New York City on High Alert for Islamic Bomb Attacks


Counterterrorism officials have issued security bulletins to police around the nation about terrorists’ desire to attack stadiums, entertainment complexes and hotels — the latest in a flurry of such internal warnings as investigators chase a possible bomb plot in Denver and New York.
Stadiums, hotels warned to watch for terrorists
Investigators say Najibullah Zazi, a 24-year-old Afghanistan-born immigrant who is a shuttle van driver at the Denver airport, played a direct role in the terror plot that unraveled after an overnight 1,600-mile trip from Denver to New York City around the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Backpacks and cell phones were seized last week from apartments in Queens, where Zazi visited.

Officials: More than a half-dozen people possibly in alleged NYC plot


My city: AGAIN.
Your country: AGAIN.

New York imam held in al-Qaida bomb plot probe

Show of hands, sweet friends.
Um……..anyone suprised?


No, we don’t mind Bomb sniffing dogs amidst us.
We don’t mind taking off our shoes at airports, not taking our hair gel or perfume or lip gloss on the plane, not allowing our loves ones into the Gates to kiss us good bye at airports.

We don’t mind having our knapsacks and pocketbooks checked at stadiums and concert halls.
We don’t mind having our Free Speech taken away and being branded “Izlamophobes” for speaking the truth about a political ideology that demands our deaths.

We don’t mind having this so called religion rammed down our throats and being coerced into setting aside “prayer time” in schools and the work place, installing foot baths, and having separate gym classes to demonstrate our “respect” for it.

We don’t mind being petrified every time a plane seems to be flying just a tad too low.



Back at the ranch. Hussein Obama is busy canceling our long range missile defense in Europe leaving the US East Coast completely exposed.
Heck of a way to fight a war eh.


Having Muzlims living in America costs the U.S. just in terms of extra security, and police investigations alone, enough to cover the cost of health insurance for every American. money1
But keep “importing” whole communities of Somalis huh.

But have no fear my fellow Americans..Perhaps someone in government will pen Zazi, the 24-year-old Afghanistan-born immigrant a strongly worded letter.
Bad dog- no biscuit.doglil

But, but, but..NO waterboarding. That’s too ‘mean’.

So, there are Terrorists roaming Queens, NY.
Ya mean Hussein Obama’s soft diplomacy hasn’t solidified a positive outcome for United States’ interests in the region and around the world?
Ah yes. Color me surprised.


Inna meantime none of da powers that be will do a blessed thing about Saudi funded so callled “schools” who outrightly teach cough, cough, “radical” Izzlam right here in the United States.

Musn’t upset the Muzlims lest the Saudis futz around with our purchase of their holy oil.


Even if this sleazeball ends up in prison, the ACLU will no doubt hire top notch lawywers and issue him a permanant “get out of jail free” card.

All the while: THIS is what Hussein is busy spouting about:

“So on this occasion, we celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadaaaaaaaaaaaan, and we also celebrate how much Muslims have enriched America and its culture…”

Uh huh.
Bombs are so enriching aint they.


Hussein won’t rest until the Muzlims in America actually hold the cards, so grab onto your knapsacks boys and girls …Cuz he’s handing them the whole deck….even as we speak.cardgame039

By the way: It’s called : Committing National suicide.


19 Responses to “New York City on High Alert for Islamic Bomb Attacks”

  1. Tim says:

    Its crazy to think diplomacy doesn’t work on terrorists who have been raised from birth to hate and kill Americans.

  2. Nickie Goomba says:

    Personally, I trust Obama to rule the world. He’ll take care of us. He’ll provide our medical needs. He’ll keep the bad guys away.

  3. Angel says:

    Nickie is just kidding Y’all..Please don’t slam him..ha :)

  4. Bunni says:

    Hi Angel! This is awful, more bad news every day! I know since obummer is a muslim, of course he’ll make sure these terrorists get the best special treatment.

    He is such bad news…when world psycho’s like kadaffi calls him “his son from Africa”, and say’s he “Hopes he’s president forever” you KNOW we’re in deep doo doo. Worse every day.

  5. KarL M says:

    News of the week…
    So Barry Hussein Obama tells Letterman he was “black” before he was president…did he mention he was Muslim also, or did they cut to commercial..
    So Goofdaki support Obama, need anyone say more!!!!
    It takes are “special” man to ki$$ no many a$$e$ in the world arena , aren’t we lucky the democrats were stupid enough to give us one…
    Don’t worry Angel…America will flourish in spite of Barry O…He may soil it a bit during his 4 years, but then we will be rescued…..

  6. Pasadena Closet Conservative says:

    It’s shocking that President Barack Hussein Obama continues to suggest that we’re the terrorists. Most recently it was at the U.N. when he assured the world that he had personally stopped the torture perpetuated by evil Americans against innocent Islamic terrorists. Go figure.

  7. Matt says:

    Yes, we Conservatives are the DANGEROUS TERRORISTS…because we disagree with the government. However, people that actually plot to BLOW THINGS AND PEOPLE UP? Well, they’re just misunderstood.

    BTW, wasn’t Barry’s “World Capitulation Tour” supposed to make everyone love us?

  8. Always On Watch says:

    Having Muzlims living in America costs the U.S. just in terms of extra security, and police investigations alone, enough to cover the cost of health insurance for every American.

    Excellent point!


    I live in the DC area, home to the Washington Redskins. I imagine that FedEx Field also now has heightened security. A stadium is nearly impossible to secure, though.

    Years and years ago, Thomas Harris, author of The Silence of the Lambs, wrote another novel called Black Sunday. Check out this information about the book and gasp.

  9. Dinah Lord says:

    National suicide is right, Angel.

    And may I just add that the thought of Najibullah Zazi lounging around the Denver City Jail instead of meeting the business end of a waterboard really ticks me off. He’s getting three hots and a cot while our police and investigators scurry around like three blind mice looking for bombs and bombers.

    It’s not right.

  10. RightKlik says:

    How did we get back to the 9/10 mentality so quickly?

  11. MK says:

    Once again the religion of peace is at it, looking to butcher, murder and maim as many as possible. When will enough of us get it that, this is what islam is about, make the whole planet submit to allah, by force or persuasion.

    It’s not us who are the problem, it’s islam and its followers.

  12. Steve Harkonnen says:

    We were talking in the office about this today.

    Why all of a sudden and out of the blue are we finding these plots? Other office geek says “it’s because Obama has helped embolden terrorists.” That’s a fair and probable accurate statement.

    I personally think we’ll get hit again soon, possibly harder this time.

  13. Brooke says:

    You’ve said it best, Angel.

    Terrorists sense weakness in this administration. Get ready for a lot more threats.

  14. One Ticked Chick says:

    Know that we know about these guys, I’m wondering how many more are out there plotting attacks that we don’t know about?

  15. RaDena says:

    I agree with Steve. I think we’ll be hit again too. Obama is a wuss and everyone knows it.

  16. Bunni says:

    This guy azzi, they caught and extradited from CO to New York was the real deal, VERY dangerous. Thank GOD they got him. They also got a nut in Springfield, IL who was about to car bomb state buildings (Fake Bomb, it was a sting) and then a 3rd one, I forget from where.

    We are in a dangerous and awful time ppl. Now Iran and I’madinnerjacket have secret 2nd facilities. I should just go back to bed and hid under the comfy pillows. You will love my new blog design and CUTE HAPPY vid, Angel, something to take your mind off all the awful stuff. Happy Weekend, Girl!

  17. z says:

    Angel, I’m sorry I didn’t get by and wish you a Happy New Year…all the best.

    I know what you mean about “I HATE MY LIFE”……..things have sure changed since muslims killed 3000 Americans and now get more respect than EVER. Odd, it’s such a curiosity when they could study without foot bathing basins before 9/11 but can’t NOW…or their muslim butchers could cut pork until 9/11…and muslim cab drivers took dogs and liquor bottles into their cabs with the fares before 9/11…………but kill 3000 Americans and you can call the shots, I guess?

  18. cube says:

    Any US city could be the next ground zero. Just look at the recent crop of terror plots that were foiled. You are in New York and naturally worry a little more than those in Topeka. Me, I’m close enough to CENTCOM at MacDill AFB to worry about that. But is anyone really safe in this terrorist appeasing, BO world?

  19. left coast rebel says:

    Great post Angel, nice to have you back! I’m with all of the commentators here in that BO is threatening our entire security at this point……they are moving from the economy to our national defense.