Maccabiah Games and Gilad Shalit


In a pathetic attempt to display sportsmanship and distancing the Israeli-sponsored Maccabiah Games from political involvement, Maccabiah officials have banned athletes from wearing Gilad Shalit solidarity ribbons at the opening ceremony on Monday.

Activists working to obtain Shalit’s release have asked participants in the sporting event from around the world to wear yellow solidarity ribbons, but Maccabiah officials explains they are distancing themselves from politics. Athletes from America and the UK had agreed to wear the ribbons, but event organizers had a different idea.


Maccabiah official explain the yellow ribbon is a political gesture intended to pressure the government into moving ahead with a prisoner exchange deal and therefore it is not acceptable for the international sporting event.

Shalit Solidarity Banned from Maccabiah Games

BANNING athletes from wearing Gilad Shalit solidarity ribbons?

Funny how the rest of the world has NO problem “injecting” politics into other arenas.


MTV says Russell Brand will host the Video Music Awards for the second year in a row
Injecting partisan politics into his intro, Brand begged America to elect Barack Obama, “on behalf of the world buy online star trek .”

Controversial comic Russell Brand returns to host the VMAs

Nice eh?


But Israelis willing to make a statement about an innocent man being held captive by stinkin Arabs for years?
Nah. They’ll pass, thank you.
Heaven forfend we insult the barbarian Ham-ASS Muzlims holding him, if he is even still alive.

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What they did do instead was this:

Traded a live animal terrorist for two dead Jewish bodies.
An inhuman murderer, who bashed a four-year-old girl’s head in with a gun………
The Arabs who danced in the streets after Sept 11th could hardly wait for his “triumphant” return to Lebanon.

Israel’s government voted Sunday to trade one of the most notorious convicts in its prisons, a Lebanese murderer, for the bodies of two Israeli soldiers whose cross-border capture led to and partly motivated its monthlong war with the Lebanese militia Hezbollah in summer 2006.

And the World Yawned

No one knows how to “negotiate” with twisted, cold blooded terrorists. But one thing we do know: Trading terrorist, vicious, heartless murderers for captives will bring more dead Jews.

And ultimately..more dead Americans, Europeans, Australians..and citizens of every other free nation that Izlam yearns to ultimately conquer.

Just remember though. Barring Jews from professional sporting events just for being “Jews” according the Arabs and the rest of the world…….is cool.

Remember this?
Shahar Peer Visa Denial: Women’s Tennis Association does NOTHING

Anyone discuss boycotting the tourney? Ha. Not quite.


Funny how Andy didn’t mind “protesting”.
In reaction to Shahar Peer being barred from Dubai for the crime of “being Jewish”……Roddick pulls out of Dubai event over Peer controversy

Some courage indeed.

The dudes in Dubai who had no issue with barring a Jew…for simply “being a Jew.”

Well…Here are Some “alleged” humans who clearly have NO prob ahem..”protesting.”:



Someone in Jordan needs a translator.laughing0


Silence, is not always golden sweet friends.



EVERYONE ATTENDING: Please pray for his safe return and



He and his tortured family least that much backbone.


Hat tip to Mo.

18 Responses to “Maccabiah Games and Gilad Shalit”

  1. blackandgoldfan says:

    You got it, girl!!! :-D

  2. Andrew33 says:

    You asked if we wanted to join your blogroll, the answer is yes. I like your Pro-Israeli stance. While I am a Chriistian, I am not affiliated in any way with certain “Christian” groups who have anti-semitic tendencies or history. I support Israel and their right to have their homeland. I am not “anti-Muslim”, but I am against those who believe in killing others who are “infidels”. The Catholic Church did the same thing a few centuries ago and I would have stood against them too. I was glad to see the Israelis get rid of that last P.M (Olmert) and put Netanyahu back in. Especially now that we have Osa..I mean Obama. Olmert and Obama would have given away both our countries at the same time. I hope you enjoy our blog and remember, you never know what you will see over there. We do really serious politics and then flying space cats too. We are not a “status quo” blog. We also say the things you aren’t supposed to say.
    So, don’t be surprised when you see that if you go over there.
    You said hat tip to Mo, My flying space cat is Keemo, and one of her shortened names is Mo. Actually she is a flying space leopard.

  3. innominatus says:

    The abuse that’s been heaped on Israel has always bothered me, but at least I’ve been able to say to myself “Well, my country still backs Israel!”

    Sadly, I don’t feel I can say that anymore.

    PS – thanks for stoppin’ by at my little site.

  4. MK says:

    Odd thing about the world today, when given the choice between good an evil we seem to choose evil. Is it any wonder that we so often end up with evil then.

  5. Always On Watch says:

    Maccabiah is making a mistake with this decision.

    All that Moslems respect from non-Moslems is a show of strength.

  6. Rightwing Guy says:

    your right on point as usual

  7. z says:

    Unbelievable….denying solidarity for a soldier who deserves our prayers and his return to safety? thanks for letting us know, Angel…this STINKS.

  8. Brooke says:

    I’m without words!

  9. heidianne jackson says:

    outrage is all there is and it is not nearly enough. i don’t believe that our current administration backs israel and all i can think is that my grandparents must be turning over in their graves. i have my yellow ribbon, angel and i will wear it proudly regardless of who says to do otherwise.

  10. KarL M says:

    It is beyond belief what countries go thru “not to offend” , and Israel is no different…
    Why????? i have no idea…considering that Israel exists, has offended most of the world. You would think they could not care less!!!!
    Thank GOD their nuclear program is tops in the world, would not want to go to sleep at night without a little security….

  11. C Gen says:

    Awesome post! Funny how protesting has become a pop culture thing. I don’t know how many bumper stickers I’ve seen for free tibet. Perhaps, Judaism should work narcotics into their religion as a marketing ploy.

  12. sayitlikeitis says:

    YELLOW RIBBON ALL THE WAY!!! Not only show solidarity rather write letters to the Human Rights (Wrong) Organization and the holy Red Cross (them out) demanding access to Gilad Shilat as a prisoner of war.

    “Maccabiah official explain the yellow ribbon is a political gesture intended to pressure the government into moving ahead with a prisoner exchange deal” This is a question that we can not simply answer if Israel should go ahead with a prisoner exchange, is that the humane, just, right and proper action? To release prisoners with blood in order to kill, maim, attack, injury more Jewish residents. Gilad should be released gratis… fax, call, write to Hillary Clinton and President Obama to include this clause in future Arab discussions. NOW!!!
    therefore it is not acceptable for the international sporting event, IT SHOULD BE ACCEPTABLE ANYWHERE since a Jewish innocent life is in danger 24/7.

  13. Debbie says:

    I’ve been wondering about some “proof of life” for Shalit. I heard Egypt told Israel that Gilad is alive and well. How would they know and do we take their word???

  14. DaBlade says:

    Wow. Very powerful reminder of who/what we are dealing with. This young man should not be forgotten or given up on.

  15. Dr. Dave says:

    Consider it done!

  16. OMMAG says:

    “Maccabiah official explain the yellow ribbon is a political gesture…”

    No sh!t Sherlock?

    And may I in turn, observe that this official is a spineless and ignorant sack of crap without the moral authority to decide what is or is not appropriate on behalf anyone?

    Thank you Mr. Official for the very clear demonstration of how political correctness aids evil.

  17. RaDena says:

    I enthusiastically agree with OMMAG’s comment. Great post, Angel!

    Also, thank you for linking us at BCAP to your esteemed blogroll! We have linked you as well.

  18. RaDena says:

    In addition, so sorry for not being around a bit more, but we’ve been away.