Jerusalem belongs to ISRAEL


Apparently, the ancient biblical city of Jerusalem should not be Jewish. No offends terrorist Muzlims.
So what if the Israelite kings David and Solomon wrote poems and Psalms including eulogies to the forsaken city over 3,000 years ago.

Muzlims Ottoman Turks came along and conquered what is now Israel and reigned over it for a measley 400 years.
Under their rulership..It was nothing short of neglected and run down.

Hateful muzzlims suddenly decide a few decades agao to lay claim to it..and poof!..It’s theirs?

It is not and was never theirs to begin with, for cryin out loud. голова болит секс

All Muzlims ever did was conquer parts of Israel by the sword and subjugate its Jewish majority to dihimitude.


So..let’s get this straight shall we.
The French can lay claim to Paris, The Brits can still have London, well sorta kinda……….But what is the global political consensus today regarding Jerusalem and Israel?


The Jewish people have an unquestionable historical attachment to Israel and its capital: Jerusalem.

But but but..what about the A—-rabs?
What about them?


It is pathetically shameful and cowardly how America, Europe and nearly the entire Christian and non religious Jewish world is so willing and eager to sell their souls to the devil solely to gain favor with the hate mongering Izlamists by refusing to even recognise Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel.

What’s up with that huh?

It just so happens that The Hebrew Bible is the sole foundation of anything that is righteous and decent in our world today.

Even Christianity is originally founded on the Hebrew Bible.

Shame on the 1967 Jewish leaders including Moshe Dayan, who allowed the most significant, precious, holy piece of real estate in the world fall into the hands of a barbaric people that lives to destroy and wipe the Jewish People off the face of the earth.

Alleged moderate Muzlims today deny that there ever was a Jewish presence on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Nice try.

There aint a single reference to Jerusalem in the Koooooran, but killing Jews and infidels…yup..that’s there.killknifeani

The demand for Jerusalem is nothing but a predictable act of hate and religious intolerance by Muzzlims.
But hey..We’ve come to expect that from you.


Oh and…Just in case you put anything past Muzlim terrorists..the latest and greatest:
Tu-shie Bomber?

Al-Qaida has adopted a technique from drug smugglers that allows suicide bombers голова болит секс голова болит секс to breach even the tightest security. One of the terrorists who
tried to assassinate a Saudi prince hid explosives and detonator in his rectum.


26 Responses to “Jerusalem belongs to ISRAEL”

  1. innominatus says:

    God gave the land to the Jews. Period. If the Jews feel like sharing that land because they’re into sharing, well, that’s up to them. But they are under ABSOLUTELY NO obligation to do diddlysquat for their bothersome neighbors or the bothersome people they’re sharing with. The mooselimbs should just be thankful that Israel even lets them live within the borders of ISRAEL’S LAND!

  2. Paul Champagne says:

    I have to give the Israelis credit. They are a helluva lot more tolerant of the Palestinians than I would be. I can say for a fact that if a group acted like the Palestinians did in any city in the US, they would be kicked out … with the exceptions of Pelosiville (San Francisco).

  3. Opus06 says:

    Cool emoticons!

    I agree with you. Israel needs out support now more than ever. And B. Hussein Obama only ever takes shots at them. Good thing the Israelis have a strong leader in Netanyahu. I am sure he is a big reason why they continue to be safe in the world. He is a formidable man.

  4. Always On Watch says:

    “Jerusalem belongs to Israel”

    Well, duh!

    What is wrong with anyone who can’t see that truth in that statement? **sigh**

  5. OMMAG says:

    Revisionism is the favorite tool of frauds and would be potentates.

  6. Nickie Goomba says:

    Israel’s destiny is a whole lot more solid that President Hussein’s. They will fight for their existence. I’m afraid the USA won’t or can’t.

  7. foutsc says:

    Thank God that jihadi with the bomb up his a– didn’t try to get on a plane. Could you imagine the TSA procedures we’d now be going through???

  8. Debbie says:

    I do not see any peaceful end to the conflict Angel.

  9. Karen Howes says:

    I’m pretty much against Mohammedanism, period. They can’t live peacefully with ANYONE.

  10. Bunni says:

    Everyone should stand with Israel. You are SO right, Angel. The Jews wrote the old testament, they are God’s chosen people. Even when Jesus returns to save this horrible earth from destruction, he will do it in Israel, and appear on the Mount of Olives. I would kick out all the muzzies from the Holy Cities of Israel, just like the Crusaders did. It gets worse everyday….and as if the gov’t isn’t sticking it to us up the ass everyday anyway, now they will use this terrorist nut job as an excuse to
    really shaft us. Horrible. Great post, as usual, girly

  11. Leslie White says:

    The Jews in Israel–most of them anyway–still don’t get it: If they allow such rabid Jew-hating Arabs such as those who openly belong to the Muslim Brotherhood to run free and remain in Israel, they will fall–to the Moslem Arabs.

    Not only Jerusalem, but all of Israel will become another Islamic state.
    Peace Process? My foot! That’s not a “process” leading to “peace.” All the Moslem Arabs (and even many if not most Christian Arabs) want is the destruction of Israel and of the hated Jews. It is in their koran.

    Mohammed couldn’t get the Jews to accept his garbled regurgitations of Jewish and some Christian scriptures stuck onto an Arab supremacist political ideology . His revenge was that he injected the poison of Jew-hatred into his ramblings.

    There will be peace with the Arabs when there either are no more Jews in Israel and preferably, as far as the Arabs and other rabid Moslems are concerned, none left in the world or when the Arabs squatting on Gaza Judea, and Samaria are “population-exchanged” for the Jews that were expelled from the Arab Moslem countries after 1948.

    In short: “Arabs out of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.”

    Do I believe that there is now or will be in the near future an Israeli government that has the fortitude to bring this about? No.

    The “Peace process” is a wile of the Arabs to get the nations lined up behind them with stupid plan after plan to shrink and finally do away with Israel and turn all the land into an Islamic state.

    For the Moslems, any territory that had ever been under Moslem occupation must belong to Islam land for all eternity.

    Israel must not allow itself to implode by giving in to internal Arab whining and arrogant demands and stand firm in the face of the nations led by such as that crypto-Moslem Obama and the antisemitic Russians and EU.


    JERUSALEM is the eye of the universe and the authentic glove to the Jewish hand.

  13. Katie says:

    If ever I forget thee, O Jerusalem,
    Let my right hand lose its cunning and my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth.

    JERUSALEM OF GOLD Holy city of David, Jewish, now and forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. RaDena says:

    He shoved a bomb up his butt?! Ye gads, Angel. Now I’ve heard everything! Really!

  15. MaggMaggieie Thornton says:

    @ foutsc – you are hilarious! But that’s a very serious thought.

    Angel: So many complicit here. Your pic of the Mufti of Jerusalem (and Mufti and the Brits) is at the crux of this and then, as you said, the eventual events of the 1967 war.

  16. Teresa Rice says:

    It clear as day, Jerusalem belongs to Israel. These A-Rabs will continue to use their threats and terror to steal more land from Israel. This must stop!! We must stand behind Israel.

    I loved the animated picture of the guy kneeling hitting the floor.

  17. Dr. Dave says:

    I guess all muzzies will now have to undergo cavity searches just in case they’re bloated and threatening to blow it out their ass.

  18. Robert says:

    It seems to the terrorists anyway, anything good, that believes in God, or is free needs to be eradicated from the earth. We have to wake up and smell the coffee while this country is still free enough for us to do so. Israel is in grave trouble, and she is our best ally……I thought that allies helped each other. It seems that obama is just a chicken sxxt and cannot do the right thing. Great post my friend.


  19. KarL M says:

    Great “peace” of writing again Angel…
    However i refuse to dignify the arab’s argument for Jerusalem or any other part of Israel proper and/or many of the neighboring countries that in fact belong to a Biblical Israel (i.e. parts of Jordan, Syria & Lebanon.). By simple FACT of losing 5 wars and many smaller battles, there are no “do overs” in real life. Being the existence of the Jews and their Homeland Israel is not a game but a reality, the time to acknowledge the battle for Israel is long over and only the Anti-Zionism/Semitism still persist.

  20. Perri Nelson says:

    It seems an amazing thing to me that anyone could deny the historical fact that Jerusalem was once the capitol of Israel, or that the “Temple Mount” is so named because it was the site of the Jewish temple. The “Dome of the Rock” is not a temple, it’s a Mosque… and it’s not called the “Mosque Mount” now is it?

  21. nancz says:

    AND we all know WHO israel belongs to…GOD!



  22. z says:

    Nice place to hide explosives, huh?
    The religion of peace has the strangest rules of comportment.

  23. Jackie says:

    Well, Angel…you already know how I feel about Israel and the biblical mandate to protect that blessed land. So…there’s not much for me to comment! Thanks for your continued support of For Love of Home.

  24. Brooke says:

    The only reason the Muslims want Jerusalem is to desecrate it. Period.

    As for that last bit of the post…

    I guess shoving things up the @ss isn’t a sin as long as you’re killing for Allah. :(

  25. JMK says:

    “The demand for Jerusalem is nothing but a predictable act of hate and religious intolerance by Muzzlims.” (Angel)
    100% RIGHT!

    That IS what that is.

    Now that hate is being exported to THIS hemisphere….“Sometimes I ask myself if Hitler wasn’t right to finish with that race, through the famous holocaust, because if there are people who are harmful to this country, they are the Jews, the Isaelites.” (David Romero Ellner, Executive Director of Radio Globo, Honduras Sept 25, 2009)

    Those were the words of one of Honduras’ leading Zelaya supporters, who began his political career as a radical activist and one of the founders of the far-Left People’s Revolutionary Union.
    He’s also a convicted incest-pedophile, who did some jail time for sexually molesting his own daughter – a penchant, for whatever reasons, not at all atypical of the Leftist persona.

    THIS is what the Judeo-Christian West is fighting against, BUT, the problem is that a large portion of both Jews and Christians have secularized their own belief system and no longer have a reliable moral compass.

  26. Alex @ Israeli Uncensored News says:

    Christian countries support Muslims on the issue of Jerusalem not because they want to help Arabs, but because they don’t want Jerusalem in Jewish hands