The DenmarK we may not KnoW

Denmark condemns Israeli raid on Syria as unacceptable

Some more enlightening history many may not know about:
Oct 6,2003 :
COPENHAGEN, Israel’s weekend raid on what it said was a Palestinian training camp in Syria was an “unacceptable violation” of Syrian territory, Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller said Monday.

“It is just as well that the UN Security Council is still considering this affair, because it is very serious when one country starts to fly over the territory of other countries,” Moeller said, the Ritzau news agency reported.

Israel launched an air attack early Sunday on what it said was a Palestinian militant training base northwest of Damascus used by the Islamic Jihad and Hamas groups.

“What it said was..?” Either it was a militant training base or it wasn’t. Easily verifiable now isn’t it.

“The raid was in response to a suicide bombing claimed by Islamic Jihad that killed 19 people, plus the bomber, and wounded at least 50 others in the northern Israeli city of Haifa late Saturday.”

And of course this is considered irrelevant somehow?

“Denmark can accept neither the terror nor the escalation… because this never leads to peace, but quite the contrary,” Moeller said. “Peace can only be reached around the negotiating table.”

What table was Denmark referring to exactly? Dining with Muzlims who’s bread and butter consists of convoluted arguments against Westerners and Jews, and who seem to have adopted an unchanging monologue?… Not to mention their fundamental lack of humanity and incessant insistance upon violence.
Well then…what’s on the menu praytell?

6 Responses to “The DenmarK we may not KnoW”

  1. Don says:

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  2. Don says:

    Please forgive me – I must remember to never post anything before 9:00am…Here, let me try this again, one last time…

    Israel’s weekend raid on a terrorist training camp in Syria is certainly NOT “unacceptable”. What IS unacceptable is the country of Syria allowing terrorist groups to operate training camps in the presumed safety of their country. Does Syria or Denmark really think that “air space” means a hill of beans to Israel? Syria is responsible for the deaths of innocent people and should be held accountable. They may not have directly participated, but they give aid to the enemy. The free world cannot/will not allow these hiding places and training camps to exist. Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller had better accept this simple reality, that any country that houses terrorists will be “visited” by Israel and the free world. Instead of complaining about the raid, he would better serve world peace by voiceing an opinion in agreement with the free world… Syria needs to get the trash out of their country.

    Please delete the first post – thanks :)

  3. American Crusader says:

    Woman..Denmark has always been one of the most liberal European countries and has often supported Palestinian causes. They have chastised Israel on several occasions. This is what makes the current situation even more surprising. If Islam cannot coexist in Denmark, can it coexist anywhere?

  4. WomanHonorThyself says:

    Np Don..lolz..I know what ya mean and I drink decaf!

    AC..this actually came as a bit of a surprise to me seeing how everyone jumped on the “Lets Support Denmark” campaign. A bit disallusioning actually.

  5. Lady Jane says:

    But this article is from 2003, so perhaps Denmark has had an epiphany since then. Hopefully, the reaction to the free speech of these cartoonists will enlighten them.

  6. Karl m says:

    hey, careful there will leave me with nothing to eat after my bagel…need my apple Danish fix every morning…had to cut out animal many camels in there!!!!!