Illegal Immigration and Michael Steele


Asked about the GOP’s plan for immigration reform…Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele offered a distilled version of his party’s views.


“I can sum it up for you this way. The party as I said is always…the party of assimilation,”…

“Something that we believe in very firmly and basically what we should be saying is that there are rules that you need to get into the country, go [through] the right door, fill out the right form, have some apple pie, hum a few bars of the Star Spangled Banner and get to work,” Steele said. “God bless you, and I think that that begins to set us on the right road to dealing with this issue.”

Steele went on to say that he is “sick and tired of people playing the hot politics of immigration”forbidden1 and urged his fellow Republicans to “have a level head in dealing with this issue” when Congress takes up immigration reform sometime next year.
Steele: Eat some pie, get to work



We need a comprehensive program to end illegal immigration once and forever.
What does that mean?
Essentially that means ensuring that people who enter illegally or overstay their lawful status will not be able to obtain employment, public assistance benefits, public education, public housing, or any other taxpayer-funded benefit without detection and repercussion.

And oh yea…Deportation is an Option.


Now, pass some apple pie please.


17 Responses to “Illegal Immigration and Michael Steele”

  1. Karen Howes says:

    You know, Angel, Steele impresses me less and less. He seems to be a RINO.

  2. foutsc says:

    Publicly frog-marching off to jail managers and owners who hire illegals would be a good first step, along with actually protecting the borders.

    Also, someone should challenge the never-yet challenged ruling that anyone born her is automatically a US citizen.

    Having said that, I think we need to favor people from Latin America over other areas of the world. I know this sounds strange, but we conservatives have more in common with them than with Europeans (similar views on abortion, divorce, homosexuality, role of religion in society, entrepreneurship).

    Bring them in legally, in the light of day, and they will not be in the shadows, preyed upon, given public assistance, and harvested for illegal votes by ACORN and La Raza.

    Hispanics are good people and the millions of citizens that have been here for generations are proof that they assimilate to the common American values.

    Another good one, Angell!

  3. DaBlade says:

    I like the Mexican fried ice cream personally, but only when it’s prepared by a U.S. citizen.

  4. EDGE says:

    Don’t think I care for him…or much of the leadership from the GOP these days. We need to get our heads in the game for 2010!

    Hey I found this link! Thought you might be interested…


  5. Matt says:

    I think as the elections grow closer, we’ll be able to take a better look at the candidates and decide who the RINO’s are. Once identified, we work for Conservatives to run against them…rinse, and repeat as needed.

    We need to leave the RINOs as the Republicans left the Whigs long ago. If the Republican leadership does not get with the program, Conservatives will leave the Republicans as they themselves left the Whigs, impotent and gasping for life for a few more elections, then going extinct.

  6. Ran says:

    Heh… I came here 16 years ago. Played by the rules, and earned my citizenship. This is an amazing country, simply amazing. For all the love I have for my family back in the “old country”, I could never return there to live.

    I waited for my visa, waited for my turn at INS… and paid my taxes scrupulously. Hell, I even tried to join the military, but Id have to have k=lied about my age.

    Woe to the creeps in power attempting to turn this beautiful Representative Republic into a EUnuch-like Democracy.

    I’d say “screw ‘em”… but I have too much respect for sex!

  7. Dinah Lord says:

    Steele has been a MAJOR disappointment since becoming RNC chair. But then again, the RNC has been a MAJOR disappointment, too.

    Who are these knuckleheads?

  8. foutsc says:

    @Matt: “We need to leave the RINOs as the Republicans left the Whigs long ago.”

    That is guaranteed to usher in a permanent Democratic majority. The solution is to take back the Republican party from the country clubbers. Polls consistently show there are way more conservatives than liberals. a majority of people want smaller government and a chance to do for themselves, to rise or fall on their own merits.

    Too bad nobody in the Republican party knows how to stand up and enunciate these conservative principles.

  9. tapline says:

    Where are the conservative Republicans???? Once in a while they come to life and get published, but it is rare……Dems on the other hand are daily. We are spoon fet socialism daily by these toads….Look at how the Rino got at immigration. Its either legal or illegal no when if we go about it this way or that way it’s OK. We have to follow the law why is immigration different???? Great Post….stay well……

  10. Bunni says:

    They all should be deported. Obummer loves them and will give them all amnesty. Reps need to get good CONSERVATIVES elected, This two party system is screwing us either way. Bad Times are here to stay, unfortunately.

  11. KarL M says:

    Here you go again…
    Trying to cut our source of Gardeners, Dishwashers,Day Laborers, Nannies & misc $5.00@ hour workers. Where is your respect for capitalism…
    oh, did i not mention their use of our health care, education and social welfare programs without paying any taxes!!!!
    (guess what….they also vote!!!!, maybe that explains everything).

  12. RaDena says:

    Excellent, Angel!

    We’ve got a hispanic man in our church who I thought didn’t speak English because he pretends he can’t. I found out he’s been in this country for years and can speak English perfectly because my daughter’s fiance’ got into a long conversation with him outside a local convenience store. Guess the guy didn’t realize the fiance’ was a member of our church.

    I can’t for the life of me figure out why the guy pretends he doesn’t speak any English when he’s in church but speaks it fluently outside of church. I don’t know whether he’s an American citizen or not.

  13. Ran says:

    Linked ya!

  14. Matt says:

    foutsc, I know that argument well. I’ve argued both sides of it. I’ve been somewhat undecided in the past. At this point, what is the difference between a RINO and a Democrat? They’re voting the same way! We need Conservatives, and I’m not caring at this point which party they come from. The Republican leadership does need to wake up, or they’re going to find that their base has left.

  15. radar says:

    I no longer refer to myself as a Republican but simply as a conservative. Conservatives go to Tea Parties, believe in the Constitution, write letters to their legislators, respect freedom of speech and the Ten Commandments and do NOT believe that compromise is the road to success!

  16. DD2 says:

    Well Done Hon… As always..

  17. Dr. Dave says:

    OH YEAH. I’d rather eat glass than spend more than I should.