Terrorism: High Time to DeaL with IT

Some think that nothing can destroy us.
They also think the moon is made of green cheese.

The Roman Empire lasted a heck of lot longer than the United States, and guess what?
It was destroyed.

Concession ater concession is being made to Muslims worldwide..as if that will somehow deter the thousands of hate filled terrorists in their midst.
Whom they continue to apologize for, and hide.

Meanwhile, back at the kool aid plant,…the Libs have us debate whether we can even use the term: The “War on Terror.”

-They would have us shut down or let loose the rabid, terrorist dogs in Guantanamo and Gitmo.

-They insist we do away with the Patriot Act.

-They lay blame at our feet and claim that by fighting terror, we actually um..”cause terror”. Go figure.

All the while the leftard mainstream media, who now control our government, are going to get us all fried, nuked and annihilated. But rest assured sweet friends, they will blame almost anyone but their pathetic, sorry selves.

Oh, what’s that I hear?
Must be an auditory hallucination because not a single peep was heard from the NON existent Moderate Muslims over the carnage in Mumbai.

We all know the West has a vastly superior military than the IzlamoNazis.

Truth be told, the only reason terrorist Muslims still exist is because of western humanism and its noble ideals.

Our enemies are all about revenge, perceived “retaliation”, humiliation and annihilation.

Why wasn’t our military and technological power unleashed directly after Sept 11, 2001?

Despite over five failed years of “frank” discussions with the lil Hitler in Iran, and even more with North Korea, by several administrations, both freakish leaders remained undeterred.

Yet, the liberals wallow in pacifist rhetoric and false appeals to “humanitarianism”.

But rest assured: when fear strikes………. the Europeans and the entire “global” community, that Hussein Obama wants the approval of so pathetically, — will turn to the U.S.A. to squash the terrorists and their nukes.

They know that no other country in the world can provide the type of international security that America can.
One of the many reasons they carry their envy filled hatred around with them.

Sure, the U.S. may be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to remove the Evil.
But that’s only if we are willing to acknowledge a threat when we see it.

Will a true Leader willing to save us emerge?

Tick, tock…

25 Responses to “Terrorism: High Time to DeaL with IT”

  1. Tim says:

    Why should I worry about terrorism? With Obama in office giving up 3 yards for every inch they demand, we won’t even be their enemies anymore. We’ll be a terrorist state of our own.

  2. Katie says:

    Very true Tim. Obama will be known in history as the “Great Appeaser” a name once given to Neville Chamberlain.

  3. Always On Watch says:

    At this point, our elected leaders are completely immersed in the poison of multiculturalism, which, by its very nature, allows our leaders to deny the existence of the Islamic threat.

    What will it take for our leaders to come to their senses and fulfill the innate desire of survival?

    God help us: Millions of dead Americans. Anything less, and the denial of the threat will continue.

    Well, maybe a direct attack on Capitol Hill would awaken some of the politicians sitting up there in their ivory towers.

  4. JMK says:

    I’m actually cautiously optimistic about the incoming administration.

    Since Obama appointed Rahm Emanuel Chief-of-Staff, things have looked somewhat better than before.

    Gates has been kept on, Janet Napolitano a hard-nosed AZ Governor has been put in charge of Homeland Security and there’s been a lot less conciliatory talk from the Obama camp.

    We’ll see how things turn out, but I’m somewhat more optimisitc than I was a few months ago.

  5. cube says:

    I think the world would be a better place if more people heeded your posts. Really.

  6. Kevin says:

    Hah. Carter is well placed in that cartoon!

  7. Tim says:

    Neville didn’t have the impact that Obama will on his unfortunate species we call humanity.

  8. Gayle says:

    Great work, Angel. Honestly, I admire your tenacity – just like I do Sean Hannity’s. It’s sort of like continuously beating your head against a stone wall, but you both persevere! There should be a “Pit Bull Award” for bloggers. If there were one, I’d give it to you. :)

  9. EDGE says:

    Hiya Angel! Great post…but you already knew that!


  10. OMMAG says:

    Nicely summed up the whole enchilada of the paleo-stinians and their brotherhood of blood worshipers.

  11. MK says:

    “Truth be told, the only reason terrorist Muslims still exist is because of western humanism and its noble ideals.”

    Yep, if the Romans of them days saw what we were doing, they’d laugh at us, then they’d over run us and take over.

    Too many of us have taken the path of ignorance, apathy and stupidity, every path has its price and sooner rather than later, we will pay that price.

  12. LomaAlta says:

    Nice post Angel. These things need to be said over and over. Thanks. At some point, we must quit trying to commit national suicide or we may be successful.

    JMK said: “Gates has been kept on, Janet Napolitano a hard-nosed AZ Governor has been put in charge of Homeland Security and there’s been a lot less conciliatory talk from the Obama camp.”

    I don’t share your optimism JMK. Gates was nominated by Bush after the Democrats took control of Congress and he was selected because he was a liberal the leftists would approve. Janet Napolitano is a fraud and a joke. She has vetoed many good anti- illegal immigration bills and done more to keep the open border than anyone but Bush, Kennedy, McCain and the like. Putting Napolitano in charge of DHS is truly putting the fox in the henhouse. Please don’t take my word for Napolitano, look up her record as governor.

  13. ~Straight Shooter~ says:

    Missed ya Girl!
    So very glad to see you’re still at it!
    I try to send friends your way as often as possible.
    You say it like I feel it and can’t put it into words.
    Thank you.

  14. z says:

    Kevin…Carter IS a cartoon!

    Angel…fantastic. The way you include cartoons with photos and your thoughts is just the BEST! I couldn’t agree with you more.
    That cartoon of terrorists killing the Global warming jerk is perfect.


  15. trespassers william says:

    So whats going to happen while we sit here and “pat each other on the back”? Just curious if anyone has any idea about what to do to stop this whole mess? Honestly, I am clueless, like I said there is this thing called resistobamanow.com, but I am not inclined to believe they will do much. Do we honestly think that Big Brother and his totalitarian/Socialist friends are really going to care if these people get 1,000,000 e-signatures? We need to wake up and smell the coffee! If they are willing to steal an election then do you really think they care about what happens to the U.S? Big Brother will do his best to make sure the Izlamists get what they want. I would love to further clarify why I believe this, but do not have time nor space. In any case thanks for keeping us informed. Maybe we can knock some sense into people (I am speaking figuratively), but I seriously doubt it.

  16. Pamela D.Hart says:

    Well, Angel, we have a little over 30 days until Obama takes the oath of office. That gives me no comfort. I don’t know where we are headed but I thank you for keeping us informed. Keep up the good work. Bless you, Angel.

  17. In_spired says:

    My thought is that the current condition of our “empire”, the US of A, is entirely biblical. You mentioned Rome….we’re not far behind…same problems, same symptons. But….that’s my way of thinking. I’m sure there are those that think all our problems will be solved in a short while with the new administration. Maybe so….we’ll see.

    I’ve missed you…we’ve been sick around here for a couple of weeks. I’ve tried to keep up my own blog but haven’t done much reading of others.

    I’m with Pamela D. Hart….thank you and keep up the good work!!

  18. kris says:

    i must confess that i am concerned about the very thing you wrote about. i feel like i am seeing the end of our country. we are going to be folded up into a global pc world where everyone claims you can be different but you are actually really the same. we are letting our gov. control more and more, we are allowing every religion the right of tolerance, except Christianity. we are trying to reason with a mentality that does not want compromise but wants complete take over. we have elected a socialistic, eutopic president that puts fairness ahead of everything else. this sounds right, but who is deciding what is fair?

    sorry for the rant…but i must say i am concerned about our future.

  19. Brooke says:

    Excellent post, as always, Angel.

    The funny thing about the fall of the Roman Empire… It was as much from within as from without, perhaps more so.

    Look familiar?

  20. RoanMountain says:

    The Roman Empire lasted over five hundred years…we should be so lucky.

  21. no.apology says:

    excellent! Keep them suckers in the crosshairs. Very striking first image – very effective.

  22. joe says:

    Hey, was the freaktoid in the global warming cartoon supposed to be Michael Moore? The chin stubble looked familiar, but you would have to add about 20 pounds to the face.

    Great blog Angel, again! I wish I could really let loose and say all that I want to say on my blog, but there would be SO MUCH PROFANITY that no one would read it. It’s been well over a month and I still can not come to grips with how friggin STUPID our electorate has become! And I can’t even find the words to describe my feelings for the MSM. They will be sorry, freedom of the press will be among the first things to go.

  23. trespassers william says:

    Freedom of the press is gone. What we have is truly George Orwell’s “1984″. Again, I ask whatever happened to the video of Big Brother toasting his terrorist friend Rashid Khaidi? That videos is just a drop in the bucket of the propaganda that has been pushed onto/or hidden from the citizens of what was once the U.S. I noticed the “news” of the shoes being thrown at Bush and I had three thoughts;

    1. Where is the Secret Service? How could they have let one shoe be thrown, much less two?
    2. Why aren’t the citizens outraged by this? Oh, I forgot it’s just another propaganda piece for Big Brother.
    3. Bush must be doing something right, i.e. it was an anti-U.S/anti-semitic terrorist supporter that was throwing the shoes. More then likely the one throwing the shoes would pose with Big Brother smiling and shaking his hand while his “buddies” were building I.E.D.’s for our soldiers. What is sad is that Big Brother believe’s or solidiers deserve to be blown to bits-unlike Bush. God bless the man who has prevented another 9-11, George W. Bush!

    Anyways, are there so few of those who do not want Big Brother or believe that Big Brother is legitimate that all we can do is talk? Again, is there nothing that can be done (constitutionally)?

  24. KarL M says:

    I can always depend on you Angel to hit the bulls eye on the target..
    there will be absolutely nothing done about terrorism UNTIL it completely stops the cash machines..Till that time, there will be groaning and moaning and pointing and staring and speeching and meetings. Squeeze the cash cow and slow down its flow of milky dollars AND THEN you will see/hear/smell something happen…Murdering Muzzies???? What oil shortage!!!!!

  25. Kristina says:

    Nice post, Angel. People need to wake up and realize that these people are not going away. Indeed, they would like to come here. I just can’t understand how people can look at what the Pale’s do to Israel and say it’s Israel’s fault. I tell you, these people need to get their heads screwed on straight. Thanks for the post.