RomanticizinG TerrorisM

“Notwithstanding the political catastrophes of the twentieth century, the notion of the noble guerrilla persists on the left. According to this notion, a man or woman who takes to the hills, gun in hand, must be fighting for a good cause, and bringing about a better and more just world…

Fashionable Guerrillas
For the Left, noble revolutionaries are always in style.

Romanticizing them could hardly go further: in rugged landscapes, we see fresh-faced young men and women in gray-green fatigues either in pensive, poetic mood or happily singing revolutionary songs.

How purposefully authentic their existence seems compared with ours, who live in large, comfortable, and wealthy cities, selfishly enjoying the rotten fruits of a decadent civilization.

How many times in the twentieth century did we see the same photographic essays about noble guerrilla movements!”

Ah yes the Lefty Muzlim and A-rab Sympathizers abound
While Muzlims hijacked our very own airplanes, attacked and continue to attempt to undermine the West, the Liberals “feel” for their ahem..”plight.” Muzlims killed thousands of innocents in the States and around the world ( a nearly daily happening in Israel) without a single moral qualm.

And despite the hard fact that their enmity is directed right at us, the Liberals continue to empathize and excuse the ones who murder their very loved ones.

After all good ole O.B.L. made his intentions clear as ice.
Os-ama Bin La-din commands his Muzlim bro’s to “obey God’s command to kill the Americans and plunder their possessions…to kill Americans and their allies, both civil and military….”

Muzlims want to eliminate all Western influence and ahem restore the rule of Izlam to the entire free world through their campaign of terror.

And while those of us who lean a bit more to the right admit that America may be tainted by materialism and consumerism, we do not glorify terrorists or terrorist sympathizers.

We see the horror and misogyny in the ancient countries where Izlam has been ensconced for nearly fourteen centuries. The citizens, if you can call them that, must relinquish their claims to basic human and civil rights in return for the state undertaking to provide for them and protect them..which is clearly does not do.

The Libs assist the Muzlims with their plan of infiltration into society’s every nook and cranny as a way to gain eventual political control. The lefties legitimize this as ahem… “multi-culturalism.”

These Lefties are not unlike the children in Izlam who are conditioned to accept a dogmatic message with no sense of critical inquiry, the perfect mindset for radicalism to thrive.

Perhaps their next cause will be to elect judges who would interpret cases in the light of Izlamic law, the Sh-ari’a?

And while the Libs espouse the principles of acceptance, pluralism and toleration, these self haters have precious little to show in applying them to their own.

The Media will continue to bombard us with images of the “poor Palestinian children” who Israel is accused of killing and wounding (even though it turns out to be a self inflicted blow by their own A-rab Kassam rockets), and plaster images of alleged prison abuse of Muzlims at the hands of American soldiers.

But, take comfort my friends. This is a battle for hearts and minds, and some of ours …are not for sale.

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5 Responses to “RomanticizinG TerrorisM”

  1. ABF says:

    Multiculturalism has all but destroyed Europe, and has done real damage up here. It is the most destructive LIEberal concept ever introduced in that it has allowed aggressive religions/races to impose their way of life on tolerant societies constantly erroding and breaking down the western way of life.

  2. Brooke says:

    “But, take comfort my friends. This is a battle for hearts and minds, and some of ours …are not for sale.”

    THAT is beautiful!

  3. Planck's Constant says:

    Egypt: Get into the Modern World…

    Today we spotlight Human Rights Abuse and Egypt.

    Here’s the story:

    Alaa Ahmed Seif al-Islam, a twenty-four-year old Egyptian blogger, was detained in central Cairo on May 7, 2006 while taking part in a peaceful protest in support of two judges….

  4. says:

    I’ll never understand the left’s facination with multiculturalism.

    As long as you are from a “protected group” of people they will love you no matter what kind of destructive behavior you engage in. It’s sick.

  5. Ma r t i n @ b l o g b a t says:

    “…a man or woman who takes to the hills, gun in hand, must be fighting for a good cause, and bringing about a better and more just world…” Unless of course Heaven forbid he or she’s fighting against Communists or islamofascists.