Winne the Pooh dumped


“TURKEY’S public television TRT, controlled by the Is-lamist-rooted government, has barred the popular Walt Disney cartoon Winnie the Pooh from air because it has a piglet as one of its main heroes, the Turkish press reported today.

Several other cartoons featuring pigs also failed to win the green light from TRT management, according to the left-wing Cumhuriyet daily.
The station initially considered scissoring the scenes showing Piglet, but abandoned the idea because the small pink-skinned character, one of Winnie the Pooh’s closest friends, appeared too often, Cumhuriyet and the mass-circulation Sabah newspaper said..

Piglet keeps Pooh off air continues..
TRT officials were not immediately available for comment.

Pigs are regarded as unclean by Mus-lims and Is-lam prohibits the consumption of pork.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party, the offshoot of a now-banned Islamist movement, is under fire for seeking to raise the profile of Is-lam in mainly Mus-lim but strictly secular Turkey. ”

Quickie History Lesson eh?
winnie the poohsmalltiger.gif
During the first World War, troops from Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada) were being transported to eastern Canada, on their way to Europe, where they were to join the 2nd Canadian Infantry Brigade. When the train stopped at White River, Ontario, a lieutenant called Harry Colebourn bought a small female black bear cub for $20 from a hunter who had killed its mother. He named her ‘Winnipeg’, after his hometown of Winnipeg, or ‘Winnie’ for short.
History of Pooh continues…
Winnie became the mascot of the Brigade and went to Britain with the unit. When the Brigade was posted to the battlefields of France, Colebourn, now a Captain, took Winnie to the London Zoo for a long loan. He formally presented the London Zoo with Winnie in December 1919 where he became a popular attraction and lived until 1934.

The bear was also very popular with Christopher Robin, son of author A.A. Milne. It was his favourite animal at the Zoo, and he often spent time inside the cage with it. The bear was Christopher Robin’s inspiration for calling his own teddy bear Winnie…..Winnie the Pooh (this teddy bear started out with the name of Edward Bear).

Ah…now sweet Winnie can join the ranks of:

1-Satanic Verses author Sal-man Rush-die, who has been in hiding since February 1989 because of a worldwide Isl-amic fat-wa calling for his death issued by the late Ayatollah Khomeini.

2-Writer, poet, and doctor Tas-lima Nas-rin, whose 1992 novel Laffa [Shame] touched off deadly riots in her native Bangladesh and triggered a Mus-lim death sentence on her head.
Is-lamic Censorship continues..
3-Playwright Ter-ence McNally, who is the victim of a fat-wa calling for his execution should he ever enter an Is-lamic nation.

4-Nigerian journalist Isio-ma Daniel, who wrote a column prior to her country’s scheduled hosting of the 2002 Miss World Pageant. She dared to say: “The Mus-lims thought it was immoral to bring 92 women to Nigeria and ask them to revel in vanity. What would Moh-ammed think? In all honesty, he would probably have chosen a wife from one of them.” These words triggered three days of riots that claimed the lives of more than 220 people. A government official in the Nigerian state of Zamfara issued a fat-wa declaring: “Like Sal-man Rush-die, the blood of Isi-oma Daniel can be shed.

5-Nobel Prize-winning Egyptian novelist Nag-uib Mah-fouz, whose neck carries a knife wound meant to end his life. His novel Children of Gebalawi (a/k/a Children of the Alley) — which indirectly depicts Moh-ammed, Jesus, and Moses as members of the working class — and his defense of Sal-man Rush-die led to the fat-wa.

6-Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Doug Marlette. The creator of the comic strip Kudzu and syndicated political cartoons offered an acid take on Isl-amic terrorism. Taking off on the What Would Jesus Drive? ad campaign (which implies that Christ wouldn’t tool around in a gas-guzzling SUV), his late-December 2002 cartoon showed a man in Middle Eatern garb behind the wheel of a Ryder truck. In the back is a nuclear missile, and across the top of the panel is the text: “What Would Mohammed Drive?” The cartoon didn’t run in the print edition of the Tallahassee Democrat (where Marlette is on staff), but it did appear briefly on the newspaper’s Website before being yanked off. Mus-lim groups howled, and Marlette was inundated with over 4,500 emails. “They all demanded an apology,” he wrote. “Quite a few threatened mutilation and death.”

Guess Pooh bear is in good company.

Do we have others to add to the growing list dear readers?


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13 Responses to “Winne the Pooh dumped”

  1. ABF says:

    Normally I’d be surprised, but after the last cartoon go around, it just didn’t hit me on the head. Muslims seem to have the LIEberal disease that bans everything that might be seen as offensive or non-conforming to their agenda, or did the LIEberals pick it up from them…. hmmmmm. I really didn’t know the history of old Winnie … thank you for this.

  2. David says:

    OK, I get the Moose-limb stupidity. Jackasses.


    I’ve always had problems with a child’s icon with the same (last) name as a childish word for excrement. I mean, what’s the message here?

    But then, it’s also kinda disturbing that folks pay good money for shampoo when they can get the real thing for nothing.

    (And what’s the deal with “processed food”? Not going there. Oops. I just did… )

    BTW, I just decided I’m heading out in a few minutes to get a picture of a particularly disturbing sign… more later @twc…


  3. third world county says:


    Angel, at Woman Honor Thyself, just posted news of Turkey acting, well, like a turkey in banning Winnie the Pooh (yeh, that childhood icon named after potty-training by-product) …Which spurred me to finally take a picture of a sign that has been trou…

  4. Angel says:

    Your most welcome AB!.. :)
    on the edge of mah seat here David.. Heh :)

  5. KKaarrLL MmMmm says:


  6. Lyn says:

    Your trackback worked! Congrats. And good summary of this story. Although we laugh at the absurdity of it, we also boycott arbitrarily. If we were to be totally consistent with our indignations, we’d have to withdraw our tacit support (read active consumerism) of every major brand and industry. It is impossible to return to the Garden and so we plow forward the best we can. lgp

  7. Radaractive says:

    Iraq, Smack, and get back Dixie Chickbats!…

    Iraq, Smack, and get back Dixie Chickbats!…

  8. Tim says:

    This is irony at its best. Actually, the best was when Sweden, the PORNO capital of the world, decided Daffy Duck cartoons were unethical because it made a joke out of speech impediments.

  9. Always On Watch says:

    I’ve got it! I just had a realization! Muzzies can’t tell fact from fantasy, real beings from cartoons, snd true prophets from false prophets.

    Goofy will have to go as well. Muzzies find dogs unclean.

  10. Always On Watch says:

    I forgot to mention…We’re having pork chops tonight. They are not from Piglet. LOL.

  11. Angel says:

    Thanks Karl M.. :)
    Lyn, glad ya finally got the dang tb..:) n thanks for your words.
    Thanks Radar..will check that out soon as Blogger is workin agin..yikes.
    Thanks Tim and AOW…great insights!. Heh :)

  12. Bloggin' Outloud says:

    Sunday Headlines – Late Edition…

    WICHITA (LPs Wire) – Unsolicited Comments – Humoring Today’s Headlines – Turkish TV denies piglet ban…

  13. Brooke says:


    More cartoon wars, huh?