Barak Obama: CommunisT Wanna Be

This is soooooo worth it!
Watch Milton Friedman smack down self righteous Phil Donahue…back in the day. Ha.applause.gif

“Stimulus” Package anyone?

Unending refundable rebates that we “evil” capitalists know –function more as handouts than “stimulus”.

More and more..and more…….. expanded government role in the housing and every other market.
The government, by the way, should be reducing and limiting its role in the mortgage and every other market, instead of expanding it into the monstrosity that Hussein wants, and crowding out private companies.

Incidentally, tax rebates and cash transfers do NOT stimulate the economy. The federal government can’t just wish and “hope and change” new purchasing power into existence. Sorry.

Make no mistake.
Socialism is on the march..and Hussein Obama is the leader of the parade.

So far Hussein’s cushy new job involves reading lotsa pre-written speeches, showing up late for Committee hearings, reading stories to 6 year olds and and posing for photos for People magazine.

Tragic to admit sweet friends but America isn’t being held hostage…Half of them just elected raving lunatics to pilot the plane.

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39 Responses to “Barak Obama: CommunisT Wanna Be”

  1. Stephanie says:

    What about the half of us that don’t want socialism?
    Why do we have to be subject to this?
    How about everyone who voted for Barry gets to pay higher taxes and we just don’t participate?

  2. wingless says:

    Angel said:
    So far Hussein’s cushy new job involves reading lotsa pre-written speeches, showing up late for Committee hearings, reading stories to 6 year olds and and posing for photos for People magazine.
    More than anything else, this is something that has me shaking my head – I mean “THE ELECTION IS OVER! YOU WON! GET IT? GOT IT? GOOD!”… The types of presidents that are self-obsessed & feel they need to be in the spotlight ALL THE TIME always scare me for these are the types of presidents that will change policies simply because they are temporarily “unpopular”.

    Bush stuck to the plan despite percieved “unpopularity” and the VERY LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS MINORITY that villified him for 8 years (as if the “Ladies in Pink” have any understanding or comprehension of the region, its history, or the administrations long-term goals! LOL!).

    The end result is that last week, Iraq had a relatively peaceful election, and the voters OVERWHELMINGLY REJECTED ISLAMIST PARTIES for a SECULAR, “LAW AND ORDER” PLATFORM (in other words, Bush was right to stick to the plan!)! Al-Maliki triumphed while Al-Sadr’s party & other Islamist groups flopped!

    If Obama were president instead of Bush he would have surely retreated prematurely due to the percieved unpopularity of the war (Wartime presidents are usually unpopular!). INSTEAD OF CELEBRATING A PEACEFUL ELECTION AND VICTORY OF A LAW AND ORDER GOVERNMENT today Iraq would be mired in a bloody civil war, while becoming a haven for international terrorists!

  3. wingless says:

    I can’t resist…
    Oh – and before anyone unchucks that “information” that Obama works until 10:00pm every day (is there a journalist who sits in front of the white house and logs when the lights go out each night?!) I’d ask them to consider: Clinton stayed in his office far longer, except the work he & Monica were doing was not exactly for the “greater good of the nation”…

    On a more serious note… Every office has one or two guys that pride themselves on staying at work later than everyone else… Rather than dedication, it’s usually a sign they are slow and/or inefficient employees.

  4. Faultline USA says:

    Thanks for the visit Angel. Love your The Three Socialists pic! I laughted so hard until I realized that the tears were real!

  5. Wingless says:

    Angel, I replied to some emails you sent a while back (was away, explained in email :-) )… Please WHITE LIST my email (wingless ATTTTT aoriginality D_OT_ com) as my domain is VERY FREQUENTLY automatically tagged as spam.

    I used to run an Ebay business, we used to send out thousands of emails to our subscribers and also had an autoresponder (which always sent the same email, hence tagged as spam).


  6. Stanford Matthews says:

    Obama selected Biden to answer critics’ complaint of no foreign policy experience. So now Joe goes to Munich and parrots Hillary Rodham Clinton’s speech that America’s policy will ignore defense and focus on democracy, diplomacy and development. Which proves the critics right. We will not defend ourselves and will turn socialist (their democracy part), give away the store along with the bailout/stimulus part (their development part) and cower to the wishes of foreign governmetns (their diplomacy part).

    As for the porkulus package, smaller is better, tax cuts to business and individuals will allow citizens to use that money to improve their situations which will be spent and therefore provide some economic thrust to get things moving. In contrast, aid to states and spending on infrastructure and pork projects will only reduce the treasury and increase the role of government.

    The vid was on point. Thanks Angel. Maybe the pain and suffering with a socialist in the White House will generate a defining moment in American history whereby insane political events will finally wake up this country’s population on a grand scale to do what is right. Something has to.

  7. Kristina says:

    Thanks, Angel. This was great.

  8. z says:

    Ya, he’s done all those ‘taxing’ things and had to go to Camp David to get away from it all this weekend!
    That’s after telling us his ‘staff is exhausted’…IN TWO WEEKS?
    I think the Bush staff was exhausted from having to put the W’s back in the computer keyboards…….what’s obama up against?
    Somebody remind him HE wanted this job for himself, WE didn’t.

  9. Brooke says:

    Fantastic graphics, Angel!

  10. Dapoppins says:

    Angel, you are so wise.

    My mom, who is a liberal, doesn’t agree with pork barrel spending…she thought the other so called stimulus bill was a bad idea too. I wonder what she thinks now? But there is something unique among liberals…they are BLIND, and no matter what anyone says, are incapable of seeing the truth.

    Sorry I have been away…I just kinda checked out for a bit. Busy with home school and such.

  11. Yehudi says:

    Hi Angel! It really is a scary prospect when you consider the direction Osama is leading our country in. Oy. Come on over to my blog and take part in a lttle exersize if you have a minute! ;)

  12. Seane-Anna says:

    What is happening to my America?! And how the hell can Obama interpret getting just more than half of the vote as a mandate?

  13. joe says:

    I think the only chance we have is to work our collective asses off to win a LOT of seats in 2010. Maybe by then there will be enough evidence of how lousy a President he is to get the impeachment process going. He has got to go!!!!!

  14. LomaAlta says:

    Angel, thanks for the nice post. My last two posts were related but lacked the power of your cartoons.
    may I steal the “Three socialists cartoon” it is great and would like to use it on some posts? Maybe it would be best if you signed it or labeled it for your site before I borrow it.?

    Thanks, enjoyed the post.

  15. KarL M says:

    Hey Angel, love the Three Stooges pic, Moe, Larry & Curly… always one of my favorites..Sorry to tell the Lefty libs but the party will end and work will have to be preformed. Do get back to me with Barry O’s approval rating same time next year. May be a bit muted, do not want to be racist by giving him a less than flattering score. Once the kid gloves are “allowed” off, reality will set in and it will no longer matter that only the House is White!!!!!!

  16. Katie says:

    God help us all. This package isn’t going to work, it doesn’t stimulate any real jobs, and is filled with pork. They will be back to do this again in another 6 months.

  17. Otto - American Interests says:

    2009 is only a tad over a month old and I’m already sick of the new buzz term, “stimulas”. By my reckoning we’ll come to rue the term once the damage it causes becomes apparant …

  18. Pasadena Closet Conservative says:

    He probably considers himself in good company. What an honor.

  19. Joe Gringo says:

    on the same wavelength….I posted on how this is not a stimulus package, but a REPARATIONS package.

  20. Nora says:

    Hello, Angel, this comment is just for telling you that I am back writing in English at the link I have left in this comment.

    About Obama’s socialism: if Republicans do not fight the good fight since the beginning, they are (and citizens too) to regret it… :(

  21. Nora says:

    I mean, they are GOING to regret it… :P

  22. ben says:


    Way to go ( :

  23. sayitlikeitis says:

    Thanks for the video. Milton was bright, articulate, noble and RIGHT.

  24. vegas art guy says:

    Angel, the left will simply blame Bush and Rush for their problems and the MSM will play along hoping to linger on for a few more years…

  25. Chris says:

    Hello from Baghdad! Long time no blog. I’ve got more scary stuff on the stimulus package from an article I got sent. Not just the normal pork. There’s a health-care pork rider that mandates a federal computer database for everyone’s records, with government control of all treatments, including limits on treatment. SCARY!

  26. The Phantom Man says:

    Obama is the most dangerous thing brought to the United States in a lifetime. By the time he’s done or gets thrown out, he’ll make Carter look competent and Bush look like Thomas Jefferson.

    Should we all have to suffer because of a dumbed down electorate and a lying pandering press that made this happen? Anyone with the least bit of common sense and love for this country should certainly want this hopeless, socialist dreamer to fail, and fail big. The biggest flaw in a democracy is that EVERYONE gets to vote, even the uneducated, the misguided, the lazy, the foolish, the dreamers and worst of all, the elitist socialists who helped elect this fraud.
    And how about these Idiots in Obamas corner who can`t even vet people properly. How can any moron expect us to sign up for the biggest tax debt in the history of America and not vet the people in their cabinet. This BS with Daschle is where it has to stop. This guy was the head of the senate. He knew about the tax laws he created. And if he is too stupid to grasp the tax laws than he is too stupid to be the Health Care Czar. The true class envy here is these politicians don`t have to pay their taxes and we responsible people do. DASCHLE IS A TAX CHEAT. AND Obama said AFTER finding this out that he wanted to “Stand behind him”! Daschle should go to jail! Not be brought into the administration. And if it weren’t for the public’s outcry he would have been confirmed. I can’t even stand to look at him, much less listen to his self-aggrandizing misplaced sentimental crap and his constant
    din about how terrible America is/was/will be and his crap about the destruction of our nation and his “negative rights” ideology of our Constitution
    DOWN WITH SOCIALISM and that means DOWN WITH OBAMA/PELOSI/REID/DODD/RANGEL/FRANK/ etc….Failure IS an option, and Barack O’Messiah MUST fail to save this country.
    Most of President Obama’s campaign promises and his actions since assuming the Presidency, it is apparent that as a Citizen of the World, he has made himself responsible for defanging America, for emasculating our nation and removing us as a threat to all of the murderous genocidal dictators in the world. I to hope he will fail in all of his endeavors, from bankrupting us with his abusive “stimulus” package to his appeasement of enemy regimes.
    I’m with Rush.
    Remember, Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism.

  27. nancz says:

    milton put old donahue in his place! he’s probably still trying to recover from that gentle tongue lashing.

  28. Dinah Lord says:

    It’s sad, isn’t it Angel?

    Watching the adoring sheeple at Obama’s latest town halls to push this POS spending bill almost made me cry.

    Then I watched Arlen Specter being interviewed by FNC this morning. It quickly became apparent that he had no FREAKING clue what was even the bill he had just voted yes for. Including the socialized medicine rider Chris referred to above. No clue.

    But he was one of the three Repubs that voted yes on the bill, of course.


  29. Dinah Lord says:

    Here’s a link for the Megyn Kelly – Arlen Specter dust up.

    http// j46L

  30. Tim says:

    Not sure I agree he’s a “wannabe” Angel. He looks pretty good at it.

  31. trespassers william says:

    Just came by to leave you a couple of links;


    please visit this one and sign the petition-also pass it on.

    the second;


    please stop by and read the article. Also pass this one on too, both of these are extremely important.

  32. Kevin says:

    Freidman good, socialism bad. I concur! :)

  33. JMK says:

    That Friedman clip is awesome. I posted it right after he passed away.

    He was Liberty’s most articulate champion.

    Look, bottom-line, we’ve HAD Keynesianism for the past 6 years! DeLay, hatert and Bush binged on excessive government spending (more reckless social spending, even adj for inflation, than LBJ), so we’re really only getting MORE of the same.

    NOTHING done today (and YES, it will get much worse, in terms of more government) CAN’T be undone tomorrow, as a means of dealing with “the intensifying crisis.”

    The idea that “once we go down that road toward Keynesianism/socialism we can never turn back,” is often “wishful thinking” by some Leftists who’ve infilitrated the Conservative movement in an attempt to deliberately undermine it. What such folks really mean, is “Once you’ve accepted such entitlements and the government controls that go along with them don’t you dare try and take them away.”

    Utter nonsense.

    They CAN be taken away with the stroke of a pen and they WILL, should things get much worse.

    As Maggie Thatcher said, “Reality is Conservative.”

  34. JMK says:

    TYPO: “DeLay, Hastert (must’ve been a Freudian slip – “hatert”) and Bush binged on excessive government spending…”

  35. trespassers william says:

    I hope this is not to late…okay Mr. and Mrs. Conservative it is time for us to roll up our sleeves and do a little work. We have one more opportunity to put an end to the Porculus Plan. Here are somethings you and I can do;
    1. Stop by this site;
    and sign the petition/
    2. E- mail or call Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe and Arlen Specter and let them know that even though you may not be in their state you
    will be sending money to whoever will be running against them in 2010 so they will be defeated and no longer be in office.
    3. Contact all your friends, relatives and bloggers that you know who live in the states of Maine and Pensylvania to encourage them
    support those running against them.
    4. E-mail or call those who voted against the Porculus Plan (whether Democrat, Republican or Independent) and thank them also let them
    know that they will be getting your support as long as the continue to make the right decisions and listen to we the people.
    5. Pass this information on.

  36. OMMAG says:

    If you are dismayed by the Democretins largess with your money you may not want to consider the other ideological fronts of these thinly disguised Marxists.

    Personal Freedoms: Not a favorite thing amongst that crowd … witness the noise their making about a new version of the “Fairness” doctrine.

    Guns and the right to bear arms: Just wait!

    Property rights: Although this one went down the toilet under Bushes watch.. the Dems will show no more concern for the American citizens right to dominion over their own life and wellbeing or one’s own real property than the Supreme court has.

    Just watch how they throw Law Abiding Americans under their politically correct bus every time there’s a choice between looking after America or looking after criminals from other countries.

    It’s about 20 months until you get a chance to do something about it.

    Maybe you should think about filling the election coffers of some right thinking republicans in the meantime.

  37. Amboy says:

    Awesome video Angel. I sure don’t miss Donahue.

  38. Merl Elton says:

    Does BO provide any money to defend the US in case of another terrorist attack? What he sould be doing is providing funds to strengthen local coummunity defenses: police departments, fire departments, rescue squads, hospitals, shelters, etc. Unfortunately, with all this spending on pork for his friends who have the money to escape any terrorist attack;we should all worry. We are not safe. It looks like he is bankrupting the US. He is letting the worst out of Gitmo. And we must all be very concerned about terrorists rights; and forget about our own. Would all of this respect, niceness, PC, caution, and concern for terrorists matter to the terrorists and stop them from doing what they do? Never. Could Obama be that unwise?
    What terrorist would respect or fear a bankrupt nation that is powerless to defend itself. Is this where BO’s policies are leading us? If so, God help us.

  39. Merl Elton says:

    I love this site. It is good to know that young people value their rights and freedoms. Countless people have died for your rights. Therefore, protect your civil rights, the Bill of Rights, and the Consitution. Along with the Bible, these are the greatest documents ever written. Never surrender your rights because lost rights are difficult or impossible to regain. Pity those who must live outside the US where are virtually no constitutional rights. Elsewhere, whoever is most popular or powerful can say what goes; right or wrong.
    Those who protest are harassed, shunned, exiled, jailed, and at worst killed.

    When I see beautiful and innocent young people horribly beaten, maimed, and beheaded or otherwise killed by fanatics fueled by distorted and insane idealogies; it is heartbreaking. I cannot fathom such cruelty for no good reason. It should make your blood boil also. Worry about the rights of innocent victims; not the terrorists who kill them. Not to oppose the enemy is to strengthen him. Appeaement only enables and strengthenes the enemy. People who do not respect human rights and commit crimes against humanity should be driven out of wherever they reside. If they do not like our laws and customs, we should not back down or appease, we must tell them they have to leave. We cannot and will not change for them. Afer all total appeasement is being just like them. The US and the great nations of the world need to make a united stand that we will not tolerate this. Until these horrible crimes are stopped, the perps are not welcome in humane and peace loving nations. As one famous person said: walk softly yet carry a big stick. To ignore the wisdom of the ages is to perish.