Liberals in New York City

Sweet friends.

Y’all know how much I adore my city.

For those who have been here….and for those who never have….Take a glimpse of what we are allowing it to become.

Up close and personal.
The self same Libs who seem to think their vital messaging which will win over America and ultimately..the World. Uh huh.

My city this past Sunday.
A Muzlim parade..whaddya know.
On Madison Ave.

My city a few scant years ago:

Lessons to be learned?


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34 Responses to “Liberals in New York City”

  1. Z says:

    Here’s a hypothetical: If you’re not a violent mus lim who wants to make more trouble; if you’re like Dr. Jasser and want to fit into America and just be left along to practice your faith, would you bend down and hold traffic up in the middle of New York City streets?
    Would you be THAT ‘in your face’ (or in …. )
    Personally? I could get a big, heavy enough pair of BOOTS to do what I’D like to do to those heaven-turned butts, but that’s probably too nice a thing to admit.!!!

    Nothing NOMINAL about these thugs. And the signs! And the OBAMA SUPPORT! SURPRISE, huh? I’m glad you’re carrying this video; wouldn’t it be wonderful for the news to carry at least some of it?

    Angel, did NYC local news cover the worst of the signs, etc?

  2. Gayle says:

    Angel, I’ve never even been to NYC, but I’m truly ticked off about this. Maybe if I lived their I would be even more ticked off about it, but I don’t see how! NYC is part of America, so when I see this anywhere, in any part of America, I feel it as a deep wound in my patriotic heart. We must put a stop to this crap, and it’s something Obambi certainly isn’t going to do.

  3. Joe Gringo says:

    Makes me want to put on my McCain/Palin shirt, fly out to NYC and spread some Arizona conservative love. ;-)

  4. LomaAlta says:

    Same place, same purpose, different time.

  5. joe says:

    I live in a small city that doesn’t have a mosque. We don’t even have any muslims as far as I know—so far. I can’t imagine how you and others living day in and day out with this insanity can deal with it. And before anyone asks: no you can’t send us any of YOUR muslims!

  6. Layla says:

    Shame on them! It is sickening. I read about this elsewhere and some of these people were wearing Obama T-shirts that literally proclaimed him to be some kind of god!

    Dhimmi’s all over and I am sad to say this is not the end of it! UGH!

  7. kris says:

    I was in the city earlier this yr. It would have broken my heart ot have seen and or heard this.

  8. Robert says:

    How in the world can we as a nation elect Mr Hussein Obama to the most powerful position in the country after 9-11.
    The Obama saga started in Kenya, and I read in the book of revelations ( along time ago so forgive me if I don’t quote it exactly) the anti-Christ would be born of a jackal? or something??
    aren’t jackals popular in Africa?

    I’ve often wondered about the language between the age the bible was written and what we speak now.. I don’t know if this is ordained but this guy Hussein Obama has captured the youth, he speaks with elegance and flare and he has the most evil people in the world on his side…. time to do some soul searching.

  9. Debbie says:

    Oh Angel, I’m so sorry. I could not help but notice the “vote Obama” signs.

    Sorry I haven’t been here (or anywhere) much this weekend. We have company and I’ve barely had time to stop and take a breath.

  10. Throwing Stones says:

    Now isn’t the time to despair over the November elections. Work as hard as you can down the final stretch to prevent a complete Democratic Party take over of Congress and the White House. The stakes are even higher because the next president will have at least two Supreme Court vacancies to fill.

    McCain is a good closer who now has Sarah at his side. Obama is a poor closer who is handicapped by Biden. The media is broadly reporting voter registration fraud by ACORN, which will make it more difficult for Democrats to rig the election.

    Many Hillary supporters will not vote for Obama. Many young Obama fans think that the election is already won and won’t bother to vote. Lots of other Democrats are afraid to voice their concerns in public about Obama’s inexperience, ultra-liberalism and questionable associations and won’t pull the lever for him in the privacy of the voting booth.
    Get those conservatives off their behinds!
    McCain can still win this! Rally all the McCain-Palin supporters you know. Talk this election up. Tell them the truth, that their vote has never been more important. Drive them to the polls if they can’t get there own their own. Get it done people!

  11. says:

    This is UNBELIEVABLE! I haven’t been to NYC in quite a while, but it’s so sad. If it’s happening in NYC it’s probably also happening in other cities around our beloved country. We conservative bloggers are doing our part, but it feels like we are swimming against the tide. I hope and pray that Obama will be seen for the danger he is to our country before November 4.

  12. Always On Watch says:

    Puke! These shari’a-loving jihadomaniacs are desecrating NYC.

  13. Mustang says:

    New Yorkers need to rehire Rudy.

  14. Maggie Thornton says:

    God bless those stalwart McCain-Palin supporters who marched right on. I agree with Throwing Stones’ comment, but when you live in a city with these in-your-face attitudes, I know it’s hard.

    Anyone holding up traffic in NYC should be hauled off, and make sure it’s mid-prayer, and kept in a rusty old jail long enough to make them not want to come back.

    You know Angel, if you have an auto accident in the City, and it’s not your fault, but you are tying up traffic, you readily get that middle finger. But here, for Muslim prayer – nothing.

  15. no.apology says:

    Angel, that’s scary. As you know, I lived on the upper west side for 28 years. Now, that was awhile ago, but never would you have seen anything like this.

    Out here in Colorado, where the democrats are thick as fleas, they are very distrustful of the big O., knowing that something very disturbing has taken place in the democratic party leadership.

  16. Angiea says:

    Angel, I don’t know how you stand it. It is coming everywhere in our country if we don’t get a grip on this.

    I feel like Z: Personally? I could get a big, heavy enough pair of BOOTS to do what I’D like to do to those heaven-turned butts, but that’s probably too nice a thing to admit.!!!

    I was in St.Louis sometime ago and many of them were protesting..that was enough for me to feel like I was in a foreign country..Makes me want to regurgitate.

  17. MK says:

    Watch it well America, if you don’t make the right choice in a few weeks, those people will be running the entire country through Obama, not just a street or two, they’ll lord over you for as long as you let them.”

    It won’t matter if Obama wins by one damn vote, you who lose will get that finger every time you try to say anything.

  18. Defiant_Infidel says:

    It is a grim reality now and portends a near future which seemingly inadequate numbers can recognize. Thanks for seeing it, Angel, and trumpeting the warnings to everyone who treads here. We can’t give up… and recall that it is always that “fierce minority” that guides and shapes the decisions of the majority. The majority has always been comprised of sheep. The sheep can be led by bad… or good.

    Keep leading, Hot Rod. And keep the faith.

  19. Kevin says:

    The melting pot no longer melts. And some of the chunks are nasty.

  20. cube says:

    This turns my stomach. I saw it on Drudge yesterday, but was it publicized on the MSM. No! There are powerful forces against us & videos like this make me feel like we’re fighting a losing battle. Thank goodness not all Americans think or vote like the liberal New Yorkers on the Upper West Side.

  21. Katie says:

    I feel sorry for my native city. They have forgotten 9/11 and have embrased those who did the deed.

  22. Brooke says:

    Sickening! :(

    Why don’t the people who allowed this just spit into the WTC pit?

  23. Layla says:

    See you are back up and running! Hurray! :)

  24. heidianne jackson says:

    it is a grim reality as di has pointed out and it’s scary and disgusting and any other superbole that means not good that you can think of. we live in the hood in kc and there are many, many muslims surrounding us – the largest mosque in the metro area is literally right around the corner from us. the call to prayer is an amazing site to behold – especially in the evening.

    keep the faith, angel and keep leading the way. we’re all fallowing right behind you!

  25. Amboy says:

    Isn’t it interesting what they will boo and flip off and what they won’t. How they jihadists as harmless and the GOP as something worse than the real enemy,

  26. frasypoo says:

    Hi Angel
    Muslims will take over soon!
    I dont understand why they want to live here if they dont like what happens here

  27. nanc says:

    funny how freedom of speech only applies peaceably to a few?

  28. OMMAG says:

    Another day another outrage perpetrated on the USA by leftards or other overt enemies of the nation.

    And the MSM is doing …. ?

    Busy spinning the Obama myth …..

  29. ben says:

    Hi Angel,
    Well I’ve never been to nyc. Don’t think I want to either. I’d prolly get in trouble. Man’ got to know his limitations.

    Know what I mean ? (;

  30. Pasadena Closet Conservative says:

    Makes NYC look like Germany, France and England with their onslaught of Muslims making demands. If you haven’t seen it first-hand, it’s truly frightening.

  31. Aurora says:

    New York is just another microcosm of the western world, seduced by the media and blinded by the passing parade. We conservatives are the last flickering lights in the darkness and it’s up to us to let our lights shine as long and as bright as we can.

  32. KarL m says:

    I guess after reading your fantastic piece of writing…no one will be able to say….”but i did not know”
    Careful what you allow in your streets, it may end up in your houses!!!!!

  33. Red_State_Blue says:

    On Purpose…

    if we were to think of the economic crisis the way commentators on the left usually do…it would be hard to escape the conclusion that – they themselves, along with Islamists and anti-Semites, were foremost among those to whom “credit” is due for th…

  34. Incognito says:

    I posted the march as well… so despicable. It was as if they were criminals. Gotta love that liberal tolerance.