SelectivE TorturE eh?

“June is “Torture Awareness Month,” by declaration of various human rights, civil liberties and (anti-war) faith organizations.

The coalition’s Torture Awareness website says it is responding to “the growing evidence that the United States government is engaging systematically in the use of torture and inhuman treatment as part of the ‘war on terror.’”

Anti-war activists’ have long complained about the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay and the activities of some U.S. troops at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison.

More recently, press reports about the alleged massacre of unarmed Iraqi civilians in Haditha appear to have further inflamed anti-war and anti-Bush sentiment in the United States.
Activists Rally Around ‘Torture Awareness Month’ continues..

“We believe that the use of torture and inhuman treatment must end immediately and everyone involved in committing these abuses or fostering the environment in which they occurred be held accountable,” the Torture Awareness website says.

The coalition said its “month of action and education” in June is intended to “raise awareness in your community about the US government’s use of torture and inhuman treatment.”

The campaign will culminate in Washington on June 26, when activists plan to lobby Members of Congress to pass legislation stopping the use of extraordinary rendition, which it describes as the “outsourcing” of torture..

Group sponsoring Torture Awareness month include the American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International USA, Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Center for Constitutional Rights, Center for Victims of Torture, Council on American Is-lamic Relations, Human Rights First, Human Rights Watch, No2Torture, The Presbyterian Initiative Against Torture, Physicians for Human Rights, and the Torture Abolition Support and Survivors Coalition.”

Torture eh?
Let’s just sample some ahem recent episodes of “torture” shall we?
Saturday, June 3, 2006 Suicide bomber kills 28, wounds 62 in Iraq
BAGHDAD, Iraq — A suicide car bomber blew himself up in a crowded market in oil-rich southern Basra on Saturday, killing 28 people and wounding 62. In Baghdad, a Russian diplomat was killed and four diplomatic employees were kidnapped…
Around Iraq, at least 42 people were killed Saturday and dozens were wounded, and police discovered the remains of 12 people, including eight severed heads.”

In other violence Saturday, according to police:

-Gunmen ambushed a police checkpoint in the capital, killing seven police and wounding five pedestrians.

-Six mortar rounds hit a central Baghdad square, killing a child.

-Drive-by attackers shot and killed two car-parts salesmen and a mechanic as they worked at their shop in Baqouba.

-Gunmen in a car opened fire on two people in another vehicle, killing one and wounding the other, in the predominantly Sunni Dora neighborhood in southern Baghdad.

-Gunmen stopped an ambulance and opened fire in Dora, killing the driver and wounding a passenger.”


Perhaps these ahem..lofty (cough cough) organizations will raise their voices for The Plight of the Mus-lim Women of Afghanistan under the Ta-liban
“The latest atrocity shows two Taliban from the department of Am-ro bil mah-roof (Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, Ta-liban religious police) beating a woman because she dared to remove her bur-qa in public.”

None of these nor the thousands of other episodes of barbaric abuse have been condemned by CAIR, the ACLU or the other bleeding heart lib. organizations who wish to defame America yet again.

We all know as a point of fact that the flagrant abuse of women was flagged as not just one among many abuses in Iraq, but the quintessential failure of Izlam.
The torture and killing of women is an issue that goes to the heart of Izlamic culture in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and any other Muzlim nation. Yet the most strident polemicists on the Left remain mute.

When the torture of innocent, human life is carried out by Muzlims, the Liberal Left minimizes the actions, diminishes or blames the victim, and more often than not excuses the perpetrators.

How do these ahem..cough cough..”activist” groups explain their evidently purposeful refusal to bring those stories to light? Yet again the veil of silence envelopes them.

And yet here they are all set to inflame passions by fueling the anti-war and anti-Bush sentiment in the United States.
Their motivations perhaps would not be quite so transparent were it not for their interminable justifications for torture committed by Muzlims.

So let them play to the anti-American sentiments of the self hating American world audience to garner sympathy for their highly specific victims, which clearly do not include the hundreds of Israeli victims of Ar-ab terror.
We won’t even ask where were the demonstrations, the articles, the petitions, the resolutions when it was Muzlims torturing or killing innocents all over the globe.

How does one assess the sincerity of Leftist moral relativists and Muzlim organizations who refuse to indict Izlamic society for its torture, killings and misogyny and instead focus only on the sins of America?

This alleged concern for “torture” victims, wherein the organization gets to pick and choose which victims deserve their nuturance is nothing but a feeble attempt to hijack an alleged ideal by a Liberal and Muzlim agenda, which is yet again – to defame America and everything she stands for.

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8 Responses to “SelectivE TorturE eh?”

  1. Anna says:

    Let’s see, Gitmo is the most investigated prison on the planet and they have yet to have any allegations stick, yet they are torturing people there. In Haditha, the families of the alleged victims will not allow exhumation so that forensics can prove their deaths one way or another and they are complaining about their compensation not being enough. My cynicism is showing, I know, but I am so tired of the Marines being labeled murders when nothing has been proven!

  2. hNAV says:

    we see the vivid contradictions, of so many from the liberal side…

    wasn’t bizarre to see the Amnesty International to suddenly oppose the removal of a monster named Saddam?

    the Muslim treatment of Women is an outrage…

    we have seen this blindness to serious concerns, lost in respect to the misguided views of the USA.

    the embrace of Stalin remains an embarrassment for many on the left.

    do you remember the feminists of NOW, who went to great lengths to oust the pathetic Bob Packwood?

    then turned a completely blind eye, to the exactly same ugly behavior of Bill Clinton?

  3. Always On Watch says:

    How about this for torture-awareness? Thursday, June 8, marks the death date of MTP, in 632 A.D. Are these torture-aware activists going to pay attention to MTP’s kill-the-infidels and subjugate-the-women ideology? Of course not! As you pointed out, their agenda is “to defame America and everything she stands for.”

  4. Brooke says:

    What will they consider torture to be next? A firm talking-to?

    I suppose that when Muslims kill, maim and torture people, it’s just a “cultural difference.”

  5. KKKAAArrrLLL mMmM says:



  6. ABF says:

    When you put it all together, the real problem, and primary enemy of human rights, is the Liberal and Muzlim agenda. The only rights they see are their own, with no concern for anyone else’s.

  7. Blue Star Chronicles says:

    We Have Miles to go Before we Sleep…

    I’ve been spinning my wheels a little lately. Okay a lot. The Haditha story just flew all over me. The liberals/progressives, the MSM, the islamic masses have been having a feeding frenzy at the expense of our Soldiers and our nation….

  8. elendil says:

    I thought I should tell you, I mentioned your post in a post here.