Israel should prepare their massive aerial assault on IRAN and to the blazes with them once and for all.
Hussein Obama, of course would rather prepare for a massive SURRENDER to IzlamoNazis.

Let’s be honest sweet friends.
The mental illness of anti-Americanism and anti-semitism has re-exploded BIG time, worldwide -with the convergence of the liberal Leftards and the rise of IzlamoNazism.

Sure, the noxious danger was held at bay for a couple of decades, but like the incurable cancer it is……………It’s backkkkkkkkkk.

The 1960′s faciliated the entrenchment of the far left into academia, the media and most of our cultural institutions.

Evil deserves one thing and one thing only: DEFEAT.
Appeasing Evil creates more Evil. And we all know it.

Playing by Liberal, appeasing, rules and trying to get the whole world “to love us” has resulted in piles of dead Americans.

IzlamoNazis deserve one thing from us:
A reason to fear us. Period.

If America insists on self destruction by voting in for President an America hater, anti-semitic, terrorist sympathizer, at least Israel should not roll over and accept the repulsive anti-Semitic subversion which perverts reality by making Israel out to be a ” threat to world peace”, while insisiting that Nazi-Izlamist warmongerers aren’t.

It’s way past time for we Americans and all those in free Nations to strike out with our own vision of our Nation.

Hussein obama will destroy us — if we let him.

You don’t need the world, they need YOU.

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52 Responses to “America and Israel: STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES”

  1. Gayle says:

    “You don’t need the world, they need you.” Exactly right, Angel! I hope that Israel ignores our idiotic President and takes care of business. I wish we could ignore him, but it’s impossible. When in country the man goes on television almost every day. He’s so in love with himself he gave his dog his initials, “BO”. Says he named it after “Bo Diddly.” Yeah, right! What an egomaniac, but I could live with that if he loved America which he so obviously does not!

  2. Seane-Anna says:

    “Evil deserves one thing and one thing only: DEFEAT”. AMEN!!!!! Angel, you should contact Robert over at Wise Conservatism and see if he’ll put that on a bumper sticker or t-shirt for you. And thanks for the pics on this post. The one of the crippled man with the “No Fear” sign on the back of his wheelchair nearly brought me to tears; I just wish it were bigger. Ditto with the pic of the couple wrapped in the Israeli flag. And the patriotic pics, especially the one of the bald eagle tattoo, filled me with pride. USA!!!! USA!!!! And you are sooooooo right, Angel. America and Israel don’t need the world, the world needs us! I just fear that it will take a LONG night for the world to wake up to that truth.

    Gayle, thanks for the heads up on the Big O’s new dog’s name. I hadn’t made the connection but you’re spot on. “BO” IS his initials. Egomaniac, indeed!

  3. Nathanael says:

    It’s easter Week so let’s cool the tempers down. We all want peace! Where there is a will, there is a way. Let all people of good will pray to the God of Abraham, Isaak, and Jacob for a way to avoid the war with Iran, withouth endangering the world peace and Israel’s integrity. God is very resourceful: He can show the way! I am little surprised that God allowed President Obama to make a few positive peace overtures and to score some successes. But I do not reject what is good, even if done by Democrats. But let’s trust God alone at all times! It’s His Spirit that gives wisdom to act! Obama has succeeded so-far only because God wanted it so, not by his own moral strength! It is discouraging when anti-life people score successes! Obama refuses to acknowledge that his life is God’s! That is a blasphemous position! All life is God’s, and God alone is Life! But we must not stop people like Obama, for all the good they do is God’s! They do it on account of His Mercy and patience! But we authentic Christians have God on our side always! He is our Life and our Beloved King and Friend! We can find better solutions than Ophrah and Obama! So let us pray and listen to God’s Spirit Paraclete, on how to solve the difficult question of Iran! And remember: the time is short, so let’s pray hard! Even Moslems throughout the world should be asked to pray for a solution to Iran!

  4. david says:

    I like it. Short, sweet, and to the point, Kudos

  5. Avraham Ben Amram says:


    As a religious and pious American Jew, I would just like to thank all of you wonderful people for the message you are sending. Since I love both the United States and Israel, I felt it fitting to post something on your site. Things like this let me know that Hashem is gathering all of the righteous for the “8th Day” when Moshiach will arrive and lead all of us to salvation as we rebuild his temple and souls are reborn in the Garden of Eden once again. May the Lord heal the sick, feed the poor, bless the pious and bring us peace and harmony and deliver us Moshiach speedily in our days – AMEN!

    “Do not fear sudden terror, nor the destruction of the wicked when it comes. Contrive a scheme, but it will be foiled; conspire a plot, but it will not materialize, for G-d is with us! To our old age He is with us. He has made us and He will sustain and deliver us.

    Indeed the righteous will extol Your name; the upright will dwell in your presence.”

    The Lord will bless you and guard you. The Lord make His countenance shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord turn his countenance toward you and grant you peace. AMEN.

    Thank you my brothers and sisters, for your heart felt comments.

    Shalom Alechem.


  6. KarL M says:

    Got to love the “energy” that the non-believers bring to the party…
    Never ceases to amaze that if you are not smart enough to see the truth about an argument start cussing, screaming and yelling…i have a novel idea…bring a thought with you next time..the facts of the issue are not debatable, the Muzzie affection of our pResideNt is obvious, there is barely room in all the beds he is trying to jump into..Hopefully the importance of the Oval office will dawn on Hussein O’ shortly and he will begin to think what is best for the American people…not for book sales, U-tubes and photo ops…sooner rather than later…GOD BLESS U.S.

  7. Roy says:

    Yes! yes! yes! I so agree LONG LIVE THE USA AND ISRAEL islam is evil and will be burned in defeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. john l says:

    If Palestinians laid down their arms, apologized for attempted genocide of Israelis, went to work, educated their young in useful subjects, no one would shoot at them. The Israelis have shown immense patience and tolerance since 1948.

    The opposing opinion is only possible through complete blind ignorance, incapacitating political hardening of the attitudes and adult onset immaturity.

    I’m tired of peaceful dialogue and I’m ready to ‘eliminate leftist thought’ even if it takes the thought’s owner with it.

    John the Omniscient

    The world will be free when the Uniters of the World Work!

  9. Zeeva says:

    Girly friend your title says it all!

  10. Zeeva says:

    That’s okay hun, you have stuck with me too and my new article will post at midnight tonight EST, but you can catch it tomorrow when you have time!!!! :)


  11. midogman says:

    that which came unto mohommad was a devil in disguise. flee from this foul blasphemy and pray to god for deliverance.

  12. Alex says:

    Very funny. Cool as it is Israel is only an American pet puppet puppy and will only bark, gnarl and bite if told to do so. By cool I mean Israel is the most developed, democratic, and open country in the region far ahead from it’s backward and despotic neighbors but still too corrupt for Western standards.
    I agree Iran should be put int it’s place but how? Another failure similar to Somalia, Afghanistan or Iraq will help American enemies make laughing stock of the great country. Cutting off Iran’s friends Russia and China will work best. Russia is desperate for US technology to prop an economy collapsing under falling oil prices and China is dependent on US goodwill in managing trade and deficit for the survival of the Chinese Communist rule.

  13. MOSES says:


  14. gerry says:

    I’m neither a democrat or a republican, I’m an independent conservative. When looking at the two party’s platform, I find it impossible to follow the democratic platform. So hence I vote republican only for the lesser of 2 evils. Do I agree with some democrats on some issues…yes! I was for the increase in minimum wage. If you work, you should be compensated with a living wage. Also equall pay for equall work reguardless of race or sex. I agreed of the need for regulations(some not all) on the banking & financial institutions( lets face it, alot of greed & corruption). There are a few other points they make that have merrit atleast to be discussed.
    Where the divide comes, is the incestual beilief’s they forment on moral issues with-in the liberal left. I find imposible to connect to , women’s right’s, gay rights, & affirmative action. I believe in equal rights periord. To the degree of the extent of the law. I don’t believe morally in gay marriage, but under our constitution we have equal access. I do believe in our constitution, so I would afford them civil union, so not be denied medical benifits, & death benifits provided as such to married couples. Who am I to judge them morally, for god said “judge not less you be judged”?
    With reguards to women’s rights, like formentioned, I’m for equal rights for equal pay. I’m for equal right to promotion & advancement, & many other issues within this sphere. I’m totally against tittle 9, & what it & affirmitive action has done to white males. Blantent discrimanation! Now fully 57% of all college students are female, & with afirmative action for minorities, leaves only 28% of white males attending college. You call this equal? Yet the extent of the law prohibits full equall rights to be extended to women. Before you have a fit, let me explain why. I am pro life, but I also believe in our constitution. Currently under U.S. law, women have the right to abortion in the first tri-mester, for any reason they may have. They hold what is called a maternal right, actually giving them more rights! Why they would push for equal rights is beyond me? If equal rights became the law of the land(& it has not), & if abortion was to be used as a means to conterseption; say for financial reasons, I could then argue in court that a male be afforded the same right? Imagine the NOW groups opinon to that arguement? Whole new can of worms. Therefore you have a constitutional dilemma. How can one claim equal rights if afforded an extra right? There can be no equal rights as long as abortion is legal, there is only one other way to extablish an equall factor. This being for males; not to be able force an abortion, but to have legal right to admonish all financial & parental responsability to an unwanted child. Can you image how that would be greeted by the liberal left, NOW, & child support inforcement agencies?
    Same can be said for affirmitive action. How is it equall rights to be given more rights, total farce there. No more be said on this issue. Imagine the ACLU if called to answer these open honest Questions?
    I like many American’s, feel we have been led down a slippery slope. Since the 1962 supreme court decision to remove. “thou shall not kill….thou shall not committ adaultry…. though shall not covet thy neighbors goods……& so on & so on…ect. One only has to look at our country’s statistic from then to present day. 1st in the World in education, to 30th… Murder rates have sky rocketed…. Theft from others, skyrocketed….Divorce rate, skyrocketed…..Teen pregnacies, drug use, on & on I can name hundreds of degrarating things. School shootings..worst thing we had was an ocassional playground fight! Enough to make one cry, or throw their arms up in disgust. We can’t do that! We had better start fighting to put some morallity back into this country, if we give up, we are done for.
    There is a million other issues to discuss, but have already wrote a book here.
    Now if President Obama can find a way to peacefully settle differences with our advasaries around the world.ok.I’m for that. Much better then WAR. So for now I’m willing to give him some rope, hopefully he won’t hang us all with him. I didn’t vote for him..nor did I like his bowing to the saudi king, but lets try his approach, & keep our powder dry & the guns loaded. If he’s sucessfull, then I’ll be the first to give him praise. If he infringes to much upon my freedoms…I’ll be the first to give him hell. I don’t like all the debt he’s pile’n on us, but lets face it, the so call fiscal republicans weren’t much better. Either way, he was elected by a majority of our people, & deseves the respect of the office he holds. So lets hold our breath, & all pray it works out for the best! Gerry

  15. nate says:

    well read revalations and pick up a current science journal and see if you can figure it out. the end is coming,a lot sooner than most people some food and buy a gun.and lots o bullets.any one see the story bout our power grid being hacked.guess what kind of missles dont launch without electricity? you do the math.

  16. gerry says: only has to read one jewish & one arab blog in here to understand why they’ve been fighting for 4,000 years..get over it! God gave me this land, allah gave us that….blah blah blah! You know.the rest of the world is getting tired of it, if you sit down & read your books…your the same people. Religion should be held as a guidence to moral behavior. I see nothing wrong in teaching the ten comandment, pretty smart man(yes I said man) that wrote them. As a guidence & code of morality to live by…very nice. But confucius & budda & new testament & koran has good in them too. Try living by the words, if you claim to have read them.

  17. Patrick McDonald says:

    My Uncle Klem Klemkowski,a Catholic made it to treat patients in the Death camps. He was a Doctor. He later became head of Johns Hopkins Hospital. He told us of the real horror of the camps and the aftermath of the liberation of the camps. It is a personal irritation to me and anyone else when Jews fleeing Nazi occupation were sometimes barred from escape and returned to the Nazis. How could any country send Jews back to Hitlers world when they could have lived some place safe? The armies and industries were fed first. The disenfranchised Jews Catholics even Muslims in the death camps were last on any type of food chain. Any creature cornered by a monster would fight back. Many common citizens of the world desire to live in peace and safety. They do not want war. Israels geographic position is so close to hostile neighbors and who would not be worried of extermination? Golda Meir was so distraught over a war to wipe out Israel; that she had contemplated and planned for her own suicide. Countries have a right to administer their own sovereignty over their own propertry. Countries have a right to be free from economic and geopolitical belligerence. All it takes is for someone whacked out fanatical to pull the trigger in the Middle East and a retaliatory boom…a blitz of launch and counter launches fire off. People need to stop thinking so psychotic and destructive and help each other from the devils entrapment of all out total war. Can’t people return to being simple farmers, simple entrepreneurs and spend their nations fortunes on improving the lives of their citizens? Sometimes parents are unable to provide something for their families. Instead of providing… a substitute is provided to take the focus off the parents. The parents teach the children to hate. This process steers the children from wondering why their parents are not providing sufficiently and reason is turned into hate. A small country is caught in the vortex focus by people who hate them. How can peace be cultivated so Palestine and Israel do not suffer anymore? How can the super powers and the religions of the world unite for world peace and freedom for people and side step the requirement for brute force? May God put an end to the maiming and burning of children, Fathers, Mothers and end the liquidation of entire family generations.

  18. bev says:

    I was always told to keep your friends close and your enemys closer.

  19. gerry says:

    One way to end it is a worldwide ban on religion. Religion seems to be the cause of more death & destruction then any other. The moral teachings are fine, keep that,take some from each. Ban denominational & secs. Will never happen, but the thought of the peace is nice.

  20. Susan says:

    I agree with your statements. When the U. S. deserts Israel, that will mark the beginning of our downfall. Do the right thing. Have some principles and values. Read the Constitution. No international law to supersede the Constitution. Personally, it’s an easy choice. A Judeo-Christian God of love and compassion or an Islamic God of violence and hatred? Easy choice.

  21. Mike says:

    Americans should be appalled at the BILLIONS of dollars demanded by Israel every year to buy armaments and build walls in a never ending effort to subjugate the Palestinian people.

  22. P Jensen says:

    Viewpoints like these are what creates extremists on both side, events like 9/11, and a US deficit to pay for several wars. I see faults at both sides, but I wish more Americans would try to see the situation from the other side:

    1) If someone came to you and asked you to leave your house and move 50 miles East because it had been decided to create a new state (Israel) where you live, would you think that would be fair ?

    2) After you moved 50 miles East, the people from the new country (Israel) decides to go outside the border of their new country and i to create 200+ villages on the remaining land you moved to, would you think that would be fair?

    3) If Israel then builds roads in your country and places soldiers to ensure that only Israelis are allowed to use the roads they built where you moved to, would you think that was fair ?

    Most people would say “No”, that’s not fair. But that’s what happened and this is why the Arab world is angry.

    It’s easy to point out flaws on both sides. The Arabs attacked Israel, they fire rockets etc. Although I understand why they’re angry, that doesn’t help.

    We need to stop looking back because it’s easy to make an argument against both parties. Instead, we need to look forward and implement the only solution that will work:

    The two state solution proposed by so many.

    This will reduce the day to day fighting and friction, reduce the tension, create more stable oil prices, and save us money on future wars. I’d rather spend money on 5,000 US soldiers along the border between Israel and Palestine than hundreds of thousands of soldiers in current and future wars in the region.

  23. Texan4ever says:

    Thank you! We too will NEVER forsake Israel! And we will NEVER turn our backs on the ideals that made this country great in the first place.

  24. bob says:

    moses,mz,frank,cate kiss my american ass.terrorist in the world seem to be islamic.uss cole,twin towers,marine barracks.obama will make us arabs should know a hand in friendship is weakness.i say kick your ass

  25. Lou Zher says:

    Intolerance and extremism, that is what we must all fight. But not literally, not through war, but through peace.

    The more extreme our rhetoric, the more extreme their rhetoric becomes as well. Waging war on Iran would be disasterous. The war on Iraq is massively expensive, and if we are very very lucky we may get out of there in the near term with a somewhat stable government. We did Iran a gigantic favor by taking out their main enemy, their main competetor, by waging war on Iraq. What a huge mistake! And waging war on Iran without finishing the war in Iraq, how can that even be contemplated with our military at the breaking point?

    Waging war on Iran, whether done by the U.S. or by Israel, carries a high probability of massive retaliation on Israel. What good would would it do for the U.S. or Israel to have the entire middle east engaged in regional war? Think of what that would do to oil prices!

    Waging war on Iran is an insane idea. There are other better ways to deal with Iran.

  26. Marc says:

    P. Jensen tells us that the Palestinian Arabs have had their land stolen, been forced to move, and then had their land stolen again. Nice history lesson, except that it is really a fictitious one.

    1937, after taking over Palestine from the Ottomans after WW I, the British tire of having to fight back Arab mobs who rape and murder Jews. Britain devises a two state solution, based upon majority populations in Palestine, with Jerusalem under international control to assure access to religious holy sites.

    The Jews said, “Yes,” but the Arabs said, “The descendants of apes and pigs will never govern a state on holy Muslim soil(which was taken from Christian Byzantines during the Muslim crusades of the 7th century A.D.).
    In 638 A.D., Caliph Omar Ibn al-Khattab invited Jewish residents of Palestine, who had been scattered by the Romans in the 1st and 2nd century A.D., to return to their native homeland. Therefore, this establishes that Jews were living in Palestine from the 12th century B.C., to the 1st/2nd century A.D., and from the 7th century A.D., to the present day.

    Again, in 1948, the United Nations offered both Israel and the Arabs their own independent states; the Jews said “yes,” but the Arabs said, “No, the descendants of apes and pigs will never have a self governing state on holy Muslim soil(which they had taken from the Christian Byzantines).

    In the meantime, the British had given 75% of Palestine to the Arabs, in the form of the TransJordan, or today, Jordan. What remained was only 25% of the original area, and that was to be divided between the Jews and the Palestinian Arabs who did not want to live under the rule of the Hashemite Jordanian Arabs.

    In 1948, the Arabs states invaded Israel, and attempted a genocide to wipe the fledgling state out. They bombed schools, hospitals, and civilian neighborhoods. The invasion failed, and 400,000 Palestinian Arabs who lived and worked in Israel fled to the West Bank, which Jordan had taken from Israel, because they feared a Jewish reprisal for the invading Arabs’ carnage.

    In 1967, the Arab states again invaded Israel and were again repelled. Instead of Israel losing territory as it did in 1948, the Israelis took the Golan Heights from Syria, the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, and the West Bank from Jordan, in order to secure the nation against future Arab invasion. That future invasion came in 1973, but was also repelled. The Arabs started three wars with Israel after the U.N. recognized Israel as a nation; Israel started no wars with her Arab neighbors.

    In 1979 Egypt became the first Arab nation to sign a peace treaty with Israel and recognize her as a state. The other Arab states ejected Egypt from the Arab League for 10 years due to this treaty. Israel gave Egypt back the Sinai Peninsula and offered them the Gaza Strip back as well; Egypt took the Sinai back, as it had petroleum, but declined to take the Gaza Strip back, as it’s only resource was…violent Palestinian Arabs. Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was assasinated after a fatwa was issued in America by Omar Abdel Rahman, the Muslim cleric convicted for participating in the planning of the 1993 WTC bombing.

    In 1994, Jordan signed an non aggression pact with and officially recognized Israel. Jordan had it’s own troubles with the Palestinians. In 1970, peaceful Palestinian refugees attempted a military coup of Jordan, resulting in “Black September,” when King Hussein ejected the Palestinian refugees from Jordan using tanks and machine guns, and killing 3,500 by Jordanian estimates, and 20,000 according to Yasser Arafat, who called it a ‘genocide’(sound familiar?). Therefore, Jordan had no interest in reacquiring West Bank territories where the Palestinian refugees lived.
    After leaving Jordan, many peaceful Palestinian refugees fled to Lebanon, where they proceeded to instigate the Lebanese civil war, resulting in 130,000-250,000 killed, and 1,000,000 wounded.

    In 1999/2000 U.S. President William Clinton conducted peace talks with Israeli PM Ehud Barak and Palestinian President Yasser Arafat. For the third time in history, the Palestinian people were offered their own autonomous state. Barak offered them 100% of the Gaza Strip, 95% of the West Bank, a capital in East Jerusalem, and $30 billion in cash reparations. But Arafat also wanted the “right of return,” by which 4 million Palestinian Arabs, most of whom never lived in Israel(the original refugees numbered 400,000), would “return” to Israel. This would shift the majority of the population to an Arab majority and Israel, a democratic republic, would cease to be a Jewish state. Therefore, Barak would not give Arafat the Arab majority in Israel that he wanted, and Arafat turned down an independent state and $30 billion dollars for his destitute people living in refugee camps.

    Israeli PM gave the Palestinians the Gaza Strip in 2005, hoping for peace in return. But, instead, Gaza residents elected Hamas to rule the Gaza Strip, and Hamas turned Gaza into a terrorist state, used for attacking the nation that had just given them “their land”(really, the Egyptians’ land) back. Hamas fired over 6,000 rockets into Israel, resulting in and Israeli invasion in March 2008.

    Human rights groups that had been silent while 6,000 Hamas rockets pounded Israel, suddenly woke up and decried “civilian” casualties among the Palestinians. As usual, they chose to neglect the fact that Hamas puts it’s military assets among civilians, including hospitals and schools, and that Hamas fighters use their wives and children to supply them with ammunition, weapons, food, water, and shelter while on the battlefield, making them not only into combatants, but also into vulnerable targets for Israeli attacks upon Hamas military assets.

    The point is that the Jews are willing to reach a two state solution with the Arabs, but that the Arabs will only agree to a one state(majority Arab) or two state(both majority Arab) solution. The argument that the Palestinian Arabs are descendants of the Canaanites is absurd, as Arabs are indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula, now called Saudi Arabia. Jews have lived in Palestine for over 32 centuries, and that land has been conquered by the Jews, the Assyrians, the Chaldeans, the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs, the European Crusaders, the Mameluks, the Ottomans, and last by the British in WW I; no one nation or people can truly lay claim to the entire Palestine. In addition, the Arabs already own 75% of Palestine, in the form of Jordan.

    Israel is for peace; the Palestinians are for war, and that is how we got where we are today. Historical facts are inconvenient, but they certainly do set the record straight, especially considering the barage of news media disinformation that fills our airwaves today. This is my rebuttal to “P Jensen’s” factless attack upon Israel and her Jewish indigenous and immigrant citizens.

  27. z says:

    BOY, when YOU come back from computer problems, YOU COME BACK! HOORAH!!

    Some of the commenters are beyond rationale…so I’ll say ‘see ya later’! After all, America and Israel don’t deserve to survive, right? And Palestinians were there long before Israel, right?

    WRONG on both counts, but facts are tough, aren’t they!

  28. Donut Police says:

    Love live Israel!!! IzlamoNazis has got violence fetish!!! They’re the root cause of the problem!!!

    Hopefully that Barrack Obomber president of yours won’t cause the knightfall of America… I wonder why he won in the first place… tsk tsk tsk…

  29. Maggie Thornton says:

    Good grief! Somebodies were waiting for you Angel. Hey, I was a bit depressed yesterday. Was listening with half an ear to a discussion of Israel hitting Iran. The discussion went like this: Well, Israel doesn’t have to completely destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities – just damage it enough to slow progress.

    Now, I think this was an Israeli, but by the time what my ear heard, made it to my brain and I looked up from the keyboard, the guy was gone.

    I pray that if Israel takes this action, it will be strong action.

  30. Marc says:

    “What good would a war with Iran do?”

    It sounds like the old saying, “War never solved anything.” This is actually a Quaker saying that is based on their pacifistic beliefs, not on the facts of history.

    In fact, wars have solved many things, though certainly not in the manner that one would hope for.

    The Revolutionary War resulted in the formation of the USA and our Constitution with it’s civil liberties that even people in the U.K. do not have to this day(there is no Writ of Habeus Corpus in the U.K.; citizens may be held for 40 days without being charged with any crime).

    The War of 1812 confirmed to the world that the colonists’ victory in 1781 was not a “fluke” and that the USA was a legitimate nation that had to be respected.

    The Civil War freed the slaves.

    World War I and World War II freed Europe from German aggression, and the entire world from German, Italian, and Japanese fascism.

    The Korean War preserved a free democratic state in South Korea, after North Korean communists attacked them without provocation. The Vietnam was was intended to stop the invasion of democratic South Vietnam by communist North Vietnam, but was fought by politicians instead of generals, resulting in failure and a completely inexcusable loss of American lives.

    The first Gulf War liberated Kuwait and saved Saudi Arabia from invasion. The invasion of Afghanistan freed the Afghan people from the iron boot of Islamist Jihadist fascism. The second Gulf war also freed the Iraqi people from tyranny, although it was run poorly and with far too many casualties of American soldiers. 99% of the Iraqi civilians killed were killed by Al Qaeda terrorists, or Sunni/Shiite terrorists, not by the US military.

    Why might the US have to go to war with Iran?(Note that such a war would not necessarily mean a ground invasion; President Clinton went to war with Iraq via an arial bombing campaign).

    The Department of Defense has briefed Congress on the danger that North Korea and Iran pose to the USA, with three nuclear warheads. Since they do not have the missile technology to reach the US, the Iranians, the allies of North Korea who supply them with nuclear weapons technology, have been practicing to fire short and medium range missiles from cargo ships. Why?

    Because if they can successfully fire three nuclear tipped missiles from cargo ships off the coast of the US, from among the 1,000,000 cargo ships that sail in and out of US ports annually, they can detonate the nuclear warheads 200 miles over the US, and cause an ELECTRO MAGNETIC PULSE(EMP).

    What would that do? It would fry every electronic circuit and every electric transformer, plunging the entire US into 18th century darkness for months. Electricity, natural gas, gasoline, food, and water, would all stop, for months. The Department of Defense estimates that 70-90% of the US population would…die. Skeptics say that this scenario is about as likely as terrorists flying two jumbo jets into a skyscraper…

    Someone said that we must fight extremism “not through war, but through peace.” That is what the colonists tried with Great Britain, twice. Abraham Lincoln tried that with the Confederacy. Europe tried that with Germany, twice; in 1938 British PM returned to Britain with a peace accord signed by Hitler that lasted ONE YEAR. South Korea tried that with North Korea. South Vietnam tried that with North Vietnam. America tried that with the Taliban(see UN resolutions 1267 and 1333), and with Saddam Hussein, twice.

    No doubt that peaceful diplomacy has prevented many wars, and is ALWAYS the best method. But diplomacy has also FAILED, and in those cases, war was the only sane solution. To say that war is NEVER the answer is highly illogical, irrational, and dangerous.

    President Clinton tried to capture Bin Laden and to break up Al Qaeda diplomatically through the UN; UN resolutions 1267 and 1333. This approach failed, no military action was taken, and 9/11 was the result. Diplomacy is good, but it is not a 100% guarantee.

    If Iran or North Korea successfully build some nuclear warheads, successfully launch them from nondescript cargo ships which are too numerous to search, and cause an EMP…within 3 months, 70-90% of us will be…dead. It will be too late for a 9/11 Commission. It will be too late for “liability lawsuits.” It will be too late to elect a new president. The USA will cease to exist.

    Diplomacy has it’s place, and so does war. Just as we seek to get along with our neighbors in our cities and towns, but also have an armed police force to deal with those neighbors who do not want to get along with us, we must seek peace diplomatically, but be ready to go to war with nations that seek our destruction. The day that war is no longer an option must be the day that we disband all of our police forces and seek fight criminals with “peace.” There is a time for peace, and there is a time for war; that is why our nation exists as it does today.

    The next time someone says, “War never solved anything,” find a Jewish person, a South Korean, a Frenchman, a Briton, or an African American, and ask them if their people would have been better off without a war against their mortal enemies. I think that, if they are well informed, they will all unanimously state that without that war, they would not be where they are and enjoying the freedoms that they have today.

  31. Jew4Jesus says:

    A worldwide ban on religion? I aaw that several entries above. I’ve heard this typeof thing befoe. Atheism gave us the Nazis and the Communists. Religion gave us the Crusades and the Inquisition, but what’s worse? Who killed more? The Germans replaced God with Hitler, and the Communists replaced God with communism itself.

    Religion might kill some, which it shouldn’t; but atheistic philosophies are MUCH more murderous. And I grew up near Salem, MA, the place famous for the witch trials

  32. Marc says:

    Communism is the “religion” that killed more people than any other. Another name for religion is philosophy or world view. Everyone has a religion/philosophy/worldview. Some are theistic, others are agnostic, or atheistic. But everyone believes in something and has some kind of moral viewpoint.
    The 20th century communists were militant atheists. They believed that what was morally right was for the government to take the property and the wealth of the rich and to distribute it to the poor. But once they got into power, they had to use mass murder to get people to just give up what they worked for all their lives. Communists killed over 100 million people in the 20th century, more than any other group of people in history.
    And the poor never really got much; once the communist party took all of the wealth, they just spent it upon themselves instead. Actually, they killed many of the poor people whom they told they would help, since it was easier to starve or work them to death, than to try to house, feed, and clothe them; dead people are very cheap to maintain.
    Atheists love to bad mouth religious people and blame them for all the wars in history, but they always forget that communist atheists killed more people than any other group in history.

  33. Bubba says:

    Human being don’t need more divisions, we are divided enough, even though we are of the same flesh

    All peoples come from the same place, Jesus taught tolerance and love, not hate and intolerance.

    Did Jesus not say:

    Matthew 5:43-48

    Love for Enemies
    43″You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

    Some of you sound like you have hate in your hearts, and lust for blood and violence.

    Organized religion is very murderous throughout history. Spirituality is not.

  34. Jack says:

    Blah, blah, blah. So many trolls and so little time.

  35. joe says:

    Welcome back Angel. I guess I like your food posts better after all. They make me fat just looking but at least they don’t get 200,000 words of comments. I just spent an hour reading them all.

  36. Kris says:

    I fear the US-Israel ties we’ve had for so long will soon be cut short by Obama. I tend to think he’ll do everthing he can to be a friend to Iran and syria and the rest of the middle east even if it means throwing Israel under the bus.

  37. ben says:

    Just heard that the lil creep is advocating bombing Israel.

    Clown shouts down Ahmadinejad


  38. Marc says:

    “The U.S. should disassociate itself with(actually, from) Israel and end all aid” due to Israel’s “racist agenda?”

    This is because Israel wants to be an officially Jewish state, and the poster thinks that any state that is officially dedicated to one religion is “racist.” Then should Muslim states that seek to do the same also be classified as “racist?”

    There are 41 Muslim nations. Eight are offical “Islamic Republics” under Sharia Law:

    Bahrain, Brunei, Iran, Mauritania, Oman, Pakistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia.

    Non Muslims are classified as “dhimmi,” a lesser social class, similar to the rank of colored people under Apartheid in South Africa. Dhimmis must pay an annual “jezirah,” or non Muslim tax, cannot serve in the military or police forces, are restricted from certain career and educational opportunities, and have fewer civil rights than Muslims.

    It is illegal for a non Muslim to enter Mecca or Medina, the holiest cities of Islam, and it is illegal to practice any religion other than Islam in Saudi Arabia.

    *Please also note that human slavery is still practiced in Mauritania.

    Fourteen specify Islam as their official state religion:

    Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Maldives, Morocco,
    Qatar, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, and Jordan.

    Nineteen have secular governments, although some, such as Turkey, are moving back toward Islamic government:

    Burkina Faso, Gambia, Guinea, Mali, Senegal, Chad, Djibouti, Somalia, Indoonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan,
    Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Turkey,

    *Please note that human slavery is still practiced in Chad.

    It is illegal for Jews to live in Jordan, inspite of the non aggression pact signed between the two nations in 1994.

    At one time there was only ONE Muslim city(not even a nation): Medina. Then TWO cities: Medina and Mecca. Now there are 40 Muslim nations, all taken through military conquest, or in few words, “they stole the land.”

    So, 40 Muslim nations are OKAY, but ONE Jewish nation, is NOT OKAY?! That is called, “FAIR.” Again, the Jews, who have been living in Palestine since the 12th century B.C., 19 centuries before Islam EXISTED, are willing to share the land, but the Arab Muslims say “the descendants of apes and pigs will never have an autonomous state on holy Muslim soil.” Although Egypt and Jordan have politically recognized Israel and her right to exist, as well as the U.N., the majority of their populations do not.

    Will the REAL RACISTS please stand up, those who recognize no right of Jews to have a Jewish nation in their ancestral homeland, which is filled with cities and towns that all have Hebrew(Jewish) names? “Jerusalem” is not an Arabic Muslim name, but a Hebrew or Jewish name; therefore it was founded by Jews, not Muslims. Mecca and Medina are Arab Muslim names and therefore Arab Muslim cities, not Jewish cities.

    The real racists in the Middle East are the Arab Muslims who will tolerate Islamic Republics, Sharia Law, dhimmitude, human slavery in African Muslim nations, and the exclusion of non Muslims from their holy cities, not Jews in Israel who grant full citizenship to Arab residents of Israel. 4 million Palestinian Arabs have no “right of return” to Israel, because most of them never lived their; how can one “return” to a place where one has never lived?

    Israel is for peace; Arab Palestinians and their allies are for war. That is how we got to where we are today. What an “inconvenient truth.”

  39. Marc says:

    By the way, those who say “spirituality” is not a religion are incorrect. “Spirituality” is the central doctrine of Buddhism. Buddhism advocates “spirituality,” a very subjective and individualized experience, instead of a “religion” that advocates a uniform code of standards.

    The next time one hears someone refer to “spirituality,” be aware that he or she is referring to Buddhism, although he or she may be unaware of that fact.

  40. cube says:

    These are sad times.

  41. Mustang says:

    Welcome back, Angel.

    The ideal time over target would have been during Iran’s recent military celebrations in down town Tehran. Another missed opportunity!

    But I wonder … what would an Iranian “military day” parade have to celebrate? Arresting 25-year old journalists and charging her with an expired license?

    Meanwhile, while Clinton tells the world how regretable the arrest and conviction was, this young lady is without a doubt being continually raped in her cell.

  42. Marc says:

    Here is a good news story about the Sunni Arab states. It turns out that the U.S. and Israel are not the only nations worried about Iran. The Sunni Arab states are ramping up their military spending by billions of dollars in order to protect themselves from the Khumeinist regime in Iran. They do not see what Iran is doing as idle bluster; they are taking Iran seriously. If that is the case, should we not be doing the same?

  43. richard says:

    I may be confused but I believe America is targeted for blindly supporting some of Israels dumbest and most self destructive policies. Friends need to be able to tell each when they are right and when they are wrong. America has failed to provide this service to Israel. Instead Israel has been allowed to follow a fool-hardy track where everyone is an enemy, particularly those who disagree with policies of settlements, transfer and militarism. Sooner or later, Israel will have to come to terms with her neighbors and most importantly the palestinians. Searching for enemies far and wide only postpones the inevitable peace with the Palestinians. Libya before, Iraq yesterday, Iran today, Pakistan tomorrow. Looking for peace is much easier than demanding war.

  44. MK says:

    “NOTE TO AMERICA AND ISRAEL: You don’t need the world, they need YOU.”

    Well said, and it’s true. Which is why i often wonder about the brains of those around the world who want America and Israel to become more like them, impotent and intentionally lacking the means to fight evil.

  45. Marc says:


    Israel has offered to accept the alleged ideal two state solution since 1937, THREE TIMES! The last time, they offered the Palestinian Arabs the Gaza Strip, 95% of the West Bank(thereby addressing the issue of Jewish settlements there:ending them), a capital in East Jerusalem(which is similar to offering Iran a capital in Brooklyn), and $30 BILLION in cash!

    What are you talking about? All this was offered under the Great William J. Clinton, no “right wing extremist.” Israel offered them EVERYTHING, with the exception of the “right of return” for 4 million Palestinian Arab refugees who never lived in Israel and who would turn Israel into a majority Arab state.

    Israel gave the Palestinian Arabs the Gaza Strip anyway, and instead of saying, “Thank you,” the Palestinian Arabs said, “Today Gaza, tomorrow Jerusalem!” and launched 6,000 rockets at Israel.

    You have a strong opinion, Richard, but it is exactly that: an opinion. It is devoid of any factual basis. Bill Clinton and Ehud Barak offered the Palestinians EVERYTHING but the “right of return,” and the Palestinians said “NO!” The Palestinian Arabs do not want a state, because if they get one, then the war is over and they have no excuse to kill Israelis. What they want is to destroy Israel, from without or from within.

    Israel is for peace; the Palestinian Arabs are for war. That is how we got where we are today; what an “inconveniet truth.”

  46. Marc says:

    Only the Palestinian Arabs can turn down their own state, 97.5% of the territory they have wanted, a capital in East Jerusalem, and $30 billion to help their “poor and suffering people,” and then claim that Israel has offered them “nothing.”

    And only American colleges and universities, the American news media, and the American public school system are capable of believing and perpetuating this lie.

  47. Marc says:

    Do the Palestinians want peace? Consider this:

    Hamas is attempting to set up weapons smuggling bases in Egypt in order to incite Israel to launch military strikes in Egypt, in the hopes that war would break out between the two nations. At the same time, with the help of Hezbollah, Hamas is trying to start a civil war in Egypt, between the radical anti Israeli population and the moderate Egyptian government.

    So, the Palestinians tried to start a civil war in Jordan, unsuccessfully; they tried to start a civil war in Lebanon, successfully. And now they are trying to start a war between Egypt and Israel, and a civil war within Egypt.

    My case is made: the Palestinians start war and violence in any nation that they can(Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Israel). They have no desire for peace, until Israel is destroyed.

    Israelis are for peace; Palestinian Arabs are for war. That is how we got to where we are today; what an inconvenient truth.

  48. Always On Watch says:

    Great civilizations most often fall from within.

    Certainly, our beloved United States is on that path.

  49. Richard says:

    Marc, thank you for your opinions. But now please help me. Why did our leaders on the right and left openly talk about transfer in 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, etc. Why did our leaders execute policies that involved the forced removal of families from their homes and livelihoods. Why did we execute programs that involved the destruction of communities in 47,48, 56, 67 and beyond. Why did we sanction murder and mayhem? In the end of the day, whether the land was ruled by Turks, Brits, Arabs or Israelis, it was always populated by simple folk who called the land home. What right did we have and do we have to tell these people they are not wanted on this land and they have to go? As you said, the four million cannot come back. Beautiful, I take someone’s home and I tell him he cannot comeback. I tell him that he must settle for whatever I offer him. Obviously, he must be an idiot and a criminal if he refuses my generous offer. Marc would you do that to me? Would I do that to you? I hope and I am sure the answer would be NO. Marc think of the pain and anguish from the pogroms of eastern Europe, what role did the Palestinians play in those despicable events? Recall the pain of the Holocaust, what portion of that blame falls on the Palestinians? We have pushed, shoved, corralled and intimidated these people and surprise they have resisted. And surprise they do not like us and surprise some of the wilder elements want to kill us. Marc you courageously want to defend the Jewish people, you want to even protect me but when did protection come to mean keeping everything for ourselves even when we know deep in our hearts that it does not belong to us? Shalom.

  50. The BoBo says:

    Wow, Angel. Nice comeback! I can’t believe some of the hate comments you got here and the ignorance of those who actually support those paleoswineans.

    Great post!

    @Marc – no use in trying to educate those who refuse to see the truth even when it is sitting in front of them. Anyone who continues to support the terrorist actions of those islamofascists is just plan ignorant and damned be the truth.

  51. How To Run A Car On Water says:

    How To Run A Car On Water…

    Do you know of any similar blogs like yours that I can find out more information?…

  52. john smith says:

    Israel’s Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, is one of the world’s most bloodstained terrorists. He is responsible for the cold-blooded slaughter of at least 1,500 men, women and children MOSLEM AND CHRISTIAN in the Beirut refugee camps of Chatila and Sabra. Even a formal Israeli commission found Sharon personally responsible for the Lebanese massacres.4

    In 1982, as Israel’s defense minister, Sharon directed Israel’s invasion of Lebanon and the carpet bombing and devastation of the city of Beirut (In Lebanon five times more women and children died than in the September New York attack). This terror bombing was carried out by Jews using jet fighters and bombs supplied by the United States.After the Israeli military devastation and occupation, Sharon forcibly removed Palestinian resistance fighters from Lebanon. Many Palestinian women, children and old people were left behind in refugee camps near Beirut. The United States publicly guaranteed their safety and promised that they would quickly be reunited with their loved ones. When Sharon plotted their murder, he not only planned a bloody act of terrorism against the refugees; he knew it was an act of treachery against the United States that would raise intense hatred against America.
    The Beirut Sabra and Chatila Massacre was the chief motivation of the Lebanese suicide bombing attack that killed 241 American Marines in Beirut less than a year later, and it clearly demonstrates how American support of Israeli terrorism leads to terrible consequences for the United States. The Los Angeles Times, in discussing a revealing book by a former agent of the Israeli Mossad (secret service), showed that the Mossad had foreknowledge of the terrorist attack on the Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983, but treacherously did not warn America.
    In their effort to wrest control of Palestine from British control, the Zionists waged a campaign of relentless terror, including the bombing of the King David Hotel, which killed 93 people. They ruthlessly murdered British officials and soldiers. The Zionists assassinated anyone in their way, including the world-respected U.N. mediator, Count Folke Bernadotte, who dared to tell the world of the Zionist terror and murder campaign.
    Shortly afterwards, three Israeli jets dropped bombs only 250 meters from a UN convoy on which I was traveling, blasting a house 30 feet into the air in front of my eyes. Traveling back to Beirut to file my report on the Qana massacre to the Independent last night, I found two Israeli gunboats firing at the civilian cars on the river bridge north of Sidon…

    A French UN trooper muttered oaths to himself as he opened a bag in which he was dropping feet, fingers, pieces of people’s arms.
    In 1954, the Israeli government launched a secret operation of terror against the United States called Operation Suzannah. In 1967, during the Six Day War, Israel again committed a grievous terrorist act against the United States of America. Searching through hundreds of articles trying to track down the true Israeli death toll, I found a New York Times piece that clarified the precise number of Israelis who died in the World Trade Center attack. It turned out that of the 130 Israelis President Bush claimed had died in the World Trade Center, 129 of them were still alive. Only one Israeli had actually died. I was incredulous. “Good God,” I said to myself, “only one Israeli!” The very low death toll of 130 suggested that a number of Israelis at the Trade Center had been warned before the attack. When I found out the truth that only one Israeli had died, there could be no doubt that there had been a prior warning for many Israelis.IF YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF AS A HUMAN BEING AND A CHRISTIAN THEN YOU SHOULD DEFEND YOUR BROTHER IN PALESTINE WHO IS SLAUGHTERED BY JEWS. BUT IF YOU DEFEND ISRAEL THEN YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT YOU DEFEND TEH ENEMY OF THE GOD.