Moshe Holzberg Lives; Moshe Yaish Nahari: Murdered by Izlam

The father of Rivkah Holtzberg, who was killed along with her husband Gavriel during the terror attack on the Chabad house in Mumbai, India last month, held a menorah-lighting ceremony at his Afula home Sunday evening.
Moshe Holtzberg, the murdered couple’s 2-year-old son, lit the first Hanukkah candle.

Rabbi Shimon Holzberg spoke …. about the emotional event: “We conducted the ceremony along with friends and members of my congregation, and Moishe lit the first candle, an honor that was usually reserved for his father.

Jews do what they do best.
And…………….Spread Light.

In the meantime:

The suspected murderer of Yemeni Jew Moshe Yaish Nahari told a court on Monday that he had warned Jews to convert to Islam or leave the country and that if they didn’t, he would kill them.

‘I warned Jews to convert or leave’

(Supposedly “radicalized”) Muzlims do what they do best.

And…..Spread Death.


Their kids:

And while so called ‘authorities’ on the leftard side of the world denounce us for being religiously intolerant — as though Izzlam was just an uncomplicated matter of religious inspiration sans totalitarian designs. Rrright.

Make no mistake sweet friends:
Those who continue to give ecumenical cover to imperial Izzlam are the useful fools of our age.

Leftist apologists and liberals react to the spread of Izlam in America and the world with a mixture of moral confusion and ideological denial. What causes this moral ambiguity, you ask, even in the face of undiluted terror and unquestionable evil?

It’s the second deadliest “religion” in the world: It goes by the name: moral relativism.

Absurdity on stilts. Truly.

Thankfully I have plans to be an unapologetic American this holiday season.

So without further ado..May I present my all time favorite vid of the year.

Straight No Chaser. Uh huh.
Enjoy sweet friends.
I know y’all will.

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12 Responses to “Moshe Holzberg Lives; Moshe Yaish Nahari: Murdered by Izlam”

  1. Brooke says:

    When will it be enough to put an end to these monsters?

  2. MK says:

    Every time i hear of those Muslim terror attacks upon mumbai, i think of that little boy and his parents. Last night on the evening news, they mentioned it and even now, they refuse to call them muslim terrorists.

    They didn’t even mention Moshe’s parents or that they were murdered, like they just don’t count. Sorry to say this, but they’re bastards, both the terrorists and their western apologists.

  3. Karl M says:

    The news media continues to marvel about the quick repair to the two luxury hotels, how they will be completely operational by the end of the week…
    OH…..OH……OH…..those murdred terriorist victims…..NOPE!!!! not one word about them…
    thanks again and always to you Angel for keeping what’s important front and center…Happy Holidays to you and yours…
    bet you can guess what i am wishing for..want a hint…..(pow, zoom to the moon)

  4. Maggie Thornton says:

    Your righteous outrage is well voiced. Love the video. Terrific!

  5. Katie says:

    Let us see:

    Judaism celebrates life.

    Islam celebrates death.

    Got it!

    Happy Chanukah!!

  6. Kevin says:

    ‘Radicalized muzlims’ = ‘muzlims’. It’s that simple. It’s a religion that is proud to kill others and to die while killing. There’s no way to discuss things rationally with them. Frankly, I’m amazed that they didn’t kill the poor two year old.

    Great Christmas/Hannuka/Pop mishmash video though. Hilarious!

  7. Always On Watch says:

    My heart goes out to little Moshe.

    Although the media at first carried the story about what happened to him and to his parents in Mumbai, now the media won’t give the story the time of day. Mustn’t let the sheeple get angry, righteously angry, about Islam, the death cult, and what it teaches and what havoc it wreaks in every life it touches.

  8. Gayle says:

    Unfortunately Always is dead right!

    The video was wonderful, Angel. Two amazing videos in two posts. I loved both this one and the Toby Keith one.

  9. z says:

    I can barely look at that sweet little orphan’s face without getting choked up.
    His parents would have enjoyed him so much as he grew up and done such a great job of raising a wonderful person. Thank God he has good relatives who have taken him under their wing and his nanny who loves him so much.
    so so so sad. xx

  10. Ogre says:

    Welcome to the new, shadow holocaust.

  11. joe says:

    They don’t want the dead terrorists buried in their muslim cemetaries, a very small start. How about we bury the bastards in a pig sty instead? That’s just about where they belong. Bury the live bastard with the dead ones too.

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