Mumbai and America HaterS

Would you not think the massacre in Mumbai would give even liberals pause?

Hell no.

Painful Graphic Images for humans with a heart. ( no discernable effect on Libtards, outside of engendering more America bashing)

Liberals are not capable of thinking their way past their own narcissistic preening to understand the evil and enemy we are up against.

Don’t misunderstand.
The problem is not that they don’t understand the kind of enemy “WE” are up against.
The problem is that they do not even accept that there is a “we” to be up against.

To them America itself is the enemy.
Yup. Wrap your mind around that lil ditty:
America is the problem.

Or haven’t you heard?
America is thoroughly racist, sexist, homophobic, and inherently evil.

Anyone, or any group, who hates and targets America is, ipso facto, a freedom fighter.

Anyone or any filthy, barbaric regime that America defeats is, ipso facto, an oppressed victim.

Y’all know the drill. If we Westerners were just “understanding” enough, we wouldn’t deserve barbaric attacks from Muslim extremists, while Muslim moderates remain useless and silent.

Can you name one activist Muslim organization designed to combat muslim terrorism worldwide?
Uh huh.

Mumbai, courtesy the Religion of Death:

(Photos: Reuters, AP, Getty.)

Fret not about Muslims pitching in to do their share.
Apparently, a song recorded by one of the Bali bombers before their execution for mass murder is being used as a ringtone by members of the Religion of Death throughout Indonesia.
Comforting, aint it?
We Beat Up the United States

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To families and friends of the victims:
Like birds gently singing in the rain, let grateful memories survive in times of sorrow.

38 Responses to “Mumbai and America HaterS”

  1. Katie says:

    No one but the Religion of Peace has less disregard for human life. No so-called savages in the jungles, no Western nation, no one. They aren’t truly human, just look human, but are monsters instead.

  2. DD2 says:

    The Religion of Peace has pushed the button once to often.. it’s show down time.
    Time to show them that WE are the super-power in the world…not them

  3. z says:

    Mr Z and I’ve been asking each other the same question….HOW DOES THIS END? WHY is it ALWAYS muslim groups who perpetrate this bedlam and nobody says anything?
    Same reason a Cairo mosque out-louded the opening of a Christian church and then went in shooting because the noise factor hadn’t made any effect…same reason Nigerian muslim rebels opened fire on Christians, HUNDREDS OF DEATHS, and who heard about it? Because a Christian group won an election against a muslim group!
    I did, because we get the German press and read it. We Americans are hearing barely snippets of these stories…as if OUR GOVERNMENT is covering for this SCUM (I was going to use the B word but it’s your home and I won’t use that kind of language here, Angel…sure would like to have)…am in a very somber mood. Your photos made me cry, literally…….


    Yes, and we have Obama who hasn’t said anything about this Mumbai massacre because he NOW says “we only have one president at a time”..AS IF. ANY other subject, and he’s ALL OVER IT in press conferences, but let a muslim group kill innocents…and he’s SILENT? I’d better stop typing……………and remind myself he’s our president elect. And go be ill.

    have a great day, sweetie…I’m morose, obviously. God bless those who lost their lives, God be with the injured….and ALL their families.

  4. Always On Watch says:

    Just look at the eyes of the man holding that baby.

    The jihadomaniacs love to inflict the damage that causes that pathetic expression in the man’s eyes.

    And look at the baby. Take a good look.

    That child will carry the images and the sounds forever.

    Now tell me why we’re fighting a “just war.”

  5. Conservative Cat says:

    If Momma Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy…

    WARNING!!! Beyond this line lies… The Ellie Zone It’s filled with fluffy bunnies and pink decorations! *shudders* Enter at the risk of your sanity. *tears down the pink and fluffiness* Ok. Maybe not fluffiness. *puts fluffiness back* But Pink has……

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  7. KarL M says:

    Maybe it is just me….
    but did i miss the message or reason behind this massacre, or is it something to do with Anti-democracy , anti-human rights and the appearence of some cartoons in a Danish newspaper..
    When exactly is the HUMAN race going to stand up and say/act that they have had enough….are we ALMOST there????

  8. Kevin says:

    Though no reason was given, I still suspect islam is involved. Call me crazy…

  9. EDGE says:

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! :)

    I’ll continue to pray for the people in India.

  10. dapoppins says:

    I saw a bit of this on the mainstream news…did they call it murder? No. did they call it terrorism? No. Did they blame the militant Muslim religion? No.

  11. The Pink Flamingo says:

    PART II: What the Heck Is Going on in This World?…

    Friday the Pink Flamingo began a commentary on the problems our society is facing with the morality of political correctness. Because we must constantly look for the good and the perfection in all cultures, we are not allowed to point o…

  12. Democrat=Socialist says:

    For $149.99 You Can Own 2.6lbs Of Crap…

    Yes folks, someone went and created the Obama Model Airplane – KSFBOA Series and is probably selling them hand over fist.  Anyone else see the irony in capitalism working at its best selling a replica of a socialist politicians luxury jet airliner?


  13. MK says:

    Spot on Angel, no matter how many die or are killed, the America hating left will never stop their hating. It’s what they do, they can’t help it. It’s up to the rest of us with some brains to figure it out and push past them.

    Unfortunately not enough of us are doing this.

  14. The Pink Flamingo says:

    The Mark Sanford Scam…

    In many ways you gotta hand it to conservatives.  They are consistant.  I’m not talking about “all” conservatives, just the clueless ones who fall for any carney barker who dishes out the pathetic pabulum they…

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  16. Jason says:

    Islamic terrorism is a cancer. Curing the cancer will be a very unpleasant ordeal. I hope America and the rest of the world is ready.

  17. trespassers william says:

    Again, my prayers and condolences to all the family and friends of those massacred by “the religion of peace.” These prayers and condolences are for all whether Christian, Jewish, Hindu or otherwise.

    Although I wish I could agree with DD2 about show down time, I cannot. Someone with guts and the will to “stay the course” will not be in office. Although it will still be called the U.S. I would dare say that the U.S. no longer exists;

    If you think I am wrong then I must ask-
    Are we forgetting the question from the 7 year old and the answer? ” Dear Mr. narcissitic ‘O’, why do you want to become President?” (okay that’s not how she said it) “Because America is not what it could be.”
    The megolomaniac believes he is the answer to imagined problems. I would ask who is rejoicing over “his majesty’s” ascendence? Oprah, Hollyweird, The Liberals, The Democrats, Leftists, Marxists, Hamas, Hezbollah, Ahmadinejad, Khalidi, Ayers, other terrorists,…and so many more. Also, let’s not forget how he plans on “meeting without pre-conditions” with people such as these. He believes the U.S is the problem and that the U.S. Constitution needs to be “fundamentally changed”. I am sure he shares the liberals “love for the U.S. military” (like Jack Mirtha). NOT!…Okay he doesn’t believe we should “rely just upon our military” and he wants to replace them with a “civilian peace keeping force” (didn’t Hitler have a civilian peace keeping force?). Remember Slick willie and how began to gut our military? Do you think “The Great O” is going to allow our military to function as it should or even make it stronger? Will it even be around after 4 years?

    Again, I must ask if anyone knows where I can get good honest journalism/news (just the facts please) from. A source that will honestly, report information like this and will call the the war what it is-The Worlwide War on Terror. A source that will call the Iraqi theatre what it is-a front in the war and not a “seperate war”. A truthful source that reports honestly about “The Great O” and his broken promises, inabilities, lies and stealing of the U.S. Presidency. Any suggestions?

  18. Throwing Stones says:

    Jewish hostages slaughtered by Muslim Terrorists in Mumbai

    They were neither Missionaries nor ultra-Orthodox zealots they were, simple, devoted and loving people serving a very high purpose
    They were murdered by zealots for purely political and bloody purposes. Only because they were Jews! Here is a question for anyone who still denies that Caliphate Islamism is a problem: If they could do this to the Holtzbergs, if they could do this to all the other innocents people in Mumbai and Madrid and Beslan and New York and Jerusalem, how long will it be before they do it to you or someone you love? When will you stop trying to minimize and even excuse what they are doing by denigrating their victims?
    As a non Jew but as a fellow American I deplore my fellow Americans being murdered and I want to see retaliation.
    The monsters who beheaded Daniel Pearl, then hacked his body into ten pieces and proudly filmed his execution, clearly explained their purpose.
    Before being murdered, Pearl was forced to say, “My father is Jewish. My mother is Jewish. I am Jewish.” Being a Jew was his “crime.
    Shame on anyone who tries to “dialogue” with terrorists. To sit down with animals is not American way.
    This world is so out of wack when it comes to plain old right and wrong. If we don’t recognize the hatred, intolerance and contempt these terrorists hold for anyone of any other faith, we are bound to be victims.

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  20. Brooke says:

    Good God, it never ends with these beasts, does it?

  21. The World According To Carl says:

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  22. Layla says:

    Some religion of peace huh? SPIT! :(

    Sorry, but I have been sick with a bad, bad cold and have not been making blog rounds, not even blogging, left a pic of a tylenol bottle on my blog – LOL! :p

  23. Amboy says:

    The verse of the sword in action again. We are going to see a lot more of this in our time Angel.

  24. Perri Nelson says:

    What a way for those that claim to speak for the “Religion of Peace” to demonstrate their peaceful motives. Blow up buildings frequented by Westerners. Single out Westerners for murder and kidnapping, without regard to their individual attitude toward the Islamic “faith”.

    I’m afraid there will be no end of it without extermination, and I’m not willing to be exterminated.

  25. cube says:

    Don’t worry. Once Obama takes over, he and his crack team will handle the moslems.

  26. MariesTwoCents says:

    And the Democrat’s NEVER believe there is a threat to be dealt with.

    When will they ever get it? When WE are attacked again?

    People in this Country have gotten to complacement and soon we are all going to pay for it especially with who we will have have to deal with as President for the next 4 years!

  27. tapliine says:

    Angel, Great coverage…..what can one say. This was a murderous act. A massacre and all who took part should be hunted down and dealt with according to the rule of law……stay well

  28. Pamela D. Hart says:

    Since Nov 4th Obama has made speech after speech, even going on You Tube with his Radio Addresses. He’s the 1st to have a “President Elect” podium, etc. What have we heard from him about this horrendous massacre?
    **can you hear the crickets?** Nothing, we’ve heard nothing from that stupid ass podium. NOW we have 1 President at a time. NOW Obama wants to let President Bush run the country. NOW Obama wants to sit on the side lines and hide his face. What happened in India is an abomination. What Obama is doing is just plain arrogant, which can be quite dangerous.

  29. The Pink Flamingo says:

    The Problem with Deepak Chopra…

    Why does Oprah’s guru defend the “religion of peace” when it is so barbaric?  There is nothing civilized about the way the extreme version of it is completely out of control.  I don’t like Deepak Chop…

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  31. obob says:

    it’s all our fault. no mention this group irked about the kashmir dispute. our liberal msm and pundits blames us. sad

  32. Tim says:

    I’m surprised that the U.N. hasn’t sent troops in to gang rape all the children like they’ve done everywhere else. Maybe its good this hasn’t got the liberals attention.

  33. nanc says:

    and to think obambino team just yesterday was touting the fact that the u.s. needs to get back into the good graces of the u.n. so we may have a good working relationship with them. ::spit::

    hosha na Moshiach

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  35. Defiant_Infidel says:

    “Would you not think the massacre in Mumbai would give even liberals pause?”

    Ummmm… in a word, “No”.

    WHAT makes an impression on these idiots besides something that is in their hands or mouths right at the very second of inquiry? …Or something that they deem should be? Nothing… absolutely nothing.

    We have a “President Elect” that is a direct result of their wailing, selfish chanting with zilch/nothing/squat referencing his voting record, his history, his statements nor his acts. It’s all about how the frickin’ Messiah makes them “feel”. Liberals operate on reactive impulse and stereotypical expectation… NEVER on logic or deep thought.

    The “threat” is simply another drama show they have seen on TV. It is for entertainment, not for causing pause or consideration. Puddles of human blood mean NOTHING to these imbeciles because it is neither their own nor is it something they have to step around in their own back yards or street corners… yet!

    Great, brave post, Angel.

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  37. Layla says:

    My God does this sickness ever end. I swear to you girly friend we are in the end of days………………………..

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