Terror attack in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM – A driver, described as a terrorist by Israeli authorities, ran amok in a busy intersection near the Old City’s storied Jaffa Gate just before midnight Monday, injuring 17 pedestrians, before being shot dead by an Israeli soldier.
“We can confirm it was a terror attack,” senior police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. “The man was shot and killed.”
Driver injures 17 in Jerusalem terrorist attack

“We can confirm it was a terror attack,” senior police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. “The man was shot and killed.”

Jerusalem’s police chief, Aharon Franco, said the driver had turned “his car towards a group of soldiers who were at an intersection.”
The black BMW used in the attack was registered to a Palestinian man in a Palestinian suburb of the city. The soldiers who were hit were apparently on their way to the Western Wall City to say prayers of penitence before the Jewish High Holidays that begin next week.

A “driver”?
How’s that for a description of a twisted, demented Arab terrorist?

Oh wait. This is the mainstream media report right?

A driver, “described as a terrorist by Israeli authorities”……………….

Um..how exactly would YOU describe them Matthew Fisher, author of this “piece” of um….”news”.. huh huh huh?

This vile..ahem poor “oppressed” Arab drove a better car than most people you know. Obviously Israel just didn’t offer him enough “opportunities”…otherwise he would never have been DRIVEN to do this eh?

A bulldozer, a car, in the hands of an Arab is an instrument of terror, haven’t ya heard?

For God’s sake Israel, America, Australia, Europe: Let ‘Er Rip.

Enforce closures, check points, curfews, and raids.
G’head with the home demolishing of the filthy terrorists in your midst or any other other security measure you deem necessary for that matter.

This latest massacre is the third time this summer that a Jerusalem Arab got behind the wheel and murdered innocent, civilian Jews.
In case you didn’t know, East Jerusalem Arabs, have free access to the capital Jerusalem….you know, it’s all part of the “apartheid” deal. boggled0.gif

They are given Israeli I.D. cards. And what do you suppose they do with them?

“Try to make a living”, like the lying Muzlims claim?

Heck NO. What they have been doing, as it happens, is taking advantage of Israel’s kindness insanity to shed blood on the streets of Jerusalem.

Israel , in her typically self destructive manner, goes so far as to allow East Jerusalem Arabs who have a criminal record to live and work there.

While the Jews are busy building roads, schools, factories and hospitals which, incidentally the Arabs can freely use, the Arab leaders are busy calling for JEEHAD- exhorting Arabs to murder all of us…for ..oh yea……………All-ah`s sake.

But….No no we musn’t retaliate.
Any military action against Muzlims during RAM-a-dan is of course blasphemous, not to mention an insult to Izlam, the Ummah and Muzlims worldwide.

Anyone remember Menachem Begin?
Or past generations of Israelis, Americans, Australians or even Europeans who still universally believed that their country had a just cause and a right to exist.

I can barely recollect them.

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27 Responses to “Terror attack in Jerusalem”

  1. LomaAlta says:

    Another sad story of the victims of political correctness.

  2. Faultline USA says:

    What is the cause of this suicidal tendency among civilized nations?

  3. Katie says:

    The cause is Multiculturalism and leftist thought.

    It was a miracle that no one was killed. The soldiers that were hit were heading to the Kotel, something Jews do before the High Holy Days.

  4. OMMAG says:

    Political correctness….. a false ethos invented by social “progressives” as a tool to browbeat anyone who dares speak common sense to jackassery.

    PeeCee has become a sickness that strangles the will of politicians to do what is right instead of what is deemed to be appropriate in PeeCee vernacular.

    Personally I think that any politician or official who is found to have been responsible for such a lapse of good sense should be frog marched out of their offices and banned forever from being seen in public.

  5. AngieaAngel says:

    They are insane and I can barely recollect when Muslims have been sane. Where are those that believe that Israel has a right to exist? This should be infuriating the world! The sicko’s threaten, intimidate and call for fatwa’s against all who might oppose them. Israel must get tougher. They are a model of democracy and those that believe in such must support her.

    I like OMMAG’s comments.

    Hugs Angel!

  6. Papa Frank says:

    I read about this earlier today. Very sad. When will the world as a whole stand up and start declaring Islam a dangerous and violent religion? Ram-a-dan gets worse and worse every year and the truth is that these pieces of trash don’t even care if they harm people of their own religion as well. How do we ever expect that someone like that could be won over to rational thought? This is disgusting and infuriating!!!

  7. Straight Shooter says:

    Unbelievably worrisome.

  8. Otto - American Interests says:

    Forget the cause, such individuals do not reason … Enforce closures, check points, curfews, and raids … Well said Angel …

  9. Kevin says:

    “Let’s turn him over to Hamas, a great friend of Israel, so that he may receive true justice.” – Tippi Livni

    Ok, she didn’t say it, but she was thinking it pretty loudly. I LOVE Angel’s idea that Israel should fight back, but this woman is as lame as Olmert, and will not do so. This time, the real solution is not to blast the jihadis out of existence. It’s to elect Likud, so that the Israelis can blast the jihadis out of existence.

  10. MK says:

    Madness ey, when will it all come to an end one has to ask, more likely when Israel is finished. Hang in there Israel, those who moan at you to just take it will soon experience the tolerance and peace of Islam themselves.

  11. Stanford Matthews says:

    As simple as it may sound, the insanity will continue until enough people can bring themselves to understand the current and long history in the Middle East (and elsewhere) and the associated violence is obviously counter-productive and will NEVER result in solutions satisfactory to even those who support the destruction of Israel.

    Perhaps the cause is how some people raise their children to buy into twisted thinking and blame others for anything they don’t like.

  12. nanc says:

    psalms 122:6

  13. Brooke says:

    Happy Ramadan, everyone… :(

  14. no.apology says:

    War is war. If the Irgun doesn’t resurrect itself soon, it may be too late, as the vile Leftists will have given Israel away. This isn’t about right or wrong. If Israelis want to triumph, they must fight. All’s fair in love and war.

  15. obob says:

    wtf, the fear that permates our media is costing them money. People are smart enough to get alternative news sources and double check in doubt. But they can candy coat their stories in the mean time. It’ll cost them in time

  16. KarL M says:

    There those Israeli Jews go again….angering the have nots with their Democracy, Human Rights, and techno advanced society…
    Boo Hoo on the Izmo camel moehameds….i think their whole circus has “jumped the shark” (a couple of thousand years ago)…and that ain’t easy!!!!
    Great job Angel…..keep those words of wisdom flowing……

  17. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Rev. Manning On Sarah Palin…

    Do you remember Rev. Manning? He is the man who blasted Obama and his Mother. Personally, I do not like it when someone talks about anyone’s Mother, but this is not that. You have to check this out!…

  18. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    The Global War: Something To Consider…

    When we think of the global war, we think of Afghanistan and Iraq. Some refer to each country as different wars, some refer to them as different theatres of the same war. It all depends on your perception…

  19. Rosemary says:

    The number is now at 19. I do not understand for the life of me why we are sitting around like sitting ducks (or dhimmis, as they prefer). Where are all the men and what happen to their testosterone? Oh, wait a minute! I’ve got it. SARAH stole it! NO, she just is a NORMAL American with balls. Move over guys. Let us women take over for a while. We’ll have this thing straightened out in no time. Remember, a woman scorned…

  20. Mustang says:

    For as long as we are willing to sit around and wait for death, they will be happy to kill us. After fifteen minutes of listening to Ahmadinejad ramble on about the goodness of God, he finished his speach in typical fashion. He no doubt believes that most people in the UN cannot remember longer than from the beginning to the end of a speach.

    Well, he’s probably right. And while murderers continue to reign destruction upon innocent victims and their families, the UN is still trying to figure out how to define terrorism.

    Also, Ahmadinejad thinks the UN should move to some other country. It is the ONE thing we can agree on.

  21. Debbie says:

    I read several news accounts, made it sounds like a fender-bender by innocent drivers. It was Muslin Terrorists who intentionally attacked innocent people.

  22. Z says:

    talk about a POWERFUL post.

    SOMEONE MUST LISTEN! I WISH Israel had a REALLY strong leader who’d do everything possible to stop these attacks……..Debbie’s right about the ‘fender bender’ type of coverage. The media downplays Israeli injuries and we hear “25 INJURED” when the INJURED includes BLINDNESS, lost limbs, etc etc…….and Iran says Israel’s very existance iin the ME is ILLEGAL.

    there are no words.

  23. Aurora says:

    Again Angel? How much more is Israel supposed to put up with? Meanwhile, Israel’s hands are tied by the whole world…as always. Imagine if the headline read, Jew runs amok in Gaza Strip; injuring 17. Wouldn’t there be a huge uproar?

  24. Claudia says:

    Hello, Angel: just commenting to add some last news:
    Hamas and Islamic Jihad calls this a “natural reaction”.
    An Islamic Jihad statement called the attack, during which an east Jerusalem Arab rammed his BMW into a crowd of IDF soldiers, tourists and citizens near the Old City’s Jaffa Gate “a natural response to the criminal occupation.”
    A Hamas statement echoed the terrorist organization’s sentiments, calling it “a natural response to the continued Zionist attacks on the Palestinian nation, to settling and Judaization.”

    Terrible, terrible, terrible.

  25. MariesTwoCents says:

    I am getting so sick to death of the attacks on Israel!

  26. Guy says:

    And Obama wants to sit down and talk with people like this!

  27. Always On Watch says:

    Vehicles as weapons of jihad!

    And not only in Israel but also in North Carolina.