Terrorism in NY

8 Years ago Izlam attacked America.





In the mean time….

THIS is what’s happening in NY today.

Law enforcement agents raided residences in New York City on Monday as part of a terrorism investigation, and began briefing Congress about the probe.

New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne confirmed that searches were conducted in the borough of Queens by agents of a joint terrorism task force.

New York residences raided in terrorism probe
Two U.S. intelligence officials,… said the target of any purported attack — or who would carry it out — remained unclear.

… one of the officials called the threat very real and emphasized the urgency of the threat.

If THIS aint too close to home..what on God’s green earth is?


8 Years later and Izzzlam remains the only system on planet earth which is protected from attack in it’s worst indoctrination centers: mosques.

The so called “training camps” of bin Laden are hit, but not the camps in mosques which overtly preach for Muzzzzlims to go to the stinkin training camps.


Oh right…it’s all about that teeny faction WHO ARE “HIJACKING” THEIR RELIGION” .
Cut us an inch already, with your indignance.

Have you seen Muzlims en masse bravely stepping up to challenge those they claim are misrepresenting thousands and thousands of them.



But no sweat.
Adhere to the Lefty “America hating mantras” my dears.
Now all you good lil Americans………. Just follow my pocket watch.


25 Responses to “Terrorism in NY”

  1. vegas art guy says:

    Well said young lady. I think that the time of the race/religion card is rapidly nearing an end. Normal Americans have see through that charade and simply ignore it now.

    Keep it up…
    I gotta run though, open house is tonight and my room is still a mess! :lol:

  2. Nickie Goomba says:

    Political correctness will literally kill us all. Do Libs have any sense of history? I’m sorry. Not “sense”. Knowledge of history?

  3. Dr. Dave says:

    Who is John Gault?

    Oh…I’m sorry…that should read: Fuck Allah.

  4. Tim says:

    You’d think even after 9 years that what happened on September 11th would still be fresh in people’s minds. Its amazing even right there in New York at ground zero how ignorant people have become.

  5. KarL M says:

    The absolute nerve of you Angel, to say Barry O, the Lefts liberal Arabomuzlamic lover president is not doing anything…He called Kanye West a Jacka#$……isn’t that an Executive act??????
    Did i miss coverage of the Anti-obama rally in Washington the other day??,
    or was it just not newsworthy???? i must get on the Democratic payroll…
    I really believe the love affair with the Hawaiian (hahahahaha) President has come to an end…Hey, anybody hear from Hillary lately….

  6. Reese says:

    Keep these posts coming girly friend. Do NOT let the PEOPLE forget! Hugs……….. :)

  7. Matt says:

    I love coming here for a good dose of clear thinking! Keep it up!

  8. left coast rebel says:

    I’m with Nickie above, the PC mentality is going to kill us all, it really is…….

  9. joe says:

    Nickie, you wrote libs and knowledge in the sentence. Would you like the opportunity to rewrite that or do you want it corrected as is?

  10. MK says:

    No matter what we do, no matter what we give them, the jihad will never end until the banner of islam flutters across this planet. It’s the only way they want to deal with us.

  11. RaDena says:

    It’s total insanity to ignore the Mosques, Angel, but that’s libs for you: Totally insane!

  12. Teresa Rice says:

    Great Posting!! These political correct peacenick nutjobs need a freakin reality check. I love the sign, What part of THE TERRORISTS WANT TO KILL US don’t you get moron?. And, these morons just don’t get it. They want to play a game with American lives. This is not a game. This is reality. The reality that these Muslims want to kill us and destroy the WEST, and appeasment is NOT the answer. Appeasement is only going to lead to and allow another terrorist attack to occur on U.S. soil.

  13. One Ticked Chick says:

    Do you feel safer today than you did when GWB was president? I don’t.

  14. Tim says:

    Muslims will be having a national day of pray at the Capitol. Look it up, its scary. Looks like the establishment clause only pertains to Christianity.

  15. Always On Watch says:

    8 Years later and Izzzlam remains the only system on planet earth which is protected from attack in it’s worst indoctrination centers: mosques.

    If we study the history of Islam, from way back when to the present, we see that mosques are also forts.

    My veteran friends retuning from Iraq referred to mosques as “ammo dumps.”

  16. cube says:

    These are trying times, indeed Angel. There are days when I find it all overwhelming, but then I pick myself up and vow to fight the good fight.

  17. bernie says:

    I believe your blog is in violation of nice-speak. It was not Muslims who attacked us on 9/11 – it was simply a “Man caused disaster” by “overseas totalitarians.” Shame on you for trying to be clear and truthful.

  18. RightKlik says:

    Must remain vigilant.

  19. Bunni says:

    Hi Angel, how you been? Great post, as usual. I had said that around 9/11 the murderous muzzzzlims would be planning another attack. I’m glad they are keeping vigilant in NYC. The whole USA should be on hyper alert. But with a new best friend of the musses in the WH, I’m afraid we are NOT safe now.
    God Bless

  20. Cappy says:

    A sad time, and it’s a disgrace that The President has pledged to stand with the Muslims. Those were his words, in one of his first speaches as President.

  21. z says:

    OH, Angel, it’s just too depressing. Yes, it’s too close to you, but it hits at ALL our hearts. I’ll never forget the president going to Turkey and telling students it’s the American president’s responsibility to protect islam around the world. Did YOU see that in the Constitution? Oh, ya…he doesn’t believe in the Constitution. How many kids did he RUIN teaching constitutional law? oh, man. How many ACORN employees?

  22. Defiant_Infidel says:

    This very morning, in direct and stunning contrast to this latest pursuit of these barbarian would-be murderers, our thick skulled Prez. Appeaser has stopped the eastern Europe missile defense program while ignoring the Iranian PROMISE to annihilate Israel. Instead, he is still hell bent on “reaching out” and “talking” with them.

    It’s going to take yet additional, tragic and UNNECESSARY massive losses of lives to open people’s eyes as to what a TOTAL IDIOT we have at the helm of OUR ship. I guess we have to endure it being proven to us.

  23. Brooke says:

    Another great post. Not a peep in the MSM about this, either.

  24. Jack says:

    I’ll set all that aside for a moment to say Shana Tovah and wish you a happy new year.

  25. ben says:

    Stay safe kiddo.

    Reminders are good.