Muslim attacks Christian Minister..World Yawns

A Christian minister who has had heated arguments with Muslims on his TV Gospel show has been brutally attacked by three men who ripped off his cross and warned: ‘If you go back to the studio, we’ll break your legs.’
Minister beaten after clashing with Muslims on his TV show

He started slapping my face and punching my neck. He was trying to smash my head on the steering wheel.
Then he grabbed my cross and pulled it off and it fell on the floor. He was swearing. The other two men came from the car and took my laptop and Bible.’
The Metropolitan Police are treating it as a ‘faith hate’ assault and are hunting three Asian men.


What the *&@### is ASIAN?

Is that now a religion?

Um…It’s called Izlam fools.

You know, that anti semitic, overtly anti Christian Political ideology that masks as a religion and conveniently divides the world into us and them: the Dar al Izzzlam and the Dar al Harrrb.

The one that mandates that Dar al Izzzzlam rules and masters the world, and Dar al Harrrrb has to be summarily eliminated.

The one that insists that Shaaaaria be implemented to rule the world.

And the U.K. does nothing but offer more and more and more concessions from us lowly “infidels”, to help advance the goal of political Izzlam: our very destruction.

Ahem..”Asian” London bombers:

Asians eh?

Asians worldwide should be offended.

And before we get too smug here in the U.S. of A…note that Minnesota state agency has now offered Izzzlamic Mortgages.

Funnel yer cash to terrorists right here!
More convenient than an ATM.

Keep it up England.
Just brew yerselves a nice pot of tea, and bend further over..if you can, that is.

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26 Responses to “Muslim attacks Christian Minister..World Yawns”

  1. Batman says:

    They only threatened to break his legs if he went back to the studio???

    Wow! Seems some of them are becoming more peaceful…

  2. z says:

    OH, I just saw you covered Malone below (mmmm!)..can’t wait to see what you said!

    On this post, I honestly wept a little. Jews and Christians have to RISE UP against this horrible type of action, but our left makes it impossible! If we do, we’re demonized as WING NUTS, etc…..have you seen SALON.COM on Glenn Beck’s warning Conservatives? They say he’s calling for killing those who don’t agree with the Right..honestly! SaulAllinsky rules RULE in America, folks…that man FINALLY got his way.

    England, …..interesting…I just heard a Scottish minister say “Prince Charles is a defender of FAITH, not THE FAITH!” Bet on that, well said. What a stinking damned shame.

  3. Mojo Steve says:

    Religion of Peace, my hiney. I’ve spoken out against Islamic violence and Sharia and the degrading English kowtowing to Islam dozens of times in my own blogs. Give it another year or so, and they’ll be mired in the same sort of violence bordering on Civil War that France saw recently.

  4. Stanford Matthews says:

    Seems odd that with all the angst associated with the occasional debate over the death penalty that an entire group with a certain religious affiliation and a history of violence and killing for reasons beyond understanding would not draw at least the same amount of attention over their behavior.

  5. Always On Watch says:

    I’m very pressed for time. so I posted a link to this here at my site and here at my site.

    Hoping to get this story more circulation.

    Wake up, UK! It’s late, but maybe not too late.

  6. Always On Watch says:

    Oops! The second of my links above is to Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

    Told you I was in a hurry!

  7. elvis the original terminator says:

    Yes, the west seems to be committing suicide. It’s quite sad really….
    but even so , I sense a stirring in many that are willing to stand up against this insane evil religion.

  8. amboy says:

    By committing violence, these fools negate their faith by practicing it.

  9. Dinah Lord says:

    Oh Angel, this post just sums it up and unfortunately that D.T. Devereaux sketch (he’s awesome) is the way I’m feeling lately…

    Linking you to my post on the subject.

  10. Mustang says:

    The most distressing thing about this story is that the preacher didn’t put all three of those “Asians” in the hospital. I would have settled for two.

    As for the video, I wish the speaker had identified BY NAME the treasury officials she referred to. Making reference to “Wall Street” without reference to specific individuals does not allow us to write meaningful letters. It’s like saying our government is corrupt, without specific reference to Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd, or Nadler. If we want to fight this corruption, we have to be willing to name names.

  11. Brooke says:

    Asian is the new pc code word for Muslim.

    Good lawrd. When will we GET IT?!?

  12. Steve Harkonnen says:

    I don’t call them Asians, I call them sand niggers. There’s no holding back on these sons of bitches, I call them what I feel.

  13. Steve Harkonnen says:

    ..and Brooke, if PC stands for politically correct, I tend not to have much to do with that. All PC does is hold back true feelings. We shouldn’t have to be that way.

  14. tapline says:

    Angel, I spoke to Shariah Financing a while back referring individuals to articles written about this when it was starting, but as with now no one was listening….MOney….Bottome line, I should say the love of money……….stay well….escellent post…..

  15. Debbie says:

    “Asian” usually means Pakistani, at least in Europe. This is awful, but just one more example of the ROP.

  16. dapoppins says:

    The pic of Abe Lincoln= intensely thought provoking.

    Asian? Seriously? cause they don’t want to inspire some kind of …return of violence against MUZlims…they are Asian?

  17. joe says:

    I’ll bet the Japanese don’t consider those assholes “Asians”. The correct term is M U S L I M S!! Why in HELL is everybody so damned afraid of. Use the right name!

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  19. MK says:

    That last cartoon is something too many in the western world won’t get, there is not only one danger to western civilization. Hint – it ain’t islamic extremism.

  20. Zeeva says:

    This is the disturbing trend that has plagued us for quite some time now. But if this were reverse the whole world would be in dhimmitude crying of some lousy muslim cleric.

  21. Rosemary says:

    PC is going to get us all killed. Gather your needs. Be prepared. I have that article about Minnesota. It is despicable.

  22. Tim says:

    What is most tiresome is this idea that muslim terror states are “misinterpreting” the Koran. No, they are not, and while many like to point out that one can quote mine the Bible and conclude logically that they are suppose to kill people, they really can’t. The Bible has historical accounts recorded of God ordering specific people to do specific things. There is not one passage in the Bible that lets me know that my job as a Christian is to kill non Christians. The Koran is replete with very straight forward passages that order Muslims to kill non-muslims, or “infidels” as they put it. Muhammed himself was one of the most violent men in world history when one looks at his character objectively.

  23. North Northwester says:

    I hate it when these dhimmis ignore stuff like this. To have an American (hi Angel) find out about it because the bloody BBC won’t tell us about this stuff for fear of upsetting ‘coommunity relations’ makes my blood boil.

    Did you all hear about our soldiers of the Anglian Regiment coming back from Iraq and parading and being booed and accused of cowardice and war crimes by Muslims living in Britain? Did you hear about the chap who was arrested by the police for criticising these ‘anti-war protesters? ‘Do you have that over in the States yet, like with Vietnam?

  24. Joe Gringo says:

    that’s like saying the US has arrested 3 Americans for entering the US illegally…..when it was 3 Mexicans…’cause they’re in North America ya know

  25. KarL M says:

    Sorry Angel, the color of money is green…green with greed…therefore nothing will EVER be done to hinder the flow of oil…ooopsss i meant money….so if you every expect any country to fight the infestation of Muzlimitis, the economy will have to convert to vegetables instead of dollars…so pass me a few tomatoes and i will give you a container of milk…till then, protect your dog,tighten the towel, harness the camel here comes the Izmofacist….

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