Obama in Martha’s Vineyard


President Obama and his family have rented a farm in Martha’s Vineyard for their summer vacation next month. They will start their vacation the last week of August, according to reports.

According to the Vineyard Gazette, the Obamas have rented the Blue Heron Farm. The farm is located on 28.5-acres. No one is quite sure how much the rental is costing the Obamas, but similar properties rent for $35,000 to $50,000 a week.

Obama family leases a $20 million dollar farm for summer vacation

$20 million.
But don’t worry America.
He “feels your pain”. Truly, he does.

Now fork over yer money.


A real man of the people. Uh huh.

Cushy lil deal da Community Organizer (agitator) got goin dudes.
Use the taxpayers’ money to finance your extravagant, over the top, vacations. while many taxpayers won’t be taking a vacation at all this year.


Ya gotta wonder how the folks who voted for him, because they thought he could relate to their um… color,(shhhhhhhh)… or their status as poor, and downtrodden – must be feelin right about now.


Or are they still defendin Der Fuhrer?


Hard to keep track of Hussein’s flyin circus.
Christmas in Hawaii…………of course.
Martha’s Vineyard for the dog days of August.
Europe in between all the bashing the “selfish rich folk” speeches.

Weekly cocktail parties serving $100 a lb beef.
Special pizza flown in.pizzadeliverani

Hotsy totsy “date night” out on the town in New York City…and on and on and on………

On second thought, I’m surprised Hussein didn ‘t opt for going “back home” for the holidays. I hear tell Kenya has great weather in August.


Yo Hussein:
One should examine oneself for a very long time before thinking of condemning others.


16 Responses to “Obama in Martha’s Vineyard”

  1. z says:

    28.5 acres? WOW.
    Too bad he couldn’t go to Camp David. I’d have thought security infrastructure would be in place there…this will be far pricier for America, no matter WHO pays for the very tony Martha’s Vineyard location.
    I don’t begrudge him any more than I begrudge a president I LIKE to go on vacation or spend money, but this guy’s SO out of touch!
    I keep wondering how much that little trip to London by Mrs Obama and the daughters to celebrate Malia’s birthday cost us. Good post, Angel!

  2. Teresa Rice says:

    Gee, he really feels Americans pain-NOT Obama and his family will be living it up lavishly while Americans are struggling out there. He doesn’t have a clue and doesn’t seem to care about the pain Americans are going through. If he did he wouldn’t go on this type of vacation.

  3. KarL M says:

    Hey Hussein Obama you can vacate in The Gaza Strip…. shore side lodging, cool Mediterranean breeze, and all the sand you can want……..and you will be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO close to home. You can take the kiddies to see where you WERE born, and grew up, before you escaped to Hawaii and got a “re”vised birth certificate…..and of course you feel the pain of the American people, but as you repeated ad nauseum during the campaign…”it is all about change”….and you think your vacationing in Martha’s house is a BIG change…..right???????

  4. blackandgoldfan says:

    After a vacation disguised as official business in Paris and the quarter-million date night in New York, this is the equivalent of us going to the grocery store.

    It seems I remember something about the aristocracy and the common people in France. I wonder how that turned out…..

  5. Katie says:

    That’s what I was thinking Z. What is wrong with Camp David or Chicago (their supposedly home). And what is this going to cost the taxpayer?

  6. RightKlik says:

    Hey, Obama deserves it! Look how much good he’s done for our country already.

  7. Nickie Goomba says:

    You gotta stop hounding Obama. He’s America’s dream. Hell, he’s America! To resist is futile.

  8. joe says:

    That ASSHOLE is trying to imitate JFK again by going there! What a f###ing ARROGANT ASSHOLE!!!! He makes me PUKE! What a piece of shit!

  9. MK says:

    What a damn hypocrite. I hope people catch on to this fellow soon.

  10. Mojo Steve says:

    I thought all Liberals had to make the Haj pilgrimage to Mecca’s Vineyard at least once? They have to worship at the altar of the Prophet Mukennedy and celebrate Ted’s victory over infidel alcohol at Chappaquiddick, right?

  11. Andrew33 says:

    Obama has to figure out something to do with the trillion dollars he printed. I realize half of it will be going to his crack habit, but that is still alot of money. That is Obama’s version of Regagn’s trickle down economics. Obama gets unlimited money printed, uses it to buy crack and then the crack dealers stimulate the economy, and themselves, and their prostitutes (That’s how he gives back to the community he organized and it’s population of crack dealers, junkies and prostitutes.)
    I’m sorry, it is wrong for me to call everyone in that community Obama organized crack dealers. The heroin dealers may get jealous.

  12. Andrew33 says:

    Alcohol makes one an infidel, but the Koran does not say anything about Cocaine derivatives or opium derivatives. (speaking of that, it is time to take my pain med.) I will e-mail ya later.

  13. Dr. Dave says:

    So…does this make the Obama family the next Kennedy family?

    I’d hope the economy gets worse and Obugger has to default on the payments, but that would mean the rest of us would be screwed and need to default before him.

    Speaking of trying not to be screwed: Who is going to DC on 9/12?

  14. Susannah says:

    Great post here, gal~ Vacation @ $20 million! (Now fork over your money, so I can enslave all of your health & wellness to the gv’mnt.) Yeah, Z, what happened to Camp David?? I want to know, too, is Mo-in-law invited on this trip, too? She was hold up @ the White House for a time…

    We deserve better, people. Email, call, write your Congressmen/women…

    Great new diggs, Angel!

  15. elvis says:

    Isn’t nice how Kelly King helped the protest here against the ONE? She also gives him a real lesson!

  16. radar says:

    Now California is deciding to follow a budget and Texas is looking to turn down any government programs that threaten state sovereignty. Obama is hopefully going down hard and fast because politicians are beginning to learn that they will be voted out of office if they are part of this iceberg and the Obama Titanic hits it.


    Hey, angel, how do you deal with your trolls? Do you just call them out?