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“An Ontario judge struck down a birth registry provision yesterday that prevents lesbian couples from being registered as parents of babies conceived through artificial insemination, saying that the regulation causes them unjustified “pain and hardship.”

Mr. Justice Paul Rivard of the Ontario Superior Court ruled that the province violated the litigants’ right to equality by stopping them from adding their names to the Statement of Live Births after their babies are born.

Lesbian mothers live in an atmosphere of homophobia that only is exacerbated when rules and conventions leave an impression that “there is something wrong or unnatural about their families,” Judge Rivard said..
Two mothers should be allowed on birth document, judge says Found in breach of Charter, Ontario told to alter rules to include lesbian parents continues…
The legal clash stemmed from the fact that the province’s Vital Statistics Act specifies the terms “father” and “mother” when it comes to filling out a Statement of Live Birth.

The government insisted that the “father” has to be a biological father, and that it would be illegal to include both members of a lesbian couple on a Statement of Live Birth, since that would be tantamount to including two mothers.”

Who gets to define marriage and now “parenthood”?
To those in the religious community, marriage has “sanctity”. Sacredness implies that marriage is an institution set apart for a specific purpose and ordained by God.
It is not only a special relationship between a man and a woman but between the couple and God as a partner as well.
On the other hand, those prominent in supporting the right to same-sex marriage are those who emphasize individual freedoms rather than the laws or (what they perceive as) boundaries imposed by organized religion.

Same sex proponents demand marital status for their unions, and now legal status for their artificially inseminated children as well.
Theoretically they can already have any type of secular or religious ceremony they desire as informal recognition of their relationships.
But that is clearly not enough.
It would thus seem that what they truly seek is divine sanction as well as legalization for their behavioral choices.(yes, they are “choices”)
But to traditonal believers in Judeo-Christian morality there is no religious approval for homosexual behavior and there will never be.
The Church, synagogue and religious community will not convey legitimacy to their relationships.
Many contend that we must even amend the Constitution if we are to stop a tyrannical judiciary from redefining marriage to the point of mockery or even extinction.

Same sex marriage proponents allege that conventions leave an impression that “there is something wrong or unnatural about their families.
Well, yes there is.
No child is born of two mothers.

Those who oppose same-sex relationships because of their faith do not feel particularly threatened by same-sex marriages, but rather believe that the relationships themselves are inherently immoral and sinful.

For those in the political and social communities as well, marriage is viewed as one of the building blocks of a society. A father and mother create family bonds which are unique and unparallelled. Children are ideally brought up in two parent homes, where moral values are passed on from one generation to the next. Traditions, beliefs, and cultural norms are passed on through the family from parents (a father and mother) to children.

The immutability of marriage is not open for revision. Same-gender marriage, and a birth registry provision allowing lesbian couples to be registered as “parents” of babies conceived through artificial insemination, is a morally disastrous idea for anyone believing in the natural state wherein a child is entitled to a father and mother.

And by the way, “registering” as a baby’s parent does not make you his dad, most especially if you’re a woman.


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9 Responses to “TwO MomS”

  1. Brooke says:

    Hmm… “Father” usually denotes the possesion of male “bits.” If a anonymous sperm donor is used, the certificate should read unknown.

    However, a lot of males listed as fathers on birth certificates are such wastes of skin that the term father doesn’t really fit, either.

    What to do…

  2. The Holywriter says:

    Interesting. I write a column as a straight man for a gay newspaper and I covered this issue.

  3. Dumb Ox says:

    This goes beyond insane; it’s the end of rational communication. When langauge and logic can be thrown out the window (like baby with the bathwater) in order to assuage the feelings of people living marginal life-styles… well, the END IS NEAR.

    I just hope that picture at the top of your post isn’t supposed to be a woman!

    D. Ox

  4. KKKKaarrrLLLL mMmM says:


  5. radar says:

    Unreal! The certificate is supposed to help trace ancestry for various reasons, including health concerns. Some chick who was doing the perv-o-nasty on the mother has no part of the genetic makeup of the child and doesn’t belong on the birth certificate.

    This illlustrates a problem with “anonymous” sperm donors. Children who may need a transplant or other health information are put at risk by making sperm donorship anonymous, IMO.

  6. benning says:

    I linked to this post, Angel. Good reading!

  7. cube says:

    Honestly. Is there end to the contortions they will impose on the simplest things? There are legal & medical reasons for listing the biological mother and father on a birth certificate. It has nothing to do with discrimination. Any judge who can’t figure that out is an activist with an agenda.

  8. ABF says:

    This is just sick …. the judicial system is ruling way beyond it”s boundries ..

  9. LaraCR27 says:

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