Gaza: It’s RaininG RocketS


Raise yer hand if you happen to have missed that ghastly Gilad Shalit display at the recent Ham-ASS “rally”?

With all those “innocent” civilians partaking of the sadistic barbarity?

Not exactly like the Jewish IDF soldiers are they?

They get 365 stinkin square kilometers and what does the world get? Izlamic, twisted, hateful “religious” fanaticism, terrorism, and um…more terrorism.

And you think this is just about “Gaza”? Ha.

Hama-ASS can slaughter women and children and then go hide behind their own.
Hey bullies: Don’t start something ya can’t finish, aigght?

If Israel had any wish for survival, she should just suck it up and finish this once and for all.
The rest of the Muzlim apologizing world should sit back and take notes.

Watching the Ham-ASS baby-killers whining about civilian casualties from behind the skirts of women. Yea. What men.
The Israelis can’t even find anyone man enough to fight.

But they got haters on all sides guys n dolls.

Gaza in the South.
Hezbollah up North.
Don’t forget good ole Syria.
And the big PimpDaddy of all the Muzlims: Iran.

Not to mention the Liberal whackjob fifth columnists within all free countries who have the luxury to don keffiahs and side with the IzlamoNazis. How cushy for them eh.

Clowns to the left of us.clown.gif
Jokers to the right.

Apparently, accordin to Libs, contemporary war theory means that when a population elects a regime that wages war, and tosses daily rockets on its neighbors it should be insulated from the blowback.

Because the um…. “international community” will wag its finger and cry ‘shame on you.’
Lovin how the newscasters and the stinkin UN calls on “both parties” to stop. “BOTH PARTIES”?..Like they’re the same?


Israel is doing the world a favor, and deep down — everyone knows it.

Muzlim Terrorists in NYC can’t spell:

Apparently, their fellow Ham-ASS Terrorists stink at Math too folks.
Ever notice when Ham-ASS monstergan.gif demands prisoner swaps they say: 1 (dead) Israeli = at least 1000 Palestinian terrorists.

But um….when Israel uses the same mathematical skills…. 1 Israeli killed by a missile = 1000 Ham-ASS thugs killed by missiles, alla sudden there’s a prob Bob.


Don’t fret IDF:
God fights on the side with the best artillery.
Napoleon Bonaparte

Oh yea..I almost forgot. A moment of silence and a note of condolence for the Liberal leftards worldwide who support and adore Muzlims worldwide and their pals: Ham-ASS.

The Muzlims in our midst are all terrorist sympathizers making them terrrorists. Period.

Where was the outcry from these peace lovin Muzlims when Sderot and Ashkelon were pummeled by rockets and babies were torn asunder by their brothers and suicide bombin sistaz?
Don’t answer that.

They should be summarily deported from every free country on the globe.

A country cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.
Albert Einstein

As far as the media and international opinion and pressure…Err…

Ceasefire?..You hear any fat lady singin jus yet?

IDF: Keep sendin those jihadis to their vir-gins, mmkay?


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18 Responses to “Gaza: It’s RaininG RocketS”

  1. z says:

    But, they all LOOK so PEACEFUL, don’t they, Angel? (SMILE)

    MY GOSH…!! And, aren’t they big and brave with their faces covered up like that? I’m thinking even many muslims aren’t averse to Israel beating the (*&$#@*(& out of Hamas. I hope so, anyway.

    And, OH, is that cartoon PERFECT! WHEN is the world going to hear the truth from the media? One really bright commenter at my place said today he hadn’t even heard that Hamas has been lobbying missiles into Israel for the last few weeks…. PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW! We have to get the word out!

    Great post, thanks!! XXX

  2. Otto - American Interests says:

    I have finally posted on this myself. Either way, Israel will never win the any popularity contest in the West, it may as well “brave the backlash” and go all the way with the current operation, noting too, that in loose terms, Israel is presently fighting OUR war on terror. We say Crush Hamas!

  3. Katie says:

    I fear that they only way for Israel to end this war is the total destruction of Hamas’ infrastructure in Gaza. If Israel does what she has done every other time and let Hamas stay in Gaza, Hamas will declare victory for they will have survived.

    Hamas and its allies in Gaza needs to be destroyed once and for all time. Then and only then can a solution for peace be met.

    I fear many civilians, not wanting war, but being caught in it, will be killed in the process. That is the price of war, that is the price of peace, that is the price Gaza will pay for the terror.

  4. Kevin says:

    Israel must not accept a ceasefire deal. The only solution is Hamas’ unconditional surrender. Until then, keep the bombs coming.

  5. MK says:

    It’s about time they finally started getting a bit of blowback. Anyone else notice how Obama is keeping real quiet on this. Last seen running after a cat that got his tongue. :)

  6. Joe Gringo says:


    Again….for being a 2008 Weblogs Awards Finalist!

  7. Kristina says:

    Kevin said, “Israel must not accept a ceasefire deal. The only solution is Hamas’ unconditional surrender. Until then, keep the bombs coming.”

    I say, “Ditto.”

    There is no way out of this but forward. Isreal made a huge mistake backing down over and over again. They need to stop bowing to the liberal pressure and finish this thing.

  8. joe says:

    ….Clowns to the left of us.
    Jokers to the right….

    and here I am—stuck in the middle with you.

    Right where I feel most comfortable, on the right side!

    Keep up the great work Angel!

  9. Tim says:

    Israel has the right to defend itself, and its telling that no one seems to care about the innocent lives they lose every time some terrorist pig decides to attack them.

  10. z says:

    MK! Obama only comments when there’s nothing to do with islam.
    Remember, he’s been mouthing off on energy, economy..NO PROBLEM. The minute there’s a muslim situation, Mumbai, israel, etc., he’s SO kind and considerate of Bush and reminds Americans “we only have one president at a time”…unreal.

  11. Debbie says:

    Obama had no idea what he was getting into as President. He will fail as a strong leader. That’s what happens when we elect a leader, that has never led anything, that has no strong beliefs and has never stood for anything. The Arabs will soon see and be disappoiinted.

  12. Gayle says:

    Civilians are always killed in a war… always. But still, Israel is raining notes down on Gaza warning civilians of the attacks. Have you heard that on the MSM? I sure haven’t! I found this link over at MK’s blog: Israel phones in warning to flee Gaza Strip strikes

    YOU GO, ISRAEL! Get them all out of the Gaza strip and take it back. Don’t ever give it to them again! They’re nothing but a bunch of maniacal ingrates.

  13. Seane-Anna says:

    Hey Angel! Great post! Check out my thoughts on Israel’s campaign against Ham-ASS over at my blog Hammer Folk Woman and tell me what you think,k?

    “God fights on the side with the best artillery.” Priceless! Even if it was said by Napoleon.

  14. KarL M says:

    Hi there…
    I refuse to get all poetic about a situation that has been long overdue.

    Anyone who can not understand the Israel IDF reaction needs only to walk up Pennsylvania Ave in Wash. D.C. to that WHITE HOUSE on the “right”, and gently toss a small pebble over the fence, and then another and then…the security force will take you to the ground, cuff your hands behind your back and then… if the Israeli people feel that the time has “finally” come to stop the “pebbles”, then any person of sane mind will stand behind them in support…
    Wake me when the mushroom cloud rises over Gaza, it will be a great additional to the ball dropping at Times Square….

  15. no.apology says:

    Unless IDF puts troops on the ground & digs these vermin out of their holes, Hamas wins.

  16. Veritas says:

    The best comment I saw was this morning when Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends asked Benjamin Netanyahu if he endorsed regime change against Hamas even though they were democratically elected? Netanyahu replied, ” Uh Yea…so was Hitler.”

    Isreal will never be safe until these terrorists are eliminated from the face of the planet, period. They need to ignore the liberal public opinion and destroy these asshats.

  17. Defiant_Infidel says:

    Bomb ‘em until the movement stops…

  18. Rosemary says:

    They better not give in to pressure again. If they do (IDF), the jihadis will consider it a victory no matter how many die. If they are not going to finish the job, don’t start it. I’m hearing too much talk about a cease-fire. WHAT? Heh-hum…WE DID NOT START IT, but we daggone sure better finish it this time. Just like PRESIDENT George W. Bush who did not give up in the face of the enemy at home and abroad…