Muslim Terrorism: Denied by Obama


Salaam aleikum, dudes!

I thought I knew a little bit about the Middle East. Boy, was I wrong. Last week, President Obama set me straight. Here’s what our president taught me during his Middle-Eastern pilgrimage:

There is no more terrorism.

Wow, cool! No more security checks at airports, right? It’s unclear which side won, but it’s all over. Obama didn’t mention terrorism a single time in his star-turn speech in Cairo. Only a few “violent extremists” (our own troops?) remain at large.

America tortured.

I thought there was still a debate about that, but I guess not. And no regime in the Middle East tortures anybody, ever. Our bad.

Churches and synagogues are about to open in Saudi Arabia. Since “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance” and there are “over 1,200 mosques within our borders,” I can’t wait for the first Baptist hymn-sing in Riyadh. Sign me up!

Behind closed doors with Saudi King Abdullah, our president must’ve mentioned the many hundreds of churches and synagogues that thrived on the Arabian Peninsula during the Prophet’s lifetime. Muslims zealots destroyed them. Time to get the bin Laden family’s construction firm on the job re-building!

And stoning converts who leave Islam to death is a no-no, right?

Women can dress any way they want in Saudi Arabia. Just my analysis, based on Obama’s insistence that Islam recognizes “the dignity of all human beings” and that Muslim women must be free to make their own decisions about what to wear. Surely, fashion choices extend to Mecca and Medina, not just Detroit and Paris?

“Islam has always been a part of America’s story.” Guess the Founding Fathers missed that one. But I’m assured that George Washington turned to his mullah in the dark days at Valley Forge, that Daniel Boone read the Koran around the campfire, and that al Qaeda stood by us at the Alamo.

Yeah, there was that misunderstanding with the Muslim Barbary Pirates, when they killed, kidnapped and enslaved American citizens for years – but who’s perfect?

There are “nearly seven million American Muslims.” Who knew? We all thought there were three or four million, max. Is this a preview of the predetermined results of our upcoming census? [Note to editor: Confirm numbers with ACORN.]

“It was not violence that won full and equal rights” for black Americans. So much for the Civil War and my ancestor, who volunteered to wear Union blue and paid for it with his life. I thought a half-million Americans died fighting to end slavery. Silly me. Still, it was brave of our president to highlight slavery’s “lash of the whip” in his speech, since his own ancestors, as Muslims along Africa’s Swahili Coast, would have been complicit – if not actively engaged – in enslaving their fellow black Africans for Arab masters. As a self-proclaimed “student of history,” Obama surely knows that.

Holocaust, schmolocaust.

Aren’t those pesky Jews ever going to go away? Yes, denying the Holocaust is “hateful.” But let’s get a grip. Palestinians “endure . . . daily humiliations.” Their lot’s “intolerable.” Israel “devastates Palestinian families.” No wonder our president shunned wicked Israel during his trip – sending a clear, if unspoken, message that Jews are now fair game.

“America’s strong bonds with Israel are . . . unbreakable.” Yup. And they’re issued by Chrysler.

Hamas is a legitimate, recognized voice of the Palestinians. Rocket attacks against civilians, suicide bombings and kidnappings really work.

Iran can have nukes.

Our president’s acceptance of “peaceful nuclear power” for Tehran was coded language for “no pre-emptive military action.”

Jordan doesn’t matter.

So much for one Arab country’s attempts at human decency. If you want attention from our president, you’ve got to be a desert gangbanger.
My wife wondered why Obama didn’t make his speech in Indonesia, the world’s most-populous Muslim state, where he would’ve been welcomed proudly as a home-boy. Obama just reinforced the stereotype that Muslim equals Arab.

Democracy isn’t for everybody.

We’re done peddling that particular drug.

Of course, our president didn’t mention al Qaeda’s catastrophic defeat in Iraq, where millions of Sunni Arabs rejected the terror organization. Iraq was Bush’s war, so it’s all bad.

And forget junk like modern medicine, telecommunications or even the internal combustion engine. Islam’s been the source of real progress. Like “calligraphy.” Medieval Islam’s ballyhooed contributions actually were due to Greek-speaking Christians (including slaves) employed as court officials, to Armenian architects and Jewish physicians. But, yeah, Arabs had really good penmanship.

Our president’s breakthrough message to the Muslim world was that America overthrew democratic regimes, slavery was our history’s central feature, and we invaded people on a whim – but we’re sorry now.

His crowd-pleasing speech sanitized and romanticized Islam, letting the disgruntled populations of the Middle East off the hook for their own self-wrought failures, their monstrous oppression of women (our president’s women’s-right-to-wear-hijab remarks were aimed at Europe), and the violent aggression toward others they often celebrated and generally tolerated.

To Arab ears, especially, the Cairo speech made America the guilty party in our confrontations, as if, on 9/11, crazed Presbyterians had attacked Mecca. Yet, the historical facts are that Islam’s remorseless assault on the West lasted for more than one thousand years, its cruel occupation of Christian lands lasted into the 20th century, and the dream of an all-conquering caliphate remains very much with us.

The last mass slaughter of Christians in Iraq wasn’t a millennium ago, but in 1933. Al Qaeda isn’t an aberration. It’s a manifestation.

Our president may or may not be a student of history, but he can’t just make it up.

Aleikum salaam!

Obama’s Revisionist History Lesson
(Ralph Peters is Fox News’ Strategic Analyst.)



Brilliant or what?!

And for those who STILL need a refresher course in reality:

-America was viciously attacked on 9/11 by umm… Izzlamists quoting us from book called the Quruuu’an.

-Muzlims have terrorist cells in over 60 countries.

-So called moderate Muzlims in America are in reality nothing but cowards, who refuse to take any stand even in large numbers at a rally. They are opportunists. but most of all — they are supremacist manipulators.


And America goes out of its way to protect its Muzlim population.

Despite the fact that Izlam proclaims the infidels to be its sworn enemy.
That’s right.
It’s Dar-al-Izlam vs. Dar-al-Haarb, boys and girls.
Them against US.


Izlam is inimical to women’s rights and calls for the dhimmitude and even murder of non-Muzlims.
Izlam promotes desert tribalist huuudud punishments (you know things like ….amputations and stonings) for criminal and even non-criminal acts.

Muzlims are offended by profiling.
Sure….Profiling can stop …as soon as the next bomb that goes off doesn’t have some ahem..”holy” Qur’anic verse attached to it by people democratic governments refuse to expel because of political correctness.


Yet America still listens and caves in to endless Muzlim whining that they’re not being treated “well enough.”
One demand and alleged grievance after another.

Sure. They’e not being treated as the “superior beings” with special priviledges, that they clearly think they deserve.

How’s this idea?
Put up or shut up.

Better yet, go back to some A-rab land and moan and whine there.
See how long your tongue stays in your demanding mouth.


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20 Responses to “Muslim Terrorism: Denied by Obama”

  1. Mojo Steve says:

    Remember, it ain’t terrrrizm, it’s Man Caused Disasters!

  2. RightKlik says:

    Obama: speaking power to truth.
    “I won, so I’ll tell you what the truth is”

    Watch out, Obama. Facts are stubborn things.

  3. Brooke says:

    As always, Angel, DEAD ON.

  4. MK says:

    We can deny it all we want, but it’ll never go away, they’ll always make war upon us, openly or by stealth. It is what their religion is about.

  5. D.Rosenthal says:

    This is the most well written, comprehensive, and to-the point piece I have ever real! Why hasn’t it been submitted to the editorial boards of all major U.S. newspapers? Its not too late–of course, its very doubtful that any member of our ultra-liberal, Obama-idolizing press would actually publish it, but its worth a try.

  6. Potbelly Stove says:

    President fires IGs. Questions remain…

    Obama promised his administration would be open and transparent. Yet, he has fired three Inspectors General…

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  8. KarL M says:

    Absolutely fantastic piece of writing Angel…
    You know that little thing with the large teeth that crawls up “behind” you and bite you know where…well i do believe i see an army of them headed straight for the White House, where Barry O(my GOD)bama is going to get a rude awakening…do pardon me if i laugh my head off when it happens…

  9. The World According To Carl says:

    [...] to Rosemary’s Thoughts, third world county, Nuke Gingrich, Woman Honor Thyself, Right Truth, DragonLady’s World, The Pink Flamingo, MacBro’s Place, CORSARI [...]

  10. Debbie says:

    I really like Ralph Peters, think if he would run for President???

  11. Always On Watch says:

    To me and to many others, BHO’s revisionist history is obvious and dangerous.

    What scares me is that so many just suck up everything he says. People who should know better!

    Of course, many people DON’T know any better. They’ve been that dumbed down in the classroom.

  12. Obama and the Overdo It Crew | Adam's Blog says:

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  13. TT says:

    The worst Obama’s problem is that he doesn’t want to meddle with Iran just in case the Mullahs says he is doing it (something they are saying nevertheless). But then he wants Turkey to get into the European Union, whatever Europeans think about it (and the consequences it can bring).

    This man, apart for not knowing History, is a complete fool. He is going to make Carter a good president. :(

  14. Michael says:

    All you need to do is ask Van Gogh or Richard Pearl about the religion of peace. Oh,you can’t because they were either stabbed to death,or beheaded by the religion of peace.

    If it is a spade,then dammit call it a spade. These are blood thirsty terrorist who hid behind a so-called religion to cover up their culture of death,rape,and depostism.

  15. Janet Contreras Exposes Herself as Anti-GOP, Anti-Palin | The Pink Flamingo says:

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  16. Leaning Straight Up » Sunday Musings: The dad tribute says:

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  17. Mary says:

    Obama says he does not want to become a scapegoat for Iran’s leadership as postelection upheaval continues, but Republicans are still saying the new president is being too cautious. “The last thing that I want to do is to have the United States be a foil for those forces inside Iran who would love nothing better than to make this an argument about the United States,” Obama said.
    Translation, let me remain a coward to appear on the Mullahs side and secretly want the riots to stop so I can take credit. And no matter how wimpy the Commander-in-Chief behaves, we’ll make it sound thoughtful and forceful.

    Obama needs to step up to the plate on this one, people are dying in Iran for democracy and he’s saying nothing? It’s not like we have to go to war with them; you just have to condemn the crackdowns and maybe say something about a fair process. His silence is troubling.
    Obama won’t do s#@t on this. He is clueless, and a coward at heart. He’s more comfortable nationalizing everything in sight.
    These poor people are waiting for our help, why do you think the signs they were carrying (“where is my vote”) were in English!

  18. Kris says:

    All those cartoons say it all.

  19. Rosemary's Thoughts says:


    There are two cartoons today that capture the mood of many. For those of you who’ve been somewhere in the woods for the past week or so, President Obama has released those Chinese terrorists from Gitmo to go to Bermuda on our dime. Yup…

  20. Rosemary says:

    He is so bad it is scary. He’s had an opportunity (GRANTED him from President Bush) to change the entire tenure of the ME, and what does he do? He goes out and gets ice cream. People are crying out and dying–literally–for freedom. It’s more than I can ever say about him.

    PS. I’m using a green avitar to stand in unity with the Iranian people, not Mousavi, creater of Hizbullah. Are you aware there are over one million Christians in Iran? Yes, and we are growing. I belong to a pray group for and in Iran. ;)