PlaY Ball!..well maybe NoT

Denmark may Cancel Soccer Match

“Denmark may cancel a soccer match against Israel because of fear of Muzlim reprisals, according to Israel Army Radio.

The report came Tuesday amid ongoing Muzlim protests following the printing of an editorial cartoon by a Danish newspaper that many Muzlims find offensive. A final decision on the game is expected at the end of February.”

Well isn’t that special?
So the Muzlim killers are still managing to ahem… score points by inducing more FEAR.
Shame on you Denmark.

6 Responses to “PlaY Ball!..well maybe NoT”

  1. Middle Class Guy says:

    It just goes to show that if the baby cries, it gets what it wants. For too long, we have allowed the practice of don’t make the baby cry political correctness. We are now paying the price in the loss of our freedom.

  2. Karl m says:

    hey..i’ve stopped using towels so as not to offend..and all my muussssllliiiiimmmmmm sheets and pillow cases have been burnt in protest…plus i refuse to smoke Camels just for effect…when is someone going to have the nerve to tell them where to get off!!!

  3. kevin says:

    Once again terrorism pays, and it always will untill we finally get serious about stopping it.

  4. LomaAlta says:

    I agree with you on this, Denmark is not blameless. But, in their defense they are standing alone against millions of people willing and eager to murder them. Maybe they will understand Israel’s position a little more. But then, the USA does stand by Israel.

    Where is that defender of freedom the USA? Apologizing for the cartoons and letting our ports be run by a Dubai company. it is hard to understand all of this.

    Kevin, terrorism does pay.

  5. American Crusader says:

    Let’s hope Denmark doesn’t totally capitulate to Islam. They found the backbone to stick up for free speech. Now it looks like they’re evolving back into invertebrates.

  6. Lady Jane says:

    We can’t cave in and not go outside for fear of the Muslims attacking. Such a silly reason to stop a soccer match.