Interesting ReadS

Some folks u may care to check out..and as always..tell em Angel sent ya. That ought to be good for somethin. HeH.

A must read Middle Class Guy tackles Child Pornography

For a splash of humor From Behind the Badge has a laugh for ya.

Go have a look at TMH’S take on how children are being treated in schools these day

4 Responses to “Interesting ReadS”

  1. The MaryHunter says:

    Thanks, Angel :D DL’s always got something good to say about how liberals abuse children… he, in fact, works part time in the education system and so can observe it real well. Sad stuff.

    Me? I’m off on my 2-day biz trip, will try to keep in touch…

  2. Lawman says:

    Thanks for the link Angel. Yer the best ;)

  3. American Crusader says:

    Great story from “Behind the Badge”, thanks for pointing it out.

  4. Middle Class Guy says:

    Thanks for the plug. Check out today’s posts on Protect.