HappY early FlaG DaY!

Test yer knowledge eh? Heh.

Q. Who cut the American flag into pieces and was honored for doing it?
A. Robert Peary, who left pieces of the flag scattered at the North Pole.

Q. Is it ever appropriate to fly the flag upside down?
A. Yes, but only in an emergency. It means “Help Me, I am in Trouble!”

Q. What is done with worn or outdated flags?
A. Flags are used until they are worn out and then they are destroyed, preferably by burning.

Q. Francis Scott Key wrote the words to “The Star-Spangled Banner” on the back on an envelope. What is the source of the music for it?
A. The music is from an old English drinking song called “To Anacreon in Heaven.”

Q. The American flag first flew over a foreign fort in what country?
A. Libya — over Fort Derne, on the shores of Tripoli.

Q. A vexillologist is an expert in what?
A. The history of flags.

Q. “Shipwreck” Kelly (1885-1952) was famous for sitting for long periods of time. What did he have to do with flags?
A. He set many flagpole-sitting records. He sat for 49 days on one flagpole. He once estimated that he spent a total of over 20,000 hours sitting on flagpoles. Flagpole sitting was a craze started in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1929.
Flag Day

I am the flag of the United States of America.

I am the flag of the United States of America.

I was born on June 14, 1777, in Philadelphia.

There the Continental Congress adopted my stars and stripes as the national flag.

My thirteen stripes alternating red and white, with a union of thirteen white stars in a field of blue, represented a new constellation, a new nation dedicated to the personal and religious liberty of mankind.

Today fifty stars signal from my union, one for each of the fifty sovereign states in the greatest constitutional republic the world has ever known.

My colors symbolize the patriotic ideals and spiritual qualities of the citizens of my country.

My red stripes proclaim the fearless courage and integrity of American men and boys and the self-sacrifice and devotion of American mothers and daughters.

My white stripes stand for liberty and equality for all.

My blue is the blue of heaven, loyalty, and faith.

I represent these eternal principles: liberty, justice, and humanity.

I embody American freedom: freedom of speech, religion, assembly, the press, and the sanctity of the home.

I typify that indomitable spirit of determination brought to my land by Christopher Columbus and by all my forefathers – the Pilgrims, Puritans, settlers at James town and Plymouth.

I am as old as my nation
I am a living symbol of my nation’s law: the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights.

I voice Abraham Lincoln’s philosophy: “A government of the people, by the people,for the people.”

I stand guard over my nation’s schools, the seedbed of good citizenship and true patriotism.

I am displayed in every schoolroom throughout my nation; every schoolyard has a flag pole for my display.

Daily thousands upon thousands of boys and girls pledge their allegiance to me and my country.

I have my own law—Public Law 829, “The Flag Code” – which definitely states my correct use and display for all occasions and situations.

I have my special day, Flag Day. June 14 is set aside to honor my birth.

Americans, I am the sacred emblem of your country. I symbolize your birthright, your heritage of liberty purchased with blood and sorrow.

I am your title deed of freedom, which is yours to enjoy and hold in trust for posterity.

If you fail to keep this sacred trust inviolate, if I am nullified and destroyed, you and your children will become slaves to dictators and despots.

Eternal vigilance is your price of freedom.

As you see me silhouetted against the peaceful skies of my country, remind yourself that I am the flag of your country, that I stand for what you are – no more, no less.

Guard me well, lest your freedom perish from the earth.

Dedicate your lives to those principles for which I stand: “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

I was created in freedom. I made my first appearance in a battle for human liberty.

God grant that I may spend eternity in my “land of the free and the home of the brave” and that I shall ever be known as “Old Glory,” the flag of the United States of America.

To my sweet friends…Hoist her up with pride…and Long may she wave.

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15 Responses to “HappY early FlaG DaY!”

  1. Gayle says:

    Dang, Angel! I hate these quizzes ’cause they always prove I am a nitwit! :(

    Excellent facts about the flag though, and excellent post. No one can say we conservatives don’t honor our flag. :)

  2. Brooke says:

    Thanks, Angel! Great post!

    Reminds me of a funny Army story… When in my MP unit in the Guard, we passed a house on the way to drill that had a flagple, with the flag sitting on the ground!

    Here comes a Humvee up the dude’s driveway, and four MP’s get out… And our Sgt. says to the guy… “Excuse me, sir, we are with the ____ Military Police Unit, and we noticed the improper display of your flag. This is a warning… Square that flag away and treat her properly from now on!

    The guy was white as a sheet! He took care of it right then and there!

  3. Angel says:

    Aw thanks Gayle. :)
    lol Brooke…I bettah check mine now eh?..lol :)

  4. DL says:

    So Angel – see if I have it correct.

    Flying the flag upside down means we’re in trouble. That explains those illegal immigration rallies when our flag was flown upside down. That must mean America’s in big trouble now that the illegals are here. Nice of them to tell us.

  5. cube says:

    Good post. I thought I would do better on this Fun facts on the flag quiz, but I found out that I’m no vexillologist.

  6. David says:

    Lived nearly a third of my life in an Army town. You can bet improper display and disrespect for the flag were… exceedingly uncommon, to say the least.

    One bad thing about living there so long: it really ruined going to movie theaters for me. Not because going to movies there was a chore, but because audiences were unfailingly polite and considerate–especially those populated with lotsa Army folks. Seriously. Going to movies now is just not happening much for us. Still can’t get used to how rude folks are at movie theaters. (Not that there’s actually one in America’s Third World County thyat’s worth going to to begin with… )

  7. Lawman says:

    Another great post Angel! I’ve spent the last 17 years of my life defending our flag and what it stands for. I don’t regret a minute of it!! For all of her faults, America is still the greatest Nation on Earth.

  8. Lady Jane says:

    Great post, Angel! So interesting!

  9. ABF says:

    “If you fail to keep this sacred trust inviolate, if I am nullified and destroyed, you and your children will become slaves to dictators and despots.”

    Now what was that argument people were trying to make for burning it? …. Happy Flag day America, protect her always.

  10. KKKaaarrrLLLL mMmMM says:


  11. benning's Writing Pad says:

    Flag Day 2006…

    Angel over at Woman Honor Thyself reminded me that today is Flag Day! She has quite a line-up and post about it, so head on over and get educated! And entertained, too. LOL

    And where are the rest of the Bloggers? Are we too busy to say something reg…

  12. Mike's America says:

    Happy Flag Day!

  13. Diane’s Stuff » Blog Archive » Flag Day says:

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  14. A Lady's Ruminations says:

    Happy Flag Day!…

    Not only is today the 231st Birthday of our wonderful Army, but Flag Day as well!
    Fly your flag proudly!!!

    I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God…..

  15. Mensa Barbie Welcomes You says:

    Old Glory’s Day- National Flag Week…

    Old Glory…A symbol of hope and pride, inspiring us during times of conflict and comforting us during moments of sorrow and loss……