Weekend Lol’s

Over in Afghanistan, Os-ama stuck his head out of the cave and saw a shadow. So, that means six more weeks of bombing.
David Letterman

The Ta-liban is on the run and don’t know where to go. Pakistan doesn’t want them. Iran doesn’t want them. Of course, they’ll have no problem getting into this country.
David Letterman

In Afghanistan this week, outnumbered Northern Alliance rebels on horseback defeated Ta-liban forces armed with tanks. Experts say the victory is just like the story of David and Goliath and David’s friend, the Stealth Bomber.
Tina Fey

You know what the bounty is on bin Laden? $25 million. It sounds like a lot until you realize the Texas Rangers paid $250 million to get Alex Rodriguez.
Jay Leno
Did you see President Bush throw out the first pitch of game two of the World Series? The White House said it was a strike. The Ta-liban said it missed and killed several innocent people.
David Letterman

Know what the Ta-liban leaders like to do for fun? Just sit around and get bombed.
Jay Leno

I read in the paper today this bin Laden guy is the wealthiest guy in Afghanistan. That’s when you know your government is no good, when the wealthiest guy in the country lives in a cave.
Jay Leno

Q: What is the Ta-liban’s national bird?
A: Duck


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21 Responses to “Weekend Lol’s”

  1. Planck's Constant says:

    You Have to Be Catholic to Get to Heaven…

    When my family came to America we accepted living in an American Culture. Otherwise why come here? If you absolutely have to live in 722 AD stay in friggin Saudi Arabia….

  2. Shayne says:

    Duck! I love it!

  3. benning's Writing Pad says:

    Red Shirt Fridays: Start A New Movement!…

    RED FRIDAYS —– Very soon, you will see a great many people wearing Red every Friday. The reason? Americans who support our troops used to be called the “silent majority”….

  4. benning's Writing Pad says:

    It’s Gonna Get Cold…

    Just when the Leftists thought it was safe to sit back and relax, here comes more facts to upset the Global Warming apple cart. It would seem that far from being a settled fact, Global Warming is ever more firmly entrenched in the Land of Make Believe….

  5. Old Soldier says:

    Osama and GW were walking along a shore line when a silver sparkle caught GW’s eye. He bent over and picked up an old lamp. As GW brushed off the sand a Genie appeared. The Genie said, “I’ll give each of you one wish.” Osama said, “I’ll go first. I want an impenetrable wall around Afghanistan and all Infidel soldiers out of the country.” The Genie said, “Done.” GW asked, “How big is that wall?” The Genie said, “Ten miles high and 1000 meters thick. Nothing can penetrate it.” GW said, “Okay. Fill it with water.”

  6. Gayle says:

    I wore red today in support of our troops. I do that every Friday!

    These are really good. My favorite is “I read in the paper today this bin Laden guy is the wealthiest guy in Afghanistan. That’s when you know your government is no good, when the wealthiest guy in the country lives in a cave.”

    Have a great weekend, Angel!

  7. ABF says:

    “they’ll have no problem getting into this country” … may be funny, but it seems to be true … :-(

    Have a great weekend Angel…

  8. bernie says:

    I imagine Osama Bin Laden living in his cave, thinking about what happened to Zarqawi and when will he be next, wondering to himself “Is this the last goat I will ever have sex with?”

  9. Freedom Watch says:


    A top U.S. commander who reviewed an investigation into whether the Marines tried to cover up the Haditha case agreed that errors were made, a U.S. military official said.

    Lt. Gen. Peter Chiarelli has forwarded his findings and recommendations to…..

  10. Freedom Watch says:


    Now that North Korea is not just testing missiles, but has launched seven it is time to take a serious look into the background of Kim Jong II. Kim Jong II is the son of, Kim II Sung. There is little to be known about Kim II Sung. He is known to have…..

  11. Freedom Watch says:


    “Going to America is the holy grail of refugee life. People will cajole, bribe, threaten and kill for the opportunity…” (Refugee Reports, Nov 2002, [PDF] published by the pro-refugee Non-Government Organization [NGO] U.S. Committee for Refugees)

  12. Freedom Watch says:


    It is the one-year anniversary of the 7/7 London jihadi bombings.

    Andrew Ian Dodge expresses this well today:…

  13. Always On Watch says:

    “The Ta-liban is on the run and don’t know where to go. Pakistan doesn’t want them. Iran doesn’t want them. Of course, they’ll have no problem getting into this country.–David Letterman”

    For all we know, OBL could be at the Islamic Saudi Academy in Alexandria, Virginia. After all, it’s a gated school and funded with Wahhabists dollars. And OBL could be wearing a burka and shopping at the Halal supermarket in Falls Church.

  14. third world county » Blog Archive » Head ‘em up! says:

    [...] The usual good stuff at Diane’s place, Sam’s, Rich’s, TMH’s, Rick’s, Angel’s, Lyn’s, Alexandra’s and on and on. More than I have time to go into right now. I did say this was a short roundup, didn’t I? Hit the links. Beats golf. [...]

  15. Planck's Constant says:

    Michelle Malkin – Cruella de Blog…

    Please do not take anything I write personally. If you are depressed and on medication avoid reading, listening or watching anything that may make you sad.

    Posted text and images are provided for informational and entertainment purposes only, and …..

  16. The Amboy Times says:

    California al-Qaeda…

  17. Tim says:

    This site is awesome. Love you Angel.

  18. Phil says:

    Here is one for you Angel.

    If a Afghanistanian got kicked out of a prayer ritual by a Ta-liban, you might say that Afghanistanian really got Ta-libanned

  19. Phil says:

    Here is some more jokes for you Angel

    Q. Why did Osama fire Martha Stewart?
    A. She was unable to find fabric that went with stalagmites.

    Q. What’s another name for the DaisyCutter bomb?
    A. The TaliWhacker.

    “More bad news for the Taliban. Remember how they are promised 72virgins when they die? Turns out that it’s only one 72-year-old virgin.” —JayLeno

    “People are wondering what will happen to Afghanistan when we refinished fighting there. I’m sure there are plans to rebuild the country, and alot of times with rebuilding comes a name change. These are some possible name changes the government has been mulling over: Halfghanistan, Pothole-istan, Jenniferanistan, Assbackwardstan, Bye-bye-Talibanstan, Ass-Kicked-istan.” –Jay Leno

    “It looks like now the military action is taking effect. They think that bin Laden’s organization is starting to break down. Today satellite photos actually show the sand fleas are leaving his beard.” —David Letterman

  20. Planck's Constant says:

    What’s the difference between a liberal and a terr…

    Leftists, defeatists, appeasers, liberals, and all who vote and support them are enemies of the United States. Somebody has to say it.

    They are not in the same category as terrorists, however. Terrorists should be shot on the spot. Leftists, on th…..

  21. Tel-Chai Nation says:

    Building collapses in Manhattan…

    Allahpundit at Hot Air reports that a 4-story building in New York City’s Upper East Side collapsed after a gas explosion….