Mumbai Massacre

An ultra-orthodox Jewish group based in Brooklyn confirmed Friday that a New York rabbi and his wife were killed in terrorist attacks in India that have claimed more than 150 lives.

Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg and his wife, Rivkah, who ran the movement’s local headquarters in Mumbai, India, were killed during a hostage standoff at the center..


The couple’s toddler son, Moshe Holtzberg, was rescued Thursday by an employee and is now with his grandparents.

Tragedy would be a masterpiece of understatement.

In Mumbai, India yet again, and again, and AGAIN……. Islamic terrorist thugs murdered.This time- all of the Jewish hostages who had been taken at the Lubavitch Chabad House.

Peruse the NY Times for the fact that these Jewish hostages were targeted and taken simply because they were Jews.

They met the same fate as all their co-religionists under the vile thumb of the Religion of Killing and Hate: Death.

Jewish victims of Ham-ASS:

The Jews there were killed because they were Infidels. Like you and me.

The Americans and Brits in the 2 hotels, in addition to the 100 or so Hindus were killed the last 2 days in the rampage because they were Infidels.

Lo and behold: A Turkish couple were freed by the jihadis. Why?..Oh, because they were Muslim.

Anyone consider stormtrooping the Chabad house?
Of course not. Some Muslim terrorists may have actually met their 72 virgins, while some Jews and innocents may still be among the living.

A day after glorious Thankgiving, we are fed more brutality, murder and savagery against innocents around the world, courtesy : IZLAM.

Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg and his precious wife Rivkah.

To the parents and family of this beautiful young couple murdered by Islamaniacs.
Blessed be the True and only Judge.

You have our deepest heartfelt condolences.
Blessed be their memories.

May their souls ascend swiftly to Heaven and may they have a special place in the next world.

To send aid please go to Relief Fund

20 Responses to “Mumbai Massacre”

  1. MK says:

    At the beginning of all this, some idiots were advising us to hold off accusing the islamists of this atrocity. Thanks to the media and the ignorance & laziness of today’s westerner, people don’t know that this sort of crap happens everywhere in the world, every week if not every day.

    A bomb here, a beheading there, stoning, honor killing, shooting, all in the name of islam. One wonders how many have to be murdered before enough of us will wake up, connect the bloody dots before us and ask, what’s up with Islam?

  2. Katie says:

    The couple’s son will turn 2 tomorrow. And the Religion of Peace gave him a birthday gift already. The gift of 2 dead parents. Death and destruction is all Muslims know.

  3. LomaAlta says:

    Angel, thanks for the post.
    Yes, may the Lord God bless and keep them.

  4. joe says:

    Great post Angel. What ever Nationality, what ever religion, I know that God has a special place for all of the victims of this despicable act, and it looks like the Indian commandos and other forces have a special place for the perpetrators too, 6 feet under! Maybe they would like to borrow some pigs blood to embalm them with.

  5. Don L says:

    I came to see what Angel had to say about this atrocity, knowing you would do it justice. Perhaps, the world will wake up when this stuff occurs in their land.

    What kind of God do these terrorists think would want this done to his precious creation? That is the issue that needs to be dealt with and firmly by the world.

  6. trespassers william says:

    First, my prayers and condolences to all the family and friends of those massacred by “the religion of peace.” These prayers and condolences are for all whether Christian, Jewish, Hindu or otherwise.

    Second, I find it interesting that within 100 years of the founding of Christianity the apostles were all martyred (except John) and none of them instigated an armed rebellion. In fact during Nero’s time the Christians were openly persecuted and I do not recollect any acts of terrorrisim on the Christians part. In contrast we have Muhammed and his followers with their “conversion by the sword” doctrine. So today, they are just imitating their founder.

    Finally, what does the “Great O” have to say about all of this? Would he say it’s India’s fault just like he would say 9-11 is the U.S.’s fault and Russia invading Georgia is Georgia’s fault. I am sure his good buddies Rashid Khalidi, Raila and Bill A are just delighted. Perhaps he believes it is the Jews fault for being Jewish or because they have a country? I honestly don’t know because I do not care to read about “Big Brother” or, to listen to and watch his propaganda machine…I must ask if anyone knows where I can get good honest journalism/news (just the facts please) from. A source that will honestly, report information like this and will call the the war what it is-The Worlwide War on Terror. A source that will call the Iraqi theatre what it is-a front in the war and not a “seperate war”. A truthful source that reports honestly about “The Great O” and his broken promises, inabilities, lies and stealing of the U.S. Presidency. Any suggestions?

  7. Always On Watch says:

    I noticed what MK did, when the coverage of the Mumbai atrocity began:

    At the beginning of all this, some idiots were advising us to hold off accusing the islamists of this atrocity.

    And I heard that crap yesterday too.

    Anything to avoid criticizing Islam.

  8. tweety says:

    Since the day this has been going on..tears have been flowing from my eyes. Ppl who think to promote Islam in this way..I really wish..they get killed in the worst possible death on this earth. F*cking Basterds..a++holes…

  9. Otto - American Interests says:

    I knew you would have posted on this Angel, it’s all very sad, Islam will have its day of reckoning…There is anger back of these words….

  10. Debbie says:

    Angel, great article on this terrible event(s). My laptop crashed Tuesday and I cannot log into Right Truth. I’m still trying to get everything reinstalled, but…
    don’t know anything technical.

  11. wordsmith says:

    Prayers for the families of the victims.

  12. DD2 says:

    My heart bleeds to ALL the families that were touched by those SOB’s.

    Lets hope that ALL those cowards get caught or killed and that they ALL rot in Hell for what they did.

  13. ted says:

    Time is not much left. The ozone thinning, the ice melting. Rest assured, there will be more wars. Countries to countries. Race to race. Man to man.

    Not many know what is right or wrong. Everything turns greyish. Till come the day when sanity is completely lost. Good bye mother earth.

  14. Machiavelli says:

    Islam is an ideology, not a religion. It is no different than Communism or Nazism in that respect and with those other “isms”, Islam shares their lust for murder.

  15. Mustang says:

    Let me begin by saying that we are not infidels — these extremists are. So I think we should refrain from referring to ourselves as such, even when we intend humorous sarcasm. With that said, this kind of extremism will continue until we realize (and I mean all of us) that the only way to defeat extremism is to kill extremists. There can be no confusion about this; no hesitation; any fretting or wringing our hands about denying these animals their so-called rights. We must reject any suggestion that these scumbags have a right to incite others to cold-blooded murder. The Mustang Plan is simple and direct: if you are an extremist, you’re about to meet Allah.

  16. KarL M says:

    Enough dancing around the labeling game…
    They are murderers and they are Muslim…
    Two things that repluse me more than anything else on this earth, and what are we going to do about it!!???

  17. dapoppins says:

    I am so sorry.

    Only evil could do this…something in the bible about Satan…his goal being to steal, kill and destroy.

  18. Throwing Stones says:

    May they rest in peace.

  19. BiasedGirl says:

    Those pictures are devastating. My prayers go out to all those involved. This is sickening and terrifying at the same time. The MSM has ignored the “terrorists are trying to kill us” story line as part of their effort to elect Obama. This weeks attacks were a harsh reminder of how serious the threat really is. I will continue to pray for America.

  20. NoPCnonsense says:

    Islamofascists are the sewage of the earth…they need to be flushed away for the filth they are. We all see it. Then WHY, please tell me WHY, do American Jews vote 80% for Democrats who want to close down Gitmo, read miranda rights to terrorists, change our way of life in America to accomodate the Muslim prayer crap on their majic carpets and basically treat Islamofascists with dignity? Please explain American Jewish thinking to me.