Israeli Team punished for fans’ anti-Arab chants


JERUSALEM (AP) — Defending soccer champion Beitar Jerusalem was penalized a point and ordered to play a home match in an empty stadium after fans shouted anti-Arab slogans.
Israeli team penalized for fans’ anti-Arab chants

The Israeli Football Association handed down the deduction after holding a special disciplinary hearing on Thursday.
The association discussed reports that Beitar fans repeatedly chanted phrases deriding the Prophet Muhammad at a game against Maccabi Petah Tikva in April.

“Beitar Jerusalem is extremely disappointed with the IFA disciplinary court’s ruling,” the team said in a statement. “This decision significantly hurts Beitar and its achievements on the soccer pitch. The club intends to appeal this outrageous ruling.”


And you wonder why Israelis are targeted.
Yes. I said it.

I’ve never seen such self hatred in action.


This reaction comes after the hateful decision by Sweden to play its Davis Cup match against Israel without any fans in the arena because of security concerns..Muslims.

After Dubai refuses to allow an Israeli to compete in their tennis match.

All this Muzlim rage aiming straight at the heart of Israel, and they punish their own team because some fans get rowdy and um…mention Muuuuhamad?

Muzlims isolating Israel as some kind of “sports pariah” is yet another sanctioned horror by the International Sports community.

Israel is the only nation on earth whose teams warrant such outrageous treatment.
Apparently, to the Muzlim hordes, athletes are indistinguishable from their government.

Teams from the world’s most horrific, repressive regimes competed in the Olympics and the soccer’s World Cup without any indignities whatsoever.

What other team has been forced to play abroad with the humiliation of an empty stadium?

Whatever happened to the promise made after the horror and massacre at Munich to treat Israel’s athletes with security and dignity huh?

And Israel eats their own.
Shame on them.

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30 Responses to “Israeli Team punished for fans’ anti-Arab chants”

  1. Potbelly Stove says:

    Countering piracy: A difference of opinion…

    Captain Philips, captain of the Maersk Alabama, testified before Congress that armed parties aboard ship under command of the ship’s captain are necessary to protect ship and crew….

  2. Seane-Anna says:

    This is outrageous, frightening, and sad. I thought only Europe was this far down the dhimmi brick road. Sigh.

  3. Pasadena Closet Conservative says:

    Good grief, that photo of the elder man with the youngster holding the rifle saddens me beyond belief. To think what could have been…

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  5. Maggie Thornton says:

    Oh gosh! What a terrible story. Israel has the same flagellation tendencies that America has these days – or has had for far, far too many days. God gives us blessings and we apologize for them.

  6. Kevin says:

    “…because of security concerns..Muslims.”


  7. North Northwester says:

    While I can see that Israel and its ‘neighbours’ could probably do with a little – make that a lot – less religious/ethnic hatred, Israel is the only mature democracy in the Middle East.

    The. Only. One.

    I can also respect it when private organizations try to enforce a code of good manners onto its members and customers. I think of our phrase about sportsmanlike behaviour at matches: ‘It’s just not cricket,’ and that really means something in Commonwealth sports, even when the Australians are involved!
    It’s taken a long time for the English Football Association to reduce the anti-black chanting at some London football grounds, because what England doesn’t need right now is for our unemployed white cretins to start making pillowcase masks, thank you so very much; we’ve got home-grown jihadists to deal with.

    And Arabs are a race: not a death-cult religion. One in ten Israeli Arabs are Christians, and so I can see it may very well be bad manners to shout rude things about ‘Arabs,’ as distinct from running down a brutal ideology like Islam.

    And yet…

    I repeat, Israel is a democracy, and the religious leaders and most of the religious believers of almost all its ‘neighbours’ are sworn to destroy both State and people from a 1,300-year-old mandate from ‘God.’

    That suffering country does not, I think, need any more dhimmitude in its political life. So this was, I think, well-meant and civilized and also very, very stupid.

    As for how to deal with Hamas and Hezbollah, well, you rarely go wrong if you listen to Elvis. May I recommend:

    ‘A little less conversation, a little more action?’

  8. MK says:

    Beggars belief this. Who needs enemies with friends and countrymen like this ey.

  9. Leslie White says:

    At least there are some people in Israel who understand that the Arab’s Mohammed is behind all that hatred for Jews and “Zionists” (read Israelis) directed at them from the Islamic world.

    Idiot Israeli officialdom (government or Football Association, whatever) acted true to form befitting a country that tries so hard to become extinct and be replaced by another Arab Islamic cesspit.

  10. Always On Watch says:

    Those who read the web certainly cannot deny that anti-Semitism is on the move at a fast pace.

    But this soccer penalty? How egregious can anti-Semitism be to penalize the team being verbally bullied and abused?


    Sanity has taken flight!

    Dark days ahead — worldwide.

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  14. Khaki Elephant says:

    Powerful and passionate writing. Isn’t it amazing the self-loathing that survival can breed?

  15. KarL M says:

    You are kidding, right!!!!
    I get it, went to an Israeli soccer match and a hockey game broke out..
    Seriously now, anti-Arab chants…are there any PRO arab chants???
    Wow, what will they punish the Jews/Israelis for next…looking at someone funny at a boxing match..
    The only thing that makes such stupidity bearable is a tiny nuclear secret in the Negev desert….shhhhhh, you did not hear it here…..

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  18. Alfie says:

    I have to say it is sad that the IFA handed down the decision they did. I come from a different angle on this (maybe)
    The athletes are willing to go out and play and play hard. Isn’t it a good thing if those with differences meet on the field of sport ? I think so. I recently had commented somewhere about a British organization that teaches cricket around the world. I was moved in two ways on the story of a match between Israeli and Palistinian kids. One was that I thought it was cool that the kids were having at it on the pitch. The second was that undoubtedly the Palestinian kids were destined to be recruited into Hamas or other group and go the other way.

  19. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    I Am Not Ashamed…

    It has come to my attention there is another pledge of allegiance that has been suggested by a very young man who sees the fruits of discontent abound in his school. From his words, his broken heart, a poem/pledge he sees as the future….

  20. Rosemary says:

    If the Israelis won’t fight for themselves, how can we make them do it? It is good they have taken this to the appeals court. I just don’t get the lower court. That’s like saying, “Your sister said a naughty word, so you must go to jail!” I thank God we don’t have those laws here! Nope. We eliminated them when the CHURCH came to the US in the 1600′s. (Yes, it was the Christians – using Judeo-Christian philosophies and scriptures – who settled this land, not the Muslims.)

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    Stimulus oversight left up to taxpayers; 7 of 10 lawmakers skip oversight hearing…

    Only 3 members bother to show up
    So just who’s tracking that $787 billion in taxpayer money that President Obama and the Democrat-led Congress are doling out? You are. Or you’re supposed to be, anyway. …..
    …..And perhaps that……

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  27. f says:

    Israeli Arabs Muslims, often First class citizens above Jews – preferential treatment for Arabs over Jews
    Introduction: Critics point out to the reversed unevenness, some have summed it up in one phrase: “If Arabs Can Live in Jewish Neighborhoods, Why Can’t Jews Live in Arab Neighborhoods?” [1], In fact, many have raised the issue of Arabs not only being equal citizens as Jews in Israel, but often as first class citizens, Arabs, Muslims first class citizens in Israel whereas Israeli Jews are second class citizens [2] [3]

    Land issues: an example: Israeli Police evict Jews from Jewish-owned Hebron home as applauding Palestinian Arabs looked on [4], there are complaints of Jews who proclaim that they are sick and tired of being second-class citizens, while all Arabs in Judea and Samaria are treated like first-class citizens. [5], in another case An Israeli Supreme Court ruling did not deny that the land was Jewish-owned, but ordered the Jews to be moved out. [6] In another case, a lawyer for Y. Herskovitz, owner of property in Jerusalem, said his client will sue Jerusalem police for failing to execute court orders to evict Arab squatters from his property. [7]

    In court (broader issues), the Israelis routinely decide in favor of the Palestinians against their own government, applauded by U.S. Justice Brennan,[8] preferential treatments to Israeli Arabs, Palestinian-Arabs include steps on the expense of security, such as the ‘Democracy in action’ [9], Israel’s Supreme Court took up the grievances of Palestinians and required the government to move the fence in the area near Jerusalem to make things easier for the Palestinians [10] Even the NYTimes acknowledges that at least [11] periodically, Israeli courts rule in favor of Palestinians (instead of security/government officials).

    Voting: the Arab minority are full citizens who enjoy equal rights despite not being required to serve in Israel’s army . [12] and decry: Israel is the only country in the world that endows a community of its citizens with full voting rights on both local and national levels without also requiring them to serve in the army, adding that Israeli Arabs even refuse the alternative National Service. They even refuse a national service in their own communities and exercise intimidation against members of their community that raise the subject. [13]

    Employment: Israel has enacted affirmative action policies to help its minority citizens achieve full social and economic equality. [14] [15], in an example: if an Arab candidate received the same number of points as the Jewish candidate, the Arab doctor was preferable, in keeping with the policy of affirmative action in government ministries. [16]

    In academia: a professor has written about Israel’s “affirmative action”, quotas and preferences for Arabs [17] Israeli universities… instituting programs that discriminate in favor of Arabs and against Jews [18] and that Israel already has a system in place whereby Jews are often treated as second-class citizens. [19]

    Checkpoints: From May 2009, All Israeli citizens – including Jews – must now show their ID cards at the large Tarkumiyeh checkpoint, at the same time, life is being made easier for Arabs in the region – despite the several murders that have been perpetrated by Arabs. The IDF explained that the decision was made to “reward” the Arabs for not rioting or attacking during the recent Israeli offensive in Gaza. [20]

    Media freedom: while the Arabs have unlimited freedom of broadcast [21] and the Hebrew radio stations like Kol Yisrael and Galei Tzahal (IDF Radio) systematically broadcast from an Arab point of view, yet the Arutz Sheva radio station, often called “Free Israel Radio” (because it is the only independent news network in the Middle East) [22], has seen restricting steps from the Israeli government. [23] [24]

    Access to holy sites, often Israeli police closes the Temple Mount to non-Muslims Like: Temple Mount shut to non-Muslims on election eve – was closed to Jews today in response to Muslim threats of violence [25] and on more occasions. [26]

  28. The Pink Flamingo says:

    Der Fliegende Reagänder…

    “…I often quote the 15th of Screwtape’s letters to Wormwood. In it, Screwtape tells Wormwood to do his best to keep man living in the past or the future, but never the present. If men dwell in the past, they become angry with the present and …

  29. The Pink Flamingo says:

    Is the Current Conservative Ego Trip Leading to GOP Civil War?…

    I despise people who go to the gutter on either the right or the left and hurl rocks at those in the center. — Dwight Eisenhower
    I stole the quote from an excellent commentary DJ Strata has at StrataSphere.   Then AJ Strata wrote the following:

  30. Trinidad Boxer says:

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