Marines Take on Insurgents..and WiN

FARAH PROVINCE, Afghanistan — In the city of Shewan, approximately 250 insurgents ambushed 30 Marines and paid a heavy price for it.

Marine Makes Insurgents Pay the Price

. “Our vehicles came under a barrage of enemy RPGs (rocket propelled grenades) and machine gun fire. One of our ‘humvees’ was disabled from RPG fire, and the Marines inside dismounted and laid down suppression fire so they could evacuate a Marine who was knocked unconscious from the blast.”

The vicious attack that left the humvee destroyed and several of the Marines pinned down in the kill zone sparked an intense eight-hour battle as the platoon desperately fought to recover their comrades.

After recovering the Marines trapped in the kill zone, another platoon sergeant personally led numerous attacks on enemy fortified positions while the platoon fought house to house and trench to trench in order to clear through the enemy ambush site.

“The biggest thing to take from that day is what Marines can accomplish when they’re given the opportunity to fight,” the sniper said..

During the battle, the designated marksman single handedly thwarted a company-sized enemy RPG and machinegun ambush by reportedly killing 20 enemy fighters with his devastatingly accurate precision fire. He selflessly exposed himself time and again to intense enemy fire during a critical point in the eight-hour battle for Shewan in order to kill any enemy combatants who attempted to engage or maneuver on the Marines in the kill zone. What made his actions even more impressive was the fact that he didn’t miss any shots, despite the enemies’ rounds impacting within a foot of his fighting position.


1-Our precious American Marines are outnumbered and attacked by Izlamo-Maniacs.

2-They attack (big time) in response.

3-Our sworn enemy die, in large numbers, I might add.

4-Our cowardly enemy abandon their weapons and run away with their keffiahs tied between their legs.

5-Mainstream Media says nothing.

“….the small group of Marines pushed forward and broke the enemies’ spirit as many of them dropped their weapons and fled the battlefield.”

Not only is our media not the mouthpiece of our Military, they are not remotely sympathetic to the cause.

And what exactly is the ethos they so loathe?

Qualities such as masculinity, (yes, it does still exist), self-discipline, sacrifice, courage, achievement, courtesy, unity and above all: Honor.

Popular multi-culti groupthink devalues physical toughness, (especially in men), frown upon automatic obedience, (unless it’s by Izlamo-Maniacs..then we need to “understand it”) and loathe emotional hardness: all qualities needed for soldiering.

Make no mistake about it.
Our Military is what maintains democracy.

These are our guys, sweet friends.This War would soon be over……………….
If only we’d let them Git-ter done!

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22 Responses to “Marines Take on Insurgents..and WiN”

  1. Greywolfe says:

    I love this post!!! Every bit of it. Haven’t checked out all of your site but so far so great! I’m fairly new to the blogging thing(only about a year total). I am getting to know just how many patriots there are out there. I was worrying I was a dying breed until lately.

    Hope to see you on my site some time. I’m gonna link your site to mine if you don’t mind.

  2. Layla says:

    God bless our Marines. But I love all the branches and I do not love one more than the other. They all function so beautifully together and this is why we succeeded in Iraq and are still succeeding. I am just worried that Obama will ruin it all.

    You do know they are hearing in the supreme court right now and will decide if he can be president. Remember the photo shopped piece of garbage of a birth certificate claiming he was born in Hawaii. Heh! NOT!

    I am sure he was born in Indonesia and the fact that he went to two muzzie madrassas is proof. I hope Roberts and Alito DO NOT let us all down!

  3. Always On Watch says:

    My young cousin Daniel (about 21 years old) has his farewell party this coming Saturday. He’s been accepted into the Marine Corps! He will be my first blood kin to join the USMC.

  4. LomaAlta says:

    Nice post Angel, thanks.
    Just imagine what a division or two of Marines, well led, let alone by Washington, and with reasonable rules of engagement could do in Afghanistan.

  5. Katie says:

    Great Post! Got to love the Marines. Whenever there has been trouble, we’ve sent them in and they’ve gotten the job done!

  6. tapline says:

    Angel. I thought I was automatically filled in with name etc….not so…..Great post as usual….God bless our marines…..I hope they are not fighting for not…….Somehow, I dont get this we’re all in this together thing, being spouted as of late……stay well……

  7. tapline says:

    Well….I’ll try it again….Great post usual. Marines are great, aren’t they…..when they are left to do their job….and don’t have lawyers and left wing Journalist aroung….stay well……

  8. Incognito says:

    semper fi… our marines are the best!! God bless all our military personnel!

  9. Pamela D. Hart says:

    Oh, Angel, those pics are awesome. I had to get a tissue. Aren’t OUR Marines just the bravest, most honorable men and women in the ENTIRE world! I’m so proud of our Armed Forces. So indebted to them. Another great post. Thanks for doing the medias’ job-and so much better, I might add.

  10. Brooke says:

    “5-Mainstream Media says nothing.”

    Thanks for posting this, Angel. I would have had no idea otherwise.

    Go Marines! YEAH!

  11. Mustang says:

    The mission of the U. S. Marine Corps is to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver. This is what Marines do. If there is one thing that will piss off a Marine infantry unit, it is that any enemy will have the audacity to shoot at them, or worse, injure or kill a fellow Marine. Whenever that happens, you can depend on the outcome: a defeated enemy.

    I am not surprised that the media failed to report this incident; but I am surprised that Jack Murtha hasn’t condemned the Marines for acts of genocide and the wanton murder or rape of “innocent Iraqi citizens.”

    Thank you for this article, Angel.

    Semper Fidelis,

  12. cube says:

    Thanks for posting this. I wouldn’t have known because my “free” press is not so free when it comes to reporting good news about our Military heroes. God bless our soldiers, one and all.

  13. Kevin says:

    Imagine what would happen if the President stopped lying that islam is a religion of peace and gave the marines free reign.

  14. MK says:

    Excellent news Angel, thanks for letting us know.

    Ah he Marines, thank God they’re on our side.

    “Mainstream Media says nothing.”

    Exactly, and Afghanistan is supposed to be the war they support, yeah, the flying pigs are about to pass by my window.

  15. MK says:

    aaaaargh, should be ‘the’ Marines.

  16. Daniel Ruwe says:

    I love the Marines–they always seem to win. :)

  17. OMMAG says:

    And the MSM didn’t say a thing about it…. because they don’t care about it.

  18. z says:

    My friend Matt just finished Marine boot camp….give it up for Matt!! He loves it…but it was TOUGH!!

    I’m hearing lots of guys who can retire and were thinking of reupping aren’t….because of obama. Let’s hope that the amount I’m hearing won’t enlist now DO enlist. Tough to beat an enemy with young men who can’t consider serving under a commander in chief who isn’t too fond of their business.

    Thanks, important post, especially at THANKSGIVING…we have a lot of thanks giving to do for these men and women!

  19. a new voice says:

    These are the guys who allow us to sleep peacefully at night.
    Thanks for the post.
    Have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving!!!!!!

  20. Joe Gringo says:

    Now that’s movie I’d love to see.

    My neighbor is a Marine, badass doesn’t even begin to describe him.

  21. fidothedog says:

    Taliscum owned.

    A classic case of jihad denied!

  22. Lauren C says:

    Hay guys! This is a real cool thread. I’m so proud of our marines. I was wondering if anyone was, or knows, a female marine who wouldnt mind maybe emailing me, or IM’ing me, and answering some of my questions. I’m considering joining, but need a women to talk me through it.