Hadji GirL still bothersome?

Here we go again.
Hadji girl update..Sheesh.

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“In “Hadji Girl,” a four-minute video circulated on the Internet, Belile tells a cheering audience about a Marine who falls in love with an Iraqi woman and goes home with her. Family members shoot the woman and then confront him with automatic weapons, prompting him to retaliate..
G.I. Says Song About Killing Iraqis a Joke tells us…

Marine Corps officials said Tuesday that Belile had not violated military law..
Belile said in a statement Tuesday that he plans to release a professionally recorded version of the song within a few weeks.

And then along comes CA-IR.

“The Council on American-Is-lamic Relations, which brought Belile’s video to the attention of the Pentagon, cautioned against a release, spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said Wednesday.

“It’s a free country, but I don’t know that it’s the wisest choice. I would hope he would seek the advice of levelheaded friends and family and just put this sordid episode to a rest,” Hooper said.”

Cautioned him?…CAUTIONED him?
Hmmmmmmm…Do I detect glimmers of a threat here?

Er….o.k. ask his ahem..”levelheaded” friends…ya mean the free Americans who haven’t had their “level” heads cut off by Muzlims yet for releasing a tune???????????

For those who are familiar with the tune, a little improv……..Heh.

Oh how bout a Rap eh?
Pull up a chair o mighty CA-IR,
if you dare
I wanna share
Ya see Josh’s got the flair
and he don’t scare
Durka Durka CA-IR jerka
Hope when he records it, he’s wearin a smirka
In our country freedom is not a quirka
and trust me when he’s done sellin it
He’ll need a new bank clerka!

Freedom aint free. In the immortal words of whoever…..
CA-IR…Get over IT.

9 Responses to “Hadji GirL still bothersome?”

  1. Tim says:

    You’re “rap” version has more flare to it.

  2. ABF says:

    Soooo who really cares what CAIR thinks, or is it that their gaining power over and above the real American citizen with their airport security tours and all.

  3. Gayle says:

    The Council on American-Is-lamic Relations can go take a long walk off of a short pier! I don’t want “American Islamic Relations.” They ain’t my relatives! They ain’t my friends! I want relations with people who respect me and aren’t trying to blow my a$$ up or chop my head off!

    For those who want relations with Islams all I have to say is “You go, baby! Go have your relationship with Islams. I’ll volunteer to take up a collection so that you can fly over there and kiss up to any of them you want to. But please leave instructions for your family as to where you want your dismembered head buried. Also, don’t ask for a cross on your grave ’cause you ain’t gonna get it! Sorry mfers!

  4. VB Guru says:

    move over Pdiddy, pitty cent and snoop heres WHT.

    Looking forward for your next release.

  5. kevin says:

    “”Belile said in a statement Tuesday that he plans to release a professionally recorded version of the song within a few weeks.”"

    I can’t wait for that!

  6. kaArRL MmM says:


  7. Brooke says:

    CAIR can kiss my *ahem.*

    I thought that the song was a hoax at first… but I’d buy a copy just to support that Marine!

    Angel, you da’ bomb, sista!

  8. David says:

    Gotta get the CD. Wanna get a BIG boombox and visit CAIR…

    Road trip!


    Ever heard of the Girl from Hadji?…

    The mighty Angel who produces the impressive WHT,
    has reviewed the amusing tune from the beginning……