The “N” WorD

Actor Tries to Trademark “N” Word

“The actor Damon Wayans has been engaged in a 14-month fight to trademark the term “Nigga” for a clothing line and retail store..
But, so far, his applications have been unsuccessful. Trademark examiner Kelly Boulton rejected the registration dated Dec. 22, citing a law that prohibits marks that are “immoral or scandalous.”

“While debate exists about in-group uses of the term, ‘nigga’ is almost universally understood to be derogatory,” Boulton wrote to Wayans’ attorney, William H. Cox, according to the application.

“IN group”?..Let me understand this…..The attorneys are so inundated with political correctness that they won’t countenance any suggestion that um…the “out group”..(oh that would be “white folk” now wouldn’t it)…use that word in any shape or form whatsoever..but for black people it is alright to be unencumbered by the niceties of interpersonal relationships and respectful speech?

“Lynda Zadra-Symes, a trademark lawyer in California, said Wayans may be successful. She compared “Nigga” to the successful registration of Dykes on Bikes. The San Francisco Women’s Motorcycle Contingent fought the Trademark Office for three years to overturn an initial rejection of a Dykes on Bikes trademark. The mark was published Jan. 24.

“Because the application was by a group of lesbians it was eventually allowed to publish,” Zadra-Symes said.

“This is a great victory,” the group proclaimed on its website. “It affirms our right to determine who we are and how we present ourselves to the world.”

Alritey then…who they are?..and how they present themselves to the world is -Dykes on Bikes?-
If that is who they are……..they had better
desperately attempt to hold onto the tenuous reins of any respect and dignity they could ever hope to get.

In January, an episode of the late-night Cartoon Network series Boondocks was criticized for putting the word in the mouth of a fictionalized Martin Luther King Jr.

The effort to commercialize “nigga” drew a sharp response from a black school official who participated in a forum about the word earlier this month at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro.

“I don’t care for it in any form,” said Dr. Lonnie Williams, associate vice chancellor for student affairs. “Either way you pronounce it, spell it, anything associated with it — I find it offensive.”

Rhodan believes that affectionate use of the term within the black community should make it an acceptable mark, but the Trademark Office has thus far has not been persuaded by that argument.

Since when can a term be used innocuously by an in-group member, while an out-group member would lose his job for the same utterance!

The term “nigg-er” was used violently to reinforce the subservient position blacks had occupied. It was used in conjuction with hate crimes and horrific offenses visited upon them.

It will never be a compliment, any more than “bitch” or “ho” or any of the other words the hip-hop community has taken the liberty to try to mainstream.

Don’t agree?
Let’s see what happens the first time a white dude buys the t-shirt with “Nigga” plastered on it and takes a stroll in the local mall eh?

10 Responses to “The “N” WorD”

  1. Lawman says:

    The Supreme Court and the US Congress has affirmed over and over again that the “N-word” shall forever carry a negative connotation. I believe that ruling should carry to any ‘slang’ version of the word as well. After all, they mean the same thing regarless of what some hip-hop stars might want you to think. If you say it is illegal for one group to use the term, it should be universally banned.

  2. Karl m says:

    now i know why it is so difficult to get approval for my Jews’ss Bar!!!i guess i will have to concentrate on my new line of special linens at MMMMuuussslimm R’ not USa…towels and sheets for your every need….nothing in red, white or blue…

  3. American Crusader says:

    you know what the worst part is? How many suburban white kids do you think will be rushing to the store to buy clothes with the label “nigga” on it?
    Crazy world.
    I am doing fine..thanks for asking. We closed on a house last night and will start moving in this weekend. First house…no more renting thank God. How about you coursework

  4. LomaAlta says:

    This uproar over blacks using the word “nigga” commercially for business with other blacks is a good example of minority-based racism that would never be tolerated if it came from whites.

    Another example is blonde jokes. If you want to know if a joke or story is racist or sexist just substiture the candidate word: black, hispanic, jewish, arab, muslim, handicapped, … in place of the word blonde. If it is now offensive, then it was offensive as a blonde joke. This is a great test.

  5. Gayle says:

    There is a store (not in the unites states) that calls itself “Nigger.” I am not kidding. I will e-mail you a picture and some text. Can you imagine the field day the liberals would have with this if this line tried to open shop in the U.S.? :)

  6. Gayle says:

    There is a cloting store (not in the Unites States) that calls itself “Nigger.” I am not kidding. I will e-mail you a picture and some text. Can you imagine the field day the liberals would have with this if this line tried to open shop in the U.S.? :)

  7. Jacob the Syrian Hamster says:

    Well, I for one shall never sanction the term “rat bastards.”

  8. Iran Watch says:

    Yup, there will be more white kids rushing to buy this then black kids. They need to start a line of clothes called “wiggars”.

  9. Lady Jane says:

    I had no idea Damon Wayans was trying to do that. How stupid.

  10. C R Mountjoy - GDF says:

    Hey Gayle, what if that store was in the country of Niger?

    I think I’ll start a line of clothing, tobacco and beer products for us in the south called, ‘CACs’ Cracker-Ass-Crackers. I can hear the kids in the malls now…’Yo, Dog – got ya CACs (caks) on? No, playa – dey only pimp dem in LA (Lower Alabama). Can’t get em in Cleveland. But I got these fly ‘Niggas’ from my Auntie in Niger.’

    Cracker Ass Cracker clothes are coming to a tralier park near you!