are immediately labeled by supposedly “moderate” Muzlim groups as……..Izlamophobic or anti-Izlam.

And tell me pray tell……….Why is it that when one opines to the general public or the media about izlam, one has to be ever so careful?


Do those who yelp “Izlamophobe!” every time we turn around, ever take the time to study just how entwined violence and Izlamic supremacy are within Izlamic history, jurisprudence or their hateful so called “holy” texts?

In case ya hadn’t noticed…Truth tends to make people uncomfortable. So what’s the Libs conclusion?
We must have made them do it. Indeed.

It’s half passed time the imaginary moderate Muzlims started publicly denouncing jeeehad inciting sermons in their mosques and publicly reprimanding the imams who spew this bile.

Until then…CA-IR and their ilk can go pound sand.

Regardless of the number of Muzlims actually carrying out the violent, supremacist and oppressive tenets of their religion political ideology……. Those beliefs and tenets still remain.

Since most Muzlims don’t bother to introspect or consider the implications of the mandates of their “religion”, they are condoning the evil through deafening silence.

Whether they act out of ignorance or compulsion – is at best irrelevant, as it won’t bring back nearly 3,000 Americans slaughered on Sept 11 nor the thousands tortured and beheaded in the name of Izlam for the past 1400 years.

Read your history dudes: Evil in Izlam was there from its inception.

Remember the whackjobs who came to America in the 1930′s telling us all not to be alarmed by Mr. Hitler and his neat lil ideology of National Socialism?

No thanks.
We will not submit.
Nor will tolerate history repeating itself.

You say there are moderate Muzlims condemning terrorism?
What’s that I hear? A pin drop?

What I fail to see in Muzlims here and worldwide is:

- American patriotism. (or patriotism for any host nation who takes them in and doles out millions in welfare benefits)

-Care or concern for the welfare of their non-Mo-HAM-edan neighbors.

-Loud and public rejection of the jeeehadis.

-Rage and inconsolable anger at the crimes perpetrated in the name of their so called “religion”.

Everyone’s shoutin that we ought to distinguish between violent Muzlims and non-violent Muzlims.

Guess what guyz and dollz?…We do not even know which is more dangerous in the long run.

After all…Their goal is the same:
Gaining ground for Izlam where ever they go.

Muslim protest for right to prayer

The violent ones may be emprisoned.
But the ones who may not resort to overt violence, spend their time demanding one small concession for Izlam after another…….. until a free society and democracy has conceded itself into a corner from which it cannot escape.

Demand for prayer times and mats.
Demand for foot baths.

Demand for tolerance of female genital mutilation and honor killing.

Demand for separate gym hours for men and women.
Demand to accomodate workers so they do not have to serve pig products, alcohol or be anywhere near a puppy.
Demand for citizens NOT to report suspicous activity by Muzlims at the threat of being convicted of a “hate crime.”

Demand for censorship of any critcism of izlam.

Demand for permission to refer to Christians and Jews as apes and pigs, however.

Demand for no profiling. Espeically at airports. How convenient.

Demand for “rights” for known Muzlim terrorists.
Demand for Sh-ariah law and courts to accomodate their repressive, misogynistic rules.

Demand for NO CARTOONS. Ever.

and on and on and on.

Sure, Radical Muzlims do not appear to have the power to defeat the free world.

But, do not kid yourselves…. They are winning.
How, you ask?

By democracies and free countries allowing them to chip away at our principles and voluntarily conceding…one at a time.

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23 Responses to “Moderate Muslims? Rrright.”

  1. KarL M says:

    Come,Come Angel are we not getting a bit heated here…
    Remember those peace loving, non-violent (moderate) Nazi war criminals and Concentration Camp guards, they were only following orders!!!!!
    Who knows maybe there are 3 moderate Moooozman out there in Yemen.
    Remember ,you may not be able to put Lipstick on a Pig…but on a Muzlim, perhaps!!!

  2. Howard Larson says:

    Back in the days when we didn’t know any better, they were referred to as Moslems. How little did we know…

  3. AngieaAngel says:

    Angel, You got that right! They want to impose their system everywhere they go.

    You cannot trust them OR their intents. How our leaders cannot see that..but then maybe they do..and know it would be suicide to say otherwise..just sayin…

    Just found out the left got in Sarah Palins email account and posted her family photo’s, contacts and cell phone ‘s. Did a quick post on it. Maybe we can figure out a way to get the left to move to the Middle East with the majority of the islams. Maybe then they might just like our country..don’t know..maybe all hope is gone for the loonies.

    Hugs to ya!

  4. Joe says:

    Just another example of why “politically correct” is a bad way to go. We freely give them all these concessions and pretty soon, we have no rights left. How would you like to hire someone and then have to give him or her prayer breaks all friggin day long? If I ever go to a restaurant and they don’t serve ham or bacon—-watch out!

  5. Maggie Thornton says:

    RCP: No. 14! I’ve had a crazy at my place recently comparing me to Hitler…says I’m persecuting the millions of moderate Muslims around the world. LOL!


  6. Dajjal says:

    My newest blog has several short articles which dissect and disprove an OIC screed. They include numerous quotes from and links to the Koran, hadith and tafsir.

    you will find useful resources, including the Myth vs Fact series of daily ayat/ahadith which you can cross post.

  7. MK says:

    “Concerns for terrorism at a all time low?”

    And the approval ratings of the fellow who gave them the ability to forget about it and also get away with that, at an all time low. A thankless job, but thank God there are enough out there who’ll do it anyway.

  8. Debbie says:

    We don’t hear much about Keith Ellison any more, but he’s not the only one now you know.

  9. Gayle says:

    Those moderate Muzlims must indeed be imaginary, Angel.
    After all, it’s been seven years since 9/11 and not a peep out of them!

    As for Americans not being very concerned about the threat of Jihad, they are too busy worrying about whether they are going to be able to afford the newest video game, or ipod, or Blackberry or whatever! Darn! It’s so blasted frustrating! GRRR!

  10. Kevin says:

    If you are a moderate muslim, you’d better start moderating soon. Remember, not all Germans were Nazis. Remember how that played out?

  11. OMMAG says:

    Moderate muslims will not speak out against the simple accommodating things that they benefit from. A few do speak out against the totalitarianism and the excesses of culture, especially the the particularly barbaric aspects of North African and specifically Arab cultural traditions or the neolithic Asian tribes.

    But when it comes to getting your ritual foot baths installed at a public school or a worklplace or to getting your own special menu in the cafeteria or to being allowed your own special prayer breaks so you can soothe your conscience and sustain self professed righteousness at the expense of others ….. not so much “moderate” protestation going on there.

    Look up Tarek Fatah.. he seems an honest and frank Moderate.

  12. Joe Gringo says:

    I’m still trying to figure if I came from either an ape or a pig.

  13. Katie says:

    Way to go. Right on.

  14. Eitan says:

    But back to your main point. You say it’s incomprehensible that Islamism is at an all-time low. Do you have any proof for this or is it just your Islamophobia acting up again?

  15. Always On Watch says:

    Still waiting for the hordes of moderate Moslems to step forward….

    Anyway, the results of the poll indicate that not enough Americans came to a state of alertness on 9/11. This kind of complacency is going to bite us in the butt later. Maybe then all who are capable of being awakened will start paying attention and finally realize what Islam is.

  16. Throwing Stones says:

    Excellent post Angel, moderate Muzlims my foot!

  17. HannahJ says:

    Only 17 votes so far counting mine. :( Time to recruit more active readers!

  18. Rightwing Guy says:

    Well hello my long lost friend! Great story, right on target as always. It’s great to see that your keeping up the good fight. I am still in my forced exile due to the lack of a computer. This pains me considering the convention was about 8 miles from my home! I’m glad to see that you are doing well and keep up the good work. I’ll check back when I can, drop me a line!
    Terrance aka RWG

  19. no.apology says:

    The notion of a “moderate Islam” is sheer insanity. There is no such animal. These lunatics understand one thing only : acquiring power to enslave the world, according to Moohammed.

    Islam is a self-perpetuating plague on the free world. We had better learn how to combat this menace in spite of the PC police.

    Good work, Angel.

  20. Eitan says:

    No problemo, Angel! We agree on more than we disagree on. Keep up the good work!

  21. Wingless says:

    But back to your main point. You say it’s incomprehensible that Islamism is at an all-time low. Do you have any proof for this or is it just your Islamophobia acting up again?
    Eitan, although I’ve not compiled the numbers lately, I have a blog widget that tracks Islamist attacks worldwide. By my observation, those numbers are going up as fast as ever. Obviously, to get a more scientific approach you will need to tally the numbers over the past 3 or 4 years & compare (I know I coulda, but it’s 2:00am!)
    BTW: This tally is one of the few that does not count the suicide bombers in it’s list of victims. For example, many newspapers recently reported that 16 people died in the Embassy bombing in Kenya (some newspapers didn’t cover the story at all!!! ARGH!!!), but the tally only rose by 10 that day since 6 of the 16 were attackers! Even with this more honest numbering we get numbers like this for an insignifigant week in September:
    Weekly Jihad Report
    Aug 30 – Sep 05
    Jihad Attacks: 43
    Dead Bodies: 100
    Critically Injured: 222

    Find list at:

  22. Smooth Stone says:

    Great post as always, Angel. As I sit here typing, I hear helicopters overhead as my beloved city prepares itself for the arrival of one of the biggest Muslim barbarians to arrive on the world’s stage since Yassir Arafat. Tomorrow Mahmoud “Monkey Man” Admadinejad will be speaking at the U.N. and once again, the rest of us who support the U.N. with our hard-earned tax dollars will be held hostage to his hate speech and Jew-hating rhetoric. They’re “moderate” Muslims, only until their kill-switch is turned on.

  23. Opinion says:

    Sorry, but you’re wrong. Not all Muslims are radical. In fact, it’s a very small percentage who are. I don’t know about you, but if I were in a country where I would be killed for expressing any opinion that is not government approved, I would probably be pretty silent. Honestly, getting food on the table can easily become more important than fighting against the radicals of one’s religion. The problem is not that ALL Muslims are radical, the problem is the few who are have the money, the weapons, and the power.
    And as to what No.Apology said:
    “The notion of a “moderate Islam” is sheer insanity. There is no such animal. These lunatics understand one thing only : acquiring power to enslave the world, according to Moohammed.”

    First of all, I feel extremely sorry for you that you believe all Islamics are lunatics and that you have never been taught not to generalize. Second, PC police are one thing. Calling terrorists anything other than terrorists is idiotic. I’m with you on that. But calling all Muslims “lunatics” is generalizing and prejudice. It’s wrong. Also, most Muslims are not out to enslave the world.

    I suppose I’m the only person on this webpage who believes that there are many moderate islamics. Perhaps it is because I know some. And the ones I know do speak up, but it is true that not all can or do. Just knowing though, that some try makes the generalization that they are all “lunatics” a lie. Thanks to anyone who read this.