Iran has Nukes


While your spineless and clueless so-called ahem..” leaders” are behavin like blind men crossing a minefield…………………..

… Iran’s activities, along with its anti-Western and anti-Israel rhetoric, have troubled international powers working to stop the development of an Iranian nuclear program. фото чужую жену трахают

“God willing, this plant will be put into operation soon, and will blind the eyes of the enemies,” Fars reported Saturday, quoting a senior Iranian official.

Iran nuclear official says IAEA can inspect new plant

Negotiate with Eichmdinjeehad in Iran? Ha.


Democrcay under sharia is an absurb impossibility.
Win over the so called ‘hearts and minds’ of these good lil muzzlims?
Yea sure…if we let them kill all the adults and educate our children about Jiiiiiiihad from scratch.

That’ll work.


But…S’ok. Hussein obama is extending miranda rights to terrorists.
Wontcha sleep so much better in the 11th hour knowin that?

Soooooo..Iran’s threatening … Blindin the eyes of the enemy eh?
Yea…They tried that with Sampson and um…. he managed to destroy the Temple …

Soooooooooo..who’s takin out these nuclear “facilities” eh?
Hold your breath.

Israel anyone?
Yup. The West, which is one billion population strong- is banking on Israel’s seven million to do their dirty work.


And if Israel decides to go ahead and destroy Iran’s nuclear infrastructure and the order goes out from Hussein the Muzlim obama (the greatest enabler of the Jiiiiihad —-from releasing Jiiiiihadis from Gitmo to persecuting U.S. intelligence officers.) for U.S. planes to shoot down Israeli planes, there should not only be mass resignations in the US Air Force, but an outright coup.

Then again, according to Obama luvin lefites: Any Western criticism of Iran’s new facility is nothing but an illogical and unrealistic smear campaign.

Uh huh.

24 Responses to “Iran has Nukes”

  1. Jack says:

    Have an easy fast and Happy New year. Gmar Chatimah Tovah.

  2. Teresa Rice says:

    I love the pictures! Obama hasn’t got a clue about national security. He appeases our enemies while abandoning our allies. Obama pulls out of helping Poland by NOT placing a missile defense in Eastern Europe and the next day we find out there’s a 2nd nuclear site, and now they are threatening firing missiles. Obama needs a reality check.

  3. Andrew33 says:

    Iran does not have nukes, they just want an NFL expansion team in Tehran. Just because they gave away they fact that they have a second uranium enrichment sight. Don’t you know the new annointed messiah prophesied that the whole world will get rid of their nukes just on the absolute power of his suggestions? He is now working on rewriting the Jewish and Christian scriptures. Apparently he got them wrong the first time. The only difference between God and Obama is that God does not think he’s Obama.

  4. Andrew33 says:

    I meant to say in the last post that just because Iran gave up it’s second uranium enrichment sight and are notmaking the correct nuclear material does not mean they are hellbent on making on making weapons.

    I am more forgetful because I am fighting the effects of H1N1 and it hits ones memory and concentration.

  5. Nickie Goomba says:

    Man, if only President Hussein could sit down with them and give the Iranian mullahs the big grin, they’d melt. Diplomacy is quite an easy decision for a coward.

  6. Andrew33 says:

    That’s not right calling Obama president Hussien. It is his holiness, the Messiah and 12th Imam, maker of all that is good, Corrector of all that is evil, Hussein. Remember to be on your knees facing Mecca when you say his name or you will be declared unclean!

  7. Always On Watch says:

    Our so-called leaders are going to get a lot of us killed!

  8. batsrightthrowsright says:

    I have and idea, lets ask Iran to voluntarily disband their nuclear weapons program!

    Then we’ll hav ethe U.N. weapons inspectors go on to play cat and mouse for a few years. Abou that time, will start a campaign to “let the in spections work.” If If Iran hasn’t nuked anyone by that time, rest assured they will have have time to move their nukes to Jordan, Syria …

  9. tapline says:

    Angel, you outdid youself again…Great post….Were do you get the stamina to continue day after day. i get so tired of the same old crap…..When are the rest of the Americans going to get the message as we continue down the slippery slope….stay well……

  10. Track-A-'Crat says:

    Angel, the redesign looks great.

    Thank you for your kind words over at the Left Coast Rebel’s site.

  11. RaDena says:

    Tapline’s right, Angel. I get tired of the same old crap every day too!

    Regarding our wuss of a President, of course he’ll let Israel do the dirty work. Israel will be fortunate if he doesn’t order our Air Force to shoot down any missile Israel sends to wipe out Iran’s nuclear facilities! What a man Obama is! GRRRR!

  12. EDGE says:

    Kind of makes you wonder why everybody can’t get on the same page with defeating terrorism…just one of those things I guess.


  13. Faultline USA says:

    I question if the BO is a wuss even if it appears that he stinks at the job. What if he doesn’t like America either?

  14. LomaAlta says:

    Great post Angel, thanks.

    Fault, it is not “what if”, it is Obama hates America as it is and wants to change it to a socialist tyranny allied with radical islam.

  15. z says:

    We’ve GOT to continue the ‘same old crap’ mentioned above or NONE of us will get any real news! The mainstream media’s sure doing a great job hiding facts! Obama’s too busy going to Copenhagen with Oprah and Michelle; don’t BOTHER HIM. Did you hear Chicagoans don’t WANT IT? heh! They were told not to run that story again so nobody finds out. Nice, eh?
    As for Iran?…………ken timmerman was SO right and even Bush didn’t listen.

  16. Rosemary says:

    Nukes? Are you so proud that Obama went to Europe to seal a deal with the Olympic committe to have them in Chicago…only it was already decided. I wonder how many ppl will fall for this?

    Nukes? What nukes? He couldn’t be bothered. Oh, btw, did ya hear about the ones being built in Venezuela? Yup, Iran is helping Chavez..Iran (and its Latin American Ambitions) Move to the Forefront counterterrorist expert. Tick, tick, tick…

  17. DD2 says:

    Of course Iran has Nukes.. It should come as no surprise. Is anyone surprised?
    Did anyone think they are looking for electrical power? Is the moon made of cheese?

  18. MK says:

    I love the way obama seems to think that he is not under threat from a puny iran, pretty soon they’ll be pulling the strings like a libya on britain.

    Such a shame that your fine nation has to fall to such a low in such a short space of time because of one fellow.

  19. Tim says:

    Carter made similar mistakes during his administration, which is why Iran is the Muslim terror state it is now. But he builds homes for poor people so that makes up for it. Hopefully he built them nuclear bomb shelters as well.

  20. Leslie White says:

    Great post, Angel!

    LomaAlta sums up the situation in the US with, ” . . . Obama hates America as it is and wants to change it to a socialist tyranny allied with radical islam.”

  21. cube says:

    But we were told in 2007 that Iran wasn’t making weapons!

  22. RaDena says:

    No new post? I hope you’re okay, Angel.

  23. nancz says:

    now imagine if we’d listened to israel for the past two-plus years when they told u.s. emphatically just what iran was up to…

  24. KarL M says:

    Hey Angel, i turn around for a minute and you are still shaking up the blog world with your great posts…
    so, you mean to tell me Iran has Nukes!!!!, well not nearly as many as when the IDF starts dropping them…i always love a good Sound & Light Show…can not wait to see Tehran in technicolor…