Dr. Tawfik Hamid

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From Copenhagen to London, IzlamoNazis are on the offensive.
From Tehran to Indonesia, Izlamo dictators are trying to regain the upper hand not only in the Middle East, but worldwide.

The hateful enemies of liberal democracy are working tirelessly to weaken the United States, Israel and freedom loving nations everywhere.


The United States of America and its allies, including Israel, – seek to embody the principles of decent, civilized, democracy.

We did not seek this war. But we are at war, my friends and should we lose this one…….there may be no turning back.

This is a critical moment in the history of our civilization, beset by enemies who feverishly and irrationally embrace their own destruction along with ours.

Yet our fate and destiny is in the hands of alleged “leaders” who make a virtue of avoiding decisive action or even genuine reflection.

They have allowed our precious Judeo-Chrisian culture to be hijacked and discarded.


Liberals yet again demonstrating their detachment from the pulse of America.

Despite those who hurl stones at us to grind their own ideological axes, America remains the greatest bastion of liberty and freedom in the world and the least tainted by anti-Semitism.




14 Responses to “Dr. Tawfik Hamid”

  1. Jason says:

    Radical Islam is the biggest problem in the world right now.

  2. KarL M says:

    what happens if Barry O’hussein sees/hears this piece by Dr. Tawfik,then the lefty liberal, rubber spined, congress democracked will have to re-evaluate their stance on “How to squeeze Israel, an appear evenhanded”…Thank GOD Bibi is in charge in Israel and the Middle East…I just got off the phone with my bookie, i got Israel @ 5 to 1 plus the points!!!!!

  3. Always On Watch says:

    A while back, I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Hamid speak. I even got to speak with him at length and to interview him on The Gathering Storm Radio Show

    One of Dr. Hamid’s criteria as to who is a moderate Moslem: a Moslem who supports the survival of Israel!

    I would also point out the Dr. Hamid has been spending a lot of time reading the Bible and finding out about the God of love, as opposed to Allah.

    Final point: Dr. Hamid didn’t grow up as a Moslem. He grew up as an atheist and converted to Islam during college. He couldn’t bring himself to wage jihad — likely because he wasn’t ruined in his thinking as a child.

    Great post, Angel.

  4. Brooke says:

    What AOW said.

    Great post as always, Angel!

  5. Stanford Matthews says:

    Forward this video to Barack Obama

  6. OMMAG says:

    Sadly Obama is ignorant of history and not likely going to learn anything.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be presenting U.S. President Barack Obama with a copy of “Pleasure Excursion to the Holy Land,” from Mark Twain’s book “The Innocents Abroad,” when they meet in Washington today. Netanyahu received the book, along with a newly published version in Hebrew (translated by Oded Peled), from the Kinneret Zmora-Bitan publishing house.

    Be prepared for a Carter like disaster… Sigh….

  7. z says:

    super post. I could listen to the good doctor a 100 times and not get bored. it’s so refreshing to hear a muslim tell the truth. HOW many years will it take before an American administration recognizes it’s about JEWS in the MUSLIMS’ way that makes Palestinians keep scratching the Israeli scab? EVER?
    And now we’ve got one more on their side..but, don’t worry, folks..we’re going to give Iran another year and THEN maybe we’ll do something; did you hear? @#$*(#&$ we’re in the hands of clowns.

    Thanks for this post, Angel..it’s so important. xxx

  8. MK says:

    “America remains the greatest bastion of liberty and freedom in the world and the least tainted by anti-Semitism.”

    Yep, and it’s one of the few countries in the western world where the people can defend themselves, their homes, their towns, cities, states and borders. These are things the rest of us have long forgotten and will one day pay a heavy price for.

  9. Greywolfe says:

    Beautifully posted, as usual.

  10. In My Opinion says:

    The wole Arab Shitbag World. Since time immemorial, the festering dung-heap that is the desert (which Ivory Tower Elitists call the Cradle of Civilization) which has always been populated by nomads who care only for getting their ass’s wet, and making females into a lifeform that is lower in the pecking order than their caravan animals, has been a blight on the human race.

    And when the Arabs formers slaves, the Jewish People, take a strip of desert and turn it into something worthwhile using nothing but their blood, sweat, and labor, the Shitbag arab world gets their panties in a bunch, and attacks them over and over. Why? Because Arabs (and all Muslims, to be honest) are friggen lazy douchebags. Theirs is a patriarchal society, where men are the kings of the castle because they have a penis between their legs. They would rather steal something worth money than build it themselves.

    Thats why the muslim world (thats right, the WHOLE muslim world, not just the radical sects) hates the USA. They despise the success that we have. They hate that we see females as equals. They hate that we are tolerant of gays, lesbians, transgenders, etc. While we see the muslim world (and arabs in particular) as an affront to the human race, they see the rest of the world as an affront to allah.

    And now these same Shitbags are claiming that the latest fighting in Israel is the fault of a yet-to-be-sworn-in President, and the Jews. Because we all know that Israel launched an unprovoked attack. They just were sitting around one day, bored as shit, and said “Hey! I know what we could do today! Lets bomb Gaza for no freaken reason whatsoever!”

    News flash for all you dumbass Shitbag arabs. Your *brother* Palestinians started this by launching missiles out of Gaza. Missiles that were supplied to then by your retarded cousin in Iran. I’m sorry…he’s not retarded. He’s the product of some horny arab sticking his schmuck into a goat, and by some miracle *that* thing popped out. Calling him retarded would be an insult to the goat.

    My hope is that Israel does to Hamas and Iran what Hamas and Iran wants to do to Israel…drive the whole of them into the sea, watch them drown one by one, and rid the earth of this blight on the human race.

  11. Tim says:

    It kills me that this isn’t obvious to everyone already.

  12. bernie says:

    Unfortunately one moderate Muslim will not turn the tide. Unfortunately there are more Muslims who wish for the destruction of Israel than for its survival. Unfortunately the extremists rule over the moderates. It only took a handful of German extremists to control the moderates in Germany in 1933. The result: millions of deaths.

    This time, if we let Muslims to continue to enter our culture, to remain in the West, a few million deaths will be the least of our problems.

  13. Rick says:

    Oppose slavery? Don’t own one…but ..support the right to choose..

    Don’t believe in abortions..don’t have one…but support the right to choose..

    Those who believe that life begins at conception can not be in favor of the right to choose…But don’t knock it until youve tried it..or compromise on that issue.

  14. Jack says:

    This is part of the reason why they blogosphere is so valuable and so important.