Neda Soltani and the Iranian Revolution


In Iran, One Woman’s Death May Have Many Consequences

Iran’s revolution has now run through a full cycle.

A gruesomely captivating video of a young woman – laid out on a Tehran street after apparently being shot, blood pouring from her mouth and then across her face – swept Twitter, Facebook and other websites this weekend.

The woman rapidly became a symbol of Iran’s escalating crisis, from a political confrontation to far more ominous physical clashes. Some sites refer to her as “Neda,” Farsi for the voice or the call. Tributes that incorporate startlingly upclose footage of her dying have started to spring up on YouTube.


You might think that the President of the United States of America should have condemned the Iranian regime’s brutal, violent suppression of the right to protest and assemble.


Are we even remotely showing the young who wish to be free, that we, The United States of America, as a Nation, stand firmly behind them?

Are we willing to admit aloud that the current “regime” is a dictatorship that needs to be put down like a rabid dog?


Needless to say..any President who stood for freedom would send that message in NEON to every filthy, dictatorial regime on the planet.


But..ahem….our current “regime” here in the good ole U.S. of A. is busy establishing their own dictatorship…with Hussein O. front and center.

Hussein Obama and his cronies tear off pieces of our Constitution daily to wipe their tuchuses with. toilet-paper

Ah yes.
Hail the ole Spineless One!


What did Hussein do this past weekend?
Well, He errr…. discussed Iran with foreign policy advisers in the Oval Office for about 30 minutes…and later went golfing in Virginia.


That’s right kids.
Roughly 30 minutes to discuss the the most important opening in Iran in the last 3 decades.

Nice goin Commander In Sheep.


Then again..Did ya truly expect any other response from the Kenyan… White House “Resident”?

I swear:
Somewhere in Kenya…………a village has lost its idiot.


23 Responses to “Neda Soltani and the Iranian Revolution”

  1. RightKlik says:

    Obama cares not one bit about freedom and liberty. I’d love to see evidence that indicates that I am wrong.

  2. Pasadena Closet Conservative says:

    What an embarrassment for our nation that the Commander in Chief of the United States of America has neither the cajones nor the will to stand up to the oppressive Iranian regime. The world is waiting for this moment to happen, but he’s too wishy-washy and P.C. to make a statement that really matters.

  3. Greywolfe says:

    This post is, as usual, right on the money. PCC, I need to correct your statement.

    The issue isn’t his willpower or his lack of testosterone producing genitalia. The issue is that he SIDES with the Iranian government. He no more wants to give legitemacy to those demonstrations than he did for the ones that took place here on apr. 15th.

    He is of like mind with the Mullahs. That’s the really embarrassing thing for America.

  4. MK says:

    “You might think that the President of the United States of America should have condemned the Iranian regime’s brutal, violent suppression of the right to protest and assemble.”

    Only a few years ago, another set of people fought with Americas against the very evil in Iran, back then hussein o did everything he could to screw over the troops and america, so don’t bother looking to the kenyan commie for any support. He might utter the odd platitude about peace, kumbaya and all that, but ultimately he’ll do nothing and keep working on his handicap.

  5. Always On Watch says:

    I am so ANGRYwith BHO. Neda dies on camera, BHO does out for ice cream.

    In the link I’m leaving here, I wrote a post in bursts of sentences. When I start using that style, you know that I’m boiling-over mad!

    Meanwhile, BHO is letting the invitation stand for the Iranian regime to come to America for a July 4th picnic at the White House. Gah!

  6. Always On Watch says:

    Hussein Obama and his cronies tear off pieces of our Constitution daily to wipe their tuchuses with.


    Good zing, BTW.

  7. cube says:

    Yeah, how’s that hope & change working for the independents who voted for BO and the rebulicans who stayed home on election day?

  8. Johnny Wlaker says:

    Great blog Angel.. I have read many on this subject this morning.. In fact I was just at DD2′s and saw another good one there… I understand now. He won’t speak out about a dictator in Iran but is more than happy to tell Israel what to do. Guess some are just more equal and important than others.
    This poor young lady that was killed in Iran was truly a Martyr. While Obama is an embarrassment to America…
    God Bless Neda and her family.

    Your are very skilled in both your writing and your pictures to complement it.

  9. I'm here to say it! says:

    America must stand up and condemn the violence that occurs to non-violent protestors. That doesn’t mean send an army to Iran and invade, that just means that our leader must stand behind the voice of his own people and declare that such violence WILL NOT be tolerated against the innocent. If the government of Iran does not want to have more bloodshed on their hands, and does not want a UN army to start gathering on its borders (some how, some way), then they’d better back off from beating its people just because they decided to voice their opinion. Bloodshed will bring bloodshed… but its the hand that holds back that will win the day. Having a voice as a weapon can be more powerful than the strongest of arsenals any government or military force can muster. People of Iran, if you choose the side of non-violent protest and your leaders still beat and hold you down, then you know that your voice is doing more damage than any gun or bomb ever could. The Iranian government won’t mass murder its own people, and so the people of Iran can rise up and join together in a cause that has been building for decades now. Do not let the basiji militants scare you… do not let the armed soldiers prevent you from gathering… do not let the death of friends or family disuade you from standing up for your rights. Nations were formed this way. Nations have fallen this way. The people of the land greatly outnumber the rulers of any regime, be it a tyranny or a dictatorship. SPEAK YOUR MIND. Raise your hands in peace, but PROTEST the unjust rule of those who would see you silenced. Fight for the cause of freedom. But do not let anger condemn you to a path that will lead to so many innocent dying. If it comes down to the people needing to fight with weapons, let the world help. If you can fight with your Voice and your Solidarity, you may just alter the path of your civil unrest. You may just bring about the change that your children can grow up in and know that their parents fought for freedom against a ruling power that saw the people of their own nation as those with no voice. Iranian people… you have a Voice, and the world has heard even if Obama keeps silent. The Liberals in this country are more concerned about two gay guys getting married or legalizing pot more so than they are with the likes of Neda yearning for basic freedoms. Lets face it Obama is not going to help, as weak and ambiguous as Obamas statements have been he might as well say nothing.

  10. Gabrielle Cusumano says:

    “Neda Agha Soltan: A gruesomely captivating video of a young woman – laid out on a Tehran street after apparently being shot…,” …

    (Neda) after apparently being shot, blood pouring from her mouth and then across her face

    Neda Neda Salehi Agha Soltan becomes a symbol of Iranian resistance
    Times Online (Free subscription) | yesterday
    Her name was Neda Salehi Agha Sol…

  11. Rightwing Guy says:

    such a tragedy and you show it well as always.
    i’ve also set up a new site, i’ll be working on it so be sure to stop by
    The New Rightwing Guy

  12. OMMAG says:

    Today Obama threw them under the bus …. just like everyone else who he sees no use for.

  13. Lisa says:

    Unfortunately we are going to have to put up with the cra* for 3.5 more years. The good news is that Obama and the rest of the lefties now running the Country are excelerating their bad policy making and socialist agenda at lightning speed. I bet by this time next year the entire population will be demanding new leadership!

  14. Red says:

    RECALL! RECALL! RECALL! We can do it for local elected reps who go back on their promises, why not federally elected reps. This is what Michelle Bachmann put it, a “Gangster Government”.

  15. joe says:

    Angel, I need a little clarification please. When you wrote…”Are we willing to admit aloud that the current “regime” is a dictatorship that needs to be put down like a rabid dog?”… were you speaking about Iran, or America? Just wondering.

  16. ben says:

    Hate to say it, but it reminds me of kentState…

    I suppose killing her was a warning to others.

  17. z says:

    I just posted on a air conditioning repairman who admitted to me he was sorry he voted for THE ONE. Imagine.
    I wonder how many freedom loving Americans are thinking the same thing today?

    That picture of Neda about does me in…no words. May God bless her soul.

  18. KarL M says:

    So The Commander-at-Sleep is not stepping up…what a surprise…maybe Al “i am irReliVant” Sharpton will have a word or two to offer..Its all comic relief to me…I voted for McCain!!!!
    Fear not friends of The Right…we survived Jimmy “the peaNUT” Carter, we will make it pass this guy too…

  19. Debbie says:

    Neda is the face of the protest, with many women at the forefront of this fight for freedom. Obama has been pitiful

  20. LomaAlta says:

    Nice post Angel. Greywolf is right on.
    Obama’s heart and sympathy is with the Muslim tyrants in Iran, not the people of Iran.

  21. Pamela D. Hart says:

    Angel: Bless Neda and the Iranians who want freedom. Someone needs to speak out for these people and you are doing great work, as usual. Bless you. You are the essence of your name, my friend.

  22. North Northwester says:

    Right on, as the Boomers used to say.

    Self-indulgent arses that they were.

    Keep ‘em coming Angel. Every voice raised against evil shots down a lie.

    Neda’s dead. We blog. More Iranians die.
    Uncle Sam’s new owner sits on his hands, too prim to risk annoying those nice neighbours over at I-ran.
    Looks like here’s no sheriff in town this time, alas.

  23. kyamazaakhai says:


    At first, I thank you for standing the cause of freedom of Iran. Mousavi is not the correct person but he is a reformist.

    I understnad this moment will be dead.We need something new; something which shake the world to its core; some images who people getting tortured maybe in thousands. I dont expect Us president to be interfering but I expect my country, India to stand up for this cause and stop all relations with Iran. but this could be a bad step as many iranians are taking a shelter in India. so, publishing images, I would like many iranian bretheren to come to India.. and then we will shake the very foundation of this regime.