Yemen Terrorism


That’s right. American taxpayers forked over close to $70 million to Yemen in security aid just last year.
Do not adjust your screen. 70 million dollars.
Now….The Yemeni um.. government, for lack of a better word, is demanding more because of the panty Bomber attack.

Even as the US has stepped up cooperation with Yemen in targeting al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, known terrorists wanted by the US government continue to operate in the open while the Yemeni government looks the other way.

Yemen permits wanted al Qaeda leaders to operate in the open

Of course that didn’t prevent
Hussein Obama from personally phoning President Saleh to offer err…”thanks” for all his non existent help in fighting terrorism.

Guess what folks?..Instead of handin over yer hard earned dollars to terrorists in Yemen..howzabout a coupla cruise missiles and predators?.. Might be cheaper in the long run eh.

Better yet..Take all the money back.
Give it to the Israelis who don’t seem to have a problem profiling on airlines.

DO NOT allow another flight from Yemen or anyone from Yemen enter our airspace period. See how long it takes the so called Yemeni ‘leaders’ to clean up their own cesspool.

Dontcha love how all these foreign countries says the same thing to America. “Give us yer money, and shut the hel*l up.”

And we do just that.

Forkin over thousands to the U.N., Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan and on and on and onnnnnnnn.

So what if we are practically experiencing our very own bankruptcy eh.
So what if we are slowly becoming a nation of illegal immigrants.

Perhaps we need to save our dough, bring HOME all of our unappreciated troops out there – ‘protecting’ all sorts of unsavory peoples.. AND TELL THE WORLD TO shut the hel*l up. insist on givin them money?
Yea…let’s drop the $70 mil from the air: 1,000 pounds at a time.

Of course, since we gave Saleh $70 bucks, we might jus get $7 dollars in counterrorism effort outta him.

Hey..that’s the cost of a few sticks of Chapstick to aide the lip service Hussein Obama will be givin us.


OH wait. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the way JEWS were abused and slaughtered at the hands of Muslims in good ole Yemen:
(Don’t even ask how they treated Christians)



The Jews of Yemen

In 1922, the government of Yemen reintroduced an ancient Islamic law requiring that Jewish orphans under age 12 be forcibly converted to Islam.
In 1947, after the partition vote, Muslim rioters, joined by the local police force, engaged in a bloody pogrom in Aden that killed 82 Jews and destroyed hundreds of Jewish homes.


Aden’s Jewish community was economically paralyzed, as most of the Jewish stores and businesses were destroyed. Early in 1948, the false accusation of the ritual murder of two girls led to looting.2

This increasingly perilous situation led to the emigration of virtually the entire Yemenite Jewish community – almost 50,000 – between June 1949 and September 1950 in Operation “Magic Carpet.”

A smaller, continuous migration was allowed to continue into 1962, when a civil war put an abrupt halt to any further Jewish exodus.

Until 1976, when an American diplomat came across a small Jewish community in a remote region of northern Yemen, it was believed the Yemenite Jewish community was extinct. As a result, the plight of Yemenite Jews went unrecognized by the outside world.

Rabbi Moshe al-Nahari, outside his home in Raidah, Yemen.

Al-Nahari was a teacher and a leader of Yemen’s Jewish community.

He was murdered by a Muslim in December.

18 Responses to “Yemen Terrorism”

  1. Krystal says:

    We just need to stop giving money to EVERYONE!!! But that will never happen.

  2. JINGOIST says:

    Wow! That Rabbi Moshe has some stone cajones. The post was very interesting. Something struck me while I was reading the words “the government of Yemen.” LOL! WHAT?! Are you kidding me? Ughh.

    Thanks again Angel.

  3. Debbie says:

    We’re giving Yemen more and more, they “promise” to help fight terrorism. Yeah right.

  4. silverfiddle says:

    “Yea…let’s drop the $70 mil from the air: 1,000 pounds at a time”

    I love that line! I agree completely. Yemen is a bigger threat to Saudi Arabia than to us. Let them take care of it while we profile everyone trying to get in.

  5. Maggie M. Thornton says:

    Angel – only $70 million? Are you still impressed by “millions?”

  6. Ron Russell says:

    Oops, could the underwear bomber just have been a ploy to get more money for Yemen! If so, its worked. Just my strange conspiracy mind at work. .. added you to my blogroll at Obama Cartoons, not expecting a link back just felt like putting you there. I don’t promote that site much its just for fun—I like cartoons.

  7. OMMAG says:

    Sadly … we have governments that chose to pretend this is a game to be played for political points.

    Personally …. I anticipate the day when such politicians will be held to account.

    Being a fool is no exuse for being a traitor.

  8. OMMAG says:


  9. KarL M says:

    I am definitely getting a feel for a Mossad operation here….
    ooopppsss!!!…was i not supposed to know they exist….my bad.. Back to the Olympics and all that beautiful snow…see, i changed the subject..
    Seriously Angel, do you think there is a country NOT on the payroll..It is the corollary to the law of “keep your enemies closer”…and if their hand is out taking the cash…that keeps them pretty close.

  10. Kevin says:

    Jane Novak of jawareport fame talks about Yemen all the time. She says that there is a civil war going on and we should back the insurgents. I say let them fight to the death. Both sides hate Christians and Jews with equal fervor. So screw ‘em.

  11. Brooke says:

    The only money we should be spending on Islam is for warheads…

  12. Christopher says:

    Angel, great post. Notice how the lame-stream media has dropped off on Yemen since the Afghan push got started. Kinda a wag the dog type scenario or the LSM cannot chew gum and walk.

    Thanks for keeping REAL info in the loop.

  13. KG says:
    There ya go, Angel my friend and I hope it brings a smile to your face–as it did mine. :)

  14. Karen Howes says:

    Disgusting. When are we ever going to learn?

  15. KG says:

    I don’t think we are, Karen. And when the barbarians have won people will wonder how it happened.

  16. C-Christian Soldier says:

    and-where are the tanks that our guys should be training with? we gave them away…

  17. cube says:

    We can’t afford all the “aid” we give to countries that act against our best interest. It is ridiculous to do so when their oil-rich neighbors have plenty to share.

  18. Snarky Basterd says:

    We should just carpet bomb everything in the middle east except for Israel.