Freedom’s JusT AnotheR Word for Nothing Left to Lose

Yahoo News When Freedom’s Just Another Weapon raises several issues.

“In the war on terror, as during the cold war, the ultimate weapon has been freedom: free elections, free speech, free trade, for instance. But Hamas’s win in the Palestinian vote, protests over the Muhammad cartoons, and a US debate over an Arab firm managing six American ports have raised doubts about freedom’s worth.”

In all three cases, the values of democracy, equality, and openness appear to some people as working against the cause of defeating Islamic terrorists by promoting freedom. Enemies are seen as using the “weapons” meant to defeat them, somewhat like Lenin’s warning that capitalists will sell someone the rope with which they themselves could be hung.

As a result of this perception of liberty being turned against liberty, some in the West are tempted to retreat from these principles, which are the legacy of the Enlightenment and the bedrock of civilization and progress.

Hmmm..let us examine this shall we.
The first claim is that in the aftermath of the Danish cartoons, no Western government has stood tall in defending the liberty of free speech. The fear of retribution from militant Muslims has cowed some voices that normally cherish this right.

I concede this is valid and quite alarming actually.

The second claim is that free trade, too, has taken a knock with the reaction in the US over news of a company from the United Arab Emirates that’s taken over operations of ports in Miami, New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Baltimore, and New Jersey. Stereotyping has kicked in, and this one involves racism against any Arab entity owning a vital piece of the US economy, especially one that could be an entry point for terrorist weapons.

Our Muzlim ahem…associate’s record is replete with examples of violence and bloodletting,…The World Trade Center ring any bells perhaps?
They have exhibited extreme and passionate contempt for both Israel and the “West”.
And they reassure us that the company “has been well screened by the federal government?” If that wasn’t so frightening it may actually be comical.

The third claim lies in the Hamas election victory. Both the US and Israel have turned their backs on this result of ahem…cough cough..this “democracy” because of Hamas’s past support for attacks on Israeli civilians and its denial of Israel’s right to exist.

Clearly liberal thinkers have lost their intellectual sheen. In the name of the Universal value of Freedom – Israel and the U.S. should overlook past behaviors of attack dogs who systematically supported suicide/homicide bombs on civilians throughout the Land…
People who glorify violent resolutions to problems…….
and the mere, trivial fact that they did not and STILL do not recognize Israel’s right to exist…shouldn’t be met with relentless, feverish scrutiny..but should just be um…overlooked eh?

I know one thing.If you wish to launch an attempt to negatively brand the West and Israel….disengaging from your intellectual certainly not the way to go.

Protect our Ports.
Protect Israel.
oh..and all means publish whatever cartoons you see fit.
This is still a free country ..isn’t it?

Freedom of speech is of no use to a man who has nothing to say and freedom of worship is of no use to a man who has lost his God.

-Franklin D. Roosevelt-

Every general increase of freedom is accompanied by some degeneracy, attributable to the same causes as the freedom.

_Charles Horton Cooley_

What say You?

Go see: Liberty Just in Casefor pictures from the Pro-Freedom Rally outside the D.C. Danish Embassy

7 Responses to “Freedom’s JusT AnotheR Word for Nothing Left to Lose”

  1. Karl m says:

    i am a strong believer in the “smell test” and the “axiom of duck” test..after the rhetoric and double talk has subsided, and reality appears from behind the Wizard of OZ’s enemies are the ones that are contemptuous toward the freedoms that our soldiers are dying,liberty and the pursuit of happiness and our Bill of if it does not pass the “smell” test, then it stinks..and if it looks,walks and quacks like a duck…it is probably a mmoosslimmmm dress like Donald Duck looking for his lost camel!!!!

  2. LomaAlta says:

    Good post. I agree with you, when we retreat from freedom the terrorists and bullies win. Also, what good does it do to fight terrorism and then give in to it? What is won?

    Keep it coming, we do need to defend our freedom, culture, civilization, and our country.

  3. Lady Jane says:

    Angel! Excellent post!!!!

  4. Don says:

    Great Post! I’ve linked to it.

    Certainly, in America, and other parts of the free world a very real negative side effect to freedom exists. It is the abuse of freedom that has given way to rampant uncontrolled humanism here in America and elsewhere. Humanism is freedom confined and catagorized. Humanism is the attempt to make freedom polite. With humanism, freedom is encouraged but regulated and kept mannerly. Freedom to publish is acceptable until someone finds the publication all to revealing and therefore determines that this freedomw allows them the right to actions that are grossly inappropriate and dangerous. Let someone face the true power of freedom, a power that causes self examination. Then freedom is unacceptable and is expected to apologise and excuse itself.

  5. Always On Watch says:

    From the Yahoo article: Israel’s desire not to fund any group that backs terrorists is understandable. But to destabilize a small, new democracy in the Middle East would send a contrary signal to democracy advocates…

    Funding Hamas will reap a hellish reward.

    My objections to the ports deal has nothing to do with stereotyping. Rather, my objections have everything to do with suspect profiling.

    The fear of retribution is holding the media hostage. And that fear is not freedom!

  6. kevin says:

    “”People who glorify violent resolutions to problems…….
    and the mere, trivial fact that they did not and STILL do not recognize Israel’s right to exist..”".

    Angel, this is exactly the point I’ve been trying to drive home on my blog. There a lot of evidence to support the fact the Emirates are just as backwards as any other Muslim nation. The fact that they reconize the Taliban makes them worst thatn most. It’s not just unsafe, It’s Immoral!

  7. Gayle says:

    Excellent post. I haven’t been here before. I came over from Don’s link about you. Glad he did it. That was worth reading as are the comments here.

    I especially loved that comment Karl M left: “if it looks, walks and quacks like a duck…it is probably a mmoosslemmmmm dressed like Donald Duck looking for his lost camel!” ROTFALMAO!