The United er..Nations…Rright

The Three Stooges on the way to Israel..YaY!!

“Earlier Thursday, the United Nations called fighting between Hez-bollah militants and Israel a “major crisis” and said it was sending a diplomatic team to the region.

The three-member team first will visit Cairo to meet with Egyptian officials and consult with Arab League Foreign Ministers, who will be meeting there Saturday.
U.S. vetoes U.N. resolution on Mideast continues…

Vijay Nam-biar, Alvaro de So-to and Ter-je Roed Lar-sen are also expected to travel to Israel, the occupied Palestinian territories, (notice the word “occupied”?!…Angel’s musing) Lebanon and Syria, with other stops added as needed.

Hez-bollah fighters have been lobbing Katyusha rockets into northern Israel.

Hezbollah is designated a terrorist organization by the United States and Israel, but the Is-lamic militia is a significant player in Lebanon’s fractious politics.

Its leader, Has-san Nas-rallah, told reporters Wednesday that abducting the soldiers was “our natural, only and logical right” to win freedom for Hez-bollah prisoners held by Israel.

Nas-rallah said the two soldiers had been taken to a place “far, far away” and that an Israeli military campaign would not win their release.

The new fighting on Israel’s northern border comes amid a two-week-old Israeli campaign in Gaza in search of Israeli army Cpl. Gilad Shalit, a soldier captured by Palestinian militants there.

“We are doing our utmost,” he said. “Saturday there will be a meeting of A-rab foreign affairs ministers in Cairo to discuss the Israeli escalation. “..
Israeli Escalation?..ha!

Well, there you have it folks.
The crisis in the Middle East is over.

The Three Stooges who call territory won in a war in which Israel was attacked: “occupied territories”.
Who call vicious cold blooded terrorists: “militants”. They will secure the peace!

Is this a casting call for a Monty Python movie?

We all know what the ahem..United Nations is..It is nothing short of a self proclaimed prestigious country club and V.I.P. lounge for dictators, torturers, killers and lets not forget….good ole thugs.

O.K. They haven’t done nothing at all. That’s true.

Among their accomplishments is spreading corruption, theft, incompetency, pomposity and needless to say unpaid parking tickets. Ambassors in white robes don’t feel the need to pay those.

It is an aggregate of known murderers who can actually veto the attempt of peaceful countries to keep peace!

P.S. Israel, the only democracy in the entire Middle East, will never sit on the Security Council.
Why you ask?.. Uh..because the aforementioned Jew haters simply won’t allow it.

More on the ahem U.N. over at Anti Idiotarian Rottweiler

13 Responses to “The United er..Nations…Rright”

  1. ABF says:

    Just heard someone, called him mr speaker, tie into Colmes on Fox news about this. He said that its ok, according to the UN, for the terrorists to kill the people of Israel and say absolutely nothing, but not the other way around. Colmes was left speechless about his appeasement statements. It was a thing of beauty to get home to after a long day and something that had to be said on national TV.

  2. hNAV says:

    “The United er..Nations…Rright”

    LOL !

    i love it…
    great post…

    BUT, Iraq is now a true Democracy !
    * one down, a few ‘left’ to go it seems?

    Great to see Ambassador John R. Bolton Veto the UN Folly…

    thanks Angel

  3. Angel says:

    Thanks AB..that shur doesnt happen often eh?! :)
    Thanks Hill!…and your so down..gosh how many more left to go? :)

  4. blogagog says:

    Phew! I was really concerned about the crisis in the middle-east until I read your post. The UN is sending a diplomatic team to the area? I’ll say it again… Phew!

    Great post! The UN is utterly worthless, or worse, even detrimental to world peace. Countries that support terrorist organizations have to understand that there are consequences to their support, and the UN does its best to make sure those consequences are not metered out. Let’s ignore them, and use NATO. Other than France, NATO rocks.

    I have a spot on my site saying “We are all Danes now.” I’m thinking of adding a “We are all Jews now” pic right below it. Please call me blogagogstein from now on (blogiburg is also acceptable).

  5. KArL MM says:

    HEY WAIT A MINUTE..DOESN’T IT SAY “OCCUPIED” WHEN A TOILET IS IN USE ON A PLANE… AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES THE IRONY IN THIS!!!!(Irony is an implied discrepancy between what is said and what is meant)

  6. Tim says:

    There isn’t a more worthless organization across the globe. We pay them billions a year for international disaster aid funding, and the first thing they do when a tsunami hits is go around and ask for more money. Then they pass 14 international laws with Iraq that they have no plans in enforcing. What purpose do they serve other than oil for food scandals and gang rape in third world countries?

    Good post.

  7. Phil says:

    The UN has always been a big blunder, I have articles that I saved showing them mistreating children from Darfur and there are many other instances of their misdeeds, also following Claudia Rosette’s peice on the Oil for Food Scandal.

    Claudia Rosett is from the FDD Foudation for Defense of Democracies at:

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    [...] Angel (Woman Honor Thyself) looks at the UN's response. [...]

  9. DL says:

    At times it seems that the Israeli hating UN and the Islamist infiltrated Europe as well as our Islamist loving left, have one collective goal -to eradicate Jews from the face of the earth -either through direct aggression or passive acquescense .

  10. The Real Ugly » Blog Archive » Blogrolls Best 7.14.06 says:

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  11. Brooke says:

    I don’t know what to think yet… Ugh.

  12. benning says:

    “Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!”

    “Hey, Israel! Recede!”

    “Whoo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo!”


  13. Angel says:

    Thanks everyone of you..LOL blogagog..Imma luvin your idea! :)