Eliyahu Asheri

“The Popular Resistance Committees said early Thursday that it executed 18-year-old Eliyahu Asheri, an Israeli settler kidnapped earlier in the week in the West Bank.

The group, which has links to the ruling Ha-mas, had threatened to execute the Israeli if Israel did not halt its invasion of Gaza…

PRC statement from Gaza claims Eliyahu Asheri dead continues..

A spokesman for the group told Al-Jaz-eera that Asheri, 18, would be “butchered in front of TV cameras” if the IDF operation in Gaza did not stop. “Our patience is running out,” he said.
“I am announcing for the first time that the kidnapped Zionist Israel is searching for is the same settler who is being held by us. He is aged 181⁄2… and is a soldier in a pre-military academy,” said the spokesman, who identified himself as Abu Abir…

Eliahu is the eldest of five children, and his parents have been living in Itamar since 1991. His father immigrated from Melbourne, Australia.

Druckman described Asheri as “a great kid, very responsible, very serious and sensitive… He was at his greatest, blossoming and very happy.”

Who are we?
Whom have we lost?
How much of our day-to-day life will be altered by the suffering of innocents?

Terrorists know one thing for certain.

And that is, that traumatic death shatters the world of all of the survivors. It is a loss that does not make sense.
We can attempt to make sense and create meaning from these horrors…….we, along with his precious family can search for answers, ..but the world no longer feels safe.

This shattering of belief about the world and how it functions compounds our grief immeasurably, and that is precisely what the evildoers count on.

They torture. They kill innocents over and over and……over again.
When a similar traumatic event occurs, we feel re-traumatized, and we keep reliving their own losses.

The evildoers count on that.

Because these events occur which are beyond our control, we begin to feel “out of control.”

The evildoers count on that.

When there is no positive confirmation of the death or no physical body is recovered or when the loved one’s body is available, but the family may not be able to view it, grief is multiplied a thousand fold.

The evildoers count on that.

This factor makes it difficult to grasp the reality that the death has occurred. It is only when that reality is grasped can people begin to move from the trauma to the full realization of the pain of grief.

The evildoers count on that.

Since the death was not anticipated, the family, loved ones and community may experience a searing shock.

The evildoers count on that.

Shock. Fear. Anxiety. Guilt. Rage.

What the terrorists fail to count on however is our ability to run life’s race with courage and unending inner strength.

The hope and self-assurance of those who can truly trust themselves and oftentimes the loving, not vengeful, vindictive God who comforts us.

The result of our agonizing but liberating honest introspection, which time and time again allows us to crawl out of the pit of depression they wish to plunge us into. Which enables us to cultivate joy and most of all remain
spiritually healthy despite being confronted by the most unhealthy, pathological, demonic foe.

And the one thing evildoers taste nothing of………

The strength produced by Love.

To Eliahu’s dear parents, Miriam and Yitro Asheri. We have strong bonds. They are great bonds which the evildoers will not break by bringing desolation and despair.
We will not live life as though we are hanging on to a thread, forever wondering if the precarious thread will break, like our hearts.

It won’t and neither will our unique might.

To the family and loved ones of Eliyahu, and to all my sweet friends..I humbly wish you peace and healing.


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10 Responses to “Eliyahu Asheri”

  1. kkKKKaAArRRllLL mMmM says:


  2. ABF says:

    May God Bless and protect the family, and may God put the barbarians who did this in the hell they so richly deserve.

  3. Kevin says:

    Amen Ms. Honorthyself. I’m not jewish, or even religious, but I stand in solidairty with Israel. Enough is enough. Israel has tried every convention known, and the palestinias have rebuffed them repeatedly. It’s past time to take the life of many palestinians. Tbere is no solution left that will allow peace in our time.

    I feel kind of like Hitler saying this, but at what point do we admit that these people are evil as hell, and need to be wiped off the planet’s surface? That point is historical imo. Destruction of 10% of their population may shake them into reality. If not, bomb the other 90%.

    In case you were wondering if I was pro-genocide: I wasn’t, but I am now.

  4. Assorted Babble by Suzie says:

    Israel Flies over Syrian President’s Home…

    *UPDATES* Israel Arrests Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister
    Very Sad to report Breaking News Via Breitbart Palestinian Group Says Israeli Executed
    A Palestinian militant group said early Thursday it executed an 18- year-old Israeli settler kidnapped…..

  5. Mike's America says:

    I’m at the “rage” part in this whole thing. To see another young person, taken and murdered with no respect at all for his human rights by what are nothing more than rabid animals is disgusting.

    And what do you bet that when the Israeli Defense Force moves in to bring justice, that there will be wailing about the human rights of these Palestinian monsters.

    You kill rabid animals. And these monsters deserve their fate.

    And one more thing: before some whining lefty starts boo hooing about the cycle of violence, they better study their history. Arabs have been behaving this way for hundreds of years. Israel and the Jews are just an excuse. If Israel were not there they’d be killing each other in the same savage, barbaric, unspeakable and appalling inhuman and disgusting manner.

  6. Angel says:

    Thank you friends so so much for the warmth and responses…It helps alot to know others feel anger and pain….and also…Hope. :)

  7. kevin says:

    Another Kevin?

    Add this to the mountain of atrocities committed in the name of Islam.

  8. blogagog says:

    Oops, I’ll change my name, other kevin :) I’m like Mike, at the point of rage. All non-violent options have been tried with these evil palestinians. None worked. It’s time to try something different. To paraphrase John Lennon: All we are saying, is give violence a chance.

  9. benning says:

    Palis expect to be taken seriously as a nation. As long as they act like cannibals they should be treated as cannibals. Kill them.

    When they finally surrender, then they can sit at the table and talk. Until then … kill them.

  10. benning says:

    Golda Meir said it with her heart a long time ago:
    “We can forgive you for killing our sons. But we will never forgive you for making us kill yours.”
    Golda Meir, to Anwar Saddat just before the Israel-Egypt peace talks.