Any cartoons like this regarding Muzlim rape and genit-al mutilation?
I didn’t think so.

PHILADELPHIA - A kindergartner’s mother cannot read Scripture during show and tell, even if the Bible is the boy’s favorite book, a U.S. appeals court ruled.

No Bible show-and-tell in school, court says

I know.
Just put your fingers in your ears and say, “LA LA LA ..”

Change the book to a Koooooooooooran and see how fast the Circus Court of Appeals would have the whole class dressed in burkazzzzzz.

Leftards hide behind the term “diversity.”
Diversity and so called “humanism” are our philosophical enemy.

The ACLU – American Criminal Libertys Union, has the world’s oldest, largest, and most influential association of corrupt lawyers, political activists, and so called social “reformers.”


These Libs worship naturalism, materialism, so called “rationalism” and while they deny it vehementy: –socialism

They have been transforming, and controling our institutions and organizations by their own perverse, Godless, “alleged” value system for decades.

Their revolution stops at nothing.
Religion – namely Judaism and Christianity– must be eliminated. While Izlam enjoys “special priviledge” lest they “take offense” and bomb us all.
Education – has morphed into Propaganda.

Health care – must be nationalized.
Family structure – must not be traditional and must be torn asunder to welcome all perversions.

Civil liberties – are afforded to illegal criminals and members of so called Faiths hell bent on destroying us and ours.

Birth control – Promoting pre-marital and extra-marital promiscuity, abortion, and of course condom distribution.

Their tentacles extend to housing, institutional care, racial (double standard) so called “equality”, and fictitious, “keep it green”, “global warming” ecology.


Our freedoms will continue to erode if we sit idly by. Christians and Jews will be out-maneuvered by the likes of Hussein Obama and his Lefty soldiers in efforts to mold public opinion as well as shape public policies against Judeo-Christian values.

But there is one religion that is sacrosanct and won’t be silenced, no matter how much death and horror they spread.: Izlam.

Why can’t that bell stop tolling?



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39 Responses to “Anti-Christian”

  1. Katie says:

    Obama surrendered the US to the Muslims today. Threw Israel under the bus, and will destroy all that this nation stands for.

    I suggest that you start looking for that burka. You’ll be forced into it soon.

  2. Potbelly Stove says:

    You are simply another form of ape…

    Well, dogs smile. Humans smile. I wonder what the ‘experts’ make of that….

  3. Howard Larson says:

    The time for Obama to give an accounting for his actions is less than 4 years away…

  4. t_ocanuck says:

    I’m not sure how you can equate materialism with socialism. Apples to oranges, no?

    Every other industrialized country in the world, other than the US, has health care for everyone. Maybe they’re right and the US is wrong? Maybe?

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  6. Perri Nelson says:

    Socialized medicine is not an improvement over the system we have in the U.S. Here, if you can afford it, you can get treatment for just about anything. In nations with socialized medicine, if the government doesn’t want to pay for it, you get rationing or nothing.

    I’ll stick with a system that encourages innovation and productivity rather than stifling it thanks. Socialism is not that system. Enlightened capitalism is.

    When a religious people (Jewish, Christian, or even some other religions) engages in free enterprise, they not only prosper, but so do those they come in contact with.

    When an irreligious people (humanists, rationalists, socialists, liberals) engages in socialism, only the party leaders prosper in the end. Everyone else has to suffer, and the productive or the creative are pulled down to the level of the lowest common denominator. Everyone suffers.

    I know which system I prefer.

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  8. Always On Watch says:

    Of course, a show-and-tell about the Koran would be just fine in most public schools. At least, that’s been my experience.

    BHO and his administration are well on their way to making Moslems a special class deserving special civil rights. I posted on that matter this morning.

  9. z says:

    Well, don’t look now, but we ARE submitting!

    By the way, we have a president who goes to Egypt and says “And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

    Did YOU know that? Was this a campaign promise? Man, we are SO screwed up.

  10. No Apology says:

    “Land For Peace?” Ha Ha…….

    …the Middle East conflict has zip all to do with Israel’s 1967 borders. It has to do with Israel’s 1948 borders. Had Israel’s Arab/Muslim neighbours accepted Israel’s 1948 borders, there would be no 1967 borders to dispute today….

  11. Debbie says:

    You cannot use Jesus name at school functions, in your graduations speeches, seems to be Christianity is under attack and as you say Islam gets not only a pass, but a push.

    BTW Angel, we said prayer at the hospital Cardiac Center’s dedication this week, everyone bowed their heads, everyone said “Amen” at the end of the prayer, and it was prayed to God in Jesus Name.

  12. No Apology says:

    An E-ex Fetus Speaks Out…

    Living in an epoch that is selfish as well as matriarchal, our lifeboats are no longer marked “women and children first,” only “women first.” We invent euphemisms, such as “choice” for killing, and sophomoric dilemmas, such as pretending not to k…

  13. KarL M says:

    Got rid of all my Muslim sheets today, never know when BHO sends the Izmo police around and they see i use pins to keep them on straight…
    Hey, wait a minute…
    “Pins to keep them on straight”…isn’t that a form of torture??!!
    Good, get those Muslim sheets back and get me longer pins, i am starting to enjoy changing the linen….
    BTW…next stop for BHO, Planet Mars, to apologize for leaving old spacecraft there and reach out to the Martian to create a more harmonious environment!!!!!! ( maybe they can create a Palestinian State there!!!)

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  15. Nuke Gingrich says:

    Would a wise Latina pick Sotomayor for the Supreme Court?…

    The interesting thing about being wise and being smart is that you can add a three letter word to each of them and come up with a synonym for “audacious” (a word which coincidently was used to decribe BHO).

  16. Potbelly Stove says:

    Kofi Annan: Feckless still…

    What nonsense. What happened to the idea of facing the three plagues directly?…

  17. JINGOIST says:

    That was a wonderful post Angel, and it pretty much sums up the assault on the Judeo-Christian America that we all know and love. This war on America is a concerted effort and must be met with even more determination from OUR side!

  18. MK says:

    “Change the book to a Koooooooooooran and see how fast the Circus Court of Appeals would have the whole class dressed in burkazzzzzz.”

    Exactly Angel. I read about that earlier, it’s disgusting and appalling how the western world is going now, trashing it’s heritage and it’s ancestry.

    Oh and about that tree falling on an aclu lawyer, not only will i not care, it’s a cause for celebration.

  19. ben says:

    Experience tells me that you can only push so far till you get pushed back. I’m not worried, what goes around,…

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  21. Rosemary's Thoughts says:

    PJTV News 6/5/09…

    There are some very good and some funny videos for this weekend, and I’d like to share them with you. Enjoy….

  22. Rosemary says:

    Hi sweetie. This is right on. It is so disgusting that I have to pick up the pace of my postings. I think you would really like it. We can become active with a huge support group from sea to shining sea! ;)

  23. Gayle's CyberPlace says:

    Professor Wichman Blasts Students Who Protest the…

    ‘I counsel you dissatisfied, aggressive, brutal and uncivilized slave-trading Moslems to be very aware of this as you proceed with your infantile ‘protests.’…

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  26. Maggie Thornton says:

    Remember how Christian countries supported the idea of “offense” to Islam by not allowing, and going so far as to prosecute, those reprinting the Danish Mohammad cartoon?

    Is this social justice?

  27. Brooke says:

    Absolutely disgusting! A Bible is right out, but as has been said a Koran would be greeted with enthusiasm!

  28. Michael says:

    While not the most religious person, these attacks on Christians offend me. One has just not the constitutional right,but the natural right to express their religion public and often.

    Only the Virtuous Can Live Free

  29. Pasadena Closet Conservative says:

    Right on, sister!

  30. OMMAG says:

    Just another stab at the straw man … The Libtards hate anything that can be identified with the traditions or principles that actually are the foundations of US democracy and American success.

    These are things they must pull down in order to give the appearance of elevating their own pathetic creeds.

    At best ignorant losers at worst useful tools of America’s enemies.

  31. EDGE says:

    The ACLU serves a great purpose. When I figure out what that is I’ll let you know, Angel!


  32. Right Truth says:

    British National Party (BNP) – Are they racist? Anti-semitic?…

    I want to know what you think about the British National Party (BNP). Are they anti-Semitic? Are they racist? Or are they simply anti multi-culturalism and anti-illegal and mass immigration? Reuters refers to them as the far-right British National Part…

  33. cube says:

    It’s freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. The left knows this, but chooses to ignore it. None are so blind as those who refuse to see.

  34. RightKlik says:

    The leftards are determined to destroy us.

  35. joe says:

    When a Christmas tree falls in the forest and lands on an ACLU lawyer, you can bet that I or someone who hates them assholes as much as I do did the cutting.

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  37. Howard Larson says:

    Thanks for the visit and comment

  38. The Pink Flamingo says:

    NRCC Insults Palin to Promote Gingrich…

    There are two big questions:
    NUMERO UNO:  Is Romney or his people behind this latest dissing of Sarah Palin?
    NUMERO DOS:  What is the possibility of a Palin-Giuliani ticket?  It sure works for me!
    Palin-Giuliani 2012?
    Then there is a third question:…

  39. SimoneDerti says:

    Unknown message