Israel beats Sweden 3-2 in Davis Cup

Coming to a stadium near you:

Muzlims, aka, barbarian savages, protesting JEWS playing tennis in….oh yea….
The Izlamic Kingdom of Sweden.

MALMO, Sweden, March 8 – Israel beat seven-times champions Sweden 3-2 in the Davis Cup first round on Sunday after an heroic five-set win by Harel Levy over Andreas Vinciguerra behind the closed doors of the Baltic Hall.

The three-day tie was overshadowed by security concerns with hosting city Malmo deciding to close the hall to the public, and only some 400 media representatives, sponsors and guests witnessed the drama of the deciding rubber.

Levy triumphed 6-4 4-6 6-4 3-6 8-6 after a nerve-racking, roller-coaster fifth set in which both players failed to convert important points.

Israel beat Sweden 3-2 in Davis Cup first round

Malmo’s decision to shut out fans was severely criticised by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and the Israeli players.

On Saturday, more than 6,000 protesters demonstrated against Israel’s participation in the competition outside fences surrounding the Baltic Hall.

Look Ma, No Fans.
Wer’e Sweden and “Wer’e toooooooooo scared of the Muzlim hordes.” Boo frikken hoo.

Try to envision, if you will .. a professional tennis match, played at the highest level.
Then prevent all tennis fans from watching. That Twilight Zone Episode became a reality this past weekend as Sweden took on Israel in a Davis Cup match in Malmo

By the way………ISRAEL WON.

Despite the vile demonstrations and the daily dose Izlamic venom pouring out, the Israeli players do what Jews always do: stayed focused and got the job done.

The cowardice and overtly discriminatory actions by the Town Clowns at Malmo are unforgivable.

The Israeli Tennis Federation and ITF had better re-read the Davis Cup rules in order to ensure that this atrocity is never permitted to happen again.

Poor, pitiful Anti-semitic Muzlims worldwide. Probably foaming at the mouth and smoldering at the outcome. Perfect. Heh.

If Sweden was so impotent that they could not sufficiently provide security for this event, it should have been re-located to a country where Muzlims don’t rule by fists, rock throwing and wearing the loudest color keffiah.
Malmo is an embarassment to civilized societies everywhere.

The outrageous attempt to demoralize the Israelis clearly…failed.

Congrads Dudi and Harel!
Look around you guys at the outpouring tsunami of joy.
Well deserved.

They performed brilliantly despite the Muzlim, Jew hating mob right outside the arena and the spinelessness of Malmo’s leaders.

The mayor of Malmo should publicly apologize to the Israeli players, Swedish players and his entire Nation.

Booyaahhhhhhh Israel for winning against a country which put you in the worst conditions to play.
Clearly, your courage and your strength were increased tenfold by this pathetic machination.

Add Sweden to the list of Nations who now cower in the face of Muzlims’ Jew Baiting, anti-Semitism, and generally all things anti-Israel.

Russia is up next. Bring em on.


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23 Responses to “Israel beats Sweden 3-2 in Davis Cup”

  1. Katie says:

    If the Swedes had let spectators in their team might have won. For then they would have had the Home Field Advantage. What they did was to give the Israelis an edge (anger is a good edge in sports) and they won.


  2. Pink Panthere says:

    Sometimes i think that people are just completely our of their minds!

  3. Jack says:

    It was a sweet victory.

  4. Debbie says:

    They are everywhere, and everywhere they are, they change the country for the worse.

    Who you ask??? You know who. It’s not the Israelis.

  5. tfsternsrantingsblogspot says:

    Courage and Resolve…

    Those who cave into bullies invite continued bullying; only from then on not only is there a taste of blood in your mouth but the taste of cowardice to wash it down….

  6. OMMAG says:

    Sweden …… dhimitude in action…

    It strikes me that this would be a good addition to the Farcical “It’s written in the Koran!”

    Use you imagination!

  7. Kevin says:

    Israel may have won, but freedom lost. This whole episode is despicable. Sweden has lost a lot of face.

  8. Pasadena Closet Conservative says:

    This is such a no-brainer. Too bad it’s completely lost on all the evil minds of this world.

  9. dapoppins says:

    Actually, I am not a big tennis fan. But that is sooooo cool.

  10. Always On Watch says:

    Israel won? Excellent! And in the face of anti-Semitism, too.

    It’s good to see a bit of justice — if only in the world of sports.

  11. Rosemary says:

    Isn’t that where Mr. Geertz is a parliament member? No wonder they didn’t stand up for him or Israel. This country is gone. Mark it off the list of free countries. Don’t call us, we’ll call you…NOT.

  12. amboy says:

    I don’t know much about tennis, but BRAVO ISRAEL!

  13. KarL M says:

    The irony….Russia….they refused to let the Jews out!!!! and now they have to show the world how “different” they are from the rest by being the PERFECT host…
    You can not make this stuff up!!!!!

  14. cube says:

    I’m glad Israel won, but I’m disappointed in Sweden. If you don’t the power to stand up to these thugs, then you had better go get it.

  15. ben says:

    No fans? That’s bizarre.

    :::I’ll bet BØ had something to do with it ::: (;

  16. LomaAlta says:

    Nice victory after the racial discrimination in Dubai.

    Angel, it’s not only tennis we have to worry about, looks like the Clintonistas are steering Obama to tilt toward nurclar arms for Iran. Stop by for the details.

  17. joe says:

    Sweden lost a LOT MORE than a tennis match! They lost the world’s respect, their friends AND their enemies.

  18. pela68 says:

    I’m ashamed.

    It was actually the social democratic “mayor” of Malmö- Reepalu- that stopped the match. Or rather forbade public attendace out of “security reasons”, look how much good that did!

    But what do you expect of a counceler in city that are almost one third muslim…

    Give me a green card- please?

  19. MK says:

    What they should have done is let all the fans in and let the army in as well, any jihadist/leftist that causes trouble, gets yanked out and on the first truck out of the country.

    No wait, what army, oh yeah i forgot, European adventurism with multi-culturalism and other leftwing stupidity is underwritten by the US Military.

    Never mind, Eurabians better hope their muslim overlords will be as nice to them as they were back when they were embracing them.

  20. z says:

    And, if we criticize we’re nasty hateful people, right? If the police did what they should have, THEY’d be the ones arrested, right?
    How does this end? HOW? And muslims know this…all too well.

  21. Stanford Matthews says:

    Go figure, 1972 came to mind.

  22. Faultline USA says:

    If the U.N. gets its way it will soon be illegal to criticize them!

  23. Adam says:

    The world has cancer. It’s called Islam. The only way to treat cancer when it takes over a host body is with radiation.

    Wake up Europe. You gassed and burned 6m peaceful Jews and have replaced them with 50m Islamic barbarians.