Islam Hates JEWS PerioD

Why would a terrorist group of Islamists from Pakistan whose primary goal is to have Pakistan gain control of the third of Kashmir that belongs to India and therefore aimed to destabilize Indias major city devote so much of its efforts — 20 percent of its force of 10 gunmen whose stated goal was to kill 5,000 — to killing a rabbi and any Jews with him?

The question echoes one from World War II: Why did Hitler devote so much time, money, and manpower in order to murder every Jewish man, woman, and child in every country the Nazis occupied? Why did Hitler.. weaken the Nazi war effort by diverting money, troops, and military vehicles from fighting the Allies to rounding up Jews and shipping them to death camps?

The Rabbi and the Terrorists

For the Islamists, as for the Nazis, the destruction of the Jews — and since 1948, the Jewish state — is central to their worldview.

With all the Pakistani Islamists hatred of Hindus, they did not attack one Hindu temple in Indias major city.

With all their hatred of Christian infidels, the terrorists did not seek out one of the 700,000 Christians in Mumbai.

But no one seems to find it odd that that Pakistani Muslim terrorists who hate India and want it to give up control of Indian Kashmir would send two of its 10 terrorists to kill perhaps the only rabbi in Mumbai.

A dear friend of mine attended the funeral procession for the beautiful young couple (slaughtered in Mumbai by militants MuslimNazis ) in Kfar Chabad near Tel Aviv, Israel.

Why do Muslims kill Jews, the world asks?
OH. I dunno.
Perhaps it’s self same political ideology Nazism has.
It’s called: Jealousy induced, inexplicable rabid JEW hatred.

-The same motivation for Leon Klinghoffer getting shot in the forehead and tossed with his wheelchair into the sea.

-The same pieces of Islamic militants filth who murdered Dora Bloch a 74 year old in Kampala following the raid at Entebbe. She was dragged from her hospital bed by two Ugandan army officers close to Idi Amin and murdered, while her remains were discovered years later.

-The same raison d’etre that the Muslim militants filth had for beheading Daniel Pearl.

-The reason they didn’t bother to find out or care that the Jewish mother murdered in the brutal Mumbai terror attacks last week was six month pregnant.

And neither did the imaginary Muslim “moderates” who have yet to attend a Jewish funeral or organize massive rallies or riots against their brethren.

-The reason Rivkah Holtzberg’s two-year-old son, Moshe, was brutally beaten by the militants TERRORISTS.
-The explanation for why his little back was covered in bruises consistent with horrific abuse.

The explanation for why little Moshe may have witnessed his parents’ murder after he was found by his nanny crying next to their bodies, covered in blood.

This is the so called “religion” even Conservatives defend.

And………..This is their handiwork:

Sister Meeta Gohil, relatives and neighbors mourn as they attend the funeral of Haresh Gohil, a 16 year old boy who was killed by gunmen near Chabad-Lubavitch center.

Indian, Rasika Krishna, 22, suffered injuries to the head and shoulder in Wednesday’s shooting at Cafe Leopold, a restaurant in Mumbai.

The bodies of Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg, 29, and his wife Rivkah, 28, killed in the Mumbai Jewish center attack, during their funeral procession in Kfar Chabad near Tel Aviv, Israel, Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2008.


Mourners during the funeral of Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg, 29, and his wife Rivkah, 28.

Jean Goldie Horta Rabinovich during the funeral of her mother Norma Shvarzblat Rabinovich, 50, killed by Muslim militants Nazis in the Mumbai Jewish center attack.

Norma Shvarzblat Rabinovich of Mexico planned to immigrate to Israel to join two of her children who had already moved to there. She spent the past few months touring India , and had planned to fly from Mumbai to Israel , the 18th birthday of her son, Manuel, before she was killed by Muslim monsters.

Yehudit Rosenberg, with relatives during the funeral procession of her daughter Rivkah, 28, and her son-in-law Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg, 29.

Cedric Wise, hugs his wife Carol Wise, who was in India at one of the hotels during the Mumbai attacks.
The two friends they traveled with were both killed. Wise was on the first floor of the hotel using a computer The Muslim monsters entered on the second floor, where her friends were eating.

Shimon Rozenberg, holds his grandson Moshe Holtzberg in Mumbai India.

Two-year-old Moshe Holtzberg.

Indian Jewish children offering prayers in Ahmedabad for those killed by militants IslamoNazis in the Mumbai attacks.

Family members and relatives of Sanjay and Rita Agarwal , killed by Muslim militants maniacs, light candles around their photograph during a vigil outside the Oberoi Trident hotel in Mumbai.
(Images courtesy: AP, Reuters, Getty.)

Bentzion Chroman, an Israeli with dual U.S. citizenship killed by Muslim militants monsters in an attack on the Chabad House in Mumbai.

And while Jews mourn ALL the losses……….

Back at the Muslim ranch, they do what they do best: Shriek and wail about injustices done…To them, of course.

Supporters of a Pakistani religious group take part in a rally to show their support to the army and condemn the “allegation” of Indian authorities .

Their placards read ‘Terrorism has no religion.’
It sure as bloody hell does.
It’s called ISLAM.

And here is what it looks like to anyone human:

Go in peace my sweet friends.

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51 Responses to “Islam Hates JEWS PerioD”

  1. In_spired says:

    I always leave your blog with profound information of the terrorist world that leaves me in a state of deep thinking. I gain information that I would not normally get. You don’t receive much information on CNN or MSNBC! This is a great post and the pictures tell the story!

    Thank you again for your perseverance…

  2. Joe Gringo says:

    Great one.

    They cannot stand being ruled by non-muslims, hence their murderous lifestyle.

  3. Perri Nelson says:

    Israel has survived thousands of years of persecution. The Islamists that hate her will not succeed in destroying her any more than their predecessors, and they will ultimately be judged.

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    [...] Vote Islam Hates JEWS PerioD [...]

  5. z says:

    Hi, Angel….I don’t know if I’ve ever left your blog with tears in my eyes, but I am now. I simply can’t look at that little orphan child. But we MUST.
    I can’t say much more……what is there to say?
    If you said “LOOK WHAT YOU DID!” to one of the men responsible, they’d say “Great, isn’t it?” How do you argue with that?

    the pictures are too much to bear…….that beautiful young couple, their adorable child, all their dreams, their families………

    G*d be with the families and that beautiful little child. Let something good come out of this.

  6. Gayle says:

    Dang, Inspired. Don’t watch MSNBC! It will fry your brain! ;)

    Great post, Angel, as always. You’re darned right terrorism has a religion and it’s name is Islam! That ought to be a bumper sticker, although the pc police would arrest anyone who put it on their car. GADS!

    By the way, thanks for the e-card hon. Sorry for not being around as much as usual. I’m swamped!


  7. Anjali says:

    I have been reading your blog lately and I have learned so much reading your blogs. I am so upset about the atrocities in Mumbai and the killing of the young Rabbi and his wife. I believe Islam is a very violent religion and that it is a threat to world peace in its present form. Is there a trust fund set up for Moshe that we can donate to please? I am a parent too of 2 children under 3.
    I am a final year student and a Christian.

  8. Dapoppins says:

    They kill and murder….it is not a religion of peace. It never was….

    This just makes me ill.

  9. Pasadena Closet Conservative says:

    The photos are haunting, from first to last. Regarding the first, nice sign on that podium (you’d think that with all the millions of dollars the Libs donate to CAIR they could get a better one).

  10. The Pink Flamingo says:

    The Great Christmas Book Give Away!…

    CAUTION:  Shamless plugging commences:
    I am going to be giving away 25 copies of my books.  If you are interested, leave a comment.  I may end up choosing the winners from the comments.  Then again, I may do it differently.  I…..

  11. MK says:

    Thanks for the post Angel. You have to ask what exactly Jews have done to Pakistan eh. If i’m not mistaken, they even helped them after those earth quakes. I guess this is the thanks they get.

    Bloody bastards, that’s what those terrorist muslim vermin are, i hope they rot in hell.

  12. KarL M says:

    Some questions just have no answers,
    The one about WHY THE JEWS???? continues to boggle the mind, both rational and irrational….it seems that the better, the nicer, the more humane you are, the more of a target you become…WHY??!!! i am still not sure.
    The one thing that persists is i know , Angel, i will get the truth at your site..With well written and accurately reported news… and leave it wondering, when and how is it going to get better………

  13. Amboy says:

    Why the Jews? The Koran and Hadiths command it.

    Mohammed wanted their money and their land, so he had to demonize them in order to elevate himself.

  14. Rosemary says:

    Dear Angel, I’m sitting here and the news just came over the radio that there’s been another attack. 17 dead, 75 injured. (I think.) I started to feel rage building within me, but then I found out it was in Pakistan. Is there something wrong with me? I was actually relieved and ashamed at the same time. Ashamed because I still do not feel sorry, not even for the children, because of all they have done. It happened near a busy Shiite something or other. God, I hope I’m not losing myself in this war…

  15. babygirl-lonz says:

    Great job Angel! Thank you for the inspiration…

  16. third world county says:

    The Road Ahead; 3.3…

    Shame the privileged. The rich privileged and the poor privileged. The privileged politician and the privileged bureaucrat. Whoever and wherever they may be: shame them by your life well lived.
    SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “”, url: “” });……

  17. Katie says:

    The Jewish community of Mumbai was founded in the 1600′s. For centuries the Jews and Hindus lived in peace and harmony. Yet the Muslims have always tried to destroy both of these communities. Peace and harmony is easier to do than violence, but CNN doesn’t cover that.

  18. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    Left’s Moral Relativism In War…

    This video is disturbing to most of us who do not believe in sending children – under the age of 18 – to fight in any war. Sure, sometimes a 17 year old may sneak in, but these children have not yet started puberty. That is first half of Uncle Jimbo’….

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  23. wordsmith says:

    This is the so called “religion” even Conservatives defend.

    And………..This is their handiwork:

    Well, I’m probably one of those conservatives who defend; but not the ones who engage in violence. Just the ones you other conservatives tend to lump together with the Islamist fundamentalists, and the radicals, and the “jihadists”.

  24. The Pink Flamingo says:

    PART I: Did the SCOTUS Just Come Close to Legalizing “Pot”?…

    On Friday, James Fryer had a post about the SOCTUS ruling, or lack there-of where they let stand the CA State Appellate Court ruling of November, 2007, that says the following about the state medical marijuana laws:
    “…The st…

  25. In_spired says:

    I listened to Hal Lindsey last night talking about the terrorist attack on Mumbai; the fact that 10 young men could wrack such havoc to a city twice the population of NYC; and the implications of all this to the US. His information parroted what you have written in this post. As fearful as I’ve been over the newly elected prez, I am even moreso now.

  26. Dinah Lord says:

    Reading your wonderful tribute and feeling very heavy of heart here, Miss Angel. Why WOULD Kashmiri militants filth go out of their way to torture and annihilate the Chabad House Jews, if it weren’t all about the dirty death cult of Islam.

    “Terrorism has no religion” – bull shit. It has a religion and that religion is ISLAM.

  27. John Kaduk says:

    If it wasn’t for the United State’s support of Israel Europe would have let the Muslims over run Isreal a long time ago. Did you know in 2003 the European Commission commissioned a poll to identify who Europeans thought was the biggest threat to world peace? Guess who Europeans picked? In the no.1 spot with 59% of the vote was Israel. Not muslim terrorists or Iran or North Korea or Al Qaeda or the Palestinians. Almost 60% of Europe blaims Israel despite the fact muslims are the ones comitting all the violence.

    The general despisement of Jews is not only existent in Muslims but in Europe and the rest of the world as a whole. The U.S. is somewhat of an anomaly in its support of Jews. And now I fear with the new administration coming in that the support that Israel needs from us will be nowhere to be found.

  28. Layla says:

    Islam has always hated the Jews and the Christians as well. Some holy book that tells its believers to “KILL THE PEOPLE OF SATURDAY AND SUNDAY!” SPIT!

  29. nanc says:

    as i watched a memri video this weekend, angel – it is bred into the heart (or lack of) to hate the jew and there is no changing their heart. even it israel is shoved into the sea, they’d still be seeking that which alludes them. izlam is pure hatred and there is no other explanation.

  30. MK says:

    Don’t forget to spread the word folks. As i posted on this earlier, the global media is still refusing to name these evil scum as muslims who kill in the name of islam. Even today on the even news, they called them militants killing because of oppression of muslims in india.

    The media has no problems calling them muslims when they are the ones being ‘oppressed’, but never call them for what they are when they’re the ones shooting pregnant women and blowing children to pieces.

  31. Yankee Doodle says:

    Great tribute, Angel.

    Has any Islamic country sent help to India in the wake of the attack? For the most part, India has the resources to deal with this, and what is lacking is surely being supplied by the US and UK (investigative personnel, for example), so it would be more for show, but it would be a significant show from the “Religion of Peace”.

    The trouble is, Bush is a whore of the Saudis, and has always been. The Saudis love Islamic terror, because the more the terrorists kill (with Saudi backing and funding — the ties between Riyadh and “Pindi” and the ISI are deep indeed), the more Bush reassures us that Islam is a Religion of Peace and the Saudis are our allies. Bush is a Saudi whore, pure and simple.

    Obama is just a whore — he himself is tied in to George Soros and to the Chicago mob; his VP and his Secretary of State are both puppets of Albanian organized crime.

    It won’t get any better any time soon, Angel.

  32. Tim says:

    It seems crazy to me you’d even have to post such an obvious fact and have to support it with so many factual graphic images. But the truth is, even with these truths, you’ll still have people defend this wicked faith of Islam as being misrepresented by the few. Shocking.

  33. The Pink Flamingo says:

    Public Works, Bailouts, Infrastructure & Obama-Rama…

    Let’s face a few facts here.  The basic infrastructure with highways, bridges, and the entire US power grid is in terrible shape.  I read somewhere that nothing has really been done to up-grade much of our system…

  34. Conservative Cat says:

    Bad News For Crooks Is Good News For Us…

    I really hate listening to the news these days. All we ever hear these days is insipidness about how the whole world is going to hell but Obama will save us. Funny how that doesn’t help. I can’t speak for……

  35. Freedom Now says:

    What a senseless tragedy.

    Angel your pictures recorded the story perfectly.

    Until our society honesty condemns terrorist violence without using it to advance an anti-American or anti-Israeli agenda, terrorism will thrive.

  36. The Pink Flamingo says:

    CONECTIONS: PART II – Don’t Know Much About … Anything…

    In Part I of my rant, I wrote about the ignorant bimbos of Fox News. While I was going through my “ideas” for the day (and I wasn’t planning to write anything today), I came across an essay Victor …

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  38. Brooke says:

    Islam teaches blind hatred.

  39. in2thefray says:

    Sadly the lunatics that carry out the violence that kills innocents of all faiths seem to enjoy added glam when they make it a point to kill a Jewish person.
    Powerful images in the post,speak volumes ya know ?

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  41. Frasypoo says:

    Hi Angel
    The pictures brought tears to my eyes.Sad,very sad.
    Its not a well known fact that there are Indian Jews and it suprised me that they were targetted and I thought the exact same thing that you wrote here.

  42. cube says:

    Excellent post. It made me very sad, though. Those murderous islamofacist SOBs need killing. Period.

  43. The Pink Flamingo says:

    I Can’t Believe I Am Defending The One (elect)…

    It is entirely possible those great classic films may not have been so great, and so moody if it hadn’t been for cigarettes.

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  46. Conservative Cat says:

    A Unique Opportunity for Illinois…

    It appears that the Democrat-controlled Illinois Legislature is plotting to impeach Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. The idea is that with Blagojevich being arrested for bribery and corruption, they have an excuse to grab the privilege of appointing …

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    forest through the trees…

    As previously mentioned, the Department of the Interior recently decided to reverse its pevious ban on law-abiding citizens being able to carry loaded firearms on their persons while in National Parks. The rationale for this decision is outlined in the…

  50. William says:

    I am non religous and non militant. But on these issues, I would fight shoulder to shoulder with the Jews.
    These attacks against commercial centres are a pattern that follows the economic cycle. They are trying to turn a recession into a depression. We can look forward to another round of attacks on commercial centres in approximately 8 years time.
    How deplorable to murder woman and children. I have no words to describe the monsters who perpretated this.

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