Turkey Earthquake: NO to Israel


Turkey refuses Israel’s aid.

The 6.0-magnitude tremor with its epicenter located in the village of Basyurt in Elazig province, struck at 4:32 am local time at a depth of five kilometers. Until now, more than 40 aftershocks have followed the pre-dawn quake.

Death Toll In Turkey Earthquake Rises To 57

Oh but but but..Have u not heard?
Turkey rejected Israel’s offer of post-quake aid.

Yesiree Bob..They declined Jerusalem’s proposal to assist search and rescue operations.


While the good ole Turkey PM Erdogan revealed his typical hateful Muslim hand by claiming that israel has no connection to the Cave of the Patriarchs.
How funny is that?

Who exactly does have a connection?
The Amish?


But of course..in the world according to him…angry22ani

1- the Greeks are to blame for Cyprus and air plane harrassement,.

Turkey says Greek warplanes harassed Turkish jets during exercise over Aegean Sea

Turkey’s foreign minister on Wednesday charged that Greek warplanes twice harassed a pair of Turkish jets during an exercise over the Aegean Sea, and he urged Greece to take measures to prevent such incidents.

2-The Armenians died as a result of um…a civil war.

3- Europe is elitist.

4-Israel..well she’s just wrong wrong wrong.

But the Muslims?
Oh, they’re peaceful, adorable followers of Moo-HAMmed.

Turkish Muslims at ANTI POPE RALLY:

Ah yes….Erdogan.
Too bad ya forgot this lil warnin in the Bible..(you do know about the Bible,dontya?)doh

“He who blesses you will be blessed -He who curses you..

Rule Number 1:
Don’t EVER expect Muslims to value their or their families lives over their hatred of Jews, Israel, and the Infidels.

High time Israel saved her precious, energy, time and resources for people who want it, appreciate it and need it: namely: THEMSELVES.

And not for nothin but you’d be hard pressed to find another country that has spilled as much blood as the Ottoman Turks.


Oh..and Since Turkey is a yet another Muslim brother country to all the Islamic countries,where the heck are those oil drenched, wealthy Saudis when their fellow Mussslims in Turkey are hit with a disaster?

Yet….Despite this daily bombardment of Muslim terror and arrogance in out world…………Many continue to think that nothing can destroy us.
They also think the moon is made of green cheese.
But I digress….

The Roman Empire lasted a heck of lot longer than the United States, and guess what?
Err….It was destroyed.

Concession after concession is being made to Muslims worldwide..as if that will somehow deter the thousands of hate filled terrorists in their midst.
Whom they continue to apologize for, and hide.

Meanwhile, back at the kool aid plant,…the Libs have us debate whether we can even use the term: The “War on Terror.”

-They would have us shut down or let loose the rabid, terrorist dogs in Guantanamo and Gitmo.

-They insist we do away with the Patriot Act.

-They lay blame at our feet and claim that by fighting terror, we actually um..”cause terror”. Go figure.

All the while the leftard mainstream media, who now control our government, are going to get us all fried, nuked and annihilated. But rest assured sweet friends, they will blame almost anyone but their pathetic, sorry selves.

Oh, what’s that I hear?
Must be an auditory hallucination because not a single peep was heard from the NON existent Moderate Muslims over the carnage in Mumbai, America, Spain, England, Israel etc etc etc…………

Truth be told, the only reason terrorist Muslims still exist is because of western humanism and its noble ideals.

Our enemies are all about revenge, perceived “retaliation”, humiliation and annihilation.

Why wasn’t our military and technological power unleashed directly after Sept 11, 2001?

Despite over five failed years of “frank” discussions with the lil Hitler in Iran, and even more with North Korea, by several administrations, both freakish leaders remained undeterred.

Yet, the liberals wallow in pacifist rhetoric and false appeals to “humanitarianism”.

But rest assured: when fear strikes………. the Europeans and the entire “global” community, that Hussein Obama wants the approval of so pathetically, — will turn to the U.S.A. to squash the terrorists and their nukes.

They know that no other country in the world can provide the type of international security that America can.
One of the many reasons they carry their envy filled hatred around with them.

Sure, the U.S. may be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to remove the Evil.
But that’s only if we are willing to acknowledge a threat when we see it.

Will a true Leader willing to save us emerge?

Tick, tock…

Inna mean time………
G’head Turkey..Clean up yer own mess.
Quite frankly……..The IDF’s got better things to do.


20 Responses to “Turkey Earthquake: NO to Israel”

  1. jadedfellow says:

    Nice ta see yah back clicking the keys of infomation and awareness. You bring so much information that is not easy to find, so many x 70 thanks. Please stay plugged in.

    Where did you find the moving picture of obama, the senate and the house? Sure sums up their attention to the real issues. Like tah git me a copy.


  2. Teresa Rice says:

    Great Post!! I am so sick of these American hating apologizing liberals that want us to compromise and to treat terrorists with kid gloves. Utterly ridiculous.

    Where did you find those moving pics?

  3. Matt says:

    I’ve often said that there are many libs in this world that will be completely surprised when their “understanding” of our enemies will be ignored as their heads are being hacked off.

  4. Ron Russell says:

    If liberals have their way more heads will roll–theirs! Turkey does not surprise me- the government there appears to be moving closer to a full blown Islamic state with each passing day. I hate to say this but Islam is on the march and the only real hope I see in stopping its advance is the United States, but not under the leadership of Hussein Obama. We all know where his heart and mind is.

  5. Layla says:

    This has never made any sense to me. Isreal is always willing to help others and are refused help by Muslim nations. It is really sick and very sad that fanatics are running the third world and any good people their are stifled and killed due to this sick fanatism.

  6. silverfiddle says:

    Mustapha Kemal succeeded in dragging them, kicking and screaming out of the dark ages, but they are determined to crawl back in with their bigoted neighbors…

  7. LomaAlta says:

    “Must be an auditory hallucination because not a single peep was heard from the NON existent Moderate Muslims over the carnage in Mumbai, America, Spain, England, Israel etc etc etc…………”

    Angel, this assumes there are moderate Muslims.
    Perhaps there are loud radical Muslims and then there are quiet radical Muslims posing as moderates.

  8. Katie says:

    I guess they were afraid the Israelis would steal their organs.

  9. MK says:

    I remember when an earth quake hit iran, they too preferred to let their people die rather than take any help from Jews. As the old adage in the middle east, there will never be peace until muslims learn to love their children more than they hate Jews.

    It’s be more than a thousand years since muslims started hating, so i won’t hold my breath.

  10. Christopher says:

    Angel, As always a great post. It is absolutely insane to turn down help due to hate. Not many Americans remember that near the ending of the Cold War the U.S got battered bad by tornadoes and the very first country to offer assistence if needed was the Soviet Union. Granted the Jewish/muslim situation goes back centuries but the common thread between the two (muslim/soviet) was and is destruction of the other.

    Seems like the muslims will never get out of ancient thinking and remain forever a people lost in time.

  11. Bunni says:

    These mental muslims are worse by the minute.
    They make me sick….wherever they are, there is murder and horror.
    On a lighter note, I hope you are having a fun week, Angel.

  12. Brooke says:

    Utterly disgusting.

    It is just another brilliant illustration of the differences between the so-called religion of peace and a REAL ONE.

  13. C-Christian Soldier says:

    the cartoon-…stop global warming… would be funny if were not so infuriating that we continue to close our eyes to the real danger from a very old enemy….
    Great post – my friend..

  14. KarL M says:

    No problemo here..Leaves the the Israelis free time to do a little construction for its OWN people on the West Bank…and a few new buildings to house its expanding families on the settlement…and YES, that’s right.. The Cave where the Patriarchs and Matriarchs are buried (those famous people spoken about in the OLD Testament)…is 100% Jewish/Israeli….So sorry…try something else…like Cairo….you can have that!!!!

  15. Obammy Is A Shammy says:

    These bastards think WE are all stupid. They spew their BS all over the place and think people will believe that it’s true just because they say so.

    I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. If we were promised total transparency in Congress by Obama, why do we have to vote the health care bill in to find out what’s in it? Could this be yet another lie from Obama, Pelosi and Reid? This is becoming too much to comprehend. I mean I’m still trying to recover from the mental image of a naked Rahm Imanuel pointing his finger at Eric Massa, dressed in only a bath towel, and scolding him for not voting yes on the health care reform package. This whole administration is more than the human psyche can cope with. Now we truly do need change we can believe in, more than ever before, and the sooner we change the current administration for one that is honest and competent the better off we’ll be.
    And we are supposed to believe what the lefties imbeciles are tell us about the healthcare bill? Are they that dumb to think we are going to buy a Pig in a poke?
    Blinky the clown Pelosi knows exactly what’s in this bill.
    If she doesn’t then she is even more stupid than I thought she is.
    She is a total embarrassment and disgrace to this country along with her corrupt cronies. As are the Lefties who go along with her and Obama!

  16. Maggie M. Thornton says:

    One more time Muslims are abandoned by their own leaders. Honestly, I bet Israel has better things to do. There are needy people everywhere. It’s Turkey’s loss.

  17. Always On Watch says:

    Yesiree Bob..They declined Jerusalem’s proposal to assist search and rescue operations.

    Not a surprise, really. Mein Kampf is a bestseller in Turkey.

    Good point about the fall of the Roman Empire — in a sense, taken down by multiculturalism.

  18. tapline says:

    Angel, there was a time when the military would step in and bring Turkey back in line whith Attiturk’s thinking, but….Now……I don’t know…..

  19. JMK says:

    “Don’t EVER expect Muslims to value their or their families lives over their hatred of Jews, Israel, and the Infidels.” (Angel)

    100% RIGHT!

    Tolerance of those who’d slaughter you is suicidal.

  20. Dapoppins says:

    When will a hero like Gurt or Douglas stand up in America? How long will stupidity reign?