Jason Mattera…And Acorn..heh

OMG I needed a laugh today baddo.

Y’all may remember my post about Jason HERE
He’s the the spokesman for Young America’s Foundation. YAF.

The one who said regarding the terrorist front group CA-IR:

“We will not be intimidated by radical Is-lamic thugs…CA-IR can go to Hell and they can take their 72 virgins with them.”


A Brooklyn boy. Guy after my own heart.

We…Welcome to the Mattera Era……….again!

Thanks Jason Mattera.. You da man!! lol

Here’s Part 2.
Oh God..love him!!!

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17 Responses to “Jason Mattera…And Acorn..heh”

  1. elvis the original terminator says:

    hahahaha nice!
    I’m on my way to vote!!!

  2. A little election day humor - Lord knows we need it! | The BoBo Files says:

    [...] can’t really take credit for this – You’re gonna have to go to Angel’s place to check this out – pretty funny [...]

  3. Jenn says:

    LOVE Jason!!! I liked it when he cornered Murtha best!

  4. heidianne jackson says:

    i love this guy. thanks for the election day giggles.!!

  5. nanc says:

    angel – i REFUSE – REFUSE YOU HEAR – to believe that more than half in this great country are stupid enough to vote for this sham of a candidate. if he gets in, it means we’re definitely under SUPREME judgment.

  6. The Amboy Times says:

    Obama supporter admits on CNN to voting twice…

    Thanks to Eye on the World.Voter fraud you can believe in.Also check out Angel’s post on this subject…….

  7. A little election day humor - Lord knows we need it! | Driving the Left Loony -The Bobo Files says:

    [...] can’t really take credit for this – You’re gonna have to go to Angel’s place to check this out – pretty funny [...]

  8. Debbie says:

    Support Osama … Vote Obama. I love it. I’m hearing in foreign press that there will be celebrations in the streets of Hamas, Hezbollah, et al if Obama wins. That should tell voters something is very wrong with Obama.

  9. A Little Revolution! says:

    You are right. That is pretty funny! I am watching these election returns with a pile of chocolate. Something tells me I need to stock up on ammo.

  10. obob says:

    be ready but do not lose faith. we can bite back just as hard

  11. no.apology says:

    LOL. Hey, if Obama wins, it will take about one month before the disillusionment sets in among the gang-bangers & crackheads. No way this POS can come out looking good. “You mean we will still have to pay for gas???” “WTF, Barry? DO SOMETHING.” At which point he’ll probably go into hiding. Or, as the faithful say, into seclusion.

    I voted on Oct 20th – McCain & Palin! If McCain wins, I’ll probably start thinking, “wait a minute – this is the guy who put amnesty at the top of his to-do list.”


  12. Stanford Matthews says:

    ‘amnesty at the top of his to-do list’ ????

    Like it’s not on Obama’s plate or for that matter Harry and Nancy’s. It was defeated once, it can be defeated again.

  13. Carl says:

    Muslims misunderstood…it’s not 72 vestal virgins but 72 armed Virginians.

  14. Layla says:

    It is ridiculous. It was a Black Tuesday in our History. The wrong choice, not for character that is for sure. But I am going to remain optimistic. Is there really any other choice? Oh yes, one, prayer, do not forget to PRAY! Our nation will need lots of prayer.

  15. Eitan says:

    Angel, I guess it was the will of G-d that Obama was elected. I’ll go with the premise that “ha’kol le’tova” for now and see what happens. Obviously, Obama was not my choice for President and I’m expecting the worst, but who knows!?

  16. Maggie Thornton says:

    Jason is sooo good and yes, just the perfect laugh!

  17. David says:

    Jaaaa-son! *heh* The people he interviewed probably all fell into the “cwybaby, hissy-fit-tantwum voter” category.