Saudi Arabia teaching Tolerance?

Critics Say U.N. ‘Culture of Peace’ Meeting Hides Culture of Oppression

Critics are blasting the United Nations for hosting a meeting to talk about religious and cultural tolerance sponsored by Saudi Arabia, a country in which the U.S. government has said religious freedom is non-existent.

Following up on an interfaith meeting they held in Madrid in July, the Saudis asked the United Nations to hold a meeting on the “Culture of Peace,” but some think it’s a move to lend support to the defamation of religions resolution that the world body will vote on this fall.

The White House announced on Wednesday that President Bush will attend the meeting on Nov. 13, and will also meet with King Abdullah while in New York.

Israeli President Shimon Peres will also attend the conference. Peres supports a Saudi-sponsored plan to make peace between Israel and the Arab world…

Critics say that Saudi Arabia’s track record on religious tolerance and human rights shows that its dialogue initiative is just talk.

“We’d like to see a conference like this take place inside Saudi Arabia and the fact that it isn’t speaks volumes.
The practice of religions other than Islam, and Wahhabi Islam in particular, in Saudi Arabia is forbidden, so religious leaders of other faiths could not go to Saudi Arabia, she said.

Churches are also forbidden in the country.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is, by our estimates, one of the worst places on the earth for religious tolerance. There is none. There is no religious liberty in Saudi Arabia at all”..

Commission chairwoman Gaer thinks it’s more than a public relations move for the Saudi government, it’s a cooperative effort between Muslim nations to reinforce the defamation of religion resolution they’re sponsoring before the General Assembly this fall.

Gaer said the Saudi-sponsored inter-faith meeting in Madrid, like the U.N. resolution, was part of an attempt to legitimize sharia law by making attendees sign a declaration that said the participants would encourage “respecting heavenly religions, preserving their high status, condemning any insult to their symbols.”

Reality check folks:

Speaking, writing or drawing cartoons in any matter about Islam, which terrorists like S.A. or CA-IR consider “offensive” will soon be a “crime.”
Ya got me?
A crime.

While Muslim babies teethe on Christian and Jew hatred worldwide.

Most of us have seen the videos portraying the most hateful, “kill all infidels” material .. aimed at none other than Muslim children, financed by none other than the house of Saudi.

The Good ole Magic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest financial sponsor of Islamic terrorism, not to mention anti-Semitism…oops, sorry I guess I just did. My bad.

And for once, let us be honest friends.
The overwhelming majority of the Muslim population, worldwide, support Ham-ASS and terrorism against Israel and Jews, with their bogus, phoney claim to the Jewish homeland.

But President Bush and President Peres are willing to meet, hold hands (oh wait, he won’t touch a Jew’s bad again)… and sing kumbaya with a self proclaimed King who doesn’t even permit Judaism or Christianity to be practiced within its borders. Don’t even get me started on misogynism.

Most Muslims idea of “peace” is the entire world under Muslim rule.

While we in the West actually define “peace” as the absence of conflict. Silly us.

Jews and Christians are routinely vilified in sermons worldwide in mosques and madrasses by Saudi-funded imams.
Hypocrisy would be a masterpiece of understatement.

So, instead of spitting in his face, or on his keffiah, terrorist scarf, we hand this terrorist in robes, and so called “King” all the international prestige he salivates for.

Do we discredit and expose the Saudis for who they truly are?
Hell no. Time and time again, we countenance our would be killers.

Ah yes…Dubai…and Saudi Arabia, the fabulous tourist attraction for rock and movie stars, where robbers get their hands amputated to this day, where… homosexuals are hung, where men practicing polygamy or pedophilia are revered , but women must wear a full length black bag or go to jail.

Where women can not drive or leave their homes without the accompaniment of a male.
Where rape victims are tortured.
Where brothers, fathers and uncles slit their own daughters’ necks..for …”honor.”

Where there is not a Church or synagogue to be found.

But………..Back at the farm… Muslims whine, sue and litigate NON stop in free countries insane enough to allow them residence.

I have an idea.
Go to a Muslim country and guess what you see? Zero tolerance for any other religion.
Less than zero, were that possible.

And…This is the country who is invited to teach us tolerance?

Needless to say this joke of meeting is being hosted by the secularist thugocracy known as the UN, that hell hold rife with anti semitism, political correctness, corruption and a.. cough cough “human rights council” which is monopolized by the most horrible regimes in the world, whose “peacekeepers” spend their time raping children.

President Bush and Peres:
Hang your heads in shame.

You’re a disgrace to anyone who lost a loved one in the Twin Towers, burned alive, by none other than our “Saudi” pals.

You’re an even bigger shame and disgrace to any soldier who ever fought in the United States Army or the I.D.F.. risking life and limb defending freedom and liberty.

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21 Responses to “Saudi Arabia teaching Tolerance?”

  1. Debbie says:

    I hate those pictures of Bush and the Saudi family.

    This inter-faith lie that the Saudis are trying to peddle isn’t fooling anyone.

  2. Perri Nelson says:

    Isn’t it interesting that the people that speak out the most for and about “tolerance” are the very people that lack it? This seems to be true not just in the realm of religion, but in politics, “gay rights”, and so many other areas of life.

    Usurp the language — then you can turn the world on its head.

  3. Katie says:

    First we force religious freedom on the Muslim world, by sword point if necessary. Then we force them to convert from the insanity that is Islam.

    Problem would be solved.

  4. joe says:

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who sees Saudi Arabia as one of our worst and most dangerous enemies. Sneaky little turban headed bastards. They hate us with a smile all the whilst taking every dime they can get for their precious oil.

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  6. MK says:

    Will the Jews attending have to enter by a side entrance? The answer probably won’t surprise me.

    Would be nice if America could drill for oil in their own land, show those fat bastards with their oil. But with Hussein and Pelosi running the show, fat chance of that happening.

  7. Kevin says:

    Darn, you have to register to vote at rcp :( . Maybe later. Good article! I wonder if women in Saudi Arabia know how bad they have things. It would be stunning if they did, yet still stayed in that misogynistic hellhole.

  8. nanc says:


    if there was a way to forget we ever heard of the sawooooooodis – nothing would make my day better. watching our leaders kiss their arses grates on my last nerve.

  9. Stanford Matthews says:

    While an AP report on the Nov 13th UN conference bears a title ‘UN Conference Rejects Religious Terrorism’ and reported ‘many speakers spoke out against religious extremists’, the only quote remotely related to a rejection of religious terrorism came from President Bush. “We believe God calls us to live in peace — and to oppose all those who use His name to justify violence and murder.”

    While weak, the President’s quote was not as insulting as the dodge expressed by Saudi Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal, “But to say from the beginning you have to transform yourself into something which you aren’t now or nothing else can be achieved is, I think, carrying the argument too far.”

    Well of course you would. This is after all the UN and we all know what that means. Another organization not living up to its charter being reduced to a tool for international PR to which all member nations sign on.

    The result of this particular conference was another meaningless declaration that will serve no purpose but to provide an excuse for future failures by allowing members to say they attended and therefore tried to solve an issue. Ya, right.

  10. DD2 says:

    Two faced SOB’s

  11. Gayle says:

    I’m with Nanc! What the blue blazes does Bush think he’s doing??? ARRRGH!

  12. Perri Nelson says:


    This particular conference isn’t really about freedom of religion. It’s about restricting what you can say about specific religions. That’s hardly meaningless. They seriously want to make it an international crime to criticize Islam.

    The meaningless declaration contains wording that condemns criticism of “heavenly” religions. This basically means that comparing the roots and doctrines of the religions isn’t allowed.

  13. Perri Nelson says:

    Meant to say

    The “meaningless” not The meaningless. The declaration isn’t meaningless. It is abominable.

  14. Brooke says:

    Another excellent post, Angel! Keep preachin’ it!

  15. David says:

    The Cult of Hate sure has The True Believers of Libtardism in its pocket. James Burnham is looking like a prophet, as we view the Izlamification of Europe and the “bend over and say, ‘Please, Mr Muslim, may I have another?’” libtards in our society:

    “Liberalism is a philosophy of consolation for Western Civilization as it commits suicide.” – James Burnham

    Aside: check out “Letters from the Abyss” at John Ringo’s website and page on down to

    “I have a friend who is a socialist. (Yeah, I know.) I won’t go into who or stuff because of what I’ll be discussing below.

    He has a friend from ‘in the day’ who is and was a serious peacenik. My friend (I’ll call him Bob) and I were having a discussion about the quality of the modern general Joe Troop and he said ‘I have a confirmation on that from an unlikely source.’…”

    And just read a bit about how to USE libtards in fighting Islamic terrorism. Admittedly, the brief discussion is limited, but interesting…


    (Warning: Ringo is a hardcore military, almost “take no prisoners” kinda guy, and some of his fiction is… not nice at all, at all. Reader beware.)

  16. Angel says:

    TESTING.. yikes comments are workin..woohoo! :)

  17. Maggie Thornton says:

    The U.N. will vote-in the defamation resolution, I think. It just goes on and on and we have no one in the Administration interested in stopping it.

  18. KarL M says:

    Welcome Back Angel……
    Do i see the price of oil going down, down, down….
    I guess it is kiss a Saudi time….everyone now….1,2,3, pucker up…and kiss a Prince or Sheik or Opec member…
    So Angel you got the $$$$$$$$$$$$ picture yet…who said “show me the money” was not our country cry……
    I do believe the Iranain bozo is leading a class…something on ” How to charm an American Afro-American President!!!!!

  19. LomaAlta says:

    It is sickening to see Bush grinning and enjoying himself among all those barbarians.

  20. Shimshon says:

    People die of hunger, civil wars in thousands around the globe, UN is watching this passively… The crisis hit the poorest badly, and UN spends – whose money? – on anti-Israel witch hunt? Why are there no funds and means for good dedds? Why is there always a lot of money when it comes to anti-US and anti-Israel activities?

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