Poor, Lazy People

“..the vast majority of the impoverished in America don’t work and wouldn’t even if we raised wages or created more jobs. They are in poverty because of social or physical problems or choices in life they’ve made which make it difficult or impossible for them to work. Some have simply chosen not to work.

It’s not that our economy doesn’t work for most of the poor, but that most of the poor don’t work.
In America, The Poor Don’t Work”

And the problem is only getting worse. More than one-third of all births in America today are to unmarried women, and nearly half of them are already in poverty, meaning their children are being born directly into poverty themselves.

Many of these women do not have a high school education, so the prospects that they can find anything but entry level work are grim. And given what social science now tells us about children raised without a father—that they are far more likely than kids raised in two-parent families to drop out of school, to wind up on welfare, and in the case of girls to become unwed mothers themselves— the likelihood of current levels of poverty persisting no matter how many new jobs we create is enormous.

To address the issue of the more than 80 percent of poor families where no one works full time requires figuring out how to dissuade poor girls without a high school education from having children by a man who won’t marry and support them.

Do we dare admit that many poor people are poor because they are ‘lazy”, because they make bad or selfish choices, because they thrive on the victim dictum?

Heaven forfend!..No doubt we must be sorely lacking in compassion, are devoid of social responsibility and clearly unmindful of the welfare of others.

Single mothers having baby after baby after baby..but getting all bent when they are called “welfare queens?”
Pssst. Father absence is a major cause of child poverty.

But…How tactless of us to suggest that with the exception of physical or mental handicaps -guess what dude?
Life is what you make it.

Work reasonably hard, and ya may even end up reasonably well off.

Social factors may play a role, but equally essential is the will and desire to succeed.

Leftard Democrats cringe when you speak Truth.

Why? Because, dude. It’s all about CONTROL.
They want to control YOU.

Their not so new plan, praised by Hussein Obama, is to expand and expand and expand the culture of “entitlements.”
The pseudoacademic Democrat demagogues want everyone in this country to be dependent on them, namely – the government.

Yea…they call it um..” income redistribution.”
After your hard days work, fork your money over to Willy who’s shootin up heroin in his crib, or Janine, who just had her 4th kid out of wedlock k?

There’s only only one hitch though. (Don’t tell the Dems but….) the people that are too lazy to work are also too lazy to vote. Ha.

Welfare checks. What a concept.
Heck, why work when you can get free money?
And some of them are livin large.

Sit home, or better yet, go shopping with your government check and then blame “the system.”

Blame Republicans. Don’t forget to blame President Bush.
Blame everyone but your sorry self.

It’s a challenge being born into poverty. But there is a fate worse than that. Refusing to take some initiative to escape a life of poverty.
The poor are lauded by Liberals, when they instead, find a scape goat.

And, no, we are not addressing hard working Americans who still lack nutritious food, adequate warm housing, or clothing for their families despite concerted efforts.

The most poor in this blessed country still earn more money than 75% of the rest of the world’s population.
Americans living in houses or apartments, have more living space per person than does the average person living in European countries, including England, France and Germany.

Medical care? Our hospitals are legally obligated to treat all.

The compassion meter runs out when conditions are self-inflicted, a result of poor decisions or repeated self-defeating behaviors.


The ugly truth:
Not all, but many poor people are at least partly to blame for their own poverty.

Ugly? Yes.
But no less true.

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32 Responses to “Poor, Lazy People”

  1. kg says:

    Absolutely spot-on post Angel
    We have a huge welfare bill in this country (NZ) and no matter how much money is thrown at the problem it will never be enough because that simply makes being on welfare more attractive.
    I am so sick and tired of dragging myself to work every day, knowing that 35% of what I make (and it isn’t much) will be taken by the government to pay girls to have children, druggies to buy drugs and criminal layabouts to terrorise law-abiding people.
    And these are the people who are eligible for all kinds of benefits which I can’t get because I’m working!
    There has to be a better way.

  2. MK says:

    Same here KG, it’s about the same down here too. Welfare is like half socializing of the system. But then when it doesn’t work, what do the left and welfare proponents propose, that’s right, socialize it even further. Madness i tell you and it’s us who pay for it.

  3. Jo says:

    My mother taught me one thing from an early age: You get nothing for free … you have to earn it. Its the only thing of value she taught me, but its gotten me to where I am today. I’m not educated past High School but I have license and designation in my career field. Hubby is retired after 23 years in the Army and teaches new soldiers what he knows about his prior career field.

    We paid for everything in our house – including the house – and am not ashamed of it one bit!

    When people get bored, they get in trouble (something about a devil’s workshop) and that’s why we have so many problems with crime in low-economic areas.

    New Orleans after Katrina is a perfect example. The people there have been controled so long by the government, they expected a magic wand to come out and fix their problems. All of a sudden their meal ticket was gone and (gasp) they had to think for themselves – take care of themselves. We see how well that worked out.

  4. Aurora says:

    Well said, Angel. Having a welfare dependent poor sector in society works well for the Dems since it is this group which keeps voting its cash cow back into office. And the more it expands, the more entrenched the leftist governments become. It’s a vicious circle and it perpetuates itself. As you say, a fatherless child is often poor. Children need a whole, functioning nuclear family in order to achieve their best in every area. No wonder the left would like to beat the family down.

  5. DragonLady says:

    Amen sister! My dad’s family was so poor that he dropped out of high school at 15 to go to work because he didn’t have proper clothing. He then proceeded to work his way out of poverty while he and his next older brother ensured that Grandma was able to keep their baby sister in school. The whole family worked their way out of poverty during the great depression, and all made it to become firmly middle class while retaining and teaching working class values. You reap what you sow. :-)

  6. Kevin says:

    The main reason people work is to make money. If you steadily drop the amount of money given to someone for NOT working, isn’t it reasonable to assume that they will get jobs rather than starve to death?

    I know. I’m cold.

  7. Maggie Thornton says:

    RCP – excellent stats, and I’m hanging my flag by all these lazy people. I’m also betting that pollsters find the non-voting lazys to enhance their discriminatory polling.


  8. Tom says:

    Hi Angel. Here’s a tomsplace post from waaaay back that shows another side of this issue.

  9. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Vets For Freedom Report…

    It has been over a month since our Vets have returned home, and they have some true reporting to share with us. They went back to Iraq to seek the truth. They remember what it was like when they left in 2006, and they can tell if there is any REAL…

  10. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    NFL Scores ‘n Picks Week 3: 21 Sept 08…

    It is already 9:15 am (PCT) (which means I only have 45 minutes to get this to print, and my computer is running very slow), so I will use the asterisk for my picks. I will try to give the stats so far during the day. Have a nice game day ya’ll!…

  11. EDGE says:

    I like it when I give ‘homeless’ people food to eat and they look at you and say ‘got any money?’

    Really pisses them off. ;) ;) :) :)

  12. Katie says:

    Welfare was suppose to be a stop gap, a way to live while you get back on your feet. It is not suppose to be a life-style.

    If the person is not disabled (physically or mentally) then they should be forced off the welfare rolls after 5 years. That gives them enough time to get an education or skill (its only a couple of years to get a beautician license). Those who are disabled and able to work should be given extra time. And if they don’t want to work and have kids, take their kids from them if they can’t afford to pay for them.

  13. Around The Blogsphere… says:

    [...] Woman Honor Thyself – Poor, Lazy People [...]

  14. Mustang says:

    Thanks to Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson, our nation created generations of people who learned how to get something for nothing. It wasn’t free of course … those of us who work for a living had to pay for it. The mechanics of a welfare state is exponential in defeating a capitalist society. For every dollar spend by the government, the private sector has one dollar less to invest in productivity, investment, and savings. For every one percent increase in government spending, there is an unemployment increase of about .043% … so when we reinforce negative behavior, rather than encouraging people to become productive, it is a double whammy to our economy.

    Even a casual evaluation of every subsidized housing area in any city in the world reveals that they are nests of poverty, sloth, crime, and filth. This is because residents assert no pride in ownership. Correlate this fact along with high numbers of “at risk” students, it is difficult to ignore the obvious: students learn at an early age that if they don’t own it, it has no value to them.

    At what point did the American people sign on to the idea that government is best equipped to administer to the needy? The definition of charity is acts of kindness voluntarily taken by private citizens … a sense of duty to reach out to the less fortunate. But under incompetent government auspices, the message is alarmingly different. Big Brother Knows Best and we will make you do it whether you agree with our definition of poverty, or not. The answer to the initial question is … during that era of the silent majority. If we reject socialism in every form, then we (the majority) must speak out vociferously against it. And if not (as we have seen), it is a done deal.

    Great essay, Angel.

  15. Don L says:

    The degradation of man and the elevation of the state. Who is honorable and big enough to save us from ourselves?

  16. OMMAG says:

    Those of us who do work had and try to make something of our opportunities probably have one thing in common.
    That being parents who taught or at least told us that we should never expect something for nothing and that life owes us nothing so don’t expect anything different.

    You’re on your own rosebud now go do something useful…..

  17. LomaAlta says:

    Nice post Angel. I like your statement “There’s only only one hitch though. (Don’t tell the Dems but….) the people that are too lazy to work are also too lazy to vote. Ha.” Let’s hope and pray that this remains true.

    Lazy as a welfare cheat is a good way to express this.

    If every woman in poverty had a husband, and they both worked, there would be no poverty in America.
    Simple concept, that’s why it is ignored.

  18. Papa Frank says:

    You must be such a rarity there in NYC. You are one-of-a-kind, Angel, and I for one love you!!!

  19. Debbie says:

    Angel we have no problem helping people who are TRULY in need. But as you point out, many … I dare say most … are in the positions they are in because of POOR DECISIONS they have made. We all have choices and when we make one bad choice after another, at some point we should have to reap the result of those bad choices.

    I KNOW people like this. It doesn’t matter how much you help them, they get right back in the same situation. Help no longer is help, it is reinforcement for them to make more bad decisions.

    Sometimes tough love, sink or swim, is the best thing.

  20. JMK says:

    GREAT article! Excellent FIND!!!

    Behaviors CAUSE BOTH poverty and wealth.

    In general reckless, irresponsible behaviors and the inability to delay gratification CAUSE poverty, while self-discipline, goal-oriented behaviors and the ability to delay gratification now, for something more later results in wealth creation.

    The great Professor Walter E Williams has noted that there are “3 Simple Rules” that, if followed, help ANYONE avoid poverty, they are;

    (1) Finish H.S.

    (2) Get married and stay Married, avoid having children out of wedlock

    and (3) Get a job and keep it, don’t quit one job UNTIL you have another.

  21. Faultline USA says:

    I love your rants! This is a great quote: “The compassion meter runs out when conditions are self-inflicted, a result of poor decisions or repeated self-defeating behaviors.” Amen!

  22. Angel says:

    THANKS ALLS FOR THE SUPER INSIGHTS…I WILL VISIT WHEN I’M NOT BEIN TOO LAZY..ha just kidding!..Will make the rounds shortly!! :)

  23. angie says:

    You said it sister! It is a vicious circle that keeps on from one generation to the next until someone breaks the cycle. With NObama we might as well all quit..I shudder to think what the tax burden will be with him and a Dem Congress!

    Well said and great post

  24. Straight Shooter says:

    Hello Angel! Long time, no read. Missed hearing your opinions. As usual, I agree whole heartedly with today’s. I was just trying to explain the “special cards” people use in Walmart at the beginning of each month to my 8 and 10 yo last week. Welfare. They didn’t understand why someone would WANT to be on it. Me either Crumb Snatchers, me either…

  25. Brooke says:

    When the government pays you better as far as health insurance, grocery money, ect., WHY WORK?!?

    The incentive of work or starve need to be enacted, IMO.

    Nothing pisses me off more than the beggars, too. I actually saw one once that had a sign saying, “Why lie? I want money for beer.”

    So, I’m gonna take my hard-earned money and give it to you ’cause you’re lazy and you think you’re funny, too?



  26. Gayle says:

    Hi Angel!

    I heard yesterday on the news that California’s dropout rate is higher than ever. Somewhere in the 20 plus percentile. Who’s surprised there? Not I! I’m sure you aren’t either. Sheesh!

    Great post, girlfriend. We can’t point these absolute truths out enough!

  27. Defiant_Infidel says:

    I don’t demean the rich for working hard to get there, and I don’t automatically, impulsively feel pity for the poor who, as you so correctly pointed out, often remain there because it is the “easy button”.

    Proper upbringing, including the function and feel of a true work ethic, is the avenue to a view of “nobody gets nothing for nothing”. Based upon that, what kind of adults should we expect “entitled” lazy people to raise? A fair and suitably scaled work ethic leaves a person NEVER WANTING “something for nothing”. It’s a pride thingy… instead of “poor me, I’m special”… ya’ know?

    I know you do. :)

  28. Joe Gringo says:

    A buddy of my older brother has a sweet motor home, he asked 2 guys with sign if they wanted to earn $125 if they washed it and that it would take about 3-4 hours, they said no, they just wanted the dough.

    Most are lazy and scammers.

  29. tapline says:

    Angel, Excellent post. Unless things have changed considerably, The welfare queens are no longer there are time frames set up when one applies for benefits, or use to be…..Once a person has reached that period of time benefits are terminated for that person. the children were still covered for an additional period. There was a time when the feds set up what they called Work incentive Programs where testing was done on the individual client and a job was matched to the person. If further training was needed they were referred to a training program or Higher Education whichever was indicated. That lasted a few years then finally got discontinued. I will say that most recipients were temporary and most didn’t want to be in the situation they found themselves……stay well…

  30. cube says:

    Excellent post. Unfortunately, the people that should be reading this won’t. They don’t want to hear the truth.

  31. kevin says:

    It reminds me of that bumper sticker,

    millions on welfare depend on you

  32. Chris says:

    What’s the dirfference between poor people living on welfare and Wealthy people living on trust funds or benefactors of nepotism??????