Muslims Beating and Killing Women

Warning: Graphic Images.

BUFFALO, N.Y. – A suburban Buffalo man who founded a cable TV station to promote better understanding of Muslims in the U.S. has been arrested on charges he beheaded his wife.
Man arrested in wife’s beheading
Authorities say suspect is founder of cable TV network for Muslims

In other news………..

An Afghan diplomat was charged Friday with beating his wife “like a dog” for more than 15 hours in their Queens home, prosecutors said.

Mohammed Fagirad, 30, a vice consul at the Afghanistan Consulate, brutalized his wife inside their Flushing home from about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday until nearly midnight, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.
During the attack, Fagirad bit, slapped, choked and beat the 22-year-old woman with a belt, pushed her down a flight of stairs and sat on her chest, prosecutors said.

At one point, prosecutors said, Fagirad threw his wife up against a wall, held her there by the neck and then let her drop to the floor, where he beat her with a belt.
Afghan diplomat Mohammed Fagirad charged in all-day wife beating

Flat out misogynism?

Yea. It’s called IZLAM.

Here’s the Buffalo “mending fences” dude gettin an award from the terrorist org. CA-IR:

If he promises he’ll be a good lil Muzlim and never do it again, they’ll give him another plaque.
Mr. Congeniality, no doubt.

Oh no. Here we go trying to impose our culture on someone else, right?
How dare we.

Yup. Moderates all around us. Here’s some “moderate” Muzlim chicks:

Don’t ya jus feel your bigotry swelling when you read this stories?..I mean, who are we to say that be-heading chicks is wrong huh.

S’ok, though.. because the Koooooooooran condones wife beating.

Men are superior to women on account of the qualities with which God has gifted the one above the other, and on account of the outlay they make from their substance for them. Virtuous women are obedient, careful, during the husband’s absence, because God has of them been careful. But chide those for whose refractoriness you have cause to fear; remove them into beds apart, and scourge them: but if they are obedient to you, then seek not occasion against them: verily, Allllllllllllllllah is High, Great!”

Oh but make sure when you catch these slimeball savages in the act of terrorism, don’t get any water up their nose, or put any womens’ panties near their still attached heads….cuz the Libtards will be all over you like a virus.

These savages are now your next door neighbors friends.

I don’t know bout y’all but I jus love all this “bridge-building” between cultures.
I know.
Let’s have a “play-beheading” day in elementary schools today…You know Multi culturalism and all that good stuff.

And this guy freakazoid, founded a cable TV station to promote better understanding of Muslims in the U.S, then proceeded to chop his wife’s head off…. was trying to improve the image of Muzlims?
Ummm. Not so much.

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16 Responses to “Muslims Beating and Killing Women”

  1. Katie says:

    Expect to see more of this in the US. Stinky is letting Hamas in the nation.

  2. Debbie says:

    It’s terrible Angel what these women go through. Just awful.

  3. Stanford Matthews says:

    What gets ignored by the MSM is frequently discussed. What gets extra help into obscurity by the media is anything dealing with da Muslim faith. The liberals take great pleasure, for instance, in attacking priests who have ‘lost their way’ and are being arrested or sued for pedophilia and the like. But oh no, there will be no discussion of beheadings and other brutality in the Muslim world.

    Let’s be diverse. Let’s embrace everyone else’s way of life and abandon are own. Seems to be the message.

  4. Batman says:

    “Let’s have a “play-beheading” day in elementary schools today…You know Multi culturalism and all that good stuff.”

    It may not be that far fetched…unfortunately :(

  5. Seane-Anna says:

    “…a ‘play-beheading’ day at an elementary school…” The scary part, Angel is that, in the current pc climate, that might actually happen. It’s like Ann Coulter wrote, 9/11 made Islam the Left’s favorite religion.

  6. KarL M says:

    Let us remember they are peace loving people…..
    a little PIECE of this and a little PIECE of that…
    And the the Oil connection…obvious…heat it to boil..
    throw on nearest women…and do not forget to label it…HONOR killing..
    it should be called HORROR…but please do not say anything bad about the Koran….those sharp edges are great for cutting!!!!!!

  7. Brooke says:

    Is there anything on Earth worse for women than Islam?

    Wait for the media and apologists to call this ‘just another case of domestic violence’…

  8. michael says:

    wow, those are some strong pictures.

    I read about the guy from Bridges TV. Ironic. Truly ironic. You just can’t make that stuff up.

  9. The Rev. Right says:

    Great blog, I’m glad I found you.. I’ll be back often

  10. nancz says:

    if the u.s. doesn’t get a grip on this, every izlamizt is going to think they have “diplomatic immunity” when it comes to abusing and/or killing their wives and daughters.

    if you’re in america – live by the laws of THIS land!

  11. Nora says:

    Absolutely terrible. This case and that one about the “moderate” Muslim who has been condemned to 7 life time sentences for torturing several of his sons/daughters and wifes have been really disheartening for me. Yes, these bastards are caught, but nothing is done before the killing to help the abused or to stop the torture while it’s taking place.

    This is not only a US phenomenon, we are seeing it growing each day that elapses….


  12. Straight Shooter says:

    I just feel sick inside.
    Thank you for always bringing these things to the forefront.
    I am waiting for the other shoe to fall here on our soil now that barry is at the wheel.

  13. MK says:

    “…..cuz the Libtards will be all over you like a virus.”

    Yes indeed Angel, they’ll always fight on the side of scumbags.

  14. cube says:

    The root cause of all of this horror is Islam. The sooner we wrap our heads around that fact, the better. Islam needs to be dragged into the 21st century, but I’m not sure that can be done in the PC environment around us.

  15. Dapoppins says:

    Its wrong, it’s awful and it’s evil.

    And it is their way of life.

  16. Anon says:

    The liberals are so libteral they are homophobic racists! I’m in the UK and a white skinhead just started a fight with me for defending a gay woman and opposing muslim sharia law. The UK is beat, good luck America, I think this is a fight we cannot win. It’s already over.