Barak Obama is not President of MY United States

November 4th, 2008: A Day of Infamy.

Not since September 11, 2001, have I sensed such utter sadness and disbelief.

And yet I see Conservatives “congratulating” this man.

For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my fellow Americans.

They have blindly but knowingly elected a baby-killer, terrorist sympathizing, enemy of the United States Constitution and of Israel….to the White House.

Barak Hussein Obama is not the legitimate President of America.

Without Acorn voter fraud, voter intimidation, financing and support by the likes of Soros, radical Izlamic terrorist groups, and the Media in his pocket, this day would not be unfolding as the Nightmare it is.

Barry Hussein Obama is, and was all along, nothing short of a political fraud.

He misled and misinformed anyone gullible enough to overlook all his terrorist associations, about who and what he truly is.

Ah yes..Hope, Change!….and a breath of fresh air from a campaign wreaking of duplicity and treachery.

What Barry Hussein Obama a radical, committed Socialist who is chomping at the bit to impose his version of a Marxist dictatorship upon these United States of America.

All the while………….. advancing the interests of his secret love: Izlam.

Sharia financing is right around the next bend.
Wait and see.
Free speech for anyone criticizing Islam will be squelched via abuse of the “Fairness doctrine.”

Hate speech law will be implemented to protect discussion about the radical Islamic threat.
Muslim immigration will be at all time high in the next few years.

Sounds paranoid eh?

Here it is in their own words:
World leaders’ quotes on Obama election win


“We congratulate (Obama) on the confidence of the American people in him and we hope that he will change the policy of the United States toward the Middle East and toward the crimes which are happening in Afghanistan and Somalia, in other words that he adopts a just policy that restores to America its natural position of respect for humankind and democracy.”


“The president-elect has promised changes in policies. There is a capacity for the improvement of ties between America and Iran if Obama pursues his campaign promises, including not confronting other countries as Bush did in Iraq and Afghanistan, and also concentrating on America’s state matters and removing the American people’s concerns.”


“We hope the president-elect in the United States will stay the course and would continue the U.S. engagement in the peace process without delay. We hope the two-state vision would be transferred from a vision to a realistic track immediately.”

“we hope that he will change the policy of the United States toward the Middle East”..
Care to read between the lines?
Nice veiled threat if you ask me.

Palis in Gaza today:

National security anyone?

Forget fighting radical Islam or even mentioning it in your campaign.
Can hardly wait to see his “civilian security force” in action.
Can you say “Police State”?

Mr. Obama is not a man who simply represents some opposing “views”.

His outlook on government are as wholly opposed to ours as anything Nazi Germany offered.
Reverse racism at its finest.

He represents those whose values and views go up against America and all she stands for.

Spread the wealth indeed.
He shares ideals and is supported by totalitarian dictators and Islamic terrorists worldwide.

B. Hussein Obama epitomizes the enemies of this country.

With this alleged “victory”, every genuine American was punched in the gut by the “new Americans”, the self hating, liberal apologists who hate everything this blessed Nation has stood for in our cherished past.

America, as we knew it and loved so dearly, ceased to be America today.

Whom to blame?

For tolerating liberals, especially within the Conservative movement , for putting up with the Politically Correct inflitration and propaganda of academia and government.

For allowing creeping shariah to spread its tentacles.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with inherent and inalienable Rights; that among these, are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness;

that to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Declaration of Independence (1776)

When an enemy advances or defeats the ones I am sworn to protect and defend, I do not wish many happy returns.
I may commiserate, but I will not congratulate.

He may reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, but Barak Obama is not President of MY United States.

To my fellow Americans:

In sorrow but with best wishes,
Your humble servant,

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75 Responses to “Barak Obama is not President of MY United States”

  1. Katie says:

    I am disappointed with the American people, but have hope that we can recover from this disaster and build a better future after 4 years of Obama.

    After all we did get Ronald Reagan after the disaster of Dhimmi Carter.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for saying it, I’m too dismayed at America to even put anything in writing.

    We need a true conservative to run in 2012. For now we keep fighting but man I feel serious defeat of the constitution and the principles this country was founded on.

  3. Klondike Mike says:

    …”Whom to blame?

    For tolerating liberals”

    that’s the larger part of it, is it not?After repelling Kerry in 2004 I begged for public shaming and a non-violent tear-down of the crackpot Left – the capital was there and the moment was ripe with the opportunity.

    But no – we had to push a Social Security plan and then we had to form the gang-of-11 to “compromise” over Alito’s acceptance and the shutdown of an unprecedented filibuster. Honorable R’s betraying all of the correct instincts – to destroy your idealogical opponents.

    we shall now see how things are with the shoe on the other foot – watch and note the differences

  4. KarL M says:

    So they got what they wished for…
    like the opening scene of Jarassic Park, looking for a T-Rex, well they got one..Let the destruction begin!!!!
    On a more realistic note, the only hope i have for salvation is the Old boys club know as the Senate and House of Reps. the quicksand and mud that they call bipartisanship keeps them in the cement of non-movement.
    By the time the Barry O nightmare is over, and my country realizes its stupidity,they will repent and elect people capable and qualified to lead us back to credibility…..
    till then Angel, you are the only hope i have to keep me sane…so you better be right here every morning when i need my medication to make it thru the day….you promise!!!!!

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  7. OMMAG says:

    Jeez … lost your sense of humor already?

    Get over it … this guy is going to be long gone in four years and the next swing of the pendulum is going MUCH further to the right.

    Believe it … four years of the kind of socialist jackbooting that the Dems are planning combined with the corruption they already have a patent on and all but the stupidest are going to be begging for a real leader and a real government.

    Buck Up!

  8. Canucklehead says:

    The people have spoken. Accept it.

  9. tapline says:

    Angel, The fix was in as one of the commentators said and I believe it. I have stated in the past the value of constant bombardment from the media Ie: the Iraq war next the non reporting about the exploits of OB and you get what has transpired. They had to back off on Iraq, but it lasted for years bad reportsing to outright lies and faux pictures….but we overcame that ….we didn’t have time enough to investigate OB. His machine was well oiled with both personnel and money……..Water over the dam….Lets get conservatives going again, but will much better communications and coordination which was much lacking on this election cycle. The party organizations just do not cut the mustard…stay well….

  10. Straight Shooter says:

    Canucklehead ~ Your name is fitting to say the least.
    ALL the people have NOT spoken…half of us have not lost our !*($ing minds!
    Accept it?
    He’s a fraudulent example of an American…in fact, he’s not even American. Have you not heard? His own family says he was born in Kenya.
    A Kenyan in the White House? That’s just as laughable as a Canadian acting like they have the right to comment on American politics coherently.

  11. Johnny Canuck says:

    Easy now, Shooter. Come back with Palin in ’12… and you’ll get your clock cleaned again.

  12. Straight Shooter says:

    Of course you keep a close eye on us…your economy and smug security exists b/c of us. Last time I looked no one was sneaking across the border risking life or limb to start a prosperous life in Canada. LOL
    Point proven about your incoherent comments about American politics and government – Free speech and the First Amendment does NOT apply to Canucks.
    If you were a true student of the United States Constitution you’d know it DOES matter if the POTUS is born in America.
    You are aleady a socialist nation, it’s no wonder you don’t GET IT.

  13. Debbie says:

    The country is divided even more than it was before Obama. What hope and change? What peace and contentment sis the messiah bring? NONE

  14. Pasadena Closet Conservative says:

    After our nation begins teetering on the brink, there will be a new Conservative movement in America as people realize that this sweeping new Liberal/Socialist movement was a bad thing.

  15. LomaAlta says:

    Angel, thanks for the post. But, please take heart and keep your hope.

  16. Khaki Elephant says:

    You’ll never stop speaking the truth, sister. And we’ll be there with you . . . even if it means working around, through or inspite of the change Obama et al may bring to free speech with their fairness doctrine.

  17. Maggie Thornton says:

    We cannot do anything about the vote, but we can keep informing the public. I think it will take the Press a very long time to spill the secrets, but I will continue asking and searching for answers.

    Those well-worn words, political correctness? We had no clue of the depths of their evil.

  18. Eitan says:

    I’m hearing this nonsense about Palin in ’12. No way! She’s got Bush’s intellectual capacity, Obama’s honesty and Pat Robertson’s love of Israel.

  19. z says:

    Did you see Kharzai congratulate Americans for their MORAL CHOICE? Wait till we leave Afghanistan and see if he’s still congratulating us. Why isn’t it a MORAL CHOICE worth congratulation Bush for when he went in there to help them?

    Quite a new world this will be; I’ve never felt unprotected by my government before. horrid.

  20. The Amboy Times says:

    Don’t Despair…

    Yes we lost and we lost big. The Dems won the White House with a guy who looks like the second coming of Jimmy Carter. Just like Carter, Obama was elected after the second term of a very unpopular Republican…….

  21. Jennifer says:

    Great post, and something that most of us are feeling right now! I linked to it in my newest post! My passions run deep and I can’t accept Obama’s win without question!

  22. Otto - American Interests says:

    I feel for you Angel, do not feel defeated though, in time conservatives will experience a re awakening…

  23. Simon Templar says:

    It is a relief to know that there are truly thinking people still left in the world, especially the women. We have approximately 2 and a half months to expose this guy for the fraud he is before inauguration day. Also be on the lookout for the KKK or the neo-nazis planning to assassinate this guy (possibly a numbskull hired by the CIA itself), which will bring the whole house down on everyone (can you say MARTIAL LAW?)

    There is always some crisis that happens not long after a new president is elected. Remember that 9/11 happened the same year that “Dubya” was inaugurated. Look at your history books and you will see this “trend” with prior presidents. That is all the proof you need to essentially foresee a possible future “terrorist event” (i.e. assassination on Obama), albeit a false flag one generated by the CIA.

    Obama’s VP Joe Biden last month told an audience in Seattle:

    “We’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.”

    You’ve seen the commercials about that, and it was on the news nationally prior to the McCain ads, so it was not something McCain just made up.

    Colin Powell knows something will happen sometime around the 21st or 22nd of January, the days right after inauguration day, he stated this on Meet the Press recently, and I quote:

    “The problems will always be there, and there’s going to be a crisis come along in the 21st or 22nd of January that we don’t even know about right now.”

    here is the link to that transcript on MSNBC

    Keep in mind that Colin Powell endorsed Obama, so he wasn’t just blowing smoke to scare people away from voting for Obama.

    And Trilateral Commission co-founder and top Obama advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski has also stated this on CNN only days ago (see links)

    So be prepared. Keep this in the back of your mind so that when the big event does happen and it’s all over the news, you will see that it is a setup.

    Mainstream media may lie to us and may not give all the facts, but they do occasionally let things slip, if you are wise enough to see.


    -The Saint

  24. MK says:

    Take heart Angel, fight on, we stand with you, backs to the wall if we have to. Never retreat, never surrender. Fight them everywhere and on everything, that is what they did to us for the last 8 years. Time to return the favor.

  25. patt says:

    When i woke up one morning and seen all over the tv channels that the great white america has elected a half black half white as their new leader,i can’t help thinking that this is the beginning of the end of their era.
    I am not white but i emphathise with their plight as i believe that usa belong to them,if not the red indians.

  26. Simon Templar says:

    This land does belong to the indians, Patt. I am a white man but it was not right for our ancestors to come here from Europe and take over the whole joint. Look at what the europeans have been doing in Africa for centuries. We don’t own the land, the LAND OWNS US! It’s not fair to the indians to be rounded up and shoved into reservations like cattle on a ranch. And then people cry about people coming here from Mexico “illegally”. Think about it. People in America now get angry at mexicans for doing to us what we did to the native peoples of this continent. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE?

  27. Robert says:

    I totally agree with everything you say Angel. It was a shock to the system when I woke up and found out that McCain had been beaten….and not in a landslide as ABC, NBC and CBS claim either. He won by 5% and that is in no way a landslide.

    What I said on my blog is, I wish him well, because his inexperience will show right from the start and this country is going to have hard times because of him. But, we need to concentrate on rebuilding Conservatism, to the way that Reagan told us Conservatism was, and always is. We have that chance now and we need to take it to help America, when America decides she needs us again, and that time is coming soon…..and if we are not ready to save her, we will not be able too. The republican party left Conservatism and headed left with the liberals, and we need to bring the party back right, where it needs to be to save us all. And that time is coming soon. We have to be ready when it does. Because ODUMBO is going to screw up, and he is going to screw up badly, and we have to be ready for it. God Bless you Angel and the work you do for this cause. It is like MK said above. Never retreat, (we did), never surrender (we did in many ways). Fight them everywhere, and on everything, that is what they did to us, only with them they did it on everything. Let us be fair, but biting on the things we do, and the fight will again be ours….and we will win it again. The time to return the favor is coming…and it will be coming fast and hard.


  28. Aurora says:

    Angel, excellent, moving post. Most of us feel exactly as you do. As you said:

    With this alleged “victory”, every genuine American was punched in the gut by the “new Americans”, the self hating, liberal apologists who hate everything this blessed Nation has stood for in our cherished past.

    And the pictures that go with that say it all.
    Tomorrow is another day, but today we grieve for a great loss.

  29. Jo says:

    Super Major Hugs!! This man is not my President, but theirs. Same thing they said about President Bush. BUT, it wasn’t the blow out they wanted. Half this country still believes in the freedoms set forth by our founding fathers. We will be back :D

  30. The Conservative News says:

    well the election may be over but the fight goes on.

  31. Gentle Lamb says:

    Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war,
    With the cross of Jesus going on before.
    Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe;
    Forward into battle see His banners go!

    At the sign of triumph Satan’s host doth flee;
    On then, Christian soldiers, on to victory!
    Hell’s foundations quiver at the shout of praise;
    Brothers lift your voices, loud your anthems raise.

  32. Randy says:

    While I agree with most of your ideas about the president-elect, I have to disagree with your overall tone. I voted for McCain, but I will accept President Obama. Our country survived President Carter (as you pointed out) and it survived the most morally corrupt president, Bill Clinton. As a direct result, we got President Reagan (as you pointed out) and President GW Bush.

    We can survive this president also. But we have to support our country and our president, even if we disagree with his views.



  34. cube says:

    I promise to show BHO the same level of respect that the liberals showed to President Bush.

    Keep up the good fight, Angel.

  35. Lolly says:

    Instead of blasting our President Elect, we need to get behind this country and band together to work towards a better future. We are in WORSE shape as a country than we have been since the “Great Depression.” Whining and complaining about the new leadership isn’t going to solve anything. This is a wake up call for all of us. The people are angry with the position we are ALL in just now.

    The people have spoken. Battle for what is right and correct. Do not base your fight on what color our leader is, but rather fight for what is right. You can not legislate morality we are each responsible for where we stand, right here, right now.

    We can get behind this country, work toward peace in our own homes, families, and neighborhoods and PRAY that it extends outward. We cannot have good leadership if we lack the backbone and basic strengths to live peacefully in our own homes.

    There will always be corruption, but we do not have to spread corrupt thoughts. We have a President Elect. Come January, his name may not be to your liking but he will be the President of “My United States” and yours too!

  36. rliegfhtt says:

    Yes, we have polarized ourself into such a corner that we have become completely out of touch with what is happening around us all over the world. We cling to buzz-words and ideas which make perfect sense in our little bubbles, but do not go anywhere in the context of the huge globe out there. We believe we are perfectly right and the other 95 percent of various peoples out there are all wrong. And although we live in a pluralistic democracy, we drum up the most groundless accusations and hurl them when things do not go our way. Not only is it like high school revisited; it’s also quite like being the sandbox bully. Let us all throw our toys and have fits now. Obama is not my president. The liberals put up with President Bush for eight years, but I will whine and refuse!!! Country first!

  37. Gayle says:

    AC, you are right as to why we lost. We compromised our values and it was the wrong thing to do. John McCain was never a true conservative and kept saying he would “reach across the Aisle”. There are times when compromise is good, their are times when it’s absolutely the wrong thing to do!

    Fear lost us this election. Republicans were afraid that sticking to their true values would lose independents and moderates and it’s that very fear that cost us this election. I hope the Republican party will wise up now and return to it’s core values. To anyone smarter than a rock our course should be clear!

  38. Gayle says:

    ACK! I wrote “AC” when I meant “Angel”! Hon… I’m losing it! Sorry!

  39. AREYOUJOKING? says:

    Granted Bush was not the most perfect pres but he did do some good things now im reading posts from LIBERALS telling us to leave america if we arent happy. You’ve got some nerve even acting like your the calm ones weve had to endure your bush is the devil stuff, Bush created Katrina etc…for all these your acting like we are the issue…How bout this. You will never get the PRO abortion, ANTI guns, ANTI religion, PRO gay marriage you want because NORMAL people like me wont allow it GET IT LIBERAL! Enjoy your 4 years cause after you guys make the moves I know you wont be able to resist your goona have this country haten’ you more than ever “GOLFCLAP”

  40. SingingHawk says:


  41. A&D says:

    If Obama is going to be the best president ever. How come he can’t pledge to our American flag? Why did he say Muslims will get us from the inside out? All of this was written in his book. Where did he get all of his money for school, college, homes and to run for President. Don’t tell me student loans. Also, how could he afford to take a trip around the world? But only visited Indonesia, Hyderabad in India, three weeks in Karachi, Pakistan and then Africa? Some trip huh, notice there not exactly allies to the US OF A.

  42. Janet says:

    Instead of focusing on the negative, lets focus on correcting our America. Even if you do not like to choice of the polls, write your senators and assembly persons and tell them what you do not like. Give them a suggestion. Bush was elected under a cloud similar to what you describe and it cause caios. So learn…write your letters…create a papertrail and offer an alternative idea. Don’t just blame someone else and name call. This is my America…the land of the free to express my ideas and be a part of a very old process called democracy. Not perfect but better than anything else on earth.

  43. El Duce says:

    I am happy about the choice of a muslim and a terrorist loving marxist as our president.You can not build a house on top of another house.You have to tear the old one down first.Mr Hussein will fully expose the need for us to do just that.

  44. Doyle says:

    This is exactly the kind of thinking that allowed Obama to win, most of you represent a minority, as-well as an old school of thought. You are being presented with a choice, your thinking must evolve or you will die, this is political Darwinism. Obama was elected by the majority of American people, because he presents us with the opportunity to try and take things in another direction, he does not promise his success but that he will try, which is more then what most of you are doing, which is crying that things cant be the same. Sharpen it.

  45. Andy Alegre says:

    Obama is a fall guy and a scapegoat. Those who caused the mess in the first place had to lose because they know that they not could clean up the mess. They are realistic enough to know that if they tried to win whick they could have done with all their resources, they are doomed forever.

    All they have to do now is not only to cause Obama to fail but to fail miserably. Then they will come back and happy days are here again.

    People have short memories. When the recession really hits, Obama will be blamed though he did not cause it. People will be pining for Bush saying that he may not be the best but he is still better than Obama.

    If I were Obama, I would resign now while he still smells of roses.

  46. NOBAMA says:

    obama is going to screw the country even more. democrat views on economy will never work. there effin socialist. the problem is no that people arent getting taxed enough its cause government spends to much. obama wants to tax people when they dont have the money. and he want to tax the people that make more then anyone else even more then what they do. the top 5% of the wealthest people in america already pay more then 60% of federal taxes , now there going to pay more with obama in.

    sorry only capitolism will work not socialism(democrats)

    and the hole economy going down was not all governments fault.
    banks would give loans to people that couldnt affored to pay it back. so banks had a big part in it to.

    dont belive what you hear on the news or tv its all byest all liberal.

    get the facts straight before running your mouth obama will fuck us over even more.


  47. IndieThinker says:

    Well, hm… Bush lowered the bar by half, and look what the cat has just brought in…

    To me, there is no such a thing as a Republican or Democrat anymore in our country – one after another, we keep sinking lower. Both to me, are good liars with messiac complexes, demagogues, appealing to the ever illiterate masses. Spineless ex-junkies. Obama: Divide wealth of America – watch how fast our country goes down the toilet after Bush flushes…. Yup, divide and conquer(ed)…

  48. Ken says:

    Here is something for all to ponder. What if something fatal was to happen to Obama? Do you think this would cause the black population to rise up against the white population? You better believe it would happen. Where would that take us but to a race war. So everyone out there that feels they are highly intelligent and say this could never happen, beware. The tension in the country is very real. Let’s hope nothing happens to him.

  49. pachse says:

    im a filipino and america s our frnd, but with BO as president, we (Philippines and other countries plague with terrorist) feel unsecured, unprotected..sori for the english….we love pres Bush!

  50. Brooke says:

    I really do hope for America’s sake that Obama will be a good President.

    I really do.

    That said, it took a Carter to get us a Reagan…

  51. Randy says:

    Cube said – I promise to show BHO the same level of respect that the liberals showed to President Bush.

    Then that puts you on their level. I’d rather fight the fight at a higher level.

    Lolly, I agree with everything you said…

  52. Joe Gringo says:

    Well I’m going to have to agree with you!

    Check this out, MSM now is “creeped out” with The One.

  53. Perri Nelson says:

    Well… he is President elect of MY United States.
    We’re going to have to deal with him in that role anyway. There’s not much chance of seeing him impeached, even if he does manage to implement all of his socialist agenda and pack the courts with people that regard the constitution as a piece of kleenex to blow your nose on.

    We’re just going to have to fight for conservative ideas and we’re going to have to do a better job of making sure that all of our candidates are truely conservatives — even if that means rejecting the incumbents.

    Liberalism and a “centrist” or “moderate” attitude got us into this. Only a principled stand on our principles will get us out of it.

  54. heidianne jackson says:

    i’m not giving up, but god save our republic.

  55. sayitlikeitis says:

    ANGEL 4 PRES. in ’12.
    The majority of the US population are dumb, below average IQ, and certainly not clued into reality.. Well, what now!! Hope and pray for the best. Extend kindness and smiles to those u hold dear and get your PASSPORT current!!

  56. joe says:

    November 4, 2008 was “Black Tuesday”, and the time period we are now in is “The Eve of Destruction”. Hopefully the destruction won’t be so bad it becomes irrepairable. A Civilian Security Force must never be implimented. Our Republicans still holding office had better reach across the aisle to moderate dems on that issue. Screwing up Iraq with an early withdrawal and even worse, a sofa allowing Iraqi jurisdiction over our troops during combat are ABSOLUTELY OFF LIMITS! If we have to, pretend to be dems and write our dem congressmen, whatever it takes! The other commenters are right about many more minor things, but the above iems will not be able to be fixed. Angel, 2012 will be “THE NEW BEGINNING”, and it will actually start in 2010. The house gets redistricted in 2010. That will be another advantage for us, as most new seats will be in the south and taken away from the north.


  57. joe says:

    Another thing of vital importance we have to fight to the death—-legalizing the illegal aliens! You know which way they will vote. Hell, I bet a few million already did vote! It will take a massive grass roots effort to stop his plan for them, but we have to fight that fight!

  58. Perri Nelson says:

    It would have taken a massive grass roots effort to stop McCain’s plan for the illegal aliens as well.

    We’ve always got to fight the fight… even when our own party thinks it’s in control.

  59. Terry_JIm says:

    I will :
    1st- Protect and defend the Constitution
    2nd- Honor the office of President of the USA
    and 3rd- respect the man in office.

    If President Obama does not do #1 & #2
    it will make #3 more difficult,
    but I will oppose his ideas
    and not tumble into the “Buck FusH”, or “BusHitler” style of
    derangement the DU and KosKids have pumped up for 8 years.

    God, Bless America.
    God, Bless President-Elect Obama.

    I Timothy 2:1-4

    1 I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them;
    intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them. 2 Pray this way for kings and all who are in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives markedby godliness and dignity. 3 This is good and pleases God our Savior, 4 who wants everyone to be saved and to understand the truth.

    It was a Caesar, not an elected President that the Apostle was urging Timothy to pray for. Should be easier for us to follow this instrustion these days.
    Regards, Terry

  60. Incognito says:

    some people think that he might play it safe the first 4 years to ensure a 2nd term. We will all need to be super vigilant.

  61. Stageleft:. Life on the left side : The Sky is Falling! What’s for Dinner? says:

    [...] From Woman, Honour Thyself, November 5th: Not since September 11, 2001, have I sensed such utter sadness and disbelief. For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my fellow Americans. They have blindly but knowingly elected a baby-killer, terrorist sympathizing, enemy of the United States Constitution and of Israel….to the White House. Barak Hussein Obama is not the legitimate President of America. Without Acorn voter fraud, voter intimidation, financing and support by the likes of Soros, radical Izlamic terrorist groups, and the Media in his pocket, this day would not be unfolding as the Nightmare it is. Barry Hussein Obama is, and was all along, nothing short of a political fraud. He misled and misinformed anyone gullible enough to overlook all his terrorist associations, about who and what he truly is.B. Hussein Obama epitomizes the enemies of this country. With this alleged “victory”, every genuine American was punched in the gut by the “new Americans”, the self hating, liberal apologists who hate everything this blessed Nation has stood for in our cherished past. [...]

  62. American Crusader says:

    If you can’t win the election, buy it. If you can’t buy it, steal it. Obama did both.
    Breaking his promise to accept public financing, Obama received millions of dollars from sources that are unverifiable.
    Did you get the chance to hear Chris Matthews this morning?
    Now I don’t watch his show… I would prefer a trip to the dentist, but he stated that “I will do all that is in my power to make sure his presidency is successful”.
    I guess “journalist” have a different definition of just exactly what is the job of a journalist.
    I grew up believing that it was to be an unbiased source of information.
    Times have changed and not for the better.

  63. Dapoppins says:

    I have to believe that America is bigger than any one man.

    And I have to believe that God is in control.

  64. Defiant_Infidel says:

    When facts and reality don’t form an argument that is heard, what do we say now? I suspect that the effort to debate intelligently will be recognized as the dead end it has become. That bodes very ominously for how it will be handled henceforth.

  65. miradena says:

    (…) From Angel: “They have blindly but knowingly elected a baby-killer, terrorist sympathizing, enemy of the United States Constitution and of Israel….to the White House.” Yes, Angel – there has indeed been an epidemic of infective and selective blindness. But there are none so blind as those blessed with sight who choose not to see. Flashback, 1976. That which we do not learn – we are destined to repeat. Unfortunately, we will probably learn that the disaster that was the Carter Administration was, in actuality, Obama-light. May God help us protect our nation and maintain the dignity of Old Glory. Forever in peace may she wave.

  66. amazed says:

    I am truly amazed at the rants from those who have truly lost their rights over the last 8 years. Boy george has used and subverted the law for the benefit of corporate Amerika not for us! How anyone can think a government under an Obama presidency will take away more rights that bush/cheney is beyond me. What are you afraid of, unless it’s just a black man in the white house..and that would be truly sad. Instead of all this bitching (sorry ladies, nothing personal-guys bitch too) and complaining about what this guy will do, let’s hope he does what he has said he wants…a better americal for all of us – yes ALL of us. Wouldn’t that be something?!

  67. trespassers william says:

    I always love coming here. You reflect what many of us feel and know. My questions is why don’t those in charge do something about his election theft? Perhaps they are not truly conservative and perhaps they are not truly Christian. In any case, please stop by my blog I posted it today as I have been in mourning since November 4th and will be for a long, long time (I am serious) also please top by- Finallt, please send a few people my way. Thanks.

  68. T.J. says:

    R.I.P. = UNITED STATES OF AMERICA… Our forefathers would be rolling over in their graves if they knew the state the US has come to. GOD HELP US..Obama is leading his followering straight into hell and they don’t even know it. sad part is the rest of us thinking people that didn’t vote for that man will also have to pay the price.

  69. T.J. says:

    Nicole must another Obama cult follower who jumped on the Obama kool aid bargade…LOL see how she’ reacts typial of a Obama follower / Whorshiper same thing.

  70. athnam says:

    Wow. I’d heard that there were people that think that Mr. Obama is Muslim, but I didn’t think people were still that uninformed after all the hoopla about his (christian) pastor.
    As to the percentage margin of votes, according to CBS news ( Obama won 68% to McCain’s 32% of electoral votes, not the 5% margin referred to by Robert earlier. That’s more than 50%.
    I’m also confused how people in the Middle East hoping for peace is a bad thing. Have you ever met a Muslim? I wouldn’t want to be one; they’re way too conservative for me, but they’re people with moms and kids, too.
    It’s the Muslim extremist leaders that need to wake up and see what they’re doing to their own people. (I guess some people feel REALLY strongly about protecting their beliefs–enough to make death wishes and kill!)

  71. Don L says:

    I can think of three or four Commandments that caused most of the problem:

    Thou shall not kill – Obama – Infanticide/abortion
    Thou shall not covet thy neighbors goods (redistributive justice anyone?)
    You shall not steal – taxes for envy
    You shall not have craven images – halos and foam pillars for the messiah.

  72. Don L says:

    I guess I can throw in a false witness or two on the “Bush did it” mantra.
    Some could question Obama on the honor thy mother and father requirement.

  73. Gary Ray says:

    Well, today Obama is no longer “President Elect”. He is moving into the “White” House. All we need in the white house is an Arab who is the most popular and accepted person in “America”. Can Obama fulfill all his goals in 4 years? Will America be converted in 4 years? Read the book of Revelations and you can see all. The Beast will be revealed through Obama. America’s wings (eagle”s) will be clipped, and the antichrist will be revealed.

    Obama is “BAD” news for America…starting today

  74. Joseph says:

    Amazed, I am amazed at your ignorance. It is not the color of the skin, but the content of the heart that we are talking about. The Dems have never lost control, even if Bush was a conservative (he was not), even if he tried to push conservative views through, he was opposed byt the dems for at least 6 years. Now, for at least the next 2 years, MR B. Hussein Obama (note the Mr. akin to President Bush’s disrespect of 8 years ago)Mr B. Hussein Obama will have free reign to push laws that even you would object to. That is if you bothered to read the new Pork bill that has passed the House. Pork just causes people to loose jobs because businesses realize that they might as well not make money until taxes go back down, so they let their people off and quit advertising and investing. Why bother to try to make money if the Goverment is just going to take it away?

  75. Steve says:

    It’s Official.
    We are an obamaNATION